Monster Factory Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Famous?

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Presently the app store sells all of kinds of normal quality tools and a small portion of small scale uncommon quality tools.

A normal quality mobile pulsed plasma cutter was quickly purchased by Ye Qing.

This was an upgraded version of the regular plasma cutter. Using high frequency pulses, it creates electrical arc bullet-like impacts on the cutting component.

Compared to a normal plasma cutter, the technology gap here was just like the difference between a handheld drill and a hammer drill.

Moreover, the pulsed plasma cutter also has +15% cutting abilities and +5% cutting efficiency properties.

The machine cost Ye Qing 80 gold coins, but now that the Monster Factory’s first product is about to hit production, the need for this machine later on will definitely increase.

When Ye Qing returned back to the Silver Palace, the hallway was swarming with people. Even a news teams consisting of a cameraman and a female reporter was on site.

The cameraman’s red jacket had the words Zhongyun Television Station printed on it. The female reporter looked very young, with a professional-like ponytail. She probably didn’t have time to put on any makeup before rus.h.i.+ng here as spots of freckles could still be seen.

It’s just that they were awkwardly waiting in the lobby. From the looks of things, two security guards clearly blocked them from entering the hallway and didn’t permit them to interview any of their sensitive clients inside.

With Ye Qing infront, four other security guards were pus.h.i.+ng a refrigerator sized, and from the looks of it, very advanced equipment.

The female reporter with the cameraman in tow, lifted the microphone and asked Ye Qing, if that machine back there was going to be used to cut open the door.

“Yes, I’m just a regular worker for Clear Sky Cutting Tool manufacture.”

As soon as Ye Qing introduced himself, he immediately advertised his factory: “Our factory possess many advanced machinery, there won’t be any problem cutting open this door.”

“From what I heard, the cutting team from Hongxin s.h.i.+pyard came and went like the wind.” The reporter found this to be somewhat hilarious, there’s just too many people boasting about themselves these days: “They brought so much equipment with them yet they still failed. Now you come here with only one machines, where does your confidence come from?”

“This isn’t a problem of how much equipment there is, this is a problem that lies with the gap in technology.”

Good thing the team from Hongxin s.h.i.+pyard already left, otherwise if they heard this, then they would definitely run forward and start pking Ye Qing.

“From what we know of, the door at the end of the hall there is one of America’s proudest blast proof vault door, it’s even proven to be demolition proof.”

The reporter is probably someone who reveres everything foreign, so within her public smile hides a hint of ridicule: “Very sorry, but I’ve never heard of your company. And I know exactly how powerful Hongxin s.h.i.+pyard is. Last month, we were even at their yard witnessing the christening of a 70,000 tons cargo carrier.”

“You don’t understand the industry at all, and American technology also isn’t as mysterious as you think it is.” Ye Qing gave the camera a smile, then headed for the hallway with two security guard escorts.



Noon of the next day, many families after finis.h.i.+ng their lunch, were all sitting comfortably in front of the television listening and looking at Zhongyun television station’s noon news.

Zhongyun television station had poor viewers.h.i.+p for the past several years, so they cut many shows for budget concerns.

However, a new female director came into power last year, and she applied bold and decisive reforms. She was no longer looking for people with experience, but people with the ability to perform. Many individuals with distinguis.h.i.+ng features were promoted to become hosts and anchors of many different shows.

Not only that, but the shows themselves had incorporated many elements from the current society.

Sweeping in like a hurricane, she didn’t even use half a year before she pulled the station’s viewers.h.i.+p back to 07 levels; before the existence of mobile networks.

The new anchor for the noon news was a calm and composed youngster……

Except this girl had a major problem: she’s normally tolerable with announcing the regular everyday news, but as soon as some breaking news occurs or any piece peaks his interest, she’ll become tongue tied during live broadcasts.

If this was the other 99% of T.V. stations, just getting excited on air alone was enough to have this anchor frozen and unable to make an appearance for 500 years.

But Zhongyun’s new daring director has a different view on this all together. Instead of the norm, she thinks that this was a specialty, this was something that was easily able to catch the attention of their viewers.h.i.+p.

As facts have shown, her decision was absolutely correct. With this new anchor at the helm, the viewers.h.i.+p of the noon news increased by more than three fold. Many house wives fell in love with this easily excited youngster.

Today’s noon news, just like before, was also very entertaining. Immediately off the bat was a piece where several leading figures in Zhongyun encouraged all residents to work for a common purpose. To help keep the city clean and civilized, so that Zhongyun can strive for the t.i.tle of The nation’s cleanest and most civilized city.

After came an interesting piece of report about something that happened on Caiyi street.

The curbstones there were all swapped out for new curbstones with carvings on them.

This is a report that closely related with many residents’ livelihoods, so it piqued many residents’ interests. Those delicate carvings, artistic drawings, had them all imagine, how they would feel if the curbstones in front of their homes were replaced with these.

Before the shock of the curbstone faded, the anchor again excitingly reported another piece of heavy news.

Last night, three suspects who dared to extensively sell easy to make chemical drugs, were all caught within a high end entertainment club. In addition, the whole capture was filled with complications, like a Hollywood blockbuster.

The anchor didn’t mention which entertainment club this occurred in, but the reporter on site being unable to enter the hallway to film real time footage, with deep anger, had the camera do a sweep outside; which included in the establishment’s name board.

The audience, with eyes wide open, and an extremely nervous frame of mind, all wanted to know how blockbuster this was.

Yet the course of events didn’t let the audience down, as the reporter, using both words and pictures, explained everything from the beginning to the end.

Then when it came time for the police to catch the suspects, two outrageous criminals, not caring about the threat of the guns, bolted into this establishment’s precious storeroom.

With a switch of pictures, a video segment clearly filmed from a cell phone appeared. Now two locksmiths were turning in circles in front of this platinum like door.

They were clearly recorded down as they introduced everything they know about the door in front of them.

Specially designed for gold and jewel vaults, American built, multiple defences, and even explosions have a hard time penetrating this door.

The audience seriously went wild. The company that the two locksmiths work for were quite well known; moreover, many of the locks on the city resident’s doors were from this company.

Now they’re just like clowns, standing there beside the door without a trace of courage to give opening the door a try.

The second segment of the video was also shot by a cell phone, but the video quality was much better.

A pair of workers clearly wearing Hongxin s.h.i.+pyard uniforms, with their equipment and support team, walked into the hall.

Hongxin s.h.i.+pyard is widely known by Zhongyun’s residents. Last month when they christened a carrier size cargo transporter, even the vice mayor attended the ceremony.

With them cutting the door, what’s there stopping them?

Much of the audience had this kind of thought, and were all giddily waiting for the door to be cut open and for the two criminals to be wonderfully apprehended.

Sadly, after several minutes of being under the burning heat of oxyacetylene, not even a centimeter deep dent was made.

In most ordinary citizen’s eyes, oxyacetylene cutting is already omnipotent. It was able to cut through almost everything and anything. Except, who would’ve thought it would be this useless in front of this door.

This American made technical door left the audience with a deep impression.

When a large sized equipment was hauled in by several workers, even the anchor was excited to the point of stuttering on introducing this piece of equipment, and how powerful it was, how reliable it was.

The ruthless reality, again, firmly shattered everyone’s expectation.

This piece of equipment, after spending 20 minutes, only made a 10 centimeter deep gash. Yet this door was freaking 30 centimeter thick.

Hongxin s.h.i.+pyard, which carried of the audience’s’ hopes and dreams, crushed it, then dejectedly packed up their gear and fled from this humiliation.

Some of the audience was laughing, some was p.i.s.sed, and some felt powerless.

America’s technical superiority was seriously too much. A single door actually had the police, a professional lock manufacturing company and even a large s.h.i.+pyard stuck.

Was there really no way? Are we really that powerless?

A single door that had endured all this cutting, even enduring the rotation of so many cutting equipments, still stood there daunting and intact.

Was our Zhongyun really this backward?

When the video switched again, a young man with a very pretty looking piece of equipment in tow appeared.

This time it’s recorded by a professional cameraman. Clear and quality pictures, plus even a short reporter interview.

This young man, as soon as he had the turn to answer, immediately began to advertise his factory. This brought much laughter from the audience, as well as anger.

A team of people from Hongxin with so much equipment weren’t even able to make a dent.

How could you, a single person with a single machine from some small unknown factory, complete what even a professional can’t do?

“This isn’t a problem of how much equipment there is, this is a problem that lies with the gap in technology.”

“You don’t understand the industry at all, and American technology also isn’t as mysterious as you think it is.”

This young man’s arrogant words had the entire audience stand up with rage.

Isn’t this simply humiliating our Zhongyun for having no one?

You have to understand, the noon news isn’t something that only residents in Zhongyun like to watch. Rather, Zhongyun city’s surrounding 3 counties and 72 towns.h.i.+ps, several millions of individuals, all enjoy watching it. Now, almost everyone understood one thing, they will all know that young men from Zhongyun all love to boast and be arrogant.

Before the reporter even finished the short interview, the young man, with arrogant and confident steps, entered the hall.

This young man’s arrogant att.i.tude had left both the reporter and the cameraman in a bad mood.

They couldn’t enter the hall to get a clear picture of what was going on inside. So instead they began to pa.s.s judgement on what they believed to be the outcome. Not only did they endlessly brag about how superior this door was, they also ruthlessly criticized this young man’s arrogance and his ego.

The reporter with lighting quick words, and due to work reasons, she could only very euphemistically express her thoughts,

Suddenly the T.V. images shook. Just as the reporter looked at the camera with a doubtful look, the cameraman had already ran off with the camera.

The shaking images, followed by the reporter’s cries, quickly froze.

A team of suited security guards, several special investigation task force members, as if escorting national terrorists, dragged two extremely aggravating criminals out and away.

Every audience member was shocked. What’s going on, where did these two criminals come from?

No one answered their question as the criminals were dragged out of the lobby. Then a group of people that looked very stylish and successful came out.

Within this group of people, the arrogant young man from before was stuck in the middle, just like a superstar.

The reporter’s originally witty voice, as if it had a radio with no signal shoved in, had zhi zhi wu wu flow out. No one understood what she was saying.

The young man still had that confidence from before, and was still as spirited and vigorous as before.

13 minutes. The anchor excitingly reported the amount of time this young man spent inside.

Then the image switched again, back to a cell phone recorded video.

The young man from before is now standing right beside the formidable door. After quickly adjusting the equipment, a piercing white light exploded on the platinum like door.

Small thunder like electrical arc sounds exploded in the enclosed hallway. Even after being pa.s.sed through a noise canceler, the audience still found it ear-piercing.

Yet that door in front of their eye, the mysterious yet technical American made door, just like a candle, was easily sliced apart by the white electrical arc.

Countless audience members in front of their television flared up. On top of their shock, they all felt deep regret for arbitrary coming to a conclusion so quickly.

However it doesn’t matter if they’re regretting or not, the key thing was that this high tech door was easily cut open by someone from our Zhongyun.

Look at the entrance, the confidence in his word, the vigor in his steps.

Our Zhongyun still has capable people. You see. You see.

One man, one machine, was easily able to cut through. So American tech isn’t as formidable as described. Huh.

The powerlessness that the audience had previously suppressed was ruthlessly eliminated.

Oh right, what was that factory called?

Quickly search them up on the net and see what they’re selling. If it’s usable in the household, then hurry up and order one

The products of their factory were definitely better than the ones from America in terms of quality.

Monster Factory Chapter 41

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