Monster Factory Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: The new scooter

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

“Alright, alright. What’s the big deal with being able to make propellers anyway.” Ye Qing made light of the situation.

“Thank you brother for your generosity.” The foreman was very ashamed: “Oh right brother, can you sell these two propellers to us, according to the imported price?”

“As I said before, these two propellers are free.” Ye Qing winked at Xia Muqing.

“Don’t look at me. I’m not the one paying for the repairs.” Xia Muqing found this somewhat hilarious, as this is the first time someone has ever gifted her a pair of propellers.

“It’s our boss who’s footing the bill.” The yacht pilot mischievously joined in: “Brother, how about gifting it to me instead.”

“Import price is 24,000 right?”

“Then I’ll give you guys a discount and it’ll cost only 22,000.”

“Oh right brother, since you have such high end CNC milling centers, then are you interested in manufacturing any propellers?” The foreman tested: “Just with the same quality as those and we’ll buy it off of you at the same price as the imported ones.”

Make propellers?

That’s not difficult at all, it’s just that there weren’t any free monsters available right now to make them.

“I’m working on processing some parts at the moment, so let’s talk about it after.” Ye Qing replied as he exchanged numbers with the foreman.

“Yes yes of course. With those machines of yours, making propellers can really be a waste of time.” The foreman wasn’t expecting too much, but being able to get the phone number was already a plus.

With everyone delighted and satisfied, Ye Qing no long needed to worry about the yacht mooring here for too long. Xia Muqing could continue taking the yacht for a spin and could also try out sea fis.h.i.+ng.

Now the yacht only needed to wait for high tide, so a couple of workers remained to look over it.

Now it was almost dinner time, without even a stove in the factory, Xia Muqing conveniently invites Ye Qing out for a meal.

If it was only with Xia Muqing, then Ye Qing would be delighted. Except there was an a.s.sociation party hosted by Huaxing Heavy Industry, with at least 100 plus guests.

Ye Qing had no desire to join those kind of parties, so he politely rejected with ‘I’ve got other plans tonight.’

Xia Muqing gave out the invitation full of sincerity, after all Ye Qing did just save her life, and was also one of her company’s clients.

Of course now that Ye Qing rejected, she also couldn’t forcefully drag Ye Qing there.

The yacht pilot called for an Benz sedan from the company and drove Xia Muqing to the banquet.

Right now was also the start of high tide, the quiet sea surface gradually begins to rise and rush the with it’s endless waves.

Several workers, with the help of the waves, pushed the yacht onto the beach, and stuck in pillar supports below the yacht. This way when the tide retreats later, they could begin the repair works.

When everybody had left for the night, Dragon Creek beach finally returned to its quite, lonely peace.

Ye Qing, having returned back to the factory, continued with his rapid metal engraver creation.

Ye Qing already couldn’t wait for to sell the 50 needed Monster Factory creations to level up.

Summoning out all 20 monsters, Ye Qing immediately commanded them back to work. Just by luck, his dad called him right then to inform him about the hiring of 10 new workers at the old factory.

The batch of workers were all hired from the professional hiring center, which is supervised by and under the control of the park supervising office.

Although their wage was somewhat high in comparison, having experienced the incident last time, no matter if it’s Ye Qing or if it’s Ye Jiangning, both believe that this money shouldn’t be saved.

On this side, there were already a few completed sets of the metal parts for the new scooter, except there was also a large amount of wasted materials when making the wheel hubs.

And not too long after the call, the distribution company coincidentally called to inform that his goods had arrived and awaited his pick up.

That surely was the arrival of the scooter casings. Ye Qing happily had them deliver it; fees weren’t a problem.

40 minutes later, a truck containing 100 plastic scooter casings arrived.

Just as the truck left, Ye Qing hurriedly ordered the peons to move the plastic casings into the workshop. Right now, Ye Qing was anxious to get a scooter completed, to try out its specs.

Under the clear and white lighting, a sleek red looking electric scooter casing and a set of pre made components were lying on the ground, quietly waiting for the monsters to a.s.semble them.

Ye Qing called over two master artisans for the job.

An electric scooter includes large amounts of wiring and electric controls. Due to the peons having no expertise in the area, the task could only be completed by the master artisans.

Hand held drill, wrench, screwdriver, wirecutter, and other installation tools were already prepared. All the two master artisans needed to do was follow the blueprint drawings and quickly place all the parts together.

The whole set of scooter parts were fixed onto the main frame. This process contained no technical difficulties, it was purely a time burner.

The frames created by the monsters were precise and smooth beyond belief. It was definitely not like those frames from shoddy factories, with inaccuracy identifiable by the naked eye. What’s more, how would you install other parts on it?

20 minutes later, an eye-catching electric scooter, with 6 blocks of high capacity battery stood still in the workshop.

Normal two wheel electric scooters only has 4 blocks of substandard lead battery, yet this one used 6 standard batteries. Of course, wanting to rely on extra battery to increase its mileage was undoubtedly ludacris.

Without a reasonable battery management tech, to blindly increase the number of batteries would only severely waste battery power.

A dim blue light covered the scooter, and the Monster Factory cell phone began to display:




The number of parts specifically made by the monsters only reached 43%, not meeting the 60% requirement. Not conforming to the bottom line of normal quality items.

Drop in quality level!

Super long distance electric scooter (Quality: Subpar. Sellable).

Battery management tech and quick charging tech in creation……

Creation complete.

Warning: These unqualified products can only have the two thirds of properties of a standardized product.

“Unqualified?” Ye Qing was somewhat lost, there are lots of scooter parts that couldn’t be made by the monsters, hence the pre made parts.

From the unreasonable a.s.sembling, the scooter can only inherit two thirds of the performance of the genuine one.

Well two thirds for two thirds, even if it’s only two thirds, its performance was still leaps and bounds ahead of the one on market.

Just the monster made wheel hubs, farms, brackets, brake disks, stirring handles and the wiring done by the master artisans alone, was enough for the users to praise and commend non-stop.

And don’t even mention the system optimized scooter controls and chargers.

Since it was like this, Ye Qing decided to make some personal modifications. He pulled out a cell phone charger, and had the master artisans change the design a little bit by drilling a hole on the dashboard and wiring it in.

Ye Qing’s idea was actually very simple: to add a USB cell phone charger on the scooter.

In this day and age, people’s reliance on cell phones was ever increasing. Sometimes having no power on the phone was comparably worse than having no money in the wallet.

Carrying a battery pack was just too c.u.mbersome. If a scooter could have a mobile charger, then it undoubtedly was a convenience.

Adding on an extra mobile charger was so simple that anyone with a bit of wiring experience could do it. Let alone the master artisans with their boundless knowledge in the field.

But unknowingly why, this small port, which could bring in the support of countless numbers of clients, at the moment was unavailable in all models of electric scooters.

The battery of a electric scooter has a voltage 72 volts, a cell phone’s has only 5 volts. With only a 5-volt three-terminal regulator output, worth only a couple of cents, plus a 50 ohm resistor, you could have a home made cell phone charger.

These electric parts could all be found in a premade cell phone charger. All that needed to be done was to rip it out.

Having added on everything, Ye Qing pumped the tires full, inserted the key, and went out for a spin on the highway outside.

The batteries were all new, so it was carrying more than enough power.

With a twist of the throttle, the electric scooter, with Ye Qing, whooshed out.

The road connecting the factory to Huanhai avenue was pretty old and in rough shape. Ye Qing took a look around and saw that he was already hitting 40 km/h on the odometer, the limit on this road.

Ye Qing originally wanted to slow down, yet felt no traces of drift or jolts, which had him completely astonished.

This scooter’s center of balance was perfectly designed. The use of 6 battery blocks, and the weight of a person, const.i.tuted a steady front center of balance, which made the front end of the scooter unusually stable.

It wasn’t like ordinary scooters at all, where as soon as it picks up speed, its front wheel goes into a spasm.

Following along Huanhai avenue, Ye Qing, just like in a motor bike racer, took the electric scooter for a wild ride.

This kind of comfort was only available with professional race cars, and the feeling of perfect control had Ye Qing addicted.

Ye Qing originally wanted to waste the whole charge, but found that even after a 50 kilometer long trip, the battery still has half a charge left.

Apart from the Monster Factory’s optimization, the perfect design and the monsters’ highly precise parts also couldn’t be forgotten.

The next day, when the s.h.i.+pyard’s people arrived to swapped out the propellers, Ye Qing had already packed up 20 sets of scooter parts and had the delivery driver send it to the old factory.

That was the sub factory for the Monster Factory. Ordinary people working there also received property benefits, except the benefits don’t even exceed 1%.

There was no difficulty in the a.s.sembling step. The only problem lies with the Monster Factory’s product inspection and especially the surrounding light effects after the completion of the a.s.sembly.

Ye Qing looked for ages, and in the end found where the special effects was, under the cog like menu bar.

Due to safety reasons, Ye Qing intentionally a.s.sembled another one, just to check whether or not there were any light effects.

On the old factory side, Ye Jiangning still in his casts, was already waiting with his wife for a long time.

Whether or not the factory could rise from the ashes, all relied on whether or not the electric scooters would sell after they had been a.s.sembled.

Monster Factory Chapter 51

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