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SEG Chapter 4.8 —The G.o.d of Online Games is Spoiling Me (8) [Not proofread☆=(ゝω・)/]

Tears of the Mermaid King, was in fact, a blue hert-shaped crystal. This special collection item is expensive and can be changed for a lot of silver coins in stores. Of course, there were players who also collect these kinds of special collection item and turn them into souvenirs.

Su Wan tidied up her spoils of war. Looking at the 40% increase in her experience bar, she very contentedly turned over the Tears of the Mermaid King in her palm.

Glittering and translucent blue radiance, bringing a faint air of grief.

"You must've been particularly desperate, huh?"

Su Wan looked at the crystal in her hand and sighed: "Humans are selfish. Men are even more unfeeling and ungrateful. If you were given another chance to start again, will you still fall in love with that human?"


A drawn-out sigh suddenly sounded behind Su Wan. Su Wan jerked around and saw the light blue soul of the Mermaid King floating behind her.

"I have waited for a millenium and finally waited for you, foreign warrior."

The Mermaid King's voice was especially pleasent to hear, just like the sounds of nature.

Su Wan grasped the crystal in her hand, her expression calm and tranquil. She was slightly astonished in her heart. If she didn't guess wrong, she must have accidentally triggered the Millenium instance's hidden quest!

"If time can turn back, I will definitely not fall in love with a human."

The Mermaid King was still speaking to herself, her tone distressed: "I've already been sealed for a millenium and now my soul will drift. Before my soul flies away and scatters, I still have one unfulfilled wis.h.!.+"

"Foreign warrior, can you help me accomplish my final wish?"

As the Mermaid King's last word fell, a transparent dialogue box immediately popped up in front of Su Wan-

Congratultions to Player Su Cheng Wan Yue for succeeding in triggering the hidden quest 【Mermaid King's Wish】(Unique). Does player accept the quest?

The following options were 'Willing' and 'Unwilling', and the last column of the dialogue box marking the quest reward was a big question mark.

Su Wan recalled that in the original storyline, there were quite a number of hidden quests set up in 《Lingshen》and Unique quests were very few.

In the original world, Hui Mou Yi Xiao, with an extreme luck defying Mary Su halo, previously took two Unique quests. Those two quests were very difficult, and with the help of many pursuers, she finally completed the quests without mishap. Moreover, as a result, she obtained the only Priest Imperial Angel Staff in the server and also the sole spirit Unicorn!

In the plot known to Su Wan, no one triggered the Mermaid King's Wish this quest. It seems that those few sentences she spoke to express her feelings triggered this mission?

"I'm willing to help you!"

Finally, Su Wan naturally chose 'Willing'. The Mermaid King's soul form simply smiled faintly and the taskbar before Su Wan immediately changed-

Hidden quest: Mermaid King's Wish (Unique), Quest progress 0%

Quest tip: Mermaid King, who had been sealed for a millenium, longs to see her other clansmen and invites player to the Land of the Mermaids to find the Abyss Fish Demon and gather 100 purple crystal ambers.

Su Wan:….

Isn't this quest a bit BT (abnormal) ah!

What  Land of the Mermaids ah! That's a new map that won't appear until a new level is opened in 6 months, okay?

Su Wan's good mood a moment ago vanished in the blink of an eye. She looked at her worn-out equipment and thought of White Wolf that lingering evil spirit, don't know if he's still outside guarding the entrance. Finally, Su Wan just directly went offline in the instance. As long as the game time pa.s.sed midnight, the instance can be refreshed again. Then, she can continue sweeping the Millenium instance.

This time, Su Wan went offline earlier. She used her phone to send a message to Supreme Emperor and then put on a coat to buy food.

The winter in Lijiang City came quite early. Right now, there were already people dressed in cotton overcoats and down jackets on the street.

Su Wan was a person who could stand the cold more compared to others. She wore a heavy red wool overcoat and a wool scarf wound around her neck. She took a taxi to the nearest family supermarket chain. Keeping in mind that for the next few days, she had to contiuously struggle in the game, Su Wan single-mindedly bought lots of fast foods, chocolate, powdered milk, and also other high-nutrition high-calorie foodstuff.

After settling the bill in the supermarket, Su Wan ate some pizza at the fast food restaurant beside the supermarket. After eating and drinking her fill, Su Wan then took a taxi and returned to her residence.

7:30 at night when the lights at the street were turned on, Su Wan got down from the taxi and carried a large package, slowly entering the hallway. The lights in the hallway of the new apartment-styled building werestill a dim orange color.

Su Wan stayed on the 5th floor and when she walked to the entrance of her residence, somewhat exhausted from carrying her things, she saw a black silhouette leaning on the entrance of her residence. 1 HE'S HEREEEEEEE!

Hearing Su Wan's footsteps, that figure suddenly looked up-

In the dim light, a bright color flashed in the deep gloomy eyes.

"You're back!"

Su Rui's voice was a little dull and hoa.r.s.e, his tone still containing unconcealable joy.

Su Wan creased her eyebrows, her gaze fell on Su Rui's thin outer coat. She sighed and opened the door, throwing Su Rui a pair of women's slippers: "Put up with it and wear it ba. There are no men's."

Su Rui moved his four limbs and followed Su Wan into the room. The dark red s.h.a.ggy women's slippers on Su Rui's feet were especially comical, but he didn't seem to feel anything and sized up the layout of the room. Realising that Su Wan's apartment actually had two rooms and one living room, the corners of Su Rui's mouth immediately slightly raised-

It seems that there was no need to rent the neighbouring unit. Living together was still the best.

Su Wan put and organised everything that she bought from the supermarkett in categories. When she returned to the living room, she saw Su Rui wrinkling his eyebrows as he stared at her phone.

Seeing Su Wan's figure, Su Rui held up the phone: "There was a message, I helped you return it."

Such a matter-of-course tone, made Su Wan's face have black lines.

Black lines on the face. 2 P.S. I found the dumbest picture I could find.

"Alright, ;et's talk about business first."

Su Wan sat in the other corner of the sofa and looked at Su Rui: "Why did you come? Don't tell me that it's a coincidence again?"

The encounter in the previous task world could be said as accidental. Then what about this time ne?

Where in the world was there so many chances and coincidences?

The so-called fate, Su Wan envevr believed it.

"I bought the locator."

Su Rui beamed and looked at Su Wan: "In the future, we can regularly do tasks together, are you happy?"


Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 67

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