Monster Factory Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Idiots

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Chengji is in the third building on Caiyi street. Now that it’s lunch time, it’s really hard to find a seat in many of these famous eateries. Even if you booked in advance, if you show up late, then sorry, no seats for you.

The table that Zhang Zhitong booked is on the first floor. After sitting down and ordering a few of the house specials, she also asked for a bottle of Cla.s.sic Blue liquor.

“The stewed fava beans here are a great drinking snack. The crab meatb.a.l.l.s are also not a bad choice.” Zhang Zhitong helped Ye Qing unpack his tableware, rinsed the cups with a bit of liquor and filled them up to the brim.

“You said the job you got is with the police?” The best part of the Cla.s.sic Blue series is its low alcohol content. Add on the fact that Ye Qing can handle his liquor, the two of them can easily finish a bottle. It’s just that he has no clue how much Zhang Zhitong can handle.

When they were still in school, there were rumours floating around saying that Zhang Zhitong became the apprentice of a master martial artist just so she can become a police officer later, so she probably has no problem handling some baiju.

“I wanted to be a SWAT member ever since I was little.” Zhang Zhitong raised her eyebrows as she looked at Ye Qing: “Self introduction, I’m Zhang Zhitong, currently part of the second brigade of Zhongyun’s special criminal investigation detachment.”

“Congratulations for achieving your dream.” Ye Qing took the initiative and offered her a cup. Back then she was the only one in the local area who pa.s.sed the national police academy’s scrutinous checks. Now that she’s back, how could the police departments not fight over her.

As long as Zhang Zhitong doesn’t screw up royally, then she is guaranteed to rise up the ranks quickly.

Just as Zhang Zhitong was about to chug the shot, Ye Qing suddenly stopped her: “Wait wait ~ aren’t you not allowed to drink while on duty?”

“Just finished a case so I got the whole afternoon off. Then I’m off for an operation at 9 tonight.” Before the dishes have even been served, Zhang Zhitong and Ye QIng already cleared a cup, then sweetly smiled: “Don’t worry, I can handle my liquor.”

“Alright then, drink!” Ye Qing without saying another word, downed half the cup.

“Nice!” Zhang Zhitong commented with her thumb up.

When the waiters delivered all of the dishes they ordered, Ye Qing’s appet.i.te was already wide open. The warm fava beans with a memorable aftertaste had Ye Qing constantly wanting for more.

“Oh right, what you doing now? From the way you’re dressed, it looks like you’ve already succeeded.” Zhang Zhingtong’s table manners are much more civilized. The steaming beans she picked up are first cooled off before being placed in her mouth.

“I opened a factory making some cheap equipment.” Not knowing why, but the sight of Zhang Zhitong eating, gave Ye Qing a feast for the eyes kind of feeling.

“Sorry, sorry, boss Ye!” Zhang Zhitong raised her cup of liquor again: “Come, let me wish for your business to be prosperous, and being able to become a millionaire in Zhongyun.”

“I also hope for you to be able to eliminate all evil in Zhongyun, and becoming a bane for all evil!”

“Bane for all evil ~ haha, yes yes.” Zhang Zhitong laughed wholeheartedly, and looked even more stunning and valiant than before.

No amount of booze is enough when drinking with friends. Although he isn’t intimate friends with Zhang Zhitong, her gentle, open minded personality is something that Ye Qing really admire.

With cups after cups of liquor with Ye Qing, Zhang Zhitong’s water like eyes became even more charming. Even that pale jade like face of hers had traces of red across it.

Some of her beautiful hair came loose and followed in the wake of her movements. Similar to one of the world’s beautiful paintings. Her sidelong glances lost some of her original valiance, but were replaced by gentle grace.

Envious, jealous, drooling, avaricious, ….

Within the entire first floor, as long as they’re male, they can’t stop stealing primitive, sinful glances at her, and at the same time judge Ye Qing.

However, no matter whether they’re jealous or envious, none of them had the face to try to hit on her.

Ye Qing’s expensive clothes, and the confidence he possesses, had all of them lose their courage.

Of course, not everyone came to the same judgement, and not everyone’s character were the same.

Several young hooligans, as soon as they landed on Caiyi street, their necks, like an automated gun turret, turned back and forth non-stop scanning the people on the road and in the antique-like buildings.

When their eyes landed on Ye Qing, their eyes suddenly brightened.

These guys are none other than the group that was just hara.s.sing the city construction workers, Qian Xiaomeng and fellow morons.

“Ah yo ~ “ Qian Xiaomeng stepped forward as if catching a criminal in action: “As soon as I saw your van, I knew you were on Caiyi street. Nice. Now that you have money, you’re even drinking Blues.”

“So hurry up and pay up. There are the medical fees for the last time you beat me, then there are my uncle’s resignation fees, nourishment fees, …… “ Qian Xiaomeng excitingly listed a bunch of fees, and just as he was preparing to call out a ma.s.sive number, he appeared to have been electrified.

Because Zhang Zhitong used her slightly blurred, but yet still pristine eyes and looked at him.

His fellow buddies who followed in were also stunned.

A girl with such beauty and such grace had them completely shocked. They had never ever seen or thought about seeing someone like this.

A few seconds pa.s.sed before they finally snapped out of their shock, then laughed out loud: “Pretty girl, you got tricked by this little fella. He’s a penniless good-for-nothing.”

“Soon we’ll be driving off with his car, so where do you live? We can use his car and drop you off in a bit.” Someone, who Ye Qing hasn’t met before, came forward and audaciously used his big palm to pat Zhang Zhitong’s fragile looking shoulder.

“You there, hurry up and give us the car keys. We also need to go change the registrations.”

Sometimes, beauty can really be a sin. The guy was originally planning to show off his courage in front of all these people by patting Zhang Zhitong on the shoulder.

Except just as his claws was about to reach up and thinking of pinching Zhang Zhitong’s pretty little face.

Ye Qing abruptly stood up, picked the bottle of Blue which was almost finished, and just as he was about give the dude a wake up call.

Zhang Zhitong’s hazy eyes suddenly cleared up. Before his claws could even touch her face, her jade-like leg already shot up, swept past her hair, and the idiot shot out towards the doors like a javelin.

Absolutely no one saw clearly how the perfectly sitting Zhang Zhitong executed this master level jujitsu move.

It was simply too fast. Before this guy even had the chance to yell out, he had already crashed heavily onto the floor.

Zhang Zhitong still kept her leg lifted. Above that small brown leather boot, she exposed that elegant, snow white ankle, and slender yet powerful leg. It gave the customers quite a shock, but at the same time, quite the pleasure, as none of them could stop themselves from swallowing their saliva.

The standing Ye Qing was also stunned. The bottle that he prepared to smash on someone, still had some liquor dripping out.

The other customers didn’t see clearly, but Ye Qing who was right across from her saw everything crystal clear.

Zhang Zhitong, without even turning her head or make any other move, shot up her leg like lightning and struck the rash and audacious idiot behind her.

However no one, include Ye Qing, would’ve thought that the girl who was just like those in the drawings, would be able kick fly a young man just like that.

This…… This……

Ye Qing swear, even if it was in the movie which came out during this year’s spring festival, the role Xu Ninggong acted doesn’t even come close to being able to perform what Zhang Zhitong just did.

Thinking up to here, Ye Qing is inwardly rejoicing that he didn’t try to attack Zhang Zhitong back then. Otherwise he would definitely have become the laughingstock of the entire school; as he can’t even beat a soft and tender girl.

Zhang Zhitong kicked away one, but from the looks of things she isn’t prepared to let Qian Xiaomeng off the hook at all.

“Where is the law in your eye? You’re seriously looking to rob in broad daylight?”

“You…… you, what do you want to do.” Qian Xiaomeng and his fellow buddies almost were all stunned.

Ye Qing jumped up from his chair and kicked Qian Xiaomeng right in the stomach.

Although Ye Qing hasn’t trained before, but in the factory he was constantly moving heavy steel machinery, so there were always opportunities to work out.

This kick, literally kicked Qian Xiaomeng out of the restaurant and rolled him out onto the streets.

“Fk this, I’m gonna kill you!” Having suffered losses continuously under the hands of Ye Qing, Qian Xiaomeng is stuck within his own rage.

“What are you guys waiting for? Get him!” Qian Xiaomeng, who was struggling to get up, had rage written all over his face.

Ye Qing is also burning with rage. Back at the hospital, he didn’t get the chance to teach them a lesson, at Jianshan masonry there was Sang Qian watching his every move. Now he seriously needed to teach these bunch of morons what conscience means.

Smas.h.i.+ng the bottle in his hand onto the head of one, Ye Qing directly picked him up from the floor and threw him onto the ground just like throwing a bag.

As for the other four, one of them is acting dead on the floor, and the rest of them had the guts before, but now are like quails s.h.i.+vering on the sidelines.

They envy Ye Qing’s van, and also think that Ye Qing’s factory is on the verge of bankruptcy, so there is no way for him to produce any sort of damage fees.

They just happen to use the excuse of demanding compensations for the uncle to get the car. Except who knew this guy and this girl are even fiercer than the others. They don’t even ask to see what’s going on, instead they punch first and ask questions later.

Zhang Zhitong is watching on the side with great interest. In the fight if Ye Qing isn’t smas.h.i.+ng with his fists, then he is stomping with his feet. Although every punch and kick are heavy, they all avoided vital parts of the body.

“Alright alright…… “Zhang Zhitong doesn’t want Ye Qing to get in trouble. So seeing that the lesson has been taught, she went and restrained Ye Qing from unnecessary trouble.

“If you’re looking for trouble, go call your boss over.” Ye Qing went up and gave in another few kicks: “You idiots really should stop making such a disgrace of yourselves over and over again.”

“Bo…… Boss got caught for drunk driving, so…… so he got detained……“ One of the s.h.i.+vering fellas, probably scared out of his wits, gave such a face losing answer.

Monster Factory Chapter 30

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