Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 107

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SEG Chapter 6.5 - Return of the Di Daughter

In a blink of an eye, it was the promised day of the hunt. Su Wan changed into the hunting clothes that Liu-s.h.i.+ had specially ordered and rushed the tailor to make for her. The sapphire blue outfit made her look like she was glowing with health and vigor.

Regarding Su Wan's outfit today, Liu-s.h.i.+ was naturally very satisfied. Seeing Su Wan dexterously mount the horse, Liu-s.h.i.+ instructed the guards behind her that they must protect the Young Miss well and safely send her to the hunting grounds.

Until after she saw Su Wan spur the horse far away did Liu-s.h.i.+ sigh a breathe of relief, and looked back three times every time she took a step into the Marquis fu……

Pushan hunting ground was still a hundred li away from the Imperial Capital. Even if it was a Ferghana horse, it would still cost a sichen to hurry over. Because they set off ahead of schedule, Su Wan was not at all anxious to hurry. On the public road leading to the hunting ground, an expanse of the gold of autumn entered her eyes including the the gold farmhouse and gold leaves. 1 li - ancient measurement of length (approx. 500 m) /// sichen - ancient measurement for time (2 hours)

Blu: Ferghana horse ^. Wow, so majestic~

Su Wan leisurely enjoyed the beautiful scenery while forging ahead. The guards behind her had to urge their horses to follow right behind her back.

Not long after, a peal of clatter of horses' hooves sounded on the public road. The sound came from far behind the three people. The orderly troops set off dust the whole way on the s.p.a.cious public road!

They've come!

Su Wan couldn't help but to glance back, the troop getting closer and closer —

Black, soft armour and red official boots.

Impressively, it was Chen Yu Shu's Black Tiger troops regular attire. Right now, a carriage also followed behind. Presumably, the person sitting in the carriage should be Chen Qing Yao, who was not good at riding.

As for Chen Qing Jin, at this time, she was also wearing black attire, showing an appearance that did not concede to men. Even though she, a 16 year old, still had some childishness to her face, but her gaze was more steady and indifferent compared to her peers.

Chen Qing Jin was also riding a horse alone and followed by Chen Yu Shu's side. The two were surrounded by the Black Tiger troops in the centre. Compared to the surrounding Black Tiger troops, the heroic spirit in Chen Qing Jin countenance was not inferior in any aspect.

Su Wan couldn't help but to think that the Male Lead, Qin Yue, seemed to have been subdued by the Female Lead-daren's graceful bearing in this time's hunt and had a little more interest and paid more attention towards her.

As for the slag man, Fifth Prince Qin Ting, he had planned to use his handsome, gentle appearance from the start to Chen Qing Jin's heart. Naturally, his only purpose was to rope in Marquis Qingchuan fu and Chen Yu Shu's Black Tiger troops.

In the previous life, Qin Ting smoothly used his sweet talk to swindle Chen Qing Jin's heart, which had no shrewdness in it. While the outwardly naive looking Chen Qing Yao, but actually always jealous in her heart of Chen Qing Jin, used the convenience of her ident.i.ty to frequently enter and exit the Qinw.a.n.g fu after Qin Ting and Chen Qing Jin got married. While making plans for Chen Qing Jin to be consigned to eternal d.a.m.nation, she seduced Qin Ting without batting an eyelid.

In the end, the slag man was naturally unable to bear the seduction and was hooked by Chen Qing Yao. Chen Qing Jin was also abandoned and finally buried in a sea of fire.

Of course, this was just past events from the past life. The current Chen Qing Jin who was reborn once not only saw through the true faces of the slag man and cheap woman, but also her life in this lifetime was like Zhuge Liang. Wherever she went, she could devise wonderful strategies. Every scheme and intrigue she came across could easily be solved. 2 Zhuge Liang - a statesman and strategist of the Three Kingdoms, a symbol of resourcefulness and wisdom in Chinese folklore

If every person who was stupid in their past life was immediately able raise their IQ after being reborn and burst with fighting power, Su Wan felt that a reborn person would be busy to death with the amount of things they needed to do……

It made her think of being melted down and reconstructed back again…….

"Jia!" 3 Jia - noise made when spurring the horse

Right now, Chen Yu Shu's troops already made their way to Su Wan.


Chen Yu Shu and Chen Qing Jin happened to tighten the reins at the same time, their gazes all looking towards Su Wan.

Today, Su Wan wore a sapphire blue outfit, some youthfulness pa.s.sing through from within the overcast and harsh autumn.

It has to be said that Liu-s.h.i.+'s aesthetics were very good.

Today, she not only helped Su Wan settle her clothing. But that tidy bun on her head and even the pure white snow satin tied on her head was personally chosen by Liu-s.h.i.+.

Compared to Chen Qing Jin wearing a whole body of black, playing the profound thinker, immediately displaying a superiority.

Chen Yu Shu didn't expect to run into Su Wan here. Just now, he already saw her beautiful figure sitting carefree and erect on the horse from afar. At that time, although it was just a slender figure, but that carefree air and that elegant black hair, pure white snow satin - it all dazzling Chen Yu Shu's eyes.

As a result, he came near and saw that it was a somewhat familiar pretty face, a name immediately appeared in Chen Yu Shu's mind —

Su Wan.

Marquis Jingning's di daughter, his……… fiancée.

Previously, Chen Yu Shu had held no feelings towards the arranged marriage and did not even have any expectations.

And now, only one glance, made him suddenly have a different feeling for the young lady before him.

"Yu Shu ge, Qing Jin meimei, such a coincidence ah!"

After Su Wan saw the two, she immediately brilliantly smiled at the Chen jia brother and sister.

"Really such a coincidence."

Chen Yu Shu also mildly nodded at Su Wan. Although Qing Jin was smiling, her eyes were filled with coldness.

She naturally knew that Su Wan specially came here to wait for her and gege, and also seeing her style of dressing, Chen Qing Jin knew that she had meticulously prepared.

It seems that she still somewhat looked down on this idiot, her intention to marry into Chen jia is still very firm!

But……I'm afraid that she is destined to be disappointed in this life……

"Since we met, let's go to the hunting grounds together!"

Seeing that Su Wan only brought two guards with her, Chen Yu Shu made a suggestion.

When she heard Chen Yu Shu, Su Wan revealed a rare embarra.s.sment: "I….actually, my riding is a bit bad, I ride very slowly and will drag your hind-legs!"

"No problem."

Seeing Su Wan's expression, Chen Yu Shu gave a carefree smile: "How is this a problem, the time is still early, we're not in a hurry."

"Then, that's great."

Appropriately revealing an expression of being pleasantly surprised, Su Wan then joined Chen Yu Shu's ranks and pretended to not see Chen Qing Jin's gloomy expression. Su Wan minded her own business and struck up a conversation with Chen Yu Shu, speaking about topics ranging from life at the border to the newly opened winery in the Imperial Capital. Throughout the whole journey, Su Wan and Chen Yu Shu talked and laughed cheerfully, unconsciously replacing Chen Qing Jin's position by Chen Yu Shu's side ……..

When the sun rose up high, the group finally reached the periphery of Pushan hunting ground. Right now, a luxurious carriage was parked outside the hunting ground, written on the door was an enormous and very dazzling "Jin".

"It's Jin Qingw.a.n.g's carriage."

Chen Yu Shu was slightly astonished. Although Bixia previously gave Jin Qinw.a.n.g this Pushan hunting ground, but all the ministers and generals of the Imeprial court knew that Jin Qinw.a.n.g was weak since young, not good at riding and shooting, he very rarely appeared at this place.

This carriage…..

When Su Wan saw this horse carriage, her pupils of her eyes also shrunk a bit.

This horse carriage…..cough cough, she some impressions of it.

At this time, the curtain of the carriage was slightly pushed a gap. Su Rui was sitting in the carriage and already saw the figures of Su Wan and Chen Yu Shu spurring their horses side by side and speaking with fervour and a.s.surance from afar. He saw Chen Yu Shu's eyes were especially filled with gentleness and admiration as he looked at Su Wan.

Su Rui couldn't help but think that he wanted to kill people.

Right now, a group of people had arrived in front of the carriage, Chen Yu Shu already took the lead to get down from his horse and humbly cupped his hands in greeting towards Su Rui: "Inside the carriage is indeed Your Majesty Prince Jin?"

"Truly is benw.a.n.g."

When Su Rui heard Chen Yu Shu, he immediately raised the carriage curtain in front of him completely, revealing the exceptionally handsome yet slightly cold face.

Because Qin Mu Yan's character was weak and constantly ill, Su Rui's face right now looked really pale, looking a bit ill.

"This official pays respects to w.a.n.gye!" 4 w.a.n.gye - Prince, His/ Your Highness

Seeing that the person in the carriage was Prince Jin himself, Chen Yu Shu immediately respectfully saluted, and everybody behind him followed to salute.

Su Wan inwardly gnashed her teeth, holding back the irritation deep in her heart. When she raised her head, her expression was still the same as usual. At this time, Su Rui seemed to be completely invisible to her, her eyes filled with Chen Yu Shu's figure.

Su Rui: ……

I will endure.

"Jin Qinw.a.n.g, you also came to hunt?"

Accidentally running into Su Rui here made Chen Qing Jin suddenly ask.

In the memory of her previous life, Jin Qinw.a.n.g seemed to have never made an appearance in this time's hunt.


Hearing Chen Qing Jin, coldness flashed past his eyes —

Su Rui knew that the matter that night was Chen Qing Jin's doing. If exchanged with the previous Su Rui, Chen Qing Jin would definitely not be able to live till today.

Of course, right now, Su Rui was also thinking of chopping her up with a sword, but once Chen Qing Jin or the Male Lead meet any mishaps, it's estimated that Su Wan will immediately leave this mission world.

This was indeed something Su Rui did not want to see, at least…..he has to wait till Su Wan was no longer throwing a tantrum at him, only then this group of fellows that were displeasing to the eye can die.

So currently, Su Rui can only…… keep enduring.

BLU: Let's see how long Su Rui lasts~

Uni finally starts next week. 3rd Year courses, please go easy on me~

Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 107

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