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Xuanyuan Rui and Ye Zhihua returned home after night fell, after Xuanyuan Qing and Ye Zhijin were beheaded at noon, the resentment in Ye Zhihua finally vanished, it could be said that after rebirth this was the happiest she had ever been.

Ye Zhijin was dead, and Xuanyuan Qing was also. Beheaded, both of them, so they will never get the chance to hurt her and Xuanyuan Rui again.

"Zhihua, what are you thinking of?"

Pa.s.sing through the door, Xuanyuan Rui felt the emotion change in Ye Zhihua, this emotion was like she was lifted from any burdens.

"Nothing, I'm not thinking of anything."

Ye Zhihua heard Xuanyuan Rui's voice and blushed.

To the time she was given the chance of rebirth to now, she felt very grateful towards the heavens, before she didn't have the courage to stay by Xuanyuan Rui's side, sho could only secretly watch him pamper Su Wan, looking at him and Su Wan, she became lovesick full of regret.

At that time, her heart was in pain!

Fortunately, Su Wan didn't have much longer to live...

Thinking of that female in her past life, always monopolizing Xuanyuan Rui, Ye Zhihua said to herself that she didn't need to compare herself with a near dead person, but...

"Prince, princess she... ..."

"It is a good time, why are you mentioning her?"

Hearing Ye Zhihua talking of Su Wan, Xuanyuan Rui's original tenderness turned a bit colder.

Although he and Su Wan grew up together like barbed wires, but Xuanyuan Rui himself knew how deep his love for her was, it was also as big as the mess she created, even ruthlessly killing the son of his and Ye Zhihua. Thinking of the women he loved for so many years in appearance was weak but a heart as vicious as a snake, Xuanyuan Rui really felt like he was tricked, the anger in his heart flaring.

Seeing Xuanyuan Rui showing his extreme hatred for Su Wan, Ye Zhihua immediately felt at peace in mind, furthermore, she self-comforted herself that Su Wan will soon die, the prince also no longer had any lingering feelings for her, so this is the best, because Su Wan in the netherworld would not be able to see prince's sad and miserable state after she pa.s.sed like the past life.

She should also hope that prince would be able to find a person that could accompany him for a lifetime?

Thinking like that, Ye Zhihua felt that the meaning of her rebirth was to save Xuanyuan Rui, not only to change his destiny, but it was more important save his love.

That night, one had a tenderness night, one had a heartwrenching night, but one also with a dreamless night...

When Su Wan woke up the sun was already high in the sky, in the room was the scent of medicinal herbs. Su Wan tried her best to sit up with her hands, but looking through the curtains the silhouette of Si Yu was visible.

"Si Yu?"

Su Wan gently pushed up the curtains, looking at the man standing nearby, the eyelids fluttering, not yet sleeping, looked lovable.

Si Yu looked indifferently for a moment and then quickly lowered his eyes: "Princess, you're awake. The medicine is about to finish, in a while I'll feed you."

Seeing the clueless look of Si Yu, Su Wan just laughed quietly.

To say Si Yu is a nutjob, in fact, it is better to say he is just too naive, but he is also a man easily intoxicated. Reviewing this, is he just an idiot or a b.a.s.t.a.r.d?

Su Wan actually didn't bother with that matter, looking at Si Yu he really seems to want to help her, it seems like this body could still live for three to five years, this was enough time to kill Ye Zhihua and Xuanyuan Rui, to good.

Not long after, Si Yu carried out the ready medicine, carefully walking towards Su Wan.

Presently there was a rule that males and females should not have physical contact, furthermore, Si Yu did not need to feed medicine for her, but Si Yu had big guts to be able to do that, Su Wan also did not reject, this treatment originally belonged to Ye Zhihua, but now she is happy to enjoy.

The medicine that was just bought in the mouth brought forth an extremely bitter taste, in fact, Su Wan was not affected by this type of bitterness, but she still pretended to be, trembling watery eyes, looking at Su Wan's sweet yet pitiful face: "It's bitter, I don't want to drink."

They all say women had the ability to break hearts, Su Wan's appearance was very beautiful, but she was a princess that was timid, proud. Basically, she didn't act spoiled in front of Xuanyuan Rui, even when she meets other men, she wouldn't even say half of a word.

A waste of talent!

"Is it really bitter?"

Looking at Su Wan looking at him with a lovable yet sulky like, Si Yu just felt like his heartbeat was increasing, he immediately put it aside, afterwards he picked up a candied apple like gold, and said: "Princess, please eat."

Finish speaking, he brought the apple up to Su Wan's mouth, Su Wan closed her eyes, her mouth opened, the warmth from her lips transferred over to Si Yu's fingers making him quickly withdraw his hand as if shocked by electricity.

What the h.e.l.l did he just do?

This stupid human male is certainly not Si Yu! Definitely not!

The atmosphere between the two became extremely shady/embarra.s.sing, Su Wan just felt that it was enough this time, once again she tenderly voiced: "Si Yu, I don't find it bitter anymore, thank you, you.. you are really kind."


Si Yu wanted to say something but then heard Su Wan continue talking: "Before, cousin would spoon me medicine, at those time I felt like I was the happiest person on earth, unfortunately..."


Si Yu did not know what to say, his heart in a tumble, just felt that his emotions today was a bit strange.

"In fact, this was also good."

Su Wan smiled at Si Yu: "Cousin found a person that he treasures, I should also be happy, who told my body not to be good, with the inability to bear children, also the inability to stay by his side, now cousin doesn't even love me anymore, I should be happy, because if I pa.s.s now, he won't have to worry..."

"You will not die!"

Si Yu immediately a.s.sured Su Wan, Su Wan raised her head, dazily (like out of focus) looking at Su Yi.

Si Yu being looked at by Su Wan made him shocked, but he still daringly looked into Su Wan's eyes and said: "I will cure you, princess, you must have confidence in my medical skills."

The two people started at each other for a long time, finally, Su Wan nodded whilst smiling, she responded: "Si Yu, I believe in you."

This was probably the most soothing voice Su Yi heard on the whole of the earth, because for many years to come, every time he was drunk, he would remember her eyes at that time, smilingly telling him, Si Yu, I believe in you.

Clearly, he knew at that time he was trapped, but her presentation towards him was not only a tender trap but also an endless abyss...

Barbed wires - You know like stuck together  

Candied apple - Don't know if it was this or ripe apple 

You, you.. you - The yous here if translated to English would be 'brother' but that is too affectionate, so to say this is a 'you' with a bit of affection?

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Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 3

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