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If you don't speculate, you can do it!

Xiao Xin said that he did not exceed the speed limit and that he did not break the rules.

This accident was not his own fault.

The co-driver' boss thinks it is common sense was to slow down in turns, and Xiao Xin's speed is too fast, so he was eager to rush the steering wheel.

Because of this Lamborghini, his Mechanical Colossus Type I was sc.r.a.ped off the paint.

The oncoming heavy truck also suffered his goods slipped, and now the driver is urging them to pay compensation for him.

"That's your business. It's none of my business."

Seeing that Xiao Xin has the intention of evaded his responsibilities.

Just from the manufacture's technician, Liu Guosi, who learned the basic operation of the Mechanical Colossus Type I, did not say that he will climb to the c.o.c.kpit of the giant G.o.d I and buckled the Lamborghini with the steel mechanical claws.

It's so sweet, the sense of control is too strong!

Liu Guosi laughed loudly. The owner of Lamborghini car didn't know what to do, so he didn't feel too happy.

"You... You are waiting for me." Xiao Xin left a ruthless remark and ran away, making Liu Guosi feel more and more happy.

Two traffic policemen arrived in a hurry to the scene, so that Liu Guosi, who was complacent, completely calmed down.

As soon as he got down from the c.o.c.kpit of the Mechanical Colossus Type I and found that the face was serious, or doubtful, or an angry figure staring at him.

Just a slight sweep, Liu Guosi has a feeling of soft legs.

He is a native of Zhongyun.

Of course, he knows the two mayors. Also, the two chiefs who stood behind the mayors are familiar with him.

But the two mayors, standing at a time behind a group of people...

"This is the inspection team staying in Zhongyun City!"

Liu Guosi felt that he had done a lot of harm ...

Without looking at the faces of the two mayors, is it worse than the car owner of Lamborghini just now?

The truck driver who was smashed by the fish in the pond went to the traffic policemen.

At this time, the road is blocked like canned sardines, and people saw a mighty novelty new steel machine that uses steel claws to fasten a Lamborghini inside.

Many private car owners came to the scene, one by one excited eyes, took out their mobile phones and pointed there.

Who is this kind big of Transformers blockbuster?

Hurry up the circle of friends to micro-blog.

"This gentleman, the mechanical equipment behind you is yours?"

After confirming that no one was injured, the team leader Gao Fengming went around the steel pipe and wondered.

"What do you do to hold this car?"

"I... I..." Liu Guosi suddenly turned around and said loudly:

"I am protecting these two cars!"

"Just now, two of our trucks had a, and the steel tubes of the truck are rolling down toward the ground."

Liu Guosi said more and more excited, clapping his chest and explaining:

"When I looked at his foreign license plate, I was in a hurry. If these steel pipes. .h.i.t his car, did not this foreign tourist leave an unpleasant memory of Zhongyun City?"

"I immediately jumped to the Mechanical Colossus Type I, and took the risk of a device being smashed, and put this Lamborghini in my arms to protect it."

The two traffic policemen grinned their mouths and stretched their necks to see the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

They looked at Liu Guosi, who was full of ghost stories.

The driver who just pulled the steel pipes has already talked about it 1510 words.

How did they get out of his mouth? And how he become a good citizen who acted bravely and righteously?

Most of the inspection teams would not believe this myth, but the leader Gao Fengming was somewhat embarra.s.sed.

Previously, he criticized the device for falsification, but the real Mechanical Colossus Type I was placed in front of him.

Gao Fengming's team leader was shocked.

This Mechanical Colossus Type I with open arms was evaluated with his gaze.

It is definitely better than any mechanical equipment and workmans.h.i.+p he has ever seen.

The two robotic arms are full of unspeakable steel aesthetics.

“What is this about?” Gao Fengming's team leader said to himself.

Bangling ...

A wheeled Mechanical Colossus Type I came from the exhibition hall, Xiao Xin was sitting in the c.o.c.kpit, and Lao Tzu was coming in a domineering manner.

There was no fear of road congestion.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I, who dared to paint the ground firmly, stopped in front of him.

What calmed him down was the same two pairs of traffic police gaze and a group of obvious and extraordinary inspection teams.

"Hey, what's the situation inside?"

The two traffic policemen's communicators sounded a colleague's voice:

"We can't get in inside, the car is blocked for hundreds of meters, we are asking people to come back, ready to divert traffic and prepare to ease traffic."

"Quickly, the whole inspection team is blocked in. First, let them bypa.s.s the traffic flow in the north and South sections, and the vehicles behind them let them turn around and slowly give off in the back sections."

Another Mechanical Colossus Type I has come over.

Leader Gao Fengming felt more doubtful.

Is this ma.s.s-produced equipment?

To answer him, it is the master who controls the Mechanical Colossus Type I, raises high his mechanical arm.

He came to ease traffic!

When the Master Craftsman controls the Mechanical Colossus Type I, Xiao Xin, who has been blinking over where he is, everyone has discovered that this Mechanical Colossus Type I is somewhat different.


"Oh, my G.o.d!"

"This... what is this?"

Encircle around to see the busy private car owners, one by one, open their mouths, there like falling clouds at a loss.

This equipment they had never seen before actually flew up...

Or it is jumping up.

When it was blocked in front of it, when a Steyr heavy truck was crossed there, the Mechanical Colossus Type I supported it with his arms and lifted it up.

The straight and stout steel mechanical arm is forked firmly in a stable triangle fork.

After the cha.s.sis is lifted over the flat, heavy truck, the arms are directly swayed, and the entire body is swayed over the heavy truck.

This is a wheeled Mechanical Colossus Type I.

After landing, it is a "boom ..."

Huge hydraulic shock absorber rebound sound.

The expression of Gao Fengming's group leader seems to be grasped by the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

How can this be?

A heavy-duty sand-pumping steel pipe, half-meter diameter and thick-walled were taken by Mechanical Colossus Type I in the mechanical claw.

Even more incredible things happened.

This Mechanical Colossus Type I grabbed the thick-walled sand-splitting steel pipe and began to swing around and danced.

"Call ~ call ~ call ~ call ~."

Thousands of pounds, in the hands of the Mechanical Colossus Type I stunned.

Thousands of pounds, in the hands of the Mechanical Colossus Type, I rested up.

Turn the stick!

The signature action of the Monkey King was made by the Mechanical Colossus Type I, and it was absolutely shocking.


The rapidly rotating jack steel tube suddenly stopped, and was thrown by the Mechanical Colossus Type I, and steadily plunged into the river ditch under the roadbed.

"Whoop", "Whoop", "Whoop", "Whoop"...

The Mechanical Colossus Type I was changed to become a javelin thrower.

Within two minutes, all the thick-walled sand pipes scattered all over the ground were nailed into the river ditch under the roadbed.

The road was emptied out for the boss!

The thick-walled sand-pumping steel pipes that were nailed into the river ditch were just as neat as the soldiers in the army.

Everyone on the scene forgot to breathe and thought as if they had been fired an atomic bomb.

The group leader Gao Fengming became a patient with severe Alzheimer's disease, and the retina was dull.

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Monster Factory Chapter 225

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