Monster Factory Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: How are you going to explain this?

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

When Zhang Zhitong and her team charged into the room, Ye Qing was still lying flat in the pool with two girls on his left and right giving him a ma.s.sage.

It’s just that their way of ma.s.saging is sort of different from the conventional way.

The two just girls were just applying some super expensive rose essence oil on Ye Qing’s back when……

A team of deadly serious people charged in.

The sound the door getting kicked open gave everyone quite a scare. Ye Qing thought there was a fight going on the in halls, and then someone crashed into the room.

The serene and peaceful atmosphere was completely ruined. Hurried footsteps followed suit, and just as the girls were about to stand up to ask what was going on, the snow white curtains were ripped apart, and black tubes of death had the girls swallow back whatever they were going to ask.

“Don’t move!” Three different voices exploded within the room.

As soon as he raised his head, Ye Qing was completely flabbergasted. Zhang Zhitong was also dumbstruck, the gun in her hands, just like magic, was frozen in place.


“Why are you here!”

The two never thought that, after the round of drinks at noon, they would meet each other under such a situation.

This question, as well as each other’s shock, was quickly visible in each other’s eyes.

As for Gong Wei and his driver, they didn’t have the same luck. Two highly trained investigation team members, without wasting any effort, had the two under total control.

The six snow white girls, with cries of surprise, all huddled together.

How could they not be panic stricken when there are three wolf like men staring at them.

“We’re cops, hurry up and immediately put on your clothes!” Under this situation, even with the utmost professionalism, Zhang Zhitong still blushed.

Before when she charged in, she immediately saw the shadow of attractive girls kneeling down to give their attendee a ma.s.sage.

Now with the curtains out of the way, she found her old cla.s.smate, who she had just finished drinking with a noon, lying there in the hot spring enjoying himself.

Of course she also clearly saw all of Ye Qing. What in the world could be more awkward and embarra.s.sing than this?

As if time had stopped, coupled with the huge surprise, the two sank into deep thought.

An indescribably p.i.s.sed off Gong Wei, even as he was under the control of the task members, yelled out: “Holy s.h.i.+t, what the flying fk! Do you guys know who I am? Why book me? What law did I fking break?”

“Sir, you guys definitely got the wrong people, we’re law abiding merchants!” The driver is much more calm and collected. He clearly knew what kind of place the Silver Palace is. If someone was able to get the establishment’s security guards’ pa.s.s and charge into the private rooms, they definitely had the consent of the Silver Palace.

Then their police ident.i.ty was naturally real.

“Whether if we’re wrong or not, we’ll know as soon as we do a verification.” The three team members didn’t do anything outrageous, the situation is already under their control, so it didn’t really matter that much now.

Zhang Zhitong’s situation on the other hand is kind of awkward. She’s stuck half kneeling beside the pool. The guy in her hands is like a hot potato: she can’t put him down, and can’t lift him up either.

As soon as Zhang Zhitong saw Ye Qing, she knew they got the wrong people. Ye Qing is only involved in producing cutting tools, and that is confirmed by all their cla.s.smates.

His cutting machine factory has already been opened for more than a decade, plus borrowing money to get past recent difficulties, and accepting government orders to make a living, the two had already discussed it during lunch.

So there is no way that he’ll become a henchman for the chemical plant this quickly.

Understanding aside, but why the h.e.l.l is Ye Qing here in first place?

At noon he still had a man of honor feel, but now he is sprawled out in this brothel-like place, and is together with other men doing this kind of vulgar shady business?

This kind of affair is difficult for any woman to accept, it’s even more so for the just and righteous Zhang Zhitong.

“Sis, the operation at 9 you told me about at noon, how did I get involved in it!” At this critical moment, men nevertheless had to be a bit more brazen. Ye Qing quickly grabbed the nearby bath robe and covered himself up; comforting his violently beating heart at the same time.

This was seriously a scare that can scare someone to death. A moment ago he was still enjoying this rare delight, then with the turn of an eye, there was someone standing there point a gun at him; of all else the one pointing the gun was a freaking girl.

This kind of psychological shock was simply too big, and too stimulating, this was a situation which Ye Qing wished to never experience again.

The several attendants quickly got dressed while trembling, got Ye Qing and co’s clothing out of the change rooms, and bolted out of the room like frightened deers.

An investigation team member checked their clothes, and found no knives or guns.

Zhang Zhitong turned around, and with a voice filled with hatred, told Ye Qing and co to immediately get dressed.

The several team members, while overlooking them getting dressed, were secretly rejoicing at their misfortune.

They can deduce from the exchange just now that Ye Qing isn’t only acquainted with Superintendent Zhang, but also had lunch together at noon. Now he got caught trying to have some fun……

Hehe ~

Gong Wei, just like a rampaging bull, sat down on the sofa and raged on: “Just you wait for the retaliation from the left secretary of the city council.”

“You’re Gong Wei?” The team members each minded their own business and asked, completely ignoring the words left secretary.

“Yea that’s me, do I need to pull out my ID card for you to check?” Gong Wei responded by rolling his eyes: “Don’t tell me you’re here to catch prost.i.tution, you guys clearly saw, my friend and I are here only for the ma.s.sage.”

“Before at the elevator, did you know about the three men you met?”

“What, you think I know them?” Gong Wei finally found the reason why they’re here, it’s definitely the coincidental meeting with the three who got off caused a misunderstanding with this bunch: “No, don’t know them. Hehe, you guys come booking with such circ.u.mstantial evidence, just you wait for me to describe to the left secretary of how poorly you guys treated us.”

“We probably made a mistake, let’s wait for Old man Wong to bring up the other three, then we can get sense of the whole picture.” Zhang Zhitong having already put away her gun, sat down on the coffee table with no spirit left in her.

She’s covering her hot and steamy face with both of her hands, with clear signs of regret. Having seen all of Ye Qing gave her quite the awkward feeling, and also an unknown amount of rage. Why the h.e.l.l is Ye Qing in this sort of place, as her impression of him from lunch was pretty outstanding.

“Oh right, we’ve got everything under control up here, how come there’s still no word from downstairs?” Zhang Zhitong stood up and spoke into the mic on her collar: “ Old man Wong, Old man Wong, what’s the situation down there.”

The hidden earpiece remained quiet for a while before transmitting an embarra.s.sing answer: “We…… we hit a snag down here. We only caught the old one, as for the other two……”

“What’s up with the other two?” Zhang Zhitong and her fellow colleges immediately had sour expressions.

“They didn’t leave the establishment, they escaped into a storeroom, it’s just……”

“There’s hostages in the storeroom?” Zhang Zhitong nervously asked.

“No they don’t have any, the manager is also by my side. The storeroom has no other exits, it’s just…… the door for this storeroom, we have no way to open it.”.

“Alright that’s not bad. You guys keep on eye on the storeroom, we’ll be down immediately.” Zhang Zhitong turned around and with a voice full of hatred and regret said: “Ye Qing, you guys come down with us. We’ve already got the main suspect in custody, everything will be clear really quick.”

Gong Wei with a humph, picked up his jacket and went out.

The team members all guarded the group down the hall, down the elevator, and saw rows upon rows of suited up security guards.

This group of sly foxes didn’t show up when they needed help. Now that they have their targets under control, they all come out to join the party.

Bypa.s.sing the restaurant into the back pa.s.sage, just Zhang Zhitong and co reached the end of the pa.s.sage, a group of suited security guards were detaining a middle age man with zip ties.

The other four officers, with guns in hand, were grouped together in front of a giant platinum like door, with awkward and embarra.s.sing looks.

Manager Cao Weihua also came around, except he’s barely able control his emotions. Beside him, two people who appeared to be the captains of the security guards were all on their phones, making machine gun like calls.

“Don’t look at me, I have no way of opening that.” Before Zhang Zhitong had even asked, Cao Weihua rushed to complain: “This is our clubhouse’s cigar and liquor storeroom. When a waitress was leaving the room, the two vermins rushed in before the door had been fully closed.”

“Those two were simply too alert. Just as we entered, they were already running off. Seriously quicker than rabbits.” One of the team members explained ashamedly: “Luckily we had the main entrance sealed off, so now they’re stuck in there.”

Zhang Zhitong nodded and went up to test this platinum door. Except the extremely m.u.f.fled echo informed everyone just how thick this door is.

“Manager Cao, what’s wrong with this door that even you guys can’t open?”

“This door has lots of locking mechanisms, and those two rats locked it from the inside.” Cao Weihua shook his head unable to offer any help: “This is an imported blast door specifically designed for gold and jewelry vaults by America’s Hamilton Safe. As long as it’s locked from the inside, even explosives won’t be able to open it.

A immaculately dressed man with two cute girls in tow, hurriedly pushed past the workers in the pa.s.sage and rushed over.

When he saw Gong Wei, he was first stunned, then immediately came forward to apologie.

“Liu Tianyang, Mr. Lie” Gong Wei, with displeased looks, spit out each word: “My friend and I having been involved in this, how are you going to justify this?”

“Mr. Gong, and this sir, please have patience and wait until we’re sorted out the mess here, then I’ll personally come over with compensation to make up for this.” Liu Tianyang bowed and sincerely apologised to Gong Wei and Ye Qing.

“Boss, boss.” Cao Weihua hurriedly came over.

“How the heck are you police officers doing your jobs! Seriously, not even able to catch some lowly street thugs.” Liu Tianyang’s face was pale to the point of him being able to act as a zombie, seriously as bad as it can be: “Do you guys know what’s in there?”

“Hundreds of Cohiba’s 40 year anniversary cigars, dozens of cases of Arturo Fuente. Piles upon piles of other name brand cigars are also inside.”

“Caskets of 20 year old La Romanee-Conti, Ma.s.sandra and the likes are also in there. Wines like Louis 13 and such that are in there can fill entire bathtubs! Do you guys fking understand?”

Speaking up to here, Liu Tianyang was almost roaring: “Now that you enclosed two vermins inside, you’re seriously asking for us shareholders’ lives!”

A Macbook was quickly pa.s.sed over from the back, Liu Tianyang with red eye, opened the security software and entered a series of pa.s.swords.

When the screen switched over, four streams from the cameras inside popped up.

Within the pictures dazzling wooden racks filled the entire storeroom. Within these racks are rows upon rows of high end liquor casing and tons of delicate wooden boxes with lots of english words on them.

The two sneaky devils, at this moment, each had a cigar in their mouths and were flipping over the stuff on the racks like sorting through garbage.

Under their feet was full of scattered cigars. A casket was also spinning on the floor, leaking out precious scarlet red wine.

With a pata, the Macbook from Liu Tianyang’s hands dropped on to the floor. His face now having turned ashen white, fainted on the spot.

“Boss! Boss!”

Monster Factory Chapter 38

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