Monster Factory Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Deliberate

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

'I hope the core mechanical system inside doesn’t take any shortcuts with low grade materials like this.'

Ye Qing, who was currently watching the live slideshow show, immediately had the urge to curse the guy to h.e.l.l and back.

The memory foam being bought on the internet wasn’t wrong, but even if Ye Qing had the worst profit driven heart, he still wouldn’t do this kind of a sham.

The profits from the mechanical engineered chair were already more than enough, if he really wanted to save such a miniscule amount of money, then Ye Qing would swap out the genuine leather, and replace it with man made leather, or the currently popular PU leather used on many ergonomic chairs.

That way, not only would he save on ton of money, he also couldn’t be called a shamer.

The memory foam he bought really did use latex, and its proportion wasn’t low at all.

But when memory foam includes portions of latex, it's used to increase the level of comfort felt by the human body. Although it had a slow rebound speed, its comfort level was incomparable to that of regular foam, furthermore, it also had a much longer lifetime.

The more latex used the more expensive it was; that was common knowledge.

Using a latex product that costed hundreds if not thousands to make, and saying that it was cheaper than foam, then wasn’t that just calling yourself a joke?

As for allergic reactions when coming into direct contact with the human body, that’s even more of a joke.

Products including latex were everywhere nowadays. Yet, who has actually died from latex allergies. Adding in the fact that the foam was completely covered in genuine leather, there was absolutely no way it could come in contact with the human body.

Ye Qing personally understood those things, but those in the audience clearly didn’t.

This Mechanical Pioneer vlogger had over 2 million fans. The content posted on Weibo were all about mechanical products used in daily lifestyle, moreover, the content was all very professional.

Slowly acc.u.mulated fans, including many die hard loyalists, plus many ordinary network users would rather trust him than doubt.

Hence, as soon as that picture was set, the replies below were immediately filled with the merchant is an a.s.shole, saying how he was taking all these cheapskate shortcuts on the 88K chair.

[Not knowing before dismantling, but what a scare this is. Great job Pioneer, many of the disa.s.sembled products before all showed how they were only about the looks, but not about the uses. Who would’ve thought that this product was even worse, the maker was actually begrudging against imported foam!]

[Yeah, this chair prices is already enough to cover a domestically made car, so why is the maker not using higher grade memory foam?]

[Importing in DuPont's memory foam shouldn't cost too much right? I remember my girlfriend buying a foreign memory pillow for only 400 something.]

Reviews kept on coming in one after another, but the majority of them were all questioning why the maker was only using domestic low grade foam, instead of high grade imported foam.

After 10 plus minutes pa.s.sed, several picture containing no traces of the exterior, but exposing the silvery white aluminum alloy interior of the mechanical engineered chair, under his fanning, completely and utterly ignited the audience's inner rage.

The t.i.tle for those pictures were —– [The horrifyingly shocking welds!]

Included in the picture were 2 enlarged, high definition images of the mechanical engineered chair’s aluminum alloy exterior welding spots.

Those were 2 pictures that if they were shown to the most arrogant 20 year veteran welder, then they would still admit that their skills were subpar.

However, the details provided by the Mechanical Pioneer actually increased Ye Qing’s rage by another 3 levels.

The aluminum casing was to protect the complex mechanical structure inside, and to provide a smoother movement, some parts had to be welded together.

As for the mechanical structure inside, there was absolutely no welding; it was completely a composition of integrated parts.

Mechanical Pioneer’s detail was such: "If the foam outside is of the poorest quality, then it still doesn’t impact the user's safety. Then this mechanical engineered chair’s welding manner is definitely the maker wanting to save money, and ignoring the safety concerns of the users."

"Such complex mechanical structure, the maker looking to save capital, choose to hand weld the aluminum alloy."

"Although I must admit that the maker's welding skills is superb and the result looks very beautiful, that still can’t cover the truth that it is still hand welded."

Then Mechanical Pioneer uploaded another 2 pictures of an aluminum container.

But at the bottom of this container was a red circle circling out its welding marks. One of them of hand welding, and the other was machine welding.

The 2 pictures provided the clear difference between the two. The difference wasn't on the skill of the weld, but rather on the looks.

Hand welding, due to using different welding torches compared to machines, had welding marks that naturally looked different.

The chairs were hand welded by the monsters, so naturally they looked different from machine welds.

Professionals of course could tell the difference with just one look, but it was also because professionals could tell just how experienced and ahead the welders for the mechanical engineered chairs were. As for the quality of the welds, it was at least on the same level as machine welds, if not better.

If Mechanical Pioneer’s profession was really a senior mechanical engineer, then there was no way that he didn’t understand what kind of new technical heights those welds truly meant.

He was deliberately avoiding that point, and using the knowledge of the average layman to inform the audience of the flaws.

"We all know that hand welding, due to handshaking problems, pausing problems, and problems with the human eye sight, can create the following errors."

"Different depths of welds: some places will have thicker welds, while other will have tinner welds, thus reducing the overall strength of the material."

"An increase in welds: hand welds can’t possibly compete with machine welding where they finish everything in one go. As such, during welding, the more pauses there are, the more damage the aluminum alloy will incur due to the excessive heating of the material."

"Nonuniform welding speed: we all know, no matter if it's cooking or welding, there's always a time frame. For example, to perfectly weld some aluminum alloy, then the welding head needs to move at least 3 centimeters a second. Machines can achieve this, but manual welds will never be able to satisfy this requirement."

"Unable to satisfy this requirement, then it’s just like in cooking, where all you have is either raw or burnt."

"Thus the mechanical engineered chair in front of me, apart from looking good, what else does it have? Aluminum alloy is a type of soft metal, with low levels of strength and toughness. Is the maker not afraid of the mechanical engineered chair, due to it’s subpar casings, snapping and injuring the user?"

Very quickly another Weibo post, which included a video was posted.

The video is of a German made KUKA MIG automated welding machine, in operation, welding some aluminum alloy containers.

The nimble mechanical arm, with its fiery blue welding arcs, and steamy white exhaust gases, had the audience praise it’s advancedness.

Then the Mechanical Pioneer struck again: "This German made KUKA MIG automated welder only costs 5 million, the maker's daily mechanical engineered chair sales can easily cover 2 of them."

"The domestic ones are even cheaper. A couple hundred thousand provides choices for many different models, yet the maker of this mechanical engineered chair isn’t even willing to spend this little amount of money."

The replies that came in were like a carpet bombing carried out by a fleet of B-52s.

This time many members of the audience were saying all the bad publicity, as they were all talking about how the maker doesn’t have a conscience, and was only caring about how much money he could make.

[Sales this high, yet still isn’t willing to buy automated welders.]

[I don’t care what this maker makes from now on, I will not buy any of it.]

[Wow, so there are this many short falls to hand welding.]

[Whomever bought this chair, there's definitely something wrong with their brains.]

The Mechanical Pioneer then posted another Weibo post saying how he lost all confidence in this mechanical engineered chair, and was going to completely rip it apart to show everyone it's shortfalls.

Witnessing up to there, Ye Qing actually breathed a sigh of relief.

The guy can seriously ignore all the pluses of the mechanical engineered chair, and only focus on those artistic level welds, and the quality of the memory foam.

Then when he finally opens up the inners of the chair, he’ll naturally make a giant saga, with words the average laymen won’t understand to completely rewrite the black and white.

That really wasn’t difficult at all, it was especially easy for professionals to fool the average laymen.

So this was some random attention seeker, who was just telling straight up lies, to deliberately plunge the explosive sales of the mechanical engineered chairs.

Monster Factory Chapter 94

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