Monster Factory Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: The authors’ examination

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

“Not too much, but if I were to copy this chair introduction and publish it, then it’s probably enough for one of your chairs.”

Seeing that, Ye Qing laughed and messaged back.

“I clicked my mouse a bit and spent over a million yesterday.”

Chang Yu: “………”

The two were clearly telling the truth, yet neither believed the other.

Within a certain high-end apartment unit in the first ring of Beijing, a handsome young man was sitting on a Herman Miller ergonomic chair, using a very upbeat typing style to chat with Ye Qing.

He was Chang Yu, the author of the super popular book I’m Really A Super Star, hosted on Qidian novels.

His success naturally couldn’t be separated from his hard work. At least 8 to 9 hours a day, he was sitting in front of his computer typing away at his creation.

Sitting for such a long time, without an ergonomic chair to protect the back and the neck, was putting the body up for major health concerns like neck pain and cracking hips.

As of right now, the chair he had was a flags.h.i.+p product made by Herman Miller. In its entirety, it was priced at over 8000 yuan within the country.

The chair was very comfortable to sit in, and had quite the quality. It was just that when the chair had been used long enough, a lot of the parts gets worn and become loss. Hence Chang Yu’s decision to get a new chair.

Herman Miller was his go to choice, but buying things naturally meant browsing through lots of other choices, so he conveniently ordered the products from the highest price to the lowest on TaoBao.

High prices naturally meant little to no buyers. Sure enough, there wasn’t a single sale for any products on the first page.

Red wood chair, deer hide chair, president’s chair……

Those were all things that were only for the looks. Sitting a long time continuously in them would easily make people go crazy.

But there was one chair that was completely different from all the other chairs that attracted Chang Yu’s eyes — The Mechanical Engineered Chair.

The chair didn’t have the traditional office chair’s wheeled base, or even the must have higher adjusters of the ergonomic

A chair without height adjusters meant a low end product. This seemingly large and super st.u.r.dy mechanical chair, had some folding mechanism at the bottom, that seemingly looked like a mechanical arm.

The introduction also said that the mechanism at the bottom of the chair could raise or lower as one pleased, and turn 180 degrees in any direction.

This…… introduction basically made it sound like tiers above any other chairs in the world, that was if the introduction wasn’t lying.

Tens of thousands of different experiences……

Chang Yu definitely wasn’t believing it, but the chair was just too engaging to look away.


When compared to those executive chairs that had carvings, imprints, and the fanciest leather in the whole world, this chair only had a layer of simple leather. The chair was crude and simple to beyond belief.

It had got nothing fancy at all, just a layer of leather covering. Yet it was just that this simplicity, when paired with its crude outlining, gave Chang Yu an illusion of seeing the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p pilot’s chair from the future.

The mechanical engineered chair pretty much lacked everything, yet it had some mesmerizing mechanical beauty showing through.

It was just that the price set for the chair was too d.a.m.n high.

But even if the price was high, it wasn’t like he couldn’t afford it. Chang Yu felt that if this seller actually tried to market the chair a bit, then he probably would’ve already bought it.

But now the question became that the seller didn’t even seem to want to sell the product.

Some stores just love to do promotions, for example set a product’s price to be super high, just to attract more customers.

Then they leave some normally priced products in the shop for people to buy.

That was basically like a free advertis.e.m.e.nt, as for the effects, who the heck cared, it was freaking free.

These overpriced products generally were are just lies, but there were no other products in the shop, hence Chang Yu’s bewilderment.

Seeing Ye Qing’s reply saying wasting a million with just some mouse clicks.

Chang Yu laughed and decided to flex his muscles and show the store owner that he wasn’t all talk at all.


Ye Qing right now had the peons carry the wrapped Mechanical Engineered Chair into the car. The chairs took up just too much room, so only 2 could fit in the van at a time, and one of them was prearranged to go to his father.

Taking Huanhai Avenue with the van, just as he entered the city limits, Ye Qing suddenly received a notification on his cell phone, about a purchase and the need to mail the product.

“Someone actually bought it?” Ye Qing was very surprised, took a glance at the order, and it was actually from Chang Yu.

Ye Qing retracted his previous impression of him, and put him under the ‘knowledgeable’ category.

Quite coincidentally there was a Good Luck courier right on the right, and there were already wrapped chairs right in the back.

The buyer being this good willed, naturally Ye Qing needed to return the favour. So he immediately stopped at the Good Luck stop and send it off using air delivery.

The whole process took less than 10 minutes. As for Chang Yu, who was still sitting in front of his computer, he was completely dumbfounded.

He believed that Ye Qing wouldn’t be able to send off the product at all because those things ought to never have existed in the first place.

Without any products to send, the seller naturally needed to come to him in good will to discuss canceling the order.

Now it was seriously on route……

On route……

Chang Yu felt like he had just been deceived. When it arrived, it was definitely going to be a regular chair.

But that wasn’t a problem at all, there was a no condition needed return policy in the terms and conditions. Moreover, even if the seller doesn’t offer refunds, the site’s admins could also step in and directly return the fees.

Having sent off the product, Ye Qing didn’t leave Chang Yu a message, and Chang Yu didn’t ask for one either. Both parties were quite happy with the development.

In the afternoon of the next day, Chang Yu got a call from from a delivery man while he was chatting away with other net book authors.

Chang Yu ordered a bunch of stuff in the past couple of days. Not knowing which one it was, he had the delivery man send it up.

“Can you come and help me carry it up? The thing weighs over 100 pounds.”

“100 plus pounds?” Chang Yu thought for ages, but there was nothing apart from that chair that weighs that much.

He was seriously willing to sell it, and even used Good Luck courier at that.

Going down stairs and helping the delivery man drag it into elevator, then dragging the thing into the den by himself, had Chang Yu sweating bullets and gasping for breath.

If he really was a liar, then he was seriously a hard-working liar.

The chair was tightly wrapped and packaged. The packing tape was tightly wrapped round and round with no signs of crooked wrappings. Just like as if it was machine wrapped.

While he was finding the scissors, Chang Yu sent a couple pictures of it to the other authors in the group, and told them that his 50,000 yuan Mechanical engineered chair was here.

Before in the chat group, Chang Yu had already introduced the chair yesterday, and even linked the store. He jokingly told them that he was going to personally teach everyone a lesson, so don’t be too rash.

As soon the pictures were sent, the group suddenly became super active.

The hepburn downstairs: [ED: This is someone’s username] “Quickly open the d.a.m.n box, I can’t wait anymore.”

8 month eagle: “Deity Yu, don’t bother opening it, just return it straight up, that way you don’t even have to repack it.”

Full metal ammunition: “Open it d.a.m.n it! 50,000 a chair, I need pictures to show off that I know rich people!”

I’m the store owner: “Deity Yu, why don’t you link the webcam, and let everyone join in the fun.”

As soon as came through, everyone immediately joined in, saying ‘link the video link the video, let us expand our horizons and see what this revolutionary Mechanical Engineered Chair is all about’.

Everyone in the group was a deity level author, they all spent their time writing year around, and more or less were all infected by the occupational disease. Hence, those people were the ones with the most demanding requirements for chairs, and were also the group of people who swapped chairs the quickest.

Chang Yu generously turned on and linked his webcam, it was all friends anyways, everyone was making fun of eachother, so letting them see something hilarious was definitely not a problem.

Having linked the webcam to the group, the number people of active suddenly shot up to over 70. Everyone here were well known and popular authors. Many of the IDs here had much higher search indexes on search engines than all of those celebrities.

Monster Factory Chapter 70

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