Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 90

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"Masters, you really don't want to go…" the green robed woman didn't know what to say.

Ye Mo frowned and asked, "Do we have to go?"

The woman could see Ye Mo's annoyance and quickly shook her head. "No, no please don't misunderstand - we, the Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation, won't coerce cultivators."

"That's good." Then Ye Mo turned around and left with his group following him.

After a long while, Su Jingwen said, "This Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation is too scary, you can kill and rob people without concern."

Ye Mo knew that Su Jingwen wasn't used to the law of jungle in the cultivation realm.

Tang Mengrao said, "That Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation is probably an organization that is here to attract more cultivators to come. I think those who show excellence here are noticed and invited to join. Then, they would give large amounts of cultivation resource to them.

Ye Mo nodded and agreed.

Yue Chan said, "Then if we don't go will it be fine? "

Ye Mo didn't answer her, he knew that since there were so many people going, there would be a way for the Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation to attract them.

"Let's go find a place to stay first. If possible, I want to leave here quickly," Su Jingwen said.

"Okay, let's find a place to stay first." Ye Mo agreed. He had so many level eight and level nine spirit herbs, it was certain he was going to reach level nine pill king. Before he went back to North Far State, he needed to do two things, become a level nine pill king and find truth spirit herbs or Ice Carrot.

"He didn't want to come?" a middle aged man asked in confusion.

The green robed woman stood before him, she bowed nervously. "Yes a.s.sociation leader, he didn't want to come and then he left. I asked around and realized they just came to West Cultivator City. They don't really understand our rules, if they knew, they would join us for sure."

The middle aged man didn't speak but the man next to him inquired, "Should we go investigate them?"

The middle aged man waved his hand. "No need, he's probably a truth realisation state primary stage cultivator. Just as Lu Ye said, when he realizes the benefits of joining us, he will come even if he was truth realisation state peak stage. There's no need to investigate him, a truth realisation state peak stage is not much to us but there's no need to get on his bad side due to this."

"Yes," the other man replied.

Ye Mo and them found a place to stay, Ye Mo had a lot of spirit stones and he wasn't unwilling to spend them here.

Xi Yue Hotel was one of the largest hotels here, it was a top grade luxurious cultivator hotel. Ye Mo's two rooms were the most expensive ones in the hotel. One night cost 100,000 spirit stones, one month would cost ten million. But the spirit chi here was extremely dense and it had all sorts of facilities.

The reason Ye Mo didn't care about spirit stones now was because if he made a few cultivation artifacts or pills, they would be worth large sums of spirit stones. Plus, top grade spirit stones were of little use to him in cultivation. He didn't need to keep storing them.

Even though the formations here were top notch, Ye Mo still reset the formation in his room. He stayed with Su Jingwen while Tang Mengrao stayed with Yue Chan.

When they settled in, the first thing Ye Mo did was ask about the Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation.

The Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation provided a cultivation place with dense spirit chi, the big hall Ye Mo saw. They also provided the breakthrough spirit eye, which was the cultivation place with restrictions. These places were free to enter but you must fight over it with people.

Usually, high level cultivators wouldn't look for trouble with low level cultivators as that would lower their score in the Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation. But if the low level cultivator offended high level cultivator, then they could kill them easily. However, most of the people hid their power in the Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation. If the difference wasn't too great, no one would know who was stronger.

High levels could make low level cultivators hand over something but they couldn't check low level cultivator's storage rings.

The main purpose of cultivating outside was for the Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation to notice you. If they did, they would invite you in and your cultivation progress would be huge.

The Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation had absurd cultivation resources. If you joined them, you would be allocated large sums of cultivation resources and dense spirit chi cultivation homes. They also controlled many ancient ruins that you could excavate yourself. Whatever you got from there belonged to you.

The cultivators inside the hall could challenge anyone. You could reject, but if you did, you wouldn't be allowed in there again.

The Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation would send a messenger based on your performance. The girls were divided into yellow, orange, red, green, aqua, blue, purple. The better performance you showed, the darker the color of the messenger who came.

Realizing this, Ye Mo lost all interest for the Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation. He was even unhappy, only a green robed messenger came to invite him.

Ye Mo and them stayed inside for three days because Ye Mo had to concoct pills. Ye Mo was also worried the Xin Cultivator a.s.sociation would come investigate him but Ye Mo realized he thought too much.

That's true, he only got invited by a green robed messenger, they didn't even take him that seriously.

On the fourth day, Ye Mo was planning to go to Heaven 36 Domains when the Yan siblings came over. Ye Mo saw they were fine and knew the YI Xing Vine had worked.

The three thanked Ye Mo and Yan ZHengxin wanted to lead Ye Mo to Heaven 36 Domains. According to Yan Yan, Yan Zhenxin was the youngest but he seemed older than the big brother. Anyhow, Ye Mo agreed.

Ye Mo didn't want Su Jingwen to go but she insisted on going. After all, it was dangerous to try there. Tang Mengrao also wanted to go there to deepen her understanding of domains, so they just all went together.

West Cultivator City was a strange city. The cultivator residential place, spirit farms, herb gardens, and mountain ranges were all joined together.

The Heaven 36 Domain was a few hundred kilometers from their hotel, but it was still in the city.

There was no air restriction so they arrived there soon.

The place was a trial ground and so Ye Mo thought there wouldn't be a lot of people like the South Peace State trial tablet square.

But when Ye Mo came here, he realized this place had formed a commercial district and a marketplace. There were shops everywhere.

As soon as Ye Mo walked in, he heard a bleak voice, "Brother Yan actually found the Yi Xing Vine, quite substantial. You can get up now, congratulations."

Yan Zhenxin heard this voice and his face turned bad, he stared at that cultivator asking coldly, "Jin Qilong, did you conspire with people to harm me 30 years ago?'

This man sneered. "Yan Zhenxin you need to be responsible for your words. I helped you out of goodwill and yet you speak of me like this. If you dare to do so again, don't blame me for being rude."

Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 90

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