Monster Factory Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: The explosive popularity

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Ye Qing was seriously stupefied, who knew Apple iPhones could actually crash from just receiving notifications.

But Ye Qing saw crystal clear that the total number of order bill notifications was 237.

And what does that 237 mean?

Total gross income of close to 12 million, and at least 10 million of that was pure profits.

As long as Ye Qing was able to send off all the Mechanical Engineered Chairs from those orders, then he definitely had enough funding for a 50 ton furnace, and million ton presses.

But why the h.e.l.l were these Mechanical Engineered Chairs suddenly selling this much?

50,000 for a single one. That much money was more than enough to buy a low end sedan. If it wasn’t the boss of those white collar workers, or those high income IT people, then who could actually afford them?

Ye Qing hurriedly rushed to his computer, and got on WeChat.

A series of messages and notifications, with a double click from Ye Qing, immediately froze the computer for a good amount of time.

Except all of those messages were mostly asking how much of a spokesperson fee did Ye Qing pay.

Messages and notifications poured in non-stop. So Ye Qing actually closed his WeChat, logged onto his net store, to see what review was actually able to promote the sale of this many chairs.

The first review came from Chang Yu, which included some very average photos. But……

His review couldn’t be described as normal at all.

A short thousand word piece of writing, described the chair’s functionality, to the sky and beyond. It was to the point where after reading this piece of exquisite writing, Ye Qing actually had an urge to buy it.

The second review came from 8 month eagle. The writing had the same exquisite feeling. In the pictures was a performance comparison with one of his previous Herman Miller ergonomic chairs.

Yet by the end of his writing, the Herman Miller chair could be said to be literary trash, it was like the difference between a quartz bell and the bell of the Eastern Emperor.

Ye Qing let loose his urge, and continued to scroll down. This urge far surpa.s.sed his anxiety and his needs when he was waiting for novel updates during highschool and university.

Having read through them all, Ye Qing was thoroughly served. All of these reviews had their own wonderful style and depictions, and were easily able to brainwash anyone into buying them.

Those guys were definitely authors, but if it was just some review then there was no way it would be able to attract hundreds of people over to question.

Ye Qing tried a search with their usernames on Weibo. [Tl: Holy s.h.i.+t finally!! You dimwit!! What took u so long!!]

And finally all the surrounding mist was cleared. These half celebrity statue internet novel authors, all posted pictures and a short blurb on how they all bought this revolutionary ergonomic chair, which basically could be described as the most divine artifact for all desk workers.

Weibo also allowed the posting of gifs and videos. Those guys, with their bizarre imagination, all according to their needs, programmed out all kinds of strange movement sets.

Out of all the videos, 8 month eagle’s was the lowest of them all. Hugging a giant teddy bear, he had the chair from times move up and down, and at times twist like a snake.

The replies following were simply ma.s.sive, almost all of them were asking where he got the chair.

Ye Qing was simply k.o.ed by this whole set of events. Although he knew that the mechanical engineered chair would be popular, but he never thought that in just these few days, the sales would actually be like this.

Holy s.h.i.+t~

Ye Qin
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g gave those wonderful helping clients all 5888 in cash straight up.

Having wired everything over, Ye Qing hurriedly rushed into the workshop and had the peons stop whatever they were doing and immediately start on making more chairs.

The outer packaging also immediately required the help of other workers; making the monsters do that was purely wasting time.

Right now time was money. Having finished a.s.signing all the works, Ye Qing immediately jumped into the Lagonda and roared out of the factory.

Ye Qing had already had his father look for people who knew how to make sofas, but right now the amount of people recruited clearly wasn’t enough.

Making a call to his father, Ye Qing told him to contact the hiring office of the industrial park for an urgent need of 10 experienced processing workers. He then made a call to Xu Xiaohu to ask him what he was doing right now.

Xu Xiaohu replied that he was at the driving school, what’s more was that he even commented on how there were so many girls here who are all like him, trying to learn how to drive while it was summer break.

“Forget learning for now, help me out first.” Ye Qing immediately told him to stay there and that he would be over in 20 minutes.

Xu Xiaohu originally stayed over for the summer wanting to work at the factory anyways, so naturally he was happy to hear that there was work for him.

Hanging up the call, Xu Xiaohu walked over to his instructor to ask for time off, saying that his uncle needed him for something and would be coming over to pick him up.

The driving school was loosely structured to begin with, most people who came here were just for the certificate, so the instructors of course would rather have them all skip.

Xu Xiaohu had a very open personality, well at least towards girls.

He was clean and looked very handsome, and was tall. With him there, he immediately gathered the attention of every female in the cla.s.s, no matter if they actually liked him or not.

He was so popular that when a well off girl learned that he was from out of the province, and was living with his uncle, she bashfully informed him that he can rent one of the rooms from her place.

High end community, 3 bedrooms and 2 living rooms, all decorated, a year’s rent, was put at 500 by this girl……

And naturally of course, every guy in the cla.s.s were all in the same boat, and completely began to reject Xu Xiaohu.

Not only was Xu Xiaohu good looking, he also had a nice att.i.tude. The only flaw he had was probably his old and worn clothing. As such, those guys simply used his shabby clothing and family statues as their rage target.

Hearing Xu Xiaohu say that his uncle was gonna be picking him up, those guys suddenly had another target to release their rage on, saying that Xu Xiaohu’s uncle didn’t have it easy either, such an age and still needed to take care of this youngster.

Xu Xiaohu dryly smiled and ignored them.

Being handsome obviously meant attracting hate from other men.

Seeing Xu Xiaohu ignoring them, those men were further encouraged, and even included Xu Xiaohu’s uncle as their regular target.

Someone joking said for Xu Xiaohu to introduce them some work, to reduce the load on that old uncle of his.

Someone also asked Xu Xiaohu how his uncle was going to pick him up.

Xu Xiaohu smiled and said that it would probably be in a minivan.


15 minutes pa.s.sed before a Lagonda roared past gate of the Golden Horse driving academy, and wheeled to a stop in front of everyone.

Aston Martin’s striking car head, and the engine sounds of a supercar, had everyone in the driving academy question who was the one actually driving it.

Ye Qing opened the door and get out, and appeared in everyone’s eyes.

“Uncle ~ uncle I’m here!” the handsome Xu Xiaohu dashed in front of everyone and waved.

Ye Qing waved for him to get in.

Ye Qing didn’t say a single word, but every pair of eyes were all sucked into him.

The confidence of men is often a drug for women. And that flashy, eye catching Lagonda under the sun, was a drug for both men and women alike.

The Lagonda, with a graceful three point turn, roared off out of the academy. All that remained in its wake was the rising dust, and the aching sounds of raising anger.

What minivan, that was clearly an Aston Martin!

Those men all angrily concluded that Xu Xiaohu just loved to pretend, wearing those street stall clothing all day long, just to capture the hearts of these shallow women.

Next time we’ll all be like you!

It’s just with their looks, it was useless even if you they wore the emperor’s robe.

Monster Factory Chapter 82

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