Monster Factory Chapter 61

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Within the Dragon Creek Beach factory, having heard Qiao One’s report, Ye Qing couldn’t help but hit his leg and laugh.

Hehe ~ The monsters were truly the best. Within just an afternoon, Owen’s Scooter manufacturing was royally screwed.

Having had his laugh, Ye Qing returned back to his usual self and continued with his low-key development.

Now the Monster Factory had entered the manufacturing ranking list, yet with a look, it was only ranked at the lower end at 900 some place.

Ye Qing seriously had the urge to dig a hole and hide inside. Being in possession of such outrageous abilities, yet he couldn’t even break into Zhongyun’s top 500.

Well this also had to do with his terrible starting point and how long he’d been in business.

Going from no earnings to having a net worth of millions in under a month, to speak the truth, it was even better than being a contestant on Chinese Dream Show.

From the looks of it, to increase in rank on the manufacturing rankings, just increasing profits alone wasn’t enough.

As there were bunches of wealthy individuals with tons of money, especially those who were investors or land tyc.o.o.ns.

Yet, even if their influences were involved, then all of them added together probably couldn’t even compare with half of Huaxing Heavy Industry’s chairman Like Huaxing.

These people had money, yet if central comes out with some new policy, or somehow the market changes, then they were all pretty much finished.

Yet Huaxing Heavy Industry was different. Maybe Li Huaxing’s personal net worth couldn’t enter the top five in Zhongyun, but Huaxing Heavy Industry’s total net worth was definitely more than all of the top individuals combined.

The leading manufacturing company in Zhongyun, not only did they submit hundreds of millions in taxes annually, but they also provided jobs to tens of thousands of people nationwide.

What’s more, the outsourced work from Huaxing Heavy Industry, plus the materials purchased by them, was the reason for the huge increase in Zhongyun’s GDP annually.

And Huaxing Heavy Industry was a must visit place for any inspection team from above. This was Zhongyun’s leading manufacturer, as well as the jewel of Zhongyun munic.i.p.ality.

From there you could understand how it was for Ye Qing to increase in ranking. Not only does he need to expand the factory, he also needed to spread his influence.

To put it simply, he basically needed to increase the factory’s capital a.s.sets, and increase product sales.

Ye Qing suddenly recalled that the level three Monster Factory came with its own set of black tech. Before, he was busy with the knock off problem so he didn’t have time to explore, but now he had got more than enough time to.

Black tech was naturally the foundation of expanding the factory. Ye Qing very quickly went through the research lab, and found the new blueprints.

[Artificial mechanical limbs], [Metal smelting center, unsellable], [Ionized environmental purifier], [Nickel-t.i.tanium memory alloy].

Four new blueprints, yet every single one of them are were just that domineering.

Except there was this [Metal smelting center, unsellable], which left Ye Qing quite puzzled.

The price of the blueprint was also somewhat expensive, requiring a thousand gold coins for a copy.

But, to be fair, the cost for each of the blueprints were all expensive. Take the artificial mechanical limbs for example. That topic had always been a big problem for those in the mechanical movement industry. It was also a very popular research topic, with a very promising future.

Long distance medical surgery procedures in high temperature, poisonous, and other difficult environments all couldn’t be done. Civilian usage was also far and wide. Household robotic maid, amputee rehabilitation, ma.s.sages and so on.

However, as of right now, mechanical limbs still faced many technical difficulties. For example, the sluggish movement system, and the inability to control exerted powers.

A hand has 14 finger bones, 5 palm bones, 8 wrist bones, a total of 27 pieces of bones. To perfectly imitate hand movements, then there needs to be at least 27 different movement systems. As for how to perfectly synchronize the movement of these 27 systems, to perfect a human’s movement, was undoubtedly a question that forced many engineers to suicide.

In addition, the level three Monster Factory also unlocked a new summonable monster, the Raging Miner!

After pressing the monster’s portrait, Ye Qing received quite the scare.

This was a non-human shaped monster……

This was a monster with a strange horn on their dragon shaped skull, with blood red eyes. Their bodies were cover in black armoured scales with triangle shaped spikes growing out of their backs.

They had wolverine-like sharp claws, and a sawtooth covered tail.

Summoning cost: 500 gold coins.

Too freaking expensive! Yet this kind of monster was undoubtedly super eye-catchy. They kind of look like Deathclaws, except they were cla.s.sified as miners and had some stupidly high work efficiency.

Without investment, where was the development.

Ye Qing, with no regrets, immediately charged 600,000, for a total of 7000 gold coins. Immediately after, he bought all 4 of the new blueprints, and quickly hired three of the raging miners.

When the white mist disappeared, the closed off yard welcomed 3.6 meter long dinosaurs with apparently metal alloy claws and horns.

*Roarrrr ~*

As soon as the three raging miners appeared, they stood on their hind legs and roared, just like T-Rexes. On their hind legs, they exceeded the height of the surrounding walls, and when Ye Qing stood beside them he could only reach up to their thighs.

Raging miner: They are the superstars of mining industry. They are natural born destroyers, and also natural born mining masters.

As long as it’s metal, there will be no way for it to escape the detection of the miners.

Having finished reading the introduction, Ye Qing clearly felt that the intro was just too conservative. Seriously, those guys have a body build and claws similar to that of wolverine, and two horns that could easily pierce through tank armor. Those guys should really go back to the Cretaceous era and hunt down those big dinos, instead of being miners.

As for the severe height difference, it had Ye Qing stunned and afraid at the same time.

These monsters were clearly more powerful than T-Rexes, unable to wear the disguise uniforms and definitely unable to fit inside the workshop.

Just as Ye Qing thought of recalling them back into the Monster Factory, Ye Qing suddenly recalled that there was a very concealed cave within the surrounding hills.

There was more than enough s.p.a.ce inside to house the three of them, yet Ye Qing just didn’t know whether or not there were any metal veins underneath. However, having these guys empty it out was definitely not a problem.

Pondering up to there, Ye Qing immediately recalled the three raging miners. Taking advantage of the fact that the tide hadn’t risen yet, Ye Qing climbed into the hidden cave, and summoned the three raging miners again.

As there wasn’t any lighting there, the six orange sized blood red eyes had Ye Qing’s hairs stand on end, so he also summoned the M.P.C.V. to act as a movable lighting platform.

This time the normally s.p.a.cious cave suddenly became very crowded. Ye Qing hid inside the MPCV and gave them the command to expand and mine out the cave.

*Roarrr ~*

The three raging miners roared simultaneously as they moved their powerful hind legs to the end of the cave.

Their front claws were made out of three claw tips, and each claw tip had a half meter long razor sharp claw blade.

Then the three raging miners, under Ye Qing’s careful watch, began to headb.u.t.t against the walls of the cave.

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

With every headb.u.t.t, Ye Qing’s heart beated once, and the M.P.C.V. also shook once.

The solid rock surface also began to crack open.

Those cracked rock walls, soon after experienced what being tofu felt like. The raging miners just clawed at it a couple of times with their claws, and large chunks of broken rock began to rustle down.

Ye Qing didn’t dare to stay any longer, even under the protection of the M.P.C.V., Ye Qing still felt it was too dangerous to stay with the raging miners. So he immediately ran out of the cave and left them down there independently to carve out the cave.

Right outside of the cave was the sea, so the tons of loose rocks also has a great place to be dumped, or they could be gathered to be used as construction materials later.

Returning to the factory, Ye Qing continued with his research on the several blueprints.

All four of the new blueprints had already been bought. And it was after reading through all the inner details of the blueprints, that Ye Qing finally understood what [Metal smelting center, unsellable] was.

To put it simply, it was a building. A building unique to the Monster Factory.

The building’s outer appearance was full of metal and machinery. It had a huge metal melting furnace, immense stamping press, and gigantic quenching tank.

At the same time, it was also one of the required structures to make the nickel-t.i.tanium memory alloy. With it, Ye Qing could create metal materials that were stronger than any known alloy, no matter if it was yield resistance, tensile strength, or any other factor.

Monster Factory Chapter 61

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