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The appearance of Su Rui was unexpected, but seeing him having a person in his embrace, all the guests had the feeling of interest sprouting.

"Khu, khu."

Su Wan weakly coughed up a sound, struggling to get out of Su Rui's embrace.

At this time, Xuanyuan Rui finally saw Su Wan. After he placed her in the cold palace, Xuanyuan Rui never visited her once.

An extremely confident person will also be extremely arrogant. Xuanyuan Rui did not allow anyone to deceive him, so for Su Wan he was cruel to her.

This was the true face of this man! He was born in the royal palace, so how could he be sincere?

"His royal highness, congrats to you."

Su Wan advanced slowly, step by step, walking in front of Xuanyuan Rui. At this moment, her eyes were as calm as a lake without ripples.

Xuanyuan Rui had never seen such a calm and indifferent Su Wan like this before, he was in a daze for a second.

Facing this embarra.s.sing situation, Ye Zhihua, in her red dress, panicked. She grabbed Xuanyuan Rui's hands instinctively, then with watery eyes looked at Su Wan, her voice carrying deep concern: "Sister, your health, how is it? Is it better?"

"I'm not your sister." Su Wan looked at Ye Zhihua, eyes sharp as knives.

The Indifferent tone and sharp eyes made Ye Zhihua want to hide behind Xuanyuan Rui. Xuanyuan Rui frowned, looking straight at Su Wan: "Su Wan, remember your ident.i.ty, this is not a place you can act like that."

Thought that the people already thought it through, unexpectedly...


A laugh full of ridicule sounded out.

Su Rui raised his head, his empty eyes staring at Xuanyuan Rui, "Prince, please pay attention to your ident.i.ty! My sister is rightfully a princess of rank, today she especially came to congratulate you, is this how you treat guests?"

Su Rui intentionally emphasised the word 'guests,' making everyone even more puzzled.


At this moment, Su Rui's empty, cold eyes stopped on Ye Zhihua, "This sister of mine only has me as a younger brother, not everyone deserves to call her sister, third princess consort, don't remember relatives wrong."


Ye Zhihua didn't dare go against Su Rui. Last life, Ye Zhihua did not really live that long after Su Wan, so the end of Su family and Su Rui, she is not very clear about. But even if it was this life or the past life, the reputation of Su Rui's was very mad, this person was like a maniac, none dared to mess with him.


The sound of a resentful sigh immediately disintegrated the atmosphere of sadness in the hall. Su Wan sighed this breath, then glanced at Xuanyuan Rui and said, "I truly congratulate the prince for finding a person he loves, this household has no place for me anymore, today I came here to say my farewells to him."


Xuanyuan Rui strangely looked at Su Wan, even though he no longer had feelings for her, but Xuanyuan Rui never had the plan for Su Wan to leave him. At this moment, suddenly hearing how Su Wan wanted to leave, moreover saying it in front of so many guests, this matter made Xuanyuan Rui feel like he had lost so much. Face flaring up, he raged: "Outrageous, you are a princess I rightfully married, where do you want to go?"

"Princess consort? Isn't she right beside you this very moment?"

Su Rui from that spot was not standing far away added to the situation, but this time the skill of Su Wan's acting was flaring, expression of despair, but still resolutely looking at Xuanyuan Rui and Ye Zhihua, voice shaky and sad: "The divorce letter, I will let someone tomorrow come over, cousin... I will not be an obstacle between your people anymore, if there's not me, cousin will be happier, between us... in this scenery, it is Su Wan with bad luck..."

Her words not yet finished, the face of Su Wan went pale, fainted by surprise.

Xuanyuan Rui who was closest instinctively reached out, but there was another faster than him.

Su Rui hugged Su Wan into his embrace, his tall statue standing there. Raising his eyebrows up, he looked at Xuanyuan Rui provokingly. Afterwards he said in a voice for only Xuanyuan Rui to hear: "Prince, from now on don't come to bother sister anymore, otherwise, I won't forgive you."

Maybe because the eyes of Su Rui were overly aggressive, or maybe his words made Xuanyuan Rui think of something, but in just a moment the face of Xuanyuan Rui immediately changed, becoming extremely ugly.

In the household, no one dared to stop Su Rui from leaving, the guards of the household could only stand there to look at Su Rui carrying Su Wan with Lu Chu tailing behind exit.

Sitting in the carriage of the General, Lu Chu snuggled into a corner, she did not dare to breathe loudly, reducing her existence.

Su Rui, with a sullen face, continued to hug Su Wan, hands full of callus light groomed her hair: "Why, why didn't you listen to me?" with a deep voice, carrying a hint of coldness.

Come! Come! Patient suffering a cold as fierce as ice has appeared!

Su Wan who carefully maintained her fainted state had already felt the movement of Su Rui, but she didn't move, continuing her act.

"Didn't I already tell you sister, the men outside are not trustworthy, Xuanyuan Rui is also one of them."

The tone of Su Wan was suddenly gentle, his fingers lightly curling Su Wan's long hair.

"Sister, having me protect is enough, those guys... all those guys, theythat dare to dream of you deserve to die."

Little kid, when you came out today you forgot to take your pills right?

For the matter of Su Rui, Su Wan really felt for this guy, this guy did not have it easy.

As the precious successor of  Su family, since young Su Wan suffered the strict training, young but not able to receive the tenderness from parents, but on the contrary would receive extreme training, the time which would feel dreadfully long, the psychology of this child was always dark.

But the original host Su Wan was completely different from Su Rui, because she lost her mother when she was young, at birth she was born ill and weakly. Because of this, at birth she was treated like a treasure by General Su. If she wanted something she would receive.

Those times, Su Wan was adorable, lovely, treating her younger brother, unable to spot a misdeed, so the two were extremely close with each other, and whenever Su Rui was beaten till he was unable to get out of bed, all the time he was cared for by Su Wan.

Su Rui gradually grew up, he grew much stronger than Su Wan, because of his year-round training, so his statue was very high. At this time he also recognized this illness of Su Wan's, he started to learn how to protect his sister.

"Rui can protect me, this is so good."

Perhaps Su Wan only said it unintentionally, but this sentence was engraved deeply into Su Rui.

He said to himself, he must become the most powerful person, so he is able to protect his sister for a lifetime.

Protect sister.

Su Rui felt like he found the reason to his life, but as he gradually got busy, they both had already grown in age, and so Su Wan reached the age of marriage.

Su Rui was still clearly remember the spring that year, that was the second time he came back after a battle, thinking that it was going to be like the first time, he just entered the room and was able to see his sister's greeting with a smiling face, heard her say...

Rui is the best, definitely the most powerful man that sister has ever met.

Heart full of expectation like that, but when Su Rui entered the door he did not see her anywhere, at that moment, he was fl.u.s.tered, he always knew his sister's health was not good, even though he was outside he was still worried about it.

However, in the middle of a garden full of flowers, he saw her snuggling in Xuanyuan Rui's embrace. At that time, Su Rui felt his entire life collapsing.

Sister doesn't need him...

Sister doesn't like him...

Sister no longer needed his protection, sister had abandoned him...

That moment, Su Rui felt this outrage, and that outrage blew out the last light inside of him.

"Su Wan, sister thinks that Xuanyuan Rui truly loves you?"

"Men outside are not reliable! Only brother truly wants to protect you, how come you can't see clearly?"

Since then, the relations.h.i.+p between them became further in a confusing way.

Su Rui also detected that Su Wan started to avoid him, actually, she's scared of him, scared of him coming near, scared of him looking at her with those obsessive eyes.

The marriage of Su Wan and Xuanyuan Rui, even though not bestowed by the emperor, was equally significant.

One day before her marriage with Xuanyuan Rui, Su Rui drunk till he couldn't think straight, then he strode into Su Wan's room...

"If sister dares to marry him, I will kill sister!"

That night, Su Wan, who's always weakly, become extremely strong, tough.

Even if she dies, I still want to be the person of Xuanyuan Rui!

In the end, Su Rui didn't dare to go against his sister, just frankly said, once she married then in this life don't ever come back to the Ye family, unless, unless... you separate from Xuanyuan Rui.

After he finished those malicious words, Su Rui didn't think that one day Su Wan that was still alive, would return home, ultimately, in the storyline, even though Xuanyuan Rui insulted, abandoned, Su Rui still loved him dearly to death.

The memories of Su Rui did not exist in the storyline of this story, but only existed in the deep memories of the original host body.

When she caught these memories, Su Wan instantly knew she won.

In her hands she has the best cards...

To say she isn't afraid of an enemy like mighty G.o.ds, only scared of an enemy as dumb as pigs.

Su Wan is clear than anyone Su Rui is the G.o.d of her team.

There is a deep ice barrier in him, this dead feeling man with no name is no pressure for her.

Right! Very good!

For these type of ice, well there is the need for strong medicine!

Thus, Su Wan continued her 'fainted state', wrinkled her eyebrows after a violent from the carriage and gently fluttered her eyelids.


Su Rui who had suffered from a gloomy state like the stupid humanity of the whole of earth deserves to die, just then feeling Su Wan woke up immediately went to a normal state, hastily said:

"Sister, sister woke up?"

Su Wan, who had not yet opened her eyes clumsily grabbed the hands of Su Rui: "Rui, Rui, sister has nothing, sister has nothing at all."

"Sister you have me, there is still me."

The voice of Su Wan held a bit of crazed possessiveness: "Sister still has brother, brother will always stay by sister's side, protect sister as well."

For Su Rui to speak of, the meaning of his existence is to protect Su Wan, there is nothing more important than this.

Rui - This is said with an affectionate word in front but I went with just Rui 

There is a de... (有他这个重症深井冰在,坑死渣男无压力啊!) - This sentence was a bit hard for me but it goes along the line of something beyond repair.

T/N - Can we talk about the male lead, his sending his vibes to me, fangirling!

I have changed household to residence but some are kept as household so that the context stays the same.


Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 5

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