Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 92

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SEG Chapter 5.8 —Supporting Female Reversal System (8)

The whistling mountain breeze, the dark woods.

Su Rui still carried around a complicated and detailed "zombie" disguise. At this time, Zhang Yamei has already roared at Little Li Xiang to go to sleep.

Su Rui has been quietly keeping guard beside Su Wan. He could feel that Su Wan's spiritual strength was reaching a certain bottleneck - those full of spiritual strength who are eager to breakthrough but can't find that critical point!

She will advance tonight. As to whether she will mutate, no one knows.

Su Wan's body exuded a faint, green s.h.i.+mmer. At this time, her entire body was shrouded in green light. The originally tall body has now begun to change closer to the shape of a normal human's body.

Although very vague, it is faintly discernible that she has a delicate and fine outline.

Su Rui quietly looked at Su Wan. He watched and watched and suddenly deeply frowned - Su Wan's spiritual strength was fluctuating greatly, and the light on her body was bright one moment and weak the next. Through that layer of green light, Su Rui can see Su Wan's somewhat distorted face -

"I have never loved you."

In the garden full of blooming Baby's Breath, the man's voice was as gentle and pleasant as ever, and the words he spoke hurt to the bone. 1 It's a flower breed.

Never loved!

What a ridiculous confession!

What was the previous gentle care?

What was the touching tired loving considered as?


Su Wan felt her voice tremble: "Don't, don't joke."

"I am not joking."

The man's cool, gentle gaze landed on Su Wan's face: "Xiao Wan, this is mine and Qin Qing's wedding invitation. Come early on the wedding day!"

Wedding, invitation card, scarlet red like blood.

I can never get the things that I work so hard for, but others can get it so easily.

Why do you keep pulling me out of h.e.l.l's abyss time and time again, but in a flash, make me fall into eternal darkness?

I, Su Wan……

Will not forgive!

Will, absolutely, not, forgive!

What I cannot get, others also cannot hope to get it……. cannot hope……

"Xiao Wan!"

"Xiao Wan!"

"I'm Su Rui! Can you hear me?"

Bright and beautiful blaze, scarlet red blood, within it, Su Wan dimly heard a familiar call.

So gentle, so intimate.

Her ice-cold heart was made to slowly warm up.

Su Rui…….

Su Rui……

In the midst of the blaze, a slender figure slowly appeared. Directly throwing himself over, an unprecedented scorching hot temperature.

He is….

Su Wan suddenly opened her eyes -

In the dark mountains, the cold wind whistled.

Su Rui quietly stood in front of her, his gaze filled with anxiety and panic.

The red in Su Wan's eyes flashed past, she opened her mouth: "I….."

"You've succeeded."

Su Rui looked at Su Wan. The heart that hung with worry, finally fell to the ground in an instant.

She has successfully advanced!

Su Wan did not appear very happy right now. She was a bit stunned. Just now when she was advancing, she seemed to have returned to the past, and saw, that man.

Xu Ce……

Su Wan softly drooped her eyes.

Remembering everything once again, her heart didn't seem to have hurt so much.

That man, who has always been the thorn in her heart, was the hatred that she can't forget. Now, SU Wan suddenly felt that that person was far from being as unforgettable as she had imagined. 2 Hmph, of course! How could that man compare to Su Rui!

At least…..

She already can't remember some of his appearance.

In the rush of time, only the feeling of her heart twisting remained in her memories. The dense unreconciled feeling that made people feel suffocated!

Just like the vow to "absolutely never forgive" in the blaze that filled the skies those years ago, the sole thing left between her and him was this tie……

"How are you?"

Seeing Su Wan keep looking down and not speaking, Su Rui couldn't help but step forward, wanting to touch Su Wan's shoulder.

"I'm fine."

Su Wan raised her face and faintly smiled at Su Rui: "You guess…. What kind of power did I mutate?"


Su Rui slightly muttered to himself: "Is it the same Healing system like the original owner?"

"It's not the healing skill, it's an illusionary skill!"

Similar to the ability of the spirit system, the main purpose is to make use of the weak points and the dark side of the hearts of humans, and is capable of making the most realistic scenes!

Illusion ah…….

Su Rui fixed his gaze at Su Wan: "Xiao Wan, you really are the best! When you just advanced, did you enter into an illusion? Did you see me? Did you?"


At Su Rui's eyes that showed a smile yet not a smile, Su Wan coldly turned her face away: "How can I see you. Impossible."


Seeing her in a hurry to defend herself, Su Rui's gaze sparkled and happily smiled as he squatted beside Su Wan: "I've kept guard for you for most of the night. I'm cold and sleepy. Let me borrow your shoulder and lean for a while. Let me warm up a bit."

"I'm a zombie."

Su Wan had to calmly state this fact - zombies don't have body temperature! Doctor, where is that far out of the ordinary IQ of yours ne?

Not bothering about the cold look on Su Wan's face, Su Rui still did whatever he wanted and leaned on Su Wan's shoulder, both his hands firmly winding around her arm -

Since the failure of Fang Zi Mu, the two-faced president, in that world, Su Rui relied on Young Master Situ's offensive of utterly shamelessly and desperately showing his love. At one time, it sounded out and lowered the bottom line of the defences of Su Wan's heart.

What is called a chaste woman who's scared of tangling with a youth? Generalissimo Su feels that he has already found the trick to chasing his wife - 3 Generalissimo is a very very important high-up General.

Tangle with her all the time, showing affection every minute and every second!

What is called you'll separate quicker if you show affection~ That is absolutely not true love!

Generalissimo Su thoroughly believes that true love is to show off!

Most of the night has already pa.s.sed.

Su Wan slightly tilted her head sideways. Her purpose was to see Su Rui's sleeping face.

Originally, that face was handsome and outstanding, but it had been long tossed about by he himself till it changed beyond recognition. This kind of Su Rui certainly made Su Wan feel at ease.

Seeing that cyan face briefly show a ferocious expression, Su Wan watched and watched. Su Wan herself couldn't help but softly laugh…..

Early next morning, Su Wan was awakened by noisy people.

She slightly opened her eyes and saw that the little zombie Li Xiang was squatting in front of her, stretching his long nails to reach into her pocket again and again.

What was placed in the pocket of the clothes was the crystal nucleus that Su Wan did not finish absorbing last night.

"You want it?"

Su Wan looked at Li Xiang's pitch-black eyes and softly asked.


Little Li Xiang nodded. Truly a clever little guy!

Zhang Yamei on the side looked at Su Wan's conversation with her son. She couldn't help but widen her eyes in shock: "You…….can speak?"

"Soon, your son will also speak again."

Su Wan did not look at Zhang Yamei's touched and amazed face. She took out a lowest-level crystal nucleus and shook it in front of little Li Xiang's face: "Little guy, you know that this thing is a good thing, but do you know how to absorb it?"

How to teach Little Li Xiang to absorb the nucleus is still a problem. Because he's too young, his consciousness is still not perfect. Presently, SU Wan isn't able to communicate with him.

"I can teach him."

She didn't know when Su Rui, who was next to her, woke up. His gaze also fell on Little Li Xiang -

Ng, this child's bones are amazing.  It's good material for practicing martial arts. Incidentally,… save the world and whatnot, they'll have to completely rely on him and Little Yan Yu!

General Su expresses, that it's fine that he's only responsible for showing love!

Little Li Xiang: That's really enough, Master!

Yan Yu: Sigh, actually, I think that rescuing the world this great mission, just giving it to Little Li Xiang is also fine! Su Yan, you wait for me!

Little Li Xiang: Coming to an agreement on the Master of the world, what about the Zombie King ne? There is no one of the opposite s.e.x! Hey! That sister over there, you stop~~

BLU: That d.a.m.ned Xu Ce breaking our Su Wan's heart like that! (ノ`□´)ノ⌒┻━┻

Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 92

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