Monster Factory Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Delivery!

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Backstabbers were always one of the most hated bunch within human society. This kind of people would always hide in the dark, and just like a poisonous snake, strike when they were least suspected.

Ye Qing was very p.i.s.sed. When his product went on sale on the internet, one he didn’t compete with any other on price, and two, he didn’t step on anyone to promote his product. All he did was use the superior quality to achieve his current success.

Who wouldn’t get mad if they were attacked for no apparent reason?

If he couldn’t be found then it was whatever, but now that he had been found, Ye Qing under no condition would he not beat the heck out of the hate magnet.

The Lagonda, just like a nimble fish, overtook car after car, as he rushed headlong towards the Shanghai highway.

A gigantic, exquisitely carved metal sculpture, slowly appeared in front of Ye Qing.

This [Wind Tower] was one of the defining buildings that represented Zhongyun. It was also the first structure tourists would see when they entered Zhongyun.

The metal sculpture kind of looked like an artistic piece of twisted fried dough, but it also looked like a piece of a skinny cloud. Thus, no matter how you looked at it, there was just no way to link wind and it together.

It was over 50 meters tall, completely covered in a milky white, meaning its surface had been treated to reduce reflections, and to reduce its chances of causing accidents nearby with blinding lights.

When Ye Qing was pa.s.sing this [Wind Tower], there were several ladder trucks surrounding it; for a thorough cleaning.

Ye Qing, having no time for sightseeing, pa.s.sed the tollgates, and hit the speed limit of 140 Km/h, as he roared towards Shanghai.

The final destination had already been entered into the onboard GPS, Ye Qing, ignoring everything beside him, arrived near Huating after over 2 hours of constant speeding.

Finding a quiet, secluded parking spot nearby, Ye Qing then summoned 2 peons into the back seat of the car.

On this personal visit, Ye Qing didn’t plan to be civilized at all. Since the guy wanted to pick a fight, then these 2 300 plus lb peons shall give it to him. And teach him what fear truly meant……

The delivery address was kind of vague, 32 Huating. Ye Qing, having parked the car, and having circled around the old living district for a long time, yet still couldn’t find a specific door plate with that number.

This was a Shanghai suburb, without reaching rush hour times, there generally wasn’t a single soul around.

Thus as a last resort, Ye Qing very politely asked a sunbathing senior where number 32 was.

But what the senior said, Ye Qing couldn’t understand at all.

Although Ye Qing had a phone number, but without a local a number and speaking the local dialect, it was practically impossible to trick him out.

Of course, there were other ways.

Ye Qing first went to a small restaurant across the street and ordered a serving of fried rice to go. Then walked to the convenience store at the intersection that had a sign that said STO delivery point.

Ye Qing taking off his watch, then acting as if he was short on time, entered the convenience store: "Sir do you know how to get to building number 32 in the alley behind you?"

"I’m a delivery boy. A client from #32 ordered some fried rice, yet I circled around multiple times but still couldn’t find it, I tried calling but no one picked up."

The owner was a chubby middle aged man, who was currently watching Korean drama on his laptop. Hearing Ye Qing’s question, then seeing the to go bento of food replied: "Enter the alley and count from the first door, odds on the left evens on the right."

Ye Qing smilingly thanked this sir!

Five minutes later, Ye Qing arrived in front of an old looking anti theft door. Another 5 minutes later, 2 peons in royal blue overalls showed up by the door.

Ye Qing knocked.

"Who is it?" Very quickly, an annoying voice came from inside.

"Hi, I’m a product researcher from LG here to ask you some questions about our new fully automated was.h.i.+ng machine. After you complete the survey, we’ll provide another 2 years of warranty.

Ye Qing previously saw a couple of posts on his Weibo talking about LG's automated washer.

But who cared where he got it from, let's just use it as an excuse to get in first for now.

Yet who knew, without Ye Qing spending any extra effort on persuading, as the guy was careful enough to completely cover his tracks, the door actually opened without any further question.

The mist of confusion was quickly cleared. Because the one who opened the door was a ripped male in a black tight s.h.i.+rt with ma.s.sive tattoos covering his arms.

Within the small yard inside were 2 sandbags that were still being hit by 2 similar males.

No wonder the door opened without any further questions.

Being stared at by three pairs of eyes harbouring ill intent, Ye Qing was stunned.

Those 3 clearly didn’t look like senior mechanical engineers at all. Then they would only be Lou Tianjun’s temporary bodyguards.

The male was also stunned, by the deliveries on Ye Qing’s hands and what researcher he said he was.

Ye Qing glanced around the yard. When he saw the familiar packaging in the corner, his face immediately flipped.

"Fk off you piece of garbage." Ye Qing very seriously cursed.

"What did you say?" This man widened his eyes, as he couldn’t believe what he just heard.

"Garbage, fk, off!"

The tattooed man immediately snapped, clenching his right fist and punched right at Ye Qing’s face.

His fist didn’t reach his intended target at all. Rather his fist was grabbed by a clay pot sized palm that came from the doorway.

The palm had ma.s.sive strength, almost inhuman strength. Yet when the peons entered his point of view, he was sh.e.l.l shocked.

The 2 meter tall, ma.s.sively ripped peon with evil looks in his eyes had him almost cower in fear……

With a wide grin, the peon began to expert his strength.

Immediately the tattooed man began to cringe in pain. The shocking pain, had him scream like a 5 year old girl.

Before he even had the chance to beg, he was gifted a fist right to the stomach by the peon.

As a result, the man flew up, fell onto the ground, and rolled around as if he had just been shot by a big caliber gun.

The other two fierce looking man, without knowing what was going on, were immediately turned into flipping shrimps by surprise kicks from the peons.

When Ye Qing entered the yard, the peons didn’t do much except knock the wind out of those men, to the point where they couldn’t even begin to beg for help.

The door on the other side of the yard was shut, thus Ye Qing gave it a knock.

Without asking, a 30ish year old, bearded man with sly looks in his eyes appeared in front of Ye Qing.

Clearly he didn’t hear anything that happened in the yard, maybe it was because he believed in the 3 in the yard, thus didn’t care at all.

With the peons standing behind him, Ye Qing with completely dead pan eyes stared at him: "You’re Lou Tianjun?"

The 3 lying on the ground in the yard, and the steel tower like males behind Ye Qing, had Lou Tianjun scared s.h.i.+tless, as he tried to slam the door shut while screaming.

Sadly, it was all too late. Ye Qing grabbed his hair, and threw the box of fried rice in his left hand like a bullet right into Lou Tianjun’s face.

"Here’s rice a.s.shole."

The rice exploded everywhere like firework, and what was left was Lou Tianjun’s what the fk is going on expression.

Before his screams even had a chance to escape his throat, it was kicked right back down by Ye Qing.

Even without the peons helping, Ye Qing by himself was most than enough to beat the living daylights out of that backstabbing a.s.shole.

Monster Factory Chapter 96

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