Is The Strongest In Another World A Hero? A Demon Lord? No! It's A Fairy ~desu! Chapter 77

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After a month, beastmen from all over Galania have finally been gathered together. I along with three people were watching the beastmen that one by one enters the gates, being surprised about the place being similar to their country and those that cry in tears after finding their homes. The houses that they have returned to were also complete with similar furniture making them raise their hands in joy.

However, Cielo also moved along while the tension is at max and solicited everyone who have just arrived to join the Fairy Cult and handing out leaflets to every home, and I'm confident that most of them will definitely join. I did create a scripture for them to follow, so it's something that I can't stop anymore.

「Mou, I won't be able to walk around freely anymore~」

「Well, in a sense, you were the one responsible for things ending up this way. I'm also in the same condition that when I remove these earrings and become a dragon, Cielo will definitely come to wors.h.i.+p me ……」

「You two are celebrities~♪」

Arena was also quite popular in the city…… but right now, because a lot of people have gathered, Forna have ended up becoming too busy to play. We are currently doing inspections about the current situation. There was also a meeting about when to restart the workshops, and Forna have been studying hard to understand everything that is about to happen. Surprisingly enough, they were quite skilled in handling metals. It was to the point that their workshops were famed to be high quality and efficient.

There were supposed to be people in charge of every section, but Forna is doing her best in trying to understand each and every field. Even though n.o.body would actually really complain even if she doesn't overdo it……

「The workshops have been revived along with the research facilities, so we'll probably have to go dungeon exploring soon」

「Master, you've been working a lot lately. You were also searching for a mine a while ago. Are you really fine doing all of this? 」

「Well, I am interested in the magic tools that they could develop after all. I also wanted to explore dungeons, and Arena would also like to join, right? 」

「Will go, will go!!」

It was a week ago that they've asked if I could find a supplier of revenant ores, so I tried dowsing using fairy magic for fun before finding supliers.

I used Arena as my scouter placing her on my head instead of using metal antenna which is more fun to do.

I was surprised to find a reaction underneath an adjacent forest entrance near the area. When I started digging around that place, instead of rocks, I found a whole rocky mountain buried underneath it. Apparently, it was and actual mountain that sunk in the ground in the past and everyone laughed knowing this because it was a blind spot that n.o.body would have ever expected.

「Don't you know anything about what the terrain here was like in the past after all?」

「That's something I wouldn't know Master. I don't really like going to places far away from my territory after all. And I would only remember places existing at least a thousand years ago.」

Well, that sure is true. After inspections, it was judged to be a safe place to mine revenant, and won't easily collapse. In the long run, it should be enough to stabilize the country's finances. Currently, the population isn't that high.

「When it comes to problems, there is that person huh……」

「I think it should be the right time for us to move, what should we do?」

「It's already that time huh. Well then, let's move. Come on Arena, let's go~」

「Mission start~」


Now then, let's talk about what happened a month ago.

Because of the increase in population, people who have been working at the castle have slowly acc.u.mulated. Among them were many diplomats, soldiers and civilians who were good at negotiations. The prospects for collaboration with Haval have also been established.

On a certain day, it was on a time that I was consulting with Forna about something, and during the last moment, someone whom we didn't really want to come but expected to pop up have arrived.

「Why is a little girl sitting on that throne!!」

「Eh, ah, a werewolf…… oh aren't you the son of Chief Seth?」

「That's right!! I'm Ojas, I inherited the t.i.tle and have become the current chief!!」

Those people we have expected were the ones like this one who have inherited the t.i.tle as chieftains. He was filled with confidence that his tail was also buzzing around. Un, another one of those huh. He looks like the older kid jealous of a little girl, adding to that is buzzing tail makes him look more like an idiot.

「The king should be someone approved by the tribal chieftains!! I as one of them am not willing to approve of this!!」

「Is this something that was agreed upon all members of the Wolf Tribe?」

「That's right. There's no way that one little girl would be heralded as royalty. Do you think that would be enough for this country to survive? Don't you think that a better leader should be enthroned? 」

At that moment Forna understood his goal. He wants his clan to take over royalty. However, this person just stormed in without even knowing the circ.u.mstance, there have been many things that was told to the residents. But it seems like this person and his cohorts didn't even listen to others and just forced their way in.

Also it seems like he has known Forna from before and thought that Forna was nothing but a stupid little girl, that's why this clear refusal that he's pet.i.tioning is not that surprising.

「Unfortunately for you but this current Ladaria is not the same as the old Ladaria. The entirety of its management from before has been abandoned and a new one is being established. I am only fulfilling my responsibilities now and is working hard along with the people. It would be helpful if you brought up this story and try again maybe after 10 years or so. I can't irresponsibly step down when everything have just started, not to mention that there are still many races that haven't been gathered which could affect the stability of this country. I don't mind listening to your offer, but please drop such suggestion at the current times. The rights of succession will be fine if it's to be decided later, but right now it would be dangerous if the current ruler is suddenly changed」

「……Ah, ahhh?」

Ojas can't even say anything in reaction to what Forna said. After all, he stormed the palace thinking that he could easily kick Forna out of the throne trembling in fear and then crown himself as King.

As a matter of fact, the surrounding va.s.sals were not worried about being ruled by a little girl, and just like forna, they were glaring at him with cold eyes, the same could be said to him glaring at Forna.

「And so Aidle. I'm thinking of developing this place as a tourist destination, I'm looking for ways that we could develop the country in that direction and let everyone know about the country……」

「Ah… I was thinking that a 『Hot Spring』 would be good. Because they are sources all over the country, let's renovate those places and turn them into a hot springs town. If it's like that, I think souvenirs should also be prepared for the people, right? 」

Forna completely ignored the annoying person, and continued talking to Aidle about the plans of making the country into a tourist spot. Aidle also responded while having a wry smile.

「O, oi……」

When he tried to voice out, Forna continued to ignore him.

「That's right…… unlike Asbani Falls in Galania, people would value more something that would make them feel good, right?」

「Hey, don't ignore me!!」

Aidle also ignored him and continue the conversation with Forna.

「That's right, hot springs have a variety of effects, so it will be easy to market them. Cielo would be able to identify the quality of the source with her divine eyes」

「Hey, are you listening!」

He was ignored, his words doesn't even reach Forna.

「Understood. I will ask the church later regarding this. Thank you Aidle」

「Don't mind it」

「Oiii, look over here!! Don't ignore me you bunch of rude people!!! I am the「Tribal Chief」of the wolf clan, you know!?」

Aidle was definitely irritated. He glared at Ojas with an angry face. Ojas who didn't know about Aidle and ignored the pamphlet decided that she was an outsider, but soon enough, all the hair in his body stood up when he received a strong intimidation from Aidle which completely froze him.

「You, did you even know what Forna was ent.i.tled in this new country?」

「Wha, won't that be 『Crybaby』 or 『Waist Clinger』 what would a little girl like her be able to do anyway」

「She is known as 『Forna of Courage』」

Ojas couldn't understand what Aidle is trying to imply, and could only raise his brow not understanding anything. Aidle pats Forna's head and continues her explanation.

「She challenged the impossible and confronted everything without fear. For you who didn't read about the scriptures, you are but an ignorant fool. If you can't even stop to look at the difference of what was surrounding you, there's no way that someone like you would be able to solve any problems. Since the time Forna was born, she was already part of this country as a ruler and citizen. And yet it was the first time for her to be ever praised for doing something for her country. Courage is not only the will to face wars or duels. She was not chosen to be a King because she is royalty, but because she is Forna. 」

Aidle is an ally of any girl who does their best. If the person enthroned was actually a stupid and useless king, then she would have agreed in changing the leader but Forna was leading them properly and with her lead, the people were filled with hope.

She won't forgive anyone who tries belittle someone like that with even knowing about the situation.

「Do you think you can just set aside everything that happened and claim what she worked hard to create? Can you even become a king of a country you haven't founded? And you've been imposing about being a tribal, chief but what are they now, they are nothing more but normal citizens of this new country. Do you think you even have the power to lead? 」

In the olden Ladaria, tribal chiefs were indeed treated like n.o.bility. However, that tradition should have died along with the previous war, and their rights to inheritance have all been dismissed.

And each tribal chief should have a field of interest that they are in charge of, but right now Forna is the one managing all of those fields. Of course, it would be impossible for her to manage all of that so there are helpers included, but that doesn't mean that she is not involved.

「What this kingdom needs right now is not『a person who sits in the throne』 or 『a stupid person who only thinks about power』 but a person who could unite everyone and lead them into the future.」


Those last words said by Aidle completely shattered Ojas' confidence. Meru who was listening whispered 「That would give me a hard time……」 and sighed, but Forna replied with a smile saying 「I think it should be fine」.

「……then a duel」


When Aidle was listening to what Ojas was trying to say, he grinned and points to Forna. If it was in the Olden Ladaria, such gesture would be deemed as rude and he would be apprehended on the spot.

「I could understand the case about royalty…… but, when it comes to beastmen's『Traditions』 then that should remain unchanged. Don't tell me that you are also going to change that?」

Hearing the word 『Tradition』 made Forna grimaced for a bit.

「What are you implying?」

「…… Beastmen's 『Traditions』 have been followed since ancient times. These have been agreed by all races to unite under one banner and are taught even to this age. And one of those tradition is『Duel』」

From that point, Meru was the one to explain about that tradition.

「Duel is one of the most sacred tradition among beastmen. It was recorded to be the main cause of the unification of all beastmen, and representatives are chosen to do it. As long as rules are not broken, it is a rule that one may be able to make a request that cannot be denied……」

(I see, so this was his aim from the start of this encounter……)

Even though Aidle knows that Ojas is stupid and irresponsible. He didn't expect that he would declare something like this which could actually have a chance of winning.

「Is it really alright to accept such a stupid rule?」

「I have never heard of something like this happening before. In this case, Forna could be considered as a youngster and wouldn't know about it yet. However, bending the traditions of beastmen would be equivalent to denying their existence. It is also true that Forna's ancestors took over the bad rulers by winning the position……」

「Can I become the representative?」

「……That would be impossible」

Everyone who understood the situation couldn't help but be troubled. Forna may have been a representative of this country, but when it comes to raw power then she will definitely lack it. Moreover, this man called Ojas is stronger than an average adventurer.

Ojaz (25)  Lv.141


HP 3544/3544

MP 1075/1075

ATK     2874

DEF        3200

MATK    971

MDEF    722

INT    70

SPD     6544

Skills:Claw Arts (A), Four-Attribute Magic (C), Ground Shrink(B+), Solidify Hair(C-)

If I compare it to the people of Galania, then he would be on the same level as knights. When it comes to skills, he would be on the same level as Abil.

「So, what is it? You know that if you refuse then you would be known as someone denying the tradition. Well if that happens, then it would be easy to take away the people's support and build it up from scratch. Beastmen is a race that follows the powerful. But I'm not a demon. It would be boring to fight knowing that my victory is secured. That's why I will give you a 1 month preparation period, so what will it be?」

Forna was at a loss. She understands that she won't be able to beat this person. Not to mention that she's someone who knows about this tradition quite well. It was already decided  that the weak is to be trampled and thrown away.

「I understand. I will accept it」

「Fornsama!! Are you sure!!」

「Sut up!! Don't let this sheep that's hiding his tail affect a little girl!!……I have received your words. Then see you again in one month!!!」

Right then Ojas left the castle while laughing loudly.

「……What should I do, Aidle」

「Well, why did you accept it, I thought that you have some idea?」

「I don't…… but, I can't refuse……」

Forna sunk like a tired old man. Well, I don't really know about beastmen's traditions, but that's not really something that annoys me. I did expect fools to pop out anytime soon, but I surely didn't expect this. It seems like no matter the world, there are stupid people who would only think about what they want and not even think about what would happen after.

「It can't be helped. Forna, it may be hard, but are you willing to do anything? It's good that we have one whole month to do this」

「Uhh…… I'll do it. I don't want to lose to a muscle brained idiot!!」

「That's the spirit」

I'm happy that she's also fired up. Oh, but will Meru be okay with it? When I look at him, he was already bowing down. I was about to ask, but it seems like I have already been entrusted with the task.

Then let's do it the same way as that, the method I used to raise Arena's levels in a really short time. There should be strong monsters living close to this area.

「I wonder if we could immediately start dragon hunting tomorrow」

「Eh, hunting?」

「For the time being, Forna should change in easy to move clothes? I have the tools needed for our preparations」

「U, un!」(Forna's tail waving around)

(Ah, that certain trait would definitely be useful……)

That day, it seems like adventurers have started to secretly admire such features.

Is The Strongest In Another World A Hero? A Demon Lord? No! It's A Fairy ~desu! Chapter 77

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