Monster Factory Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: The natural cavern

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

“No problem Chief Le. If you have any problems, I’ll naturally offer help.”

“But……” Ye Qing also changed the subject: “Chief Le, you might not know, but these machines aren’t from any foreign markets. This is a new product currently under development in my factory, thought it should be able to hit the markets soon after it has finished all its trials.”

“You know that my factory mainly manufactures cutting machines and tools. Now that this market is saturated with similar businesses, it’s really hard to make a living. And this is our result after creating a new product based on the metal engravers.”

“Still in trial?” Chief Le is now interested: “Then how long would it be before it hits the markets? Mr. Ye, we’re friends right? Look, I even got your first batch of orders for you.”

“And that friend of mine says that he wants to order 5 of these engravers.”

As long as the engravers aren’t sold to Sang Qing or Jiangshan masonry, then even if it were aliens looking to buy them, Ye Qing would still sell them regardless.

Having Chief Le pull in the first order, Ye Qing is quite delighted. This saves the trouble of going around advertising the machines.

Ye Qing did some quick calculations to see how long it would be before he can ma.s.s produce these machines.

Rapid metal engraving machine (Quality: Normal) has specific requirements. The blueprints specifically stated which processing machines are required, and at least one master artisan and peon need to partic.i.p.ate in the a.s.sembling.

The processing machines are all here, there are two master artisans free to partic.i.p.ate, and don’t even mention the peons.

All that’s left is to purchase the materials. The blueprint instructions also stated that it’ll take roughly two days to a.s.semble the whole thing.

Buy all the materials tomorrow, then the first machine will be ready in three days.

“Soon, really soon. Probably within the next couple of days.”

“Then I await good news.” Just as Chief Le was about to hang up, a thought suddenly popped up: “Oh right, send me your email. I told the design inst.i.tute to help me design a couple of Zhongyun specialty drawings. So the carvings for the other streets’ curbstones should follow these drawings.”

Ye Qing happily agreed, and sent over his email as soon as the call ended.

With business on the door steps, there is no way Ye Qing was going to refuse it.

He already priced the engravers a long time ago at 500,000 per machine.

Several tens of thousands in investments is able to turn several tens of times in just two days. This way of earning is definitely quicker than performing a bank heist.

This is the absolute charm of superior technology. Originally, Ye Qing was constantly overworking to produce machines and pricing them the lowest possible within the whole market, but it was still impossible to sell them.

Now Ye Qing hasn’t even begun production yet, yet million yuan orders are already flying in.

Happily humming some music while getting back to work.

When the red dyed sunlight dropped below the horizon the sea began to splash again the sh.o.r.e and the dock, just as the tide began to rise, Ye Qing was finally able to finish everything on hand.

When he entered the yard again, the sudden changes nearly caused Ye Qing to stumble head over heels.

The wall……

Has actually been stacked a meter tall by the monsters.

You have to understand, the ground here is mostly made up of hard sandstone and buried volcanic rocks. The peons used only a couple of hours to not only set up the foundation for the wall but stacked it at least a meter tall.

If he were to bring them out and go do construction work specifically, then……

Ye Qing can’t imagine the work efficiency of these muscle heads. At the same time, he’s anxiously waiting for the Monster Factory to level up to see if it can solve a simple yet annoying problem……

The ident.i.ty of the monsters!

These human shaped T. Rexs, with their green skin, mane like chest hair, and tusks sprouting out from their lower jaw.

If this kind of appearance appeared on the streets, don’t mention ordinary people, even Bear Grylls would be scared s.h.i.+tless upon meeting them.

Last time Ye Qing tried to use black hair dye to disguise Hulk One and Hulk Two into black people.

But when they returned to the Monster Factory to rest, the dye disappeared and the cut off tusks slowly grew back.

The regeneration ability of the Monster Factory is just too powerful. This discovery made Ye Qing extremely happy as he can push these peons even further than before, but at the same time it gave his mind a boggling problem of how to disguise them.

Now the only option left is to try to speed up the level up process. When the Monster Factory levels up then it might provide a be all end all solution to the problem.

The requirement to level up from level one is to hire ten peons.

Now to level up from two to three, there are two requirements. The first one is to successfully construct a machine out of the blueprints.

The second step is still unclear, probably because he needs to complete the first step.

Constructing the items in the blueprints isn’t hard at all, it’s only a three day wait.

Oh right, the previous owner said that there was a natural cavern under the nearby cliff. It was described as a place of warmth during winter, a retreat during the summer and its size was small at all.

Ye Qing really wanted to take a look. For fk’s sake, it’s a freaking cave!

Where is the need for it to be warm during winter and cool during summer. As long as it’s dry enough, then it’s completely possible to construct a secret base here. [TL: BAT CAVE!!] [ED: NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA!]

Although Ye Qing doesn’t flout the law, but men, all have a secret desire to own a secret base.

Rolling up his pants, Ye Qing stepped on the reef rocks on the beach and headed towards the cliff in the west.

Right now is the high tide period, so there were ma.s.sive waves smas.h.i.+ng against the cliff. Ye Qing braved the elements for a while before he found a small cave entrance behind a ma.s.sive reef that is right next to the sea.

What a secluded cave; the giant reef at the entrance of the cave completely covered it. If it wasn’t for Ye Qing knowing that there was a cavern here, then there was no way he would’ve found it.

It’s just that right now is high tide with waves everywhere. Climbing down under these conditions is extremely difficult. Add on to the fact that it’s pitch black inside, Ye Qing nearly gave up and thought of coming back later.

A sudden thought flashed by, causing Ye Qing to face palm. He quickly pulled out Monster Factory and summoned the M.P.C.V..

This guy is able to work on land and sea, plus it has a self propelled track system. Using it to explore the cave is more than fitting.

The beautifully designed casing of the M.P.C.V. and it’s formidable track system allowed it to travel through the reef filled tunnel like it was flat land. Its two mechanical arms allowed it to pa.s.s through even the unmovable obstacles.

The entrance to the cave is only a meter and a half tall. When the M.P.C.V. entered, Ye Qing turned on its searchlights and rotated its cameras around to get an accurate view of the inside.

This is a natural cave that can’t be more normal. Nothing hung from the 8 meter tall ceiling, and the cave span an area of around 300 square meters. There were also no traces of stalact.i.tes or amethysts.

Of course the cave has its advantages, such as its ma.s.sive area, and the dry interior. Completely unlike other caves, which are full of stalact.i.tes and leaking water, where tourists need a rain jacket just to enter.

Controlling the M.P.C.V. around, Ye Qing suddenly found a pool of water in the back of the cave with the high definition cameras.

It’s so dry here, so where did this pool come from?

Ye Qing curiously drove the M.P.C.V. over. In the end, a bunch of water splashed out of the pool.

These sudden splashes scared the wits out of Ye Qing. He nearly threw the Monster Factory cell phone into the cave.

“G.o.d, what the fk is this?” Just as Ye Qing was about command Hulk One and Hulk Two to head down and catch the ghost, a large black perch jumped out of the pool and flopped back and forth.

This black perch clearly weighs over 10 pounds, who knew how it survived in this small pool of water.

That’s basically impossible, there no is way for it to find any food in this pool.

Then there’s only one rational answer: this pool is connected to the ocean from below. As for this perch, it’s unfortunate that it entered the wrong cave.

Black perches are very common along the sh.o.r.e, this wild one weighing in over 10 pounds is worth something, but Ye Qing has no plans to eat it.

Because this guy is clearly deformed. Its original black and s.h.i.+ny skin has spots of red and white.

A decade or so ago, the water quality here at the dragon creek beach was absolutely superb. The sh.o.r.e was full of fishes and sea critters. Many fishermens also came here looking for clams and oysters.

Later the water quality deteriorated due to pollution. When all the clams and oysters died out, the fishermen all left and the s.h.i.+pyard went bankrupt, allowing Ye Qing to pick up this place for so cheap.

This unfortunate black perch is definitely a victim here because it doesn’t even look like a perch anymore.

Driving the M.P.C.V. into the pool, sure enough at the bottom of the pool there was a big and dark tunnel snaking towards the ocean.

Ye Qing opened the M.P.C.V.’s underwater propulsion system, and like a torpedo, it sped off towards the ocean.

The underwater tunnel is both long and narrow, and the bottom was full of bones and There were also a lot of abalone mixed in.

Ye Qing even found a couple abalone that are as big as a rice bowl. If it wasn’t for the contamination in the area, using the M.P.C.V. to harvest the abalone alone would bring in a substantial income.

Having operated the M.P.C.V. at full power for more than 10 minutes, Ye Qing finally explored the entire underwater tunnel.

According to the data on the cell phone, the M.P.C.V. was roughly 5 kilometers to the east of Ye Qing.

The exit of the tunnel is on a seabed slope. Ye Qing controlled the M.P.C.V. out into the sea, but for some unknown reason, the visibility here was incredibly poor.

Operating the camera around, just as Ye Qing planned to take the M.P.C.V. for a spin to search for any worthwhile scenes on the seafloor.

Not far from the exit, a metal pipe that is covered with silt and broken, extended straight out of the seafloor.

And at the end of the pipe, a corroded drainage outlet lie on the bottom of the ocean, spewing out endless amounts of dark green sewage.

Monster Factory Chapter 32

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