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SEG Chapter 4.15 —The G.o.d of Online Games is Spoiling Me (15) 

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The Underground Palace instance was captured and Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven Guild amazed the world with a brilliant feat! When everybody was continuously probing for information, this dark horse guild suddenly ran out and the 5 of them already exited the instance.

Right now, a lot of guilds' elites teams also happened to come out of the instance.

Since the First Kill was gone, there wasn't any meaning to continue staying in the instance to fight even if they made it to the end.


Lone Wolf's imposing figure appeared before Su Wan and she looked at the sharp outline of Lone Wolf, and faintly raised her eyebrows: "Thanks."

Feeling Su Wan's indifference, Lone Wolf hesitated: "Your guild will be at the 3rd level soon? Want to form an alliance with our Wolf's Fang? I reckon that Di s.h.i.+ Tian wouldn't let you guys off, and when that time comes, we……"

"No need."

Su Wan somewhat profoundly looked at Lone Wolf: "s.h.i.+tian will be our enemy guild, you Wolf's Fang as well."

"Wan Yue, there's no need to let personal feelings affect your decision!"

In Lone Wolf's eyes, Su Wan and himself were on good terms again, and it was the best situation for everyone if they cooperated together.

"I did not let my personal feelings sway me. You Wolf's Fang are unqualified to be our Phoenix Dances allliance guild"!


It was at this time when a male voice filled with ridicule sounded from behind the two: "Only took one First Kill, you truly feel your guild is invincible?"

Di s.h.i.+ Tian's gloomy face walked to Su Wan's side and he coldly looked down at her: "You said that Wolf's Fang is not worthy of an alliance with you? I really want to know that in your heart, who has the qualifications to have an alliance with you Phoenix Dances? It can't be us s.h.i.+tian ba? But ! — have, no, interest, towards, you!"


When she heard Di s.h.i.+ Tian's words, Su Wan casually laughed: "I also have no interest towards men who are not the first in the region. The only one who is qualified to form an alliance with us is only Eternal Night!"

District Six's Eternal Night Guild, District Six's number one guild, and at the same time, their Guild Leader was renowned for continuously occupying the number one spot in the entire Huaxia's level ranking, the madman Night Rain!

In the entire Huaxia region, few people have seen the esteemed Night Rain. He kept away from rivers and lakes, but there were legends of him on the rivers and lakes.

After the cross-server channel was opened, the various regions not only achieved common news, guilds from different districts could also form cross-district alliances.

In the nneutral battlefield that opened at the same time, the Alliance Guild can jointly capture the fortress as a stronghold for both sides.

Eternal Night….

Di s.h.i.+ Tian knows Eternal Night and even knew Night Rain.

Based on his understanding, Eternal Night guild has never had an alliance with any guild and Night Rain very rarely appeared in front of others. Apart from leveling, his game life seemed to involve leveling, and did not care about other things in the game.

At this time, in Di s.h.i.+ Tian's view, Su Wan wanting to form an aliance with Eternal Night was simply nonsense!

Most of the surrounding onlookers have the same view as Di s.h.i.+ Tian. There were even some members of s.h.i.+tian Guild who did a good thing and recorded a video of Su Wan and Di s.h.i.+ Tian's dialogue and immediately uploaded it on the Huaxia region's official website for 《Lingshen》-

Boasting wildly! Dark horse guild Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven vainly tried to be equal with Eternal Night!

Because Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven was where the wind and waves were the fiercest right now and Eternal Night was mysteriously quiet, now that this post linked the two together, it immediately became a hot topic.

Those who were dissatisfied with Phoenix Dances In the Ninth Heaven taking the First Kill seemed to have found a place to vent and all of them went to comment to vent.

At this point, at this point they still didn't know that it wouldn't take too long before they were hit "papapa" in the face by the cruel reality. And it wasn't only these waiting for them — Eternal Night's Guild Leader-daren will use practical actions to tell them, what was called straightforwardly venting, the whole family cremated! 1 I'm sure some of you know "papapa" is the sound for slapping someone in the face. But, I'm sure the rest of you guys know, that papapa can also mean someone having their s.e.xy time in the bedroom. BL readers, I'm looking at you guys~!

Underground Palace's First Kill was very meaningful to Phoenix Dances guild. At this time, all members of the guild were extremely excited. Because the guild will soon rise to level 3, Su Wan just happened to encourage everyone at this time to work hard and actively do guild missions.

"As long as the guild levels up to 3 by this afternoon 4pm, I will invite everyone to watch a big show!"

After leaving this message in the guild channel, Su Wan immediately joined the ranks to do the guild mission…….

Two hours later —

"Player Night Rain has requested to add you as a friend. Accept?"

A friend request suddenly popped up from Su Wan's mailbox.

At this time, Su Wan was doing a quest in the guild quarry. She saw the name Night Rain and immediately clicked 'Accept'. A second later, she received a voice chat request from Su Rui.

"I can finally talk to you in the game."

Once the voice chat connected, Su Rui's voice impatiently sounded at Su Wan's ear: "I'm at the neutral map now, you coming?"

"I'm at the guild map, can't go now. Our guild is going to ascend to level 3 today."

Su Wan harvested stones while chatting with Su Rui.


Su Rui was faintly disappointed hearing Su Wan's words, but immediately spoke again: "I saw the World Announcement, congratulations! When you guys upgrade to a level 3 guild, we'll form an alliance, and I will send you a big big congratulatory gift."

"What big gift ah?"

Su Wan just offhandedly asked. She estimatd that Su Rui is going to take her leveling or help her kill Di s.h.i.+ Tian on the neutral battlefield.

"Temporarily confidential."

Unexpectedly, Su Rui betrayed the climax and fooled around to seem mysterious.


Su Wan huffed. Right now, a letter popped up from her private mailbox again. It was sent by Dancing Baby. It turns out that the guild missions accomplished reached the standard and the guild resources are enough to upgrade to level 3.

Sure enough, it was like everyone was injected with chicken blood today, especially enthusiastic. 2 Injected with chicken blood - I read somewhere that chicken blood used to be considered a stimulant. So when you inject it in you, you have more energy and stuff.

"Our mission is completed, immediately ascend to level 3!"

Su Wan couldn't help but to tell Su Rui this good news immediately.


Su Rui's voice also seemed very happy: "Then, you can come find me in a while?"


Su Wan rejected Su Rui: "I want to go kill someone first."

Kill people?

Is it Hui Mou Yi Xiao?

Although he was asking her, Su Rui's tone was unspeakably confident.

"That's right. I'll go kill people first, and I will see you offline."

After she spoke, Su Wan closed the voice chat and directly used a scroll to return to the city. Afterwards, she sent Hui Mou Yi Xiao a friend request. As expected, Hui Mou Yi Xiao accepted her friend request —

Su Cheng Wan Yue: I want to speak to you alone, you set the location.

Hui Mou Yi Xiao: Okay.

Not long after, Hui Mou Yi Xiao sent Su Wan a location.

Looking at that coordinate, Su Wan faintly smiled, turned and sent the coordinates to the guild channel —

Su Cheng Wan Yue: Everyone a.s.semble at this place, pay attention to concealment, there will be a good show.

After she finished sending this sentence, Su Wan sent a private chat to Ice Cold Small Feet and asked him to immediately transfer over, find the best position to open the recording function from a G.o.d's viewpoint, and record everything that was going to happen later.

After doing all this, Su Wan bought a position transfer scroll from the market and entered the coordinates that Hui Mou Yi Xiao sent. After she transfered over, at a glance, she saw Hui Mou Yi Xiao sitting at the lakeside in a daze.

She had been waiting here for a long time, no, it should be said that ever since the instance came out, after Di s.h.i.+ Tian logged off, Hui Mou Yi Xiao will alway sit here in a daze.

She had a poor sense of direction and couldn't recognise roads at all. The only reason why she could find Silver Moon Lake was because this was the place Di s.h.i.+ Tian often brought her to. And when Su Wan sent her a message and let her decide on a placejust now, Hui Mou Yi Xiao directly gave her coordinates to her.

At this time, seeing the figure of Su Wan who transferred over, Hui Mou Yi Xiao immediately stood up, tightened her lips and looked at Su Wan with a pale complexion.

Su Wan leisurely walked towards Hui Mou Yi Xiao and stood five steps away. Profoundly looking at her: "Do you know why I'm looking for you?"

"I know." As if she swallowed down a very big determination, Hui Mou Yi Xiao reddened her eyes, her gaze br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears and looked at Su Wan: "I know that you want to make me leave Tian gege. You took the First Kill in the instance, not just wanting to prove to him, that you are more suitable for him than me?"

Su Wan: ……..

Younger sister, you should eat more brain fragments ba! Why did you give up treatment ah!

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Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 75

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