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SEG Chapter 5.2 —Supporting Female Reversal System (2)

Zombies are very different from humans. They don't need to rest, feed on flesh and blood, and even if they are injured, they can slowly recover their broken body with their own powerful self-repairing skill.

Su Wan wandered in the enemy-occupied area of S City for 3 days. The wounds on her body have disappeared, at least…. she now looks like a healthy and normal, female zombie?

In the original's opinion, zombies don't need to eat every day, but they also can't go on without ingesting nutrients for a long time. And in the zombies' opinion, the best nutrients are tantamount to human flesh and blood. 1 Original as in the former Su Wan. Probably.

Eating people?

Su Wan will naturally not do that. She didn't want to be disgusted with herself.

Now, the end of the world has just begun. Many ordinary people and even ability users did not know that there are crystal nuclei in the  brains of zombies. Although Yang Zixi used this foresight, there were still a lot of flaws. Su Wan also decided to walk this road. She took advantage of the darkness to sluggishly wander to  the city centre to find the zombies that were killed by people during the day and dig out the crystal nuclei from their heads with her sharp claws.

Each nucleus was about the same size and looked like a precious stone. Su Wan hesitated a bit and opened her mouth to eat a few with her sharp teeth —

Snap, crack. The crystal nuclei were chewed to pieces and absorbed by Su Wan.

Well, now it seems that having sharp teeth and nails was not a bad thing.

After absorbing the first crystal nucleus, Su Wan already clearly felt her body warmly fill up wih strength. As a result, her gaze lit up and couldn't help but speed up the pace of collecting the crystal nuclei. It should be known that by the time it is dawn, this place is not safe. With the level of her current low-level zombie body, being seen by ability users will get her killed within a second without anything remaining.

Unknown how long has pa.s.sed, Su Wan already filled a small bag to the brim with crystal nuclei. She put the bag of crystal nuclei on her body and calculated that not only were the crystal nunclei enough for one week's worth of rations, it's estimated that they can let her upgrade from the lowest level zombie to a level 2 zombie. If your luck is good, you may get a skill variation.

Just when Su Wan turned around and wanted to leave, a low cry suddenly sounded from her back —


Before dawn on the dim and dusky street, a small eight or nine year old boy was desperately covering his mouth, widening his eyes and watching Su Wan in horror.


Su Wan slowly turned around. She did not expect to see a human in this place at this time, and it was even a child.

She's now already very aware that she isn't human anymore, okay?

Su Wan walked towards the little boy step by step. The little boy seemed very terrified and his face was terribly pale. Perhaps because his fear reached the limit, the little boy suddenly opened his mouth: "You, you come over! Don't come over!"

The young and tender voice was obviously scared until he wanted to die, but was strangely pleasent to listen to, as if able to instigate the hearts of people!

Spirit System!

An innate variation Spirit system ability user! 2 I guess he's an ability user that can compel people to do things using his voice like Asuka from Mondaiji-tachi and Aileen from The Novel's Extra.

Su Wan's steps paused, pondering a bit.

Right from Little Yanyu's perspective, the scene before him was like this —

A female zombie that was dirty from head to toe carrying a strange bag was currently standing in front of him, her head c.o.c.ked and holding her chin with one hand. The greenish-black nails seemed as if it could pierce her pale and swollen head at any time which will then squirt out green blood…….

Wu wu wu, just thinking about it makes him feel horrified until he wanted to die ah!

What to do? Am I really going to die?

Nine year old Yan Yu was very scared. Scared until all that remained was endless despair.Yes ah, he's going to die, father is dead, mother is dead, older sister is also dead, and now, he is also going to die.

Die at a nameless street unknown to everyone, die by the hands of a female zombie.

Yan Yu also thought of running, but right now, he had no strength and courage to move, how can he run?

As his older sister once said, as the family's younest child, the only boy, his nature is weaker than other girls….


The sound of the zombie almost within reach made Yan Yu shut his eyes tight in fear. As a result, the death that he imagined did not come. Yan Yu felt that his stiff hands were carefully opened by someone and then, two things were put into his palm.

This is……..

Yan Yu trembled and very cautiously opened his eyes. He saw that female zombie return to where she originaly stood to write on the ground using her sharp nails: "Give it to you. Use the strength of your own spirit powers to absorb them. Good for your abilities."

This…. this female zombie has her own consciousness!

Yan Yu frozenly looked at the crystal nuclei in his hands and then took a look at that figure that had turned way after crossing out the words on the ground.

Suddenly, he felt that this figure did not seem as horrible and ugly as he had imagined.

Watching from afar as Su Wan's figure disappeared from the street, Yan Yu tightly grasped the crystal nuclei in his palm —

Spirit power?

What is spirit power?

Did he really already have abilities like what she said?

A thousand miles away, B City, Green Leaves Research Inst.i.tute, Underground Research Inst.i.tute.

A group of researchers dressed in white coats were busying about in the laboratory in a frenzy and there were many gla.s.s covers around the lab. Some of the gla.s.sware were filled with thick green liquid while some had zombie corpses soaked in them, and there were even various human organs.

This place, was a zombie virus research insit.i.tute.

The primary zombies that appeared  in the end of the world were the failed experiments of the highest leader of the inst.i.tute — Dr.L!

Dr. L, originally known as Ling Jing, was born in a family of biologists. Since childhood, he was a genius in the eyes of others, and a fine line usually separated geniuses and lunatics.

That's right, Dr. L was a downright madman. He has been secretly studying the zombie virus and also threw the virus out into the world in an attempt to stimulate the human genes through this virus transformation, thus promoting the historic evolution of humanity! 3Every apocalypse novel always seems to have a mad scientist that caused it huh~

It has been 2 months since the virus was introduced and the end of the world.

Because the virus that was threw in was actually the failures of Dr. L's research, it did not reach the result of the initial prediction at all. This made him very irritable, so Dr. L had kept himself inside the innermost lab of the inst.i.tute for the past 2 months. He has never stepped out once and those lab technicians under him knew his temperament very well. Even if a major event happened, no one would dare to disturb the doctor's experiment.

And just today, the lab entrance suddenly opened and a slender figured appeared before everyone —

Tall, imposing figure, perfectly straight long legs, spotless white lab coat.

Su Rui quietly stood at the lab entrance, the pair of eyes, like stars on a cold night, harboured a gloomy and dangerous light.

"Doctor!" 4……the docTOR WAS YOU?!?!?!

Everyone couldn't help but put down the experiments in their hands, their eyes filled will fanaticism as they looked at this peerlessly graceful and elegant, yet ice-cold man.

Su Rui just received the whole memory of the plot and right now, his face was frighteningly gloomy.

He knew Su Wan was already dead. 5Awwww yesssss, someone's gonna get the hurt real bad!!!!

No, it should be the "original Su Wan" that has been calculated to death by Yang Zixi.

How could his Xiao Wan die?

"I am going to S City."

Frostily leaving this sentence behind, Su Rui quickly turned and left —

He wants to go there to find Su Wan.

It's fine if she became a zombie, it's fine even if she became a ghost.

As long as she was still in this world, no matter what form she exists in, he will definitely find her…..

BLU: Su Rui, your love is very heavy ah~ (^▽^;)

Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 86

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