Monster Factory Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: The ‘delighted’ Mr. Liu

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Being ugly or having mental problems doesn’t matter at all.

It had already been half an hour, yet the two of them seemed as if they hadn’t done anything at all.

Within this half hour, the two had already finished the workload of 5 people, and the quality of the goods were also superb, at least better than those slacking workers over there.

Look at those two’s work speed, it was perfect to the point of perfection, they could truly be international role models.

Liu Wenhu wonderfully thought, in a couple of days when he got familiar with that old man, then he could bring the two muscle heads and pay back all those debts.

Those who do business will almost always have some shady debts. With these two in tow, even national debts could be erased.

The hiring papers were quickly completed. Liu Wenhu made a copy of the hiring papers for Qiao One for each one of them, then asked what their bank account was, as the 15th of each month was when wages would be directly transferred to their bank account.

*What bank account? Cash’s fine. At our poverty-stricken place, a single trip to a bank needs like at least several days of walking.”

“Sure, now go do a good job, cause if you do there’ll be a raise in three months.” Although Liu Wenhu might be excited, but he wasn’t loss on the wages at all.

Qiao One’s stood there nodding his head non-stop.

It was coincidental that there was a need to rush products, and the workers probably needed to stay overtime again.

Liu Wenhu happily left to overlook the remaining productions; he was very rea.s.sured with those three here. Although Qiao One doesn’t do anything, his commanding abilities were superb. He was just like someone who had spent multiple lifetimes being a mechanic, any random pointers from him will always. .h.i.t the nail on the head as to where someone’s shortcomings were, leaving everyone with nothing but admiration.

The master artisan Qiao One, with the hiring paperworks in hand, let out a wolf like grin.

An a.s.sembly line, two large scale plastic injection machines, and four CNC lathes were the most expensive machines in the workshop.

As for those argon welding machines, arc welding machines, stainless steel cutters, drilling machines, buffers and such were all pretty much worthless. There was always a bunch of them floating around the second hand market for a couple of thousand.

And of course, the most expensive piece of equipment here was that a.s.sembly line in the middle of the room.

The reason why Owen’s Electric Scooter Manufacturing was able to produce that many scooters in such a short period of time was all thanks to the existence of that a.s.sembly line.

Coincidently, right at that moment, a worker was operating an automated suspension crane to move a row of scooter frames.

These scooter frames were all connected together with steel pipes, neatly making two rows of twenty.

There should be no machinery under the path of the suspension crane.

Normally people also wouldn’t try walking under it. Who knew when the crane might fail and come cras.h.i.+ng down.

Yet for some unknown reason, as soon as Hulk One and Hulk Two saw the suspension crane moving items, they immediately put down their work and chased after the crane just like comets.

“Hey! Hey! What are you guys doing!” The suspension crane operator, seeing the two walking right under the crane, was almost scared s.h.i.+tless.

“You can’t stand under them!” The operator tried to ditch the two multiple times, but to no avail at all.

Liu Wenhu, who was inspecting the a.s.sembly line, also heard the commotion and angrily ran over.

What was going on? Why are those two idiots making such a rookie mistake?

“Don’t worry boss.” Qiao One replied as if this was perfectly normal: “Those two just love to chase after cranes. When they were little they trained in the art of steelhead, so whenever they see something over their head, they have the urge to smash against it.”

The art of steelhead?

Those two knuckleheads also know wushu?

The workers who went over to see the excitement all looked at the two as if they were aliens.

Yet upon closer inspection of their 1.9 meter frames, they all came to a realisation. If this was all from training wushu, then…… then……

“Then what do I do. It’s not like I can just shut down the suspension crane.” Liu Wenhu stared on with wide open eyes. As if saying if you didn’t give a proper explanation, you guys can go fk off right now.

“Those frames don’t seem that heavy, why don’t you let them carry it?” Qiao One said as if giving zero s.h.i.+ts: “this was how it was at the last factory we worked at. Let them handle the light stuff, and have the heavy stuff moved when they’re not there.”

“It’s just that the owner was too stingy. Not only did he call out their appet.i.te behind their backs, he didn’t even give us a high salary. You’re so much more generous Mr. Liu.”

What did that old man say? That those frames weren’t heavy?

Everyone here, including Liu Wenhu, suddenly had a rigid expression.

The twenty scooter frames, plus the solid moving pipes, weighed nearly 1500 pounds. When the crane wasn’t working, these frames need several workers to work together to move, and they even needed to take multiple breaks in between.

“Seriously, don’t look down on them.” Qiao One continued: “These two nephews of mine were naturally born with superior strength, plus the fact that they train in the ways of wushu since little in the village, they’re definitely able to make a trip in the mountains while carrying a couple of hundred pound boars.

“Boss, try giving them commands. Right now you’re their boss, so they’ll naturally listen to you.”

Liu Wenhu gave the command to clear the way even though he still harbored doubts. Sure enough, Hulk One and Hulk Two, very obediently, went to the side.

After the suspension crane lowered its load, the two, each with an end of the packaging pipe, just like firemaning a girl, easily carried the twenty scooter frames to the end of the a.s.sembly line.

The gaping mouth of Liu Wenhu right now was just like that of a hippopotamus without teeth. s.h.i.+t, with these two around, I’m fking saving money everywhere!

Not only does the suspension crane waste ton of electricity, it also needed periodic lubrication and maintenance. These all added up to a huge expense for the factory.

It wasn’t like there was anything heavy that needs moving in the factory. So as to stop the two from chasing after the crane again, Liu Wenhu actually took back the crane remote and put it away.

“Aahahahahaha ~ “

The two human shaped machines, and the addition of human cranes, had Liu Wenhu extremely delighted.

Standing just like a general returning victoriously in the workshop, he commanded the two human cranes to move another batch of scooter frames.

40 Typhoon knock off electric scooters were tonight’s overtime a.s.signment.

Seeing the two muscleheads under his commands make another trip without the slightest signs of weakening made Liu Wenhu overflow with delight. He thought that when everyone got off of work tonight, he was definitely going to stealthy drag the old man aside and secretly tell him that their wages after the three month trial was going to be at least 5000.

Having moved another batch of scooter frames, Hulk One and Hulk Two were still feeling at ease. When they pa.s.sed by Liu Wenhu along the way, they even lifted them up just to show off.

The workers, unable to restrain themselves, all cried out in surprise and thought to themselves, even Iron Man w.a.n.g during his prime probably couldn’t compare to them..

Liu Wenhu again happily laughed out loud, yet this laughter was firmly stuck in the middle of his throat.

The scene of Hulk One and Hulk Two lifting the row of scooters was nothing but dazzling, yet when they tried to lower the scooters, the clearly easy movement, was completely messed up with a slip.

The 1000 plus pound scooter frames, came cras.h.i.+ng down on Hulk One and Hulk Two, and buried the two deep under.

Qiao One smiled sinisterly, then quickly hid it with a terrified expression and loudly shouted: “AHH ~ HOLY s.h.i.+T!! FATALITY!!!”

Liu Wenhu and a bunch of his workers were all scared witless but still rushed forward. If some 1000 plus pound stuff collapsed on someone, then wasn’t that asking for their lives?

Qiao One also moved to follow, yet didn’t move at all.

Liu Wenhu and a bunch of his workers rushed and tried their hardest to move these frames,

“s.h.i.+t. s.h.i.+t. s.h.i.+t.” Liu Wenhu cried out in despair. This was a freaking workplace accident, so he as the owner obviously needed to take full responsibility.


An eardrum shaking roar spread out from the below the scooters. Before Liu Wenhu and a bunch of his workers could even become stunned, a ma.s.sive force from below the pile shoved them all away.

Hulk One and Hulk Two, with dead man looking stares, slowly stood up from the pile.

“AHH!! My pitiful nephews!! They were smashed psycho!!” Qiao One, as of that moment, had already distanced himself from the scene, and yet still yelled out as if it was not chaotic enough.

Before Liu Wenhu, who just crawled out from h.e.l.l, could even rejoice, he saw Hulk One and Hulk Two, with their sandbag like fists, smash their heads like crazy, cry out painfully, and bulldoze straight for the central a.s.sembly line.

This was an a.s.sembly line with stainless steel foundation covering, and a fully electric power driven suspension processing system.

Hulk One, with just a swing of the arm, landed right on top of the suspension supports. The thumb thick steel pipings was sweep apart just like wheat during harvest. Then, Hulk One jumped right on top of a.s.sembly line, faced the power drive with his arms wide open, and charged with a roar.

Hulk One, having turned into an actual Incredible Hulk, with his fists, continued to hit the a.s.sembly line foundations like mad.

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

A huge dent was created with every smash, and the outer drive planks flew out like paper.

The entire a.s.sembly line seemed like it had just been ran over by a tank. The power drive was smashed to the point of being comparable to meat floss, and as for the equipment and stuff on the suspension supports, it had all disappeared a long time ago.

“OMG!! My poor nephews!! Their psychopathic behavior got smashed back!”

Qiao One placed his hands on the still deranged Liu Wenhu, yet his eyes were full of flickering looks of treachery and shadiness.

“You ruthless owner! How could you be so stupid!! Why the fk would you let them carry thousand plus pound equipment, just after seeing that they had great strength!”

“WTF? You crazy?” Liu Wenhu was shocked back into reality: “Wasn’t it all because of your guarantee that I made them do it?”

“It’s clearly because you saw how honest and naive my two nephews were, so you had them carry it by hand just to save expenses! Now their brains clearly have problems from being smashed!” Qiao One, with a cry that shook the sky and the earth: “I said the frames weren’t heavy, yet you had them carry twenty?”

“Every worker here heard your command for them to carry. This is clearly a violation of the manufacturing safety regulations! This is clearly a disregard for life!!”

*Boom* *Boom*

The loud car cras.h.i.+ng sounds once again hauled Liu Wenhu out of the losing fight.

The Liu Wenhu frighteningly found out that those two crazy knuckleheads were both right in front of an injection machines, and were pounding it to smithereens just like smas.h.i.+ng plastic.


The casing was made up of thin metal plates and was ripped off a long time ago. All kinds of wiring, gas pipes, circuit boards inside were all either pulverized or ripped to shreds.

It just so happened that the injection machines’ pneumatic systems were made up of many seamless pipes. Those pipes were all ripped off by Hulk One and Hulk Two and used like metal bats to smash even more things.

Two, highly precise injection machines, each worth millions, under Hulk One and Hulk Two’s care, in less than a minute, were completely pulverized to the point where even if the inventor came, he still wouldn’t be able to fix it.

“Quick, I’m begging you! Make them stop!” Liu Wenhu, without caring for the fight before, with a crying face that was beyond recognition, held onto Qiao One’s withered hand: “If they continue on like this, then the whole factory’s going to wasted!”

“Ah, my dear nephews!! Their heads had their psychoness smashed out!” Qiao One without give a d.a.m.n at all, continued to cry out the same stuff.


Having finished pulverizing the injection machines, Hulk One and Hulk Two’s savagely looked while turning, and took aim of the three super expensive CNC lathes.

“Quick, hurry up and stop them!” Liu Wenhu now tried his pleading looks to face those still stunned as all heck workers.

Yet every single worker all took a step back together. Holy s.h.i.+t, what was this international level joke?

Monster Factory Chapter 59

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