Monster Factory Chapter 314: The Big Scene Arrives

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Ye Qing had faced little pressure, the sales of robots were not accurate, and the ionizer was iron nails.

The next day, changes were made to the construction site of the Blue-Sky Building.

After a month of preparatory work, her cousin Liang Wenjing finally had set up the building's construction team.

There were thousands of people and countless mechanical equipment.

Today, workers' living areas have been set up on the construction site. They have built for all workers, insulating cardboard houses. In addition to the necessary living facilities, there are also medical offices and security rooms.

Now that all the piles in the foundation pit have been poured, civil air defense works will be moved tomorrow.

The support column has been poured to the bottom of the civil air defense project, exposing the strong and thick alloy steel bone.

There were four Mechanical Colossus Type X at the top, and circular holes were cut with cutting wheels.

The Mechanical Colossus Type X would have been cutting holes that canned pa.s.s through the support column, and then the support column will pa.s.s through the middle of the air defense project to become the support column of the building.

In the afternoon of the same day, Shanghai TV came with two interview cars and temporarily rented a private box in the nearby Blue-Sky Building for high-level overhead photography.

There was a total of six cameras and two hosts.

Yu Fei and Wu Xiaoya are also Ye Qing's friends. They came to host and live broadcast the shocking scene.

- Mobile Civil Air Defense Engineering.

Since the huge of the Monster Heavy Industry Building was erected on the construction site. Shanghai TV had come to visit by themselves and promised they could take pictures of the civil air defense works. Shanghai TV had a lot of publicity on the live broadcast and also invited A civil engineer from Hailong Construction Group to serve as a live guest.

Hailong Construction Group is also one of Shanghai's largest, large construction groups. Five years ago, Hailong Construction Group had opened the Nanshan Longjun Community, and there was an old building on the site during the Republic of China.

This three-floors brick building is well-known locally because it is the former residence of patriotic businessman Mr. Zhang Qinglao. He had donated two schools, a pier, and seven bridges to his hometown during his lifetime.

The old building itself was also very distinctive, and the Shanghai government has kept it.

Hailong Construction Group purchased this plot of land and relocated the three-story brick site by 300 meters.

The relocation project was lively, live broadcast on the TV station and hundreds of people were watching on the spot, making Hailong Construction show its face fiercely.

It was this civil engineer who was in charge of the migration at the beginning. After all, no professional was present at the scene. And he hoped that the moderators who did not understand the concrete numbering of concrete would not make the audience laugh.

In addition to Shanghai TV Station, another group of people had set up cameras in the Blue-Sky Building.

They were the tracking staff sent by the major construction companies. After a month of tracking, they will finally usher in the final moment.

Although the reporter was also shooted, he was an amateur after all and did not focus his real attention on what they want.

After a day of preparation, whether it is Shanghai TV Station or those who have been waiting for a month, they are all of them ready.

They clenched their palms and waited the next day waiting when the Monster Heavy Industry to realize this feat that seemed impossible to ordinary people.

In the eyes of ordinary people, this is a lively scene comparable to the Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Festival.

The next morning, a civil air defense project move was scheduled at 10 noon's, and many citizens had gathered around to watch at 8:30.

The workers especially demolished the construction wall temporarily, and only pulled up the isolation zone, so as to facilitate the pa.s.sages of the citizens.

On the side of the old department store, there was originally a large square that could be used for civic activities. Now dozens of people in the square have slowly expanded into hundreds.

There were more and more people, almost half of them did not want to watch the news on TV. After all, liking to watch liveliness is a common problem among people all over the world. Now in the construction site, there was again a camera and a news interview vehicle. Even people who have not heard of the news know there will be a big scene soon.

There were really big scenes. The four Mechanical Colossus Type X here will be enough to draw attention.

When they learned from their side that the Monster Heavy Industry would move this air defense project to make room for the building, it was a completely surprising expression.

Time reached nine-thirty, and two or three thousand people had gathered in the square.

This is the most prosperous street in Shanghai. The traffic is similar to the stars in the night sky and even the nearby buildings are full of people.

At this time, in the Shanghai TV station, the young bald host Xiao Song, who was talking slowly, was sitting in the live broadcast room.

Next to him is a civil engineer at Hailong Construction Group.

His name is Yuan Qing Xiao. He graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering of Fudan University and obtained a doctorate degree. In 1991, he also visited the Department of Civil Engineering of the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, as a visiting scholar. Now he not only works for Hailong Construction but also serves as a researcher of the China Engineering Construction Standardization a.s.sociation and a member of the pile foundation academic committee of the China Civil Engineering Society.

Yuan Qing Xiao is 50 years old and has a straight face with narrow eyes, which makes people laugh awkwardly.

At 9:30, the live broadcast officially started.

"Dear viewers in front of the TV, everyone is welcome to watch this special live program" Mobile Civil Air Defense Engineering. "I am the host Xiao Song."

The young bald host, Xu Xu introduced: "Presumably we Shanghainese people will have such a place in memory."

"He was a paradise when we were kids. There are shops for toys and flowers, and various snacks can be bought there."

"It was built in the 1980s, a department store in the minds of many residents."

"Unfortunately, today, it can no longer meet our increasingly diversified shopping needs. Last month, the department store in everyone's memory was demolished and blasted off. We were preparing to build other types of commercial buildings. "

The host Xiao Song turned his voice and raised the volume: "It was because of the demolition that we saw it, and it was hidden at the bottom of the building..."

A three-dimensional rendering of a civil air defense project appears on the large screen behind him.

Host Xiao Song, referring to the teleprompter, began to introduce the background of the civil air defense project and the difficulty of construction.

Finally, after he explained to the audience that when all the companies were unwilling to take over. Monster Heavy Industry decisively shot and was preparing to build a new Shanghai highest skysc.r.a.per. The cameraman turned the lens to Dr. Yuan Qiangxiao.

"Dr. Yuan, can you explain to us why this civil air defense project cannot be dismantled?"

Facing the camera to do a live broadcast, this feeling made Yuan Qiangxiao flutter a little.

"Because after the demolition, there was a defensive fortress capable of resisting nuclear explosions. This is not an underground prevention and control shelter for ordinary high-rise buildings. Naturally, it cannot be removed."

"It's just not easy to dismantle."

"I'll tell you something. Six months ago, Chengdong Hospital demolished an old building and rebuilt the parking lot. There is a magnetic resonance examination room in the old building."

"This old building was demolished by the excavators in only two days. But to demolish that magnetic resonance examination room, it took two excavators working for a week to demolish it."

"Because of the magnetic resonance examination room, a one-meter thick concrete needs to be built to s.h.i.+eld the magnetic field."

"It took so long to demolish a 30-square-meter magnetic resonance examination room. So, for how many days should the civil air defense project be demolished?"

"So, Monster Heavy Industry is facing the dilemma of wanting to dismantle without technology."

"As for how to move it, I personally look at it professionally, I think this is simply impossible."

Monster Factory Chapter 314: The Big Scene Arrives

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