Monster Factory Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: You deserve a promotion

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

It was a building completely covered in gla.s.s, to the point that everyone who saw it could not help but praise it.

The 6 big, grey letters of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China at the side of the building, took all the spotlight.

This was on Broad Prefecture Avenue, the location for Zhongyun’s Industrial and Commercial Bank of China's main branch.

DouDou’s dad, Bai Chengan, entered the building every time with a hesitant heart.

He was only a n.o.body from Zhongyun’s 133 branch locations, who climbed up the corporate ladders from a front desk clerk to a client manger after possessing an overwhelming amount of qualifications.

Every year when it came to the end of the year performance meeting, Bai Chengan was always filed with the batch that were labeled to have poor workmans.h.i.+p, and received the smallest annual bonuses.

Having been criticized long enough, Bai Chengan had began to harbour an indescribable 'respect' towards this place.

Bai Chengan tried his best to come here. Today he forced himself to come and find his old branch manager, now public general manager w.a.n.g Zhen.

Because his baby girl told him that one of her friends wanted to buy the pressure press and electric furnace that he mentioned before.

Bai Chengan was almost scared s.h.i.+tless by his daughter’s speech.

That was a several floor tall pressure press, and a 50 ton electric furnace, added together, they were 20 plus million. They weren’t treadmills and gas powered stoves for the kitchen.

So was this buy all talk?

The public manager at headquarters had already examined the market for those 2 machines when that factory went bankrupt. Yet the result from that examination even had him s.h.i.+ver, the same machines put up for sale on the internet didn't even have one potential buyer……

A savage situation like this had the manager straight up lose interest in putting them up on the internet.

Now a miracle, the buyer of those 2 super expensive pieces of equipment, wanted to see, inspect, discuss, and pay as soon as possible.

If the buyer was his own friend, then Bai Chengan would definitely head to the general manager, and sell him this giant favour.

But the problem now was this buyer was his baby girl’s friend, and furthermore, his baby girl DouDou was……

Opening and closing with Big brother Ye.

Holy s.h.i.+t, who’s this?

Bai Chengan, without getting clear answers, definitely will not have the end of it.

However when he actually got the answers, even more questions popped up.

From DouDou’s words, this friend was very young, very polite, very smart, very promising, very strong, had a very good demeanor……

Bai Chengan couldn’t hear any more of it. DouDou basically made him sound like those elegant main characters from those old novels, which don’t exist in real life at all.

Bai Chengan straight up asked what her relation with him was. Was he her boyfriend?

DouDou stutteringly said that they were just friends……

Or maybe besties!

Bai Chengan chose to believe his daughter’s response for the moment. She’s had 1 more year of university left before her graduation. Finding her love now, being her parent, he naturally need to support her 100%.

Hence on that point, there was no need for DouDou to lie to him.

Then if he was not her boyfriend……

Bai Chengan somewhat guessed DouDou’s thoughts, she admired this Big brother Ye a lot, and this Big brother Ye of hers, might actually possess some of those attributes.

It was just that the two have known each other for only a short period of time, hence they were only "friends" at the moment.

Bai Chengan suddenly felt some invisible pressure that was really big and heavy. That kind of feeling was just like having raised a treasured flower for 20 some years, then having it completely stolen by some complete idiot.

If it really got there, then Bai Chengan could only accept it.


As soon as he got home after work last night, and DouDou asked if he knew anyone in the steel industry, Bai Chengan already had some ominous feeling.

Of course Bai Chengan didn’t think too much about it, but due to his love for his daughter, Bai Chengan still heard out the whole story, and still came to the same conclusion. However DouDou still asked if he could ask his friends and manager, as this friend was really in need of steel.

His daughter’s needs were his needs.

For his daughter, Bai Chengan really called his previous branch manager, who was now the public general manager at the main branch office.

The public general manager saw through every single deal that was made with the industry, so finding this previous manager naturally solved his daughter’s problems.

Bai Chengan’s thoughts were quite simple. If he were actually able to find anything, then he would force himself to go over to have a nice long chat, and see if he could get a discount or something.

As for getting something for being a middleman, or stuff like commissions and what not.

Bai Chengan didn’t think about them at all, his baby girl asked him for help, yet if he were to actually take anything from this, then didn’t that make him an a.s.shole of a father?

When Bai Chengan actually called over, that general manager straight up said none, then had to stay on the line and hear him complain all day about how bad the economy was, how poor the industries were doing and what not.

Bai Chengan could only hear all those complains out in detail while smiling.

And that’s why there was the incident from DouDou saying that Big brother Ye wanted to buy those 2 expensive pieces of equipment.

When Bai Chengan entered the headquarters, the floor manager in charge looked at his credentials, happily greeted him, and let him be.

Bai Chengan pressed for the 11th floor finance department, which was commonly known as the public relations department.

His old manager was now this department’s director, in charge of directing every single branch, regulating the distribution of structure funding, responsible for loan interest approval, and deciding the direction branch businesses should take for the future.

He was called w.a.n.g Zhen. He had lots of power, and every branch worker who saw him would act like a mouse when they met a cat.

Bai Chengan knew his habits, in the office in morning, and would only meet this big name clients in the afternoon.

Knocking on the manager's door, when a 'come in' reply from the inside came, Bai Chengan nervously entered the office.

Sure enough~

Manager w.a.n.g Zhen, seeing his previous subordinate, coming to him without an appointment, had him, who was already down for the past couple of days, immediately turn sour.

"Old Bai! What wind blow you over." w.a.n.g Zhen looked for a second, and went back to his own things: "Didn’t I tell you about that steel thing on the phone?"

"I don’t know anybody who’s in the steel trading business, if your friend really needs to buy steel, then tell him to directly order them in the market!"

"Even if you come asking me to help, I still can’t get you a discount."

"No no, general manager, that’s not why I’m here." Bai Chengan hurriedly waved.

"Then what did you come to HQ for, you could’ve told me about it over the phone." w.a.n.g Zhen sorted through the doc.u.ments in front of him, and didn’t even bother to offer him a seat.

"Recently the economy’s. .h.i.t a downturn, so I also have lots of pressure on me. That steel factory loan just failed, and I’m still busy sorting through the whole mess."

"Old Bai, you have to excuse this old manager of yours, I’ve just got too much on my hands, so why don’t you……"

w.a.n.g Zhen without any warmth, and his att.i.tude of not give him a chance to speak, had peaked Bai Chengan’s enmity, and uncomfortability.

If it wasn’t for his daughter’s request, Bai Chengan would most definitely, happily watch him get scolded by the branch director until he became a complete turtle during the annual performance review.

Since he had to speak no matter what, then might as well as try a different approach.

"General manager since you’re this busy, then I’ll show myself out." Bai Chengan, without any nervousness, turned around and headed for the door.

When Bai Chengan got to the door, seeing that w.a.n.g Zhen still paid him no mind, quietly said: "It’s just that there’s someone looking to buy the pressure press and electric furnace."

Just as Bai Chengan completely shut the door, a suddenly of chair on floor could be heard coming from the inside.

Bai Chengan, before even walking 2 meter, the office door was swung right open by w.a.n.g Zhen.

"Old Bai, what did you say? What did you just say?" w.a.n.g Zhen was breathing heavily, huffing and puffing, and his eyes said ‘Did I just hear that correctly?'

"Oh ~ it’s really nothing. I just have a distant friend who’s looking to buy a million ton pressure press and 50 ton electric furnace." Bai Chengan lightly said: "General manager, you’re this busy……"

"Busy?" w.a.n.g Zhen immediately switched his att.i.tude, an att.i.tude only reserved for those big clients: "Who said I was busy, even if I am, I’ll still definitely make time for Old man Bai."

"Quickly quickly, Old Bai, let’s continue our talks inside." w.a.n.g Zhen with full smiles, warmly clasped Bai Chengan’s elbow: "The owner of Mingsheng clothing factory just left me 2 boxes of Xinyang Maojian. I know you like tea, so I’ve especially held onto them for you."

"Also the results of the second quarter’s performance review should be out really soon. Old Bai, it’s not me trash talking you, but with your abilities, you really should've been promoted a long time ago."

Monster Factory Chapter 91

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