Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 94

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SEG Chapter 5.10 —Supporting Female Reversal System (10)

"So, are you planning to abandon Uncle Tie and the rest? Just like how you….. abandoned my elder sister?"

Su Yan's words were like a thundering explosion in Chu Feiyang's mind. His face changed and his body subconsciously withdrew a step.

Who was it, who was it that told her?

Don't tell me that it was Yang Zixi, or perhaps Yang Wu?

"Su Yan, I didn't. The matter is actually……."

Chu Feiyang wanted to explain, but seeing the pale-faced, red-eyed child in front of him: "It turns out that it's true. Chu Feiyang, you really abandoned elder sister? How can you do this? Losing you is still better than making me call you brother-in-law! I don't have a brother-in-law like you! You don't deserve to be my brother-in-law! I hate you! Chu Feiyang, don't think that I will be grateful to you if you are good to me, I will one day avenge my elder sister!"

After saying so, Su Yan pushed Chu Feiyang and rushed out of the room.

"Su Yan!"

Chu Feiyang turned and wanted to catch up, but a tall, stalwart figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Yang Wu!"

Chu Feiyang recognised the ability user wearing a black uniform, it was Yang Wu.

"Long time no see."

Yang Wu softly spoke to Chu Feiyang, his tone low and expression indifferent.

"What do you guys want to do?"

Chu Feiyang saw that Su Yan's figure was going to disappear from his sight and couldn't help but feel a dash of impatience rise up: "She is just a child! Are you people really not even planning to let her go?"

"Win against me, and I'll release you."

While speaking, Yang Wu already unhesitantly took a shot…..

When Su Yan ran out of the room, her face was already full of tears.

Sure enough……

That night, she accidentally pa.s.sed Chu Feiyang's door and heard him talk in his sleep, the sound of "Xiao Wan, I'm sorry!" had made Su Yan long feel suspicious. At that time, she was unwilling to believe. She kept feeling that elder-brother-in-law loved sister so much, how could he watch as she died?


Cruel reality told her that in this world, no one can be trusted except for one's own relatives.

Dad, mom, sister, I miss you.

Su Yan aimlessly walked. She didn't where she walked to but when she returned to her senses, she saw a young woman completely dressed in a black uniform smiling as she stood in front of her…..

Cangya Base.

The night was dense, outside Cangya there was a large expanse of zombies restlessly moaning loudly at the fort of the base.

This group of zombies suddenly gathered from hundreds of miles more than 10 days ago. Cangya Base immediately enabled the highest defence alert. People throughout the entire base were anxious. Although the leader of the base Lu Qin immediately sent Chu Feiyang out to ask for help, Lu Qin was actually very clear in his heart that no one will help them.

Cangya Base was only one of the countless number of small bases in the end of the world. Although the people in their base did not have to worry about food and clothing, but compared to the truly big bases, their materials can be said to be insignificant.

Lu Qin actually already had the determination to die. When he first built this base alone, he wanted to give the homeless and miserable people a safe place. Now that the zombies are besieging the base, at worst, it's just dying with everyone!

It's just that what everyone didn't expect was that that large group of zombies didn't attack after coming to the city walls. They only surrounded Cangya Base and howled day and night, as if calling for something….. 1 Yeah, calling for more interactions between Su Wan and Su Rui!

In the base, Li Tao's face wasn't too good.

Originally, he could sneak out of the base and meet his wife and son every two days. After being sieged by the zombies, he hasn't gone out for more than 10 days.


In the night, the door was suddenly pushed open and Li Tao suddenly picked up the dagger beside him: "Who is it?"

"It's me."

A slightly childish voice of a child replied.

"Young Master!"

Li Tao's tone was full of pleasant surprise: "Young Master, do you have a way out of town?"

"I naturally have a way."

Yan Yu's voice was very serious. These few days, he had been trying to use spirit power to communicate with these zombies. He originally thought that these zombies were subordinates of a high-grade zombie, but the results of the spirit communication showed that these zombies were deliberately driven here, and the person who drove them here seemed to want to find someone here.

Determining that they weren't a danger, Yan Yu and Li Tao secretly exited the base. Through the interference of Yan Yu's spirit powers, those zombies wouldn't take the initiative to attack them. The two people went all the way through the zombies. Just when they walked a distance away from the zombies, they were stopped by two figures.

"A little imp with spirit powers?" 2 He calls Yan Yu 'xiao gui' which directly translates to 'little ghost'. Apparently, it's a term of endearment for children.

A young man wearing a white coat looked at Yan Yu with interest and his slender eyes slightly narrowed: "Mo Yin, grab him back  and give him to the doctor to do research, okay?"

The man in black, who he called Mo Yin, couldn't help but grin: "You should look for the doctor first and then say it again!"

"I can sense the doctor's breath, he's definitely nearby."

The expression of the man in white was very confident.

On the side, Li Tao took advantage of the time when the two people were carelessly talking and was about to secretly launch his ability. That man that was called Mo Yin suddenly pulled out a peculiar-shaped pistol from his waist: "Don't move. Otherwise, the one who loses out will definitely be you!"

Psionic pistol, a product of Luye Research Inst.i.tute, specialized to restrain all kinds of abilities?

This gun……

Yan Yu pursed his lips and spoke with a cold face: "I know where the person you're looking for is."


The two men looked at Yan Yu with surprise. That white-clothed man couldn't help but smile: "Little imp, you shouldn't deceive people ah! Otherwise, big brother will get very angry!"

"Why would I want to lie to you? I also happen to be looking for him. If you believe me, then follow me ba!"

"Okay, you take the lead!"

Mo Yin put away the gun and deeply looked at Yan Yu.

Being looked at by him made Yan Yu a little bit nervous but he thought of his elder sister and elder brother-in-law, and Yan Yu immediately felt full of confidence -

Brother-in-law has said before that in this world, there's nothing to be afraid of.

Always being filled with horror and anxiety, is just people's own heart.

"Follow me!"

Yan Yu took a deep breath and brought Li Tao and the two other people to where Su Wan and the rest were hiding.

By this time, it was already late at night. Zhang Yamei mother and son have long gone to sleep, and Su Rui and Su Wan were just resting. When Yan Yu brought three people over, Su Wan and Su Rui immediately woke up.

"Yan Yu has returned."

Su Wan looked at Su Rui: "He also brought guests. They're probably here to find you ba?"

Actually, Su Wan already sensed those two people when they appeared more than 10 days ago, but Su Rui said that there was no need to pay attention to them. Su Wan naturally just let it be and treated them as if they didn't exist.

At this time, Yan Yu had already reached outside the ruins that they were resting in.

"Brother-in-law, are you here? There are two people who want to meet you!"

Yan Yu didn't enter, but shouted from the outside instead.

A certain duo at the back: …….

What the h.e.l.l was with the brother-in-law?

Just when the two were baffled, they saw two zombies, one male one female, walking out from within the ruins.

This is…..

A familiar air hit them in the face in a flash and made the two people stunned in place -

How do we report this?

The air from this zombie is just like my family's doctor's?

Cough, cough! No, how could the doctor be a zombie?

Even if the doctor really became a zombie, then he would be the most handsome zombie in the world ah! You can't deny it ah! So, what the h.e.l.l is with that ugly person in front of him ah!

"Chi Yi, I know you're ridiculing right now."

Su Rui suddenly spoke, his voice cold as ice.

"Doc, doctor!"

The man in white clothes resolutely swallowed a mouthful of saliva and stared at the nearby Su Rui, his tone full of excitement: "Doctor, are you really the doctor? Doctor, how did you become like this? Are you personally experiencing life? Ah! Don't tell me that you're trying the drug using your own body? Wuwuwu, Doctor, you're truly too great, I….."

"Mo Yin, ask him to shut up!"

Su Rui coldly commanded.


Mo Yin at the side immediately single-handedly wound around Chi Yi's neck and used his palm to firmly cover his mouth.

Chi Yi: Mmhmm…….hmmm….

The world is finally peaceful!


Finally catching the opportunity, Yan Yu immediately dashed to Su Wan and Su Rui's side: "Brother-in-law, it's that man in white clothes, he is not a good man!"

Chi Yi: Mmhmm….mmphhh….

What crime did the Lun family commit ah?

Seeing no reaction from Su Rui, Yan Yu's gaze s.h.i.+fted and turned to look at Su Wan: "Elder sister, you have to help me teach them a lesson, just now they even held out a gun and pointed it at Li Tao."

Chi Yi/ Mo Yin: …….

The female zombie was actually your elder sister! ! ! Even three exclamation points cannot express the shock in their hearts - 3 Then, what about 6 ?

In order to personally experience the life of a zombie, our family's Doctor actually married a female zombie wife!

Right at this time, Little Li Xiang, who was woken up by the bustle outside, swayingly walked out from within the ruins. Seeing the two unfamiliar and dangerous people, he subconsciously hid behind Su Wan and Su Rui, the two small hands tenaciously clinging to both their pants.

Chi Yi/ Mo Yin: What is with this little zombie? Don't tell us that this is the doctor's son?

In just a few seconds, the three views of the two people had been refreshed again and again! 4 It's a culture thingy, but I can't remember what they are. I couldn't find it online, so if a kind, awesome reader could just mention this in the comment, it'd be great~!

Seeing the lifeless expression of the two silent people, Su Wan couldn't help but smile. She raised her hand and stroked Yan Yu's head and softly whispered: "You are such a little imp. They are… your brother-in-law's men. En, they'll be yours in the future. If you really want to teach them a lesson, you can personally teach them yourself afterwards!"

Chi Yi: This female zombie can actually speak? Wait, wait! It seemed like she said something impossible just now? She actually wants to make us the subordinates of that little imp? What joke is she pulling? Lun family is the elite of the elite ah!

Mo Yin: ……

When Mo Yin and Chi Yi looked at Su Rui as if they were requesting for help, they saw Su Rui turn and spoke to Yan Yu with a smile: "Your older sister is right. They will be under your command!"

Mo Yin: …….

Chi Yi: Doctor! Didn't you say that you'll be our good boss our whole lives?

Su Rui: Ah?

Chi Yi: Okay, there's no need for a lifetime.

Mo Yin: Having such a stupid partner, I'm also drunk.

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Sinister Ex-Girlfriend Chapter 94

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