Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 337 - The Warlord's Concubine(10)

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Chapter 337 – The Warlord’s Concubine(10)

The snow had melted and it was warm like March. Likewise, a new year had come too.

There were lots of changes to the Yin Family in the new year. Ever since Su Wan “pa.s.sed away due to sickness,” her side courtyard had become a forbidden place in the Yin Family. Besides Yin Beige, no one dared to step in there.

Early February, Yin Beichao left Yin Family and got on the ferry boat to travel across the oceans. Yin Shun had asked someone to take Yin Beichao abroad to learn finance but he never expected that after the return of the finance genius in a few years, it’d become Yin Family’s nightmare.

Because of Su Wan’s death, Yin Beige had been discouraged for a while and Yao Baiqian could only sigh regarding her son’s devotion to Su Wan.

Back then, had she not selfishly broken Su Wan and Yin Beige apart, what would’ve happened now?

Would her family be harmonious and she’d have multiple grandchildren?

Unfortunately, there was no if in this world and no medicine for regrets.

In May, the remnants of the roving bandits back then had colluded with the official army government army in the city and started murdering and looting Liao City and its surroundings.

Right now, Liao City and Lincheng, Yuncheng City are in tense relations. The two parties were about to fall apart. During this sensitive moment, Yin Shun obviously couldn’t admit defeat to Yuncheng City. He ordered Yin Beige to lead the troops again and it was during this battle that Yin Beige had crashed into the ocean and disappeared…

News of Yin Beige disappearing had traveled back to the Yin Family. Yao Baiqian and Yao Ruofeng immediately fainted. Although Hu Huiyue wore an anxious expression, she was extremely happy inside.

Yin Family’s two legal sons…one died and the other was missing.

If Yin Beige also died, wouldn’t her son, Yin Beichao, be the general’s only son left?

Thinking of this possibility, Hu Huiyue trembled in excitement…

Right now, in the third master’s courtyard…

“Wife, do you feel better today?”

When Su Rui walked inside, he saw Shuning brus.h.i.+ng Su Wan’s hair. Her hair was now s.h.i.+ny and bright unlike how dry it was back then.

“I feel much better.”

Su Wan smiled at Su Rui. He walked behind her and grabbed the brush from Shuning’s hands and brushed Su Wan’s hair gently.

Shuning treated upon seeing this scene.

Su Wan had been recuperating in this room for the past few months. Su Rui had been helping her adjust her internal energy as well. The leftover poison inside her body had been cleansed but…the five viscera and six bowels in her body had been contaminated by the poison too much. Even though the poison had been cleansed, her body was much weaker than people in general. Plus, she could only live five years at most.

Five years was enough time for Su Rui to destroy the Yin Family. But thinking of how his wife needed to do her mission with this weak body, General Su felt her heart aching.

He gave her everything he could and wanted to. But some things had happened already so there was nothing he could do.


Feeling Su Rui in a trance, Su Wan lifted her hand and held onto his hands with her slightly cold fingers. “Stop brus.h.i.+ng my hair. It’s already really beautiful.”

She watched as her face recovered its color and she couldn’t help but smile charmingly. “Time is really tight right now. Have we prepared everything we should?”


Su Rui nodded gently hearing Su Wan’s words. “I’ve found someone to purchase Zuiyan Lane. You’re the owner there in the future. Your name is Xue Linglong. No one will be suspicious of your status. I’ve prepared your business card and your past. Everything is perfect!”

“Mn, I’m at ease with the third master.”

Su Wan smiled and slowly stood up. “Then let’s start tomorrow!”

“Wife, don’t be too tired. Your body…”


Su Wan moved to Su Rui and stepped on her tippy toes, kissing him gently. “It’s fine. I don’t feel tired at all with you here.”

Su Rui’s gaze flickered and he carried Su Wan princess style. “Okay, you should rest for a bit now. Tomorrow, let’s go to Zuiyan Lane.”

Liao City, Zuiyan Lane .

This used to be Liao City’s biggest entertainment place. Unfortunately, after the popular female singer, Lady Bailing died, the business here became worse and worse. In the end, the owner had no choice but to sell Zuiyan Lane out at a low price. Even if it was the lowest price, to ordinary common people as well as the merchants, it was considered a sky-high price.

Now that Zuiyan Lane had changed owners and been renovated, everyone was curious to see what the Zuiyan Lane would look like after renovation. They looked at the dazzling door and the signboard covered by a red cloth.

“The auspicious time has arrived!”

Along with the crisp voice, firecrackers were lit. The lion dance in front of the door started. As the lion head waved around, the signboard exclaiming “Linglong Lane” had appeared in front of everyone.

Linglong Lane.

It was during this spring that the men in Liao City praised Linglong Lane for its beautiful women and entertainment.

Linglong Lane. Like its name, the proprietess was Xue Linglong. She wore a white muslin covering her face but she was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with talent. She had three signature leading roles, Bai Yanxue, Hua Yaolan, and Yan Xiuwu. Each one of them was prettier than the other. She had the countenance of a flower and the face of the room. They were the G.o.ddesses of every man in the Liao City.

Unfortunately, the fee in Linglong Lane was really expensive. Singing and dance enveloped the lane.

Ordinary families couldn’t afford the fee at all. Only wealthy groups of people in Liao City could afford to spend time with the four beautiful women in the lane. As for Third Master Yin, he was one of them. There were even people who save him spending the night over in Xue Linglong’s room.

Therefore, people said that Linglong Lane’s backer was the general’s residence and Xue Linglong was Third Master Yin’s paramour. The rumors started spreading in Liao City…

Liao City’s people were originally scared with Third Master Yin’s changes but every since news of him being infatuated with Xue Linglong had come out, the common people all let out a sigh of relief.

Lady Xue, you’re Bodhisattva of Compa.s.sion. Quickly take this evildoer from us.

Although this was an entertainment place, the conduct in the place was all according to the standards and everything was legal. Even more, the owner, Xue Linglong, would occasionally bring Linglong Lane’s people to help out poor people. They would even give the refugees free porridge and steamed buns.

In everyone’s eyes, she was definitely a great woman. A woman like her was with the Third Master Yin. Therefore, everyone imagined the following.

Lady Xue was a good person! She was a great person! She was afraid of Third Master Yin, this evildoer, continuing to harm Liao City’s ladies so she sacrificed herself.

As Buddhist claimed…if I don’t go to h.e.l.l, who will go to h.e.l.l?

Su Rui was speechless.

d.a.m.n you and h.e.l.l~

Of course, different from the rumors the common people heard, the first and second masters of the Yin Family all knew that their disappointing brother was finally going to settle down and get married with a woman.

For this, Yin Shun and Yin Chengmo, specially called Su Rui back to the Yin Family. The three brothers sat together at a table and started drinking.

“Third brother, just how beautiful is she? Look at how infatuated you are. Even now, you’re unwilling to take her back home for us to see?”

Yin Shun took a sip of wine and smiled at his third brother.


Even Yin Chengmo couldn’t help but smile at his brother. “That Proprietress Xue is always wearing a veil. It’s not like she has a birthmark on her face that she doesn’t want to show right? Could it be…she’s actually gorgeous?”


Su Rui smiled and took out a drawing from his sleeves. “I brought Linglong’s portrait over today. But elder brother and second brother, you guys have to be ready. I will only marry her!”

Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 337 - The Warlord's Concubine(10)

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