Monster Factory Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Oh man, that timing……

Translated by me, edited by insert drpetro.

*Ah hem*

DouDou straightened her waist and cleared her throat: “Good afternoon everyone, it’s 1 pm Beijing time, I’m your host DouDou, and you’re listening to [News by your ears] on MF 106.9. Today DouDou will tell you all about some very interesting pieces of news. Today at 9 in the morning, something that had even the police perplexed happened on Nanhua Road……

“And then?”

DouDou’s voice was just too perfect. It gave Ye Qing the feeling that he was listening to the National Broadcasting station while driving. But what was this news that had even the police perplexed?

“Big brother Ye, I…… I don’t know what it is either.” DouDou apologetically smiled: “I just made all of that up…… and I’m out of ideas already.”

Ye Qing laughed with her, praised her for being absolutely amazing, and that she had the potential to become a show host for the National Broadcasting Station.

DouDou blushed bright red, the praise was simply too much.

A topic here a topic there, as they were both millennials, naturally they had a lot of topics to talk about. When all the seafood BBQ arrived, DouDou asked whether or not Ye Qing wanted to drink. She even commented that she specifically didn’t bring her scooter tonight because she was looking to drink a couple beers with him.

Ye Qing oh so much wanted to say yes, then just like those dropouts, get her drunk, then……

DouDou said it in good faith, without hinting for anything in that direction.

Ye Qing could guarantee that he would just be wasting his efforts if he drank, so thinking through everything, he decided not to drink and declined with I didn’t bring a driver with me, recently due to the clean and clear initiative in Zhongyun, DUIs was under even stricter scrutiny.

On the other side of the street there just happen to be a fresh juice bar, with what appeared to be some high tech juicers. Many tourists went there for a drink, and Ye Qing had the waiter grab 2 pitchers of watermelon juice from there.

7:40 in the evening, the two finished a rather large platter of seafood and were ready to leave.

Not drinking also had it’s benefits, at least he was able to give DouDou a ride home.

In front of Ye Qing, DouDou was very ill at ease. The impression Ye Qing gave her was just too deep, it was just like those male presidents in Korean drama.

Plus, with Ye Qing’s relaxed att.i.tude, DouDou also didn’t want to reject Ye Qing’s suggestions.

For example, escorting her home……

When the two were taking a stroll to get back to the car, a group of tourists, climbed over the the parking lot fence, just like having discovered a new continent, excitingly surrounded a silvery white Aston Martin Lagonda, and began to take pictures as if it were a red carpet event.

When they got close, they were able to hear bits and pieces of the conversation:

‘I heard these are made completely out of carbon fiber, I’ve near even felt a carbon fiber race car!’

‘This car costs over 8 million, you even need to wait months for it. Normal people, even with money, don’t have the buying power.’

‘Sisters help me get a pic, I need the whole car in it!’

‘Hehehe, this time my friends are gonna be sh.e.l.lshocked. Holy s.h.i.+t a Lagonda! Last year at the annual national car show, the 100 plus year old Aston Martin brand also showed up, and there definitely isn’t more than 5 of them in the whole country.’

‘If I can sit inside and get a couple pictures,
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I’m even willing to sleep with this car’s owner.’

‘I’ll willingly marry him.’

‘Keep dreaming!’

The group of girls was beyond excited, their eyes were as if they were glued on to the car, which naturally meant they were ignorant of their surroundings.

Ye Qing who was getting ever closer, coughed a couple of times to warn those girls of approachers.

The girls were first shocked, they then blushed, and screamingly ran off.

As with the general jealous nature of women, when the girls were running off, they just like a radar scanned DouDou from head to toe. Those piercing and glaring eyes, and those explicit words from before, immediately turned DouDou into a big red apple.

When Ye Qing helped open her door, DouDou only dared to look at her feet.

The painful blus.h.i.+ng from her face had already crawled into her legs and onto those snow white backs of her feet.

She recognized the Aston Martin logo.

She also heard about the 8 million plus price tag.

‘If I can sit inside and get a couple pictures, I’m even willing to sleep with this car’s owner.’

‘I’ll willingly marry him.’

‘Keep dreaming!’

Those words, she also heard word by word.

Right now, DouDou was wondering whether or not she had been teleported into a Korean drama. Wait no, those male presidents in the Korean dramas were all super cute, but the cars they drove were either BMWs or some hundred thousand Hyundai. Also, for Benz like cars, those were all for the fathers of those male presidents.

The first time they met, Ye Qing was on foot. The second time he was with a Bentley Mushan, and the professional driver made everything over the top. Although she didn’t know much about cars, the viewers from her stream did, and that 6 million yuan Bentley Mushan had already made its rounds.

But now?

An Aston Martin Lagonda, scarce even in the whole world, priced at over 8 million yuan.

The giant difference in social standings, had DouDou seriously wonder, if she could really be friends with Big brother Ye.

“Come on already.” Ye Qing lightly patted the door.

“Ah! Oh ~” DouDou gather her courage, took a couple of steps, then seeing the soft wool carpet inside, lost all her courage again.

A burst of wild laughter came from the other side of the fence. Under the lighting of the street lamps, the male who had previously stolen DouDou’s table walked over with a hand on his girlfriend’s waist, and the other spinning the car keys right round, right round.

Accompanying the windmill like keys, was his high pitched voice, saying how yesterday he went to collect bills from an internet cafe, the owner of the cafe called a bunch of people over, but still paid up.

Crossing over the fence, pressing his keys, the second car to the left of the Lagonda, a Volkswagen Skoda beeped.

Then, his smile solidified.

Because he saw the seriousness within Ye Qing’s eyes.

The face of the man named Xiao Fei was filled with shock as he just stood there like a block of wood.

Of course he remembered Ye Qing and DouDou, as only an hour has pa.s.sed. But no matter if it was Ye Qing or DouDou, they both easily left deep impressions on people.

Two doors open on either side of the car, made the Aston Martin look like a laid down monster. Sweat beads could be seen forming on Xiao Fei’s forehead.

The front of an Aston Martin was just simply too iconic, almost no men would not recognize it. Xiao Fei owns a car himself, but any men who was looking to own would go in search of cars sold in the country, sort it from the most expensive at the top and slowly flip through them. Although they couldn’t buy many of them, but at least they could daydream about it.

Aston Martin’s Lagonda series was one of the most popular car in last year’s Shanghai auto show. It even made the front page of many media outlets


There, a Lagonda that he couldn’t even dream about, was right in front of him.

Xiao Fei right now didn’t dare to leave like this, he couldn’t imagine what kind of background the owner of this car had.

But he could easily tell that, after unlocking his car just moments ago, he had already exposed himself.

No matter how quick he was, or how shameless he was, this young man who he hadn’t met before, could easily record his license plate, then make a call, and he would immediately sink into unforeseen dangers.

Before when he gave no s.h.i.+ts, that was because of the giant difference in statures.

But that still doesn’t mean that this young man here would like it when someone steals his table, especially when it was originally held by his date.

Now that he’s meet him again, if his att.i.tude wasn’t able to satisfy him, then Xiao Fei really couldn’t imagine what would happen in the future.

“Bro I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, for being a blind r.e.t.a.r.d.” Sweat drops poured from Xiao Fei’s forehead, and his legs started to turn into jello.

“Please your benevolence, please don’t care about what this idiot has done, I’m wrong brother, I beg of you to forgive me……” Xiao Fei not caring about his girlfriend’s looks of having met a complete buffoon, crawled over the fence bowed and continuously begged for forgiveness.

But Ye Qing’s silence had Xiao Fei trembling completely. He regret not being able to kill himself; ‘why was I so r.e.t.a.r.ded as to press those car keys!’

Xiao Fei, with a pale expression, continued to beg, to the point where even his throat was blistering and cracking.

Monster Factory Chapter 80

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