Monster Factory Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: We know each other

Translated by me, edited by Fade.

Such a pretty yacht. The streamlined exterior, the all wood deck, and the angling counter at the back.

It’s not that Ye Qing hasn’t seen a yacht before, it’s just with Zhongyun being next to the sea, and lots of wealthy individuals liked to purchase one just for the face.

There is also a bunch on T.V. and on the internet. However right now is the first time seeing one this close.

At the same time Ye Qing was feeling very suspicious, what is this yacht moored here for?

Why the heck would such an expensive looking yacht come to the barren wasteland that is Dragon Creek Beach?

Doesn’t matter what they’re here for, at least this place is still under Ye Qing’s control.

Ye Qing standing on top of the small dock, overlooked the moored yacht.

The like gla.s.s covering the c.o.c.kpit blocked Ye Qing’s view. However the door to the c.o.c.kpit was quickly opened, a man wearing a dress s.h.i.+rt and blazer exited.

This guy is most likely the captain of the s.h.i.+p, just without any rank markings or military uniforms.

“Little brother, may I ask if you still build boats here?” The man waved at Ye Qing: “I saw the GPS markings of a s.h.i.+pyard here.”

“It went bankrupt a long time ago.” Ye Qing pointed to the high wall behind him: “I bought this place and switched industries.”

“Switched?” The stunned man apologized: “Oh, sorry, but our yacht broke down, so can we still borrow your dock here?”

“There are just too many reeds here, our yacht wrecked its propellor blades nearby, and being able to persist until here is already a miracle. Now the yacht’s lost all of its propulsion and needs to switch out for a new set of propellers.

“Don’t you need to enter a dry dock to swap out the propellers? I don’t have any here.” Ye Qing guessed this was one of those drivers especially hired by the wealthy. Otherwise there is no way he would be this courteous.

“There is some empty s.p.a.ce over there. When the high tide comes, we can push the yacht over and secure it in place. We can do all the repairs once the tide leaves.”

This guy probably has some understanding of s.h.i.+p repairs, as he pointed to a stretch of empty s.p.a.ce next to the dock: “That place other there is most likely what the old s.h.i.+pyard used to bring the boats on sh.o.r.e, it even has a specially designed slide.”

Ye Qing rubbed his chin, in deep thought.

“We’re only here for a night, and swapping out the propellers is really quick. I’ve already contacted the other s.h.i.+pyards to send over the propellers, we’ll be done by tomorrow morning.”

“Please help out bro, we’ll even pay double the fees for mooring here.”

“Alright, you guys can stay for the night.” Ye Qing waved his hand, indicating to him to stop.

Ye Qing originally didn’t want them to moor here. Cause if they do, then Ye Qing must recall the monsters to prevent them from being seen.

But to chase them away and have them find any other dock to moor at, then that’ll probably raise their suspicions.

After all for someone to not take the money and chase them away, then are they making something illegal there?

It’s only for a night, and they probably won’t be on the yacht at night. The monsters can come out then, so he might as well help out.

“Thank you, thank you.” The pilot hurried to express his grat.i.tude.

The dock is slightly higher than the yacht, so the pilot of the yacht asked Ye Qing if he’s got a gangway here that he can borrow.

There is a bunch of gangways left behind by the previous owner because no one want’s them anymore. Ye Qing pulled a really weathered one out from the corner of the yard.

The outer appearance of the gangway is seriously poor. It’s full of b.u.mps and pot-holes, and really easy for people to raise doubts about how st.u.r.dy it is.

Placing the gangway in place, the yacht pilot ran back inside. From the looks of things, he’s probably inviting the boss out.

“What arrogance.” Ye Qing is somewhat looking down upon this guy’s att.i.tude. If it was him, he’d just jump onto the meter tall dock.

A girl wearing a fragmented flower dress and a sunflower hat exited from the c.o.c.kpit.

Ye Qing was stunned speechless and was thinking it was inconceivable as he looked at the prettily dressed girl.

It’s not that Ye Qing recognized who she was, but this pretty looking girl with her very good looking face, is seriously too young.

Before Ye Qing thought it was going to be a short and fat boss with anger issues, hence the need for a gangway.

This girl looks to be very delicate, beautiful hair flowing with the ever moving wind, coupled with those thin and smooth looking arms, and fair and slender legs, she is extremely capable of attracting the protectiveness of all men.

Ye Qing smiled at her, then like a gentleman, invited her onto the docks.

This charming girl replied Ye Qing’s smile with her own sweet smile, causing Ye Qing to almost topple over into the sea.

The yacht pilot rushed forward and tried the gangway, maybe due to its dangerousness, he even hopped half way through.

“No problem!” The pilot jumped onto the dock, using his hands to steady the gangway and signaled her to come to sh.o.r.e.

This girl is actually pretty easy-mannered, as she picked up the edges of her dress and walked onto the gangway.

Due to the tranquil surroundings around Dragon Creek Beach, the yacht is actually pretty stable. It’s just that when she was just halfway across, this piece of extremely weathered gangway suddenly collapsed in two with a crack, snap, and a pop.

Three cries of alarm and surprise sounded together.

Just as this girl was about to fall into the water underneath, she thought of reaching out for the docks with her snow white hands. Yet the reaction from the squatting yacht pilot is way too late.

Ye Qing immediately jumped out and grabbed onto her wrist.

The pilot hurriedly stood up and thought of helping out.

Ye Qing with a pull, brought this girl up onto the dock.

Roughly 100 pounds. Ye Qing whose been recently working with curbstones, used the 90 pound curbstones as a reference, and came to a reasonable conclusion.

“Thank you. Thank you for saving me.” This girl’s already white face, was scared even paler.

“What did you say?” This time Ye Qing is really stunned, as he refused to let go of her hand.

“I said thank you for saving me?” This pretty girl patted her panic ridden chest, even under these circ.u.mstances, her voice is still pleasant to listen to just like skylark.

“Your voice……”

Ye Qing half believing, half doubting called out her name: “You’re Xia…… Muqing?”

“Ah!” She without calming herself, was again petrified by a single sentence from Ye Qing.

“How, how do know me?” Xia Muqing removed her Hawaii like sunflower hat, and revealed a very fragile looking face.

Her eyes were full of shock. In another province’s unfamiliar city, there’s actually a man who she doesn’t even know that could correctly call out her name just after hearing her voice.

If Ye Qing had called out her name immediately after seeing her.

Then Xia Muqing might have been able to accept it. After all she is Tiancheng mining corporation’s s.h.i.+ning pearl, at the same time she is Tiancheng mining corporation’s general manager, so she is quite well known within some circles.

The problem lies with the strange look in Ye Qing’s eyes upon immediately seeing her.

Ye Qing was also shocked!

Xia Muqing doesn’t keep any pictures containing her on WeChat, but her voice gave Ye Qing a deep impression.

Otherwise how can Ye Qing correctly recognize her immediately after she opened her mouth?

What a coincidence, Ye Qing felt like he could go and play the lottery today.

Now looking back, the pictures on her friends group is definitely from the signing ceremony where they agreed to the huge purchase with [Huaxing Heavy Industry].

It’s just he never would’ve thought that they would meet on the barren wasteland that is Dragon Creek Beach.

Monster Factory Chapter 47

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