One Hundred Ways To Become A God Chapter 9 Part1

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Chapter 9 - Part 1
The overbearing patriarch fell in love with me

Translated by peonynoveltl

       Mo Lanyu has been very unhappy recently.
  First of all, her investment failed and her partner cheated a lot of money. In order to give her money for investment at that time, her mother had to clench her teeth and lower her head to go borrow money from her sn.o.bby family that has never been close to them. It hasn't been a long time, but that group of fickle and ungrateful relatives are already rus.h.i.+ng them to pay back their money like their b.u.t.t is on fire, not giving them any room to breathe. Although Mo Tiangao and Chen Cuiwei never clearly told her about these things, the sadness on her parents' face and the quarrels that broke out from time to time made her realize the difficult situation at home.
  Mo Lanyu was very ashamed. She who has always been praised as a business genius actually took such a huge tumble for believing in her own people!
  The university that she studies in is a famous economics university in China. The people that can enroll aren't stupid, many successors of financial groups went there to get gilded*. Originally, she already gained a lot of fame at school for her high-yield investments, causing the students to admire and pursue*. After all, not every soph.o.m.ore student have the same skills and foresight like her! But to have people pursue her, there are of course vile people* who hate her too. However, those people don't dare to say anything in front of her due to her popularity in school, they only dare to say a few bad words behind her back. But this time she took a huge tumble and news already traveled to the school. Those people caught the stain on her and immediately became arrogant, they spoke sarcastically and made innuendoes* in front of her face several times.

*Cover thinly with gold
- having a pleasing or showy appearance that conceals something of little worth
- rich/higher social cla.s.s
*chase after someone/something popular *villain/nasty person/back-stabber
*attack by innuendo/spit groundless rumours

  How can she endure it!
  She wished* she could catch those people and tear up their mouths! But she must endure this anger, don’t know how many children from wealthy families with amazing backgrounds there are in this school. She's from an ordinary family, there won't be any benefits from tearing up their faces.

*hate to be unable to/itching to do something

  After cursing those vile people in her heart, Mo Lanyu calmed down and began to think about business. They can't go on like this, her family needs money to pay off the debts owed and also support her next investment. Mo Lanyu thought deeply for a long time and came up with a solution, but she was still somewhat hesitant and decided to consider for a few more days.
  Time pa.s.sed by quickly and half a month later, one of Mo Lanyu’s admirers, a wealthy rich second generation, invited her to a dinner party. The party is held by a famous local entrepreneur to celebrate the 18th birthday of his only son. Perhaps the intention is to pave the way for his only son, the scale of the banquet is very large and local merchants with fame and prestige were all invited. She heard that Mo Yitao will also attend and it's for this reason that Mo Lanyu accepted the invitation from the admirer that she doesn't quite like.
  On the day of the dinner party, Mo Lanyu dressed up very meticulously.She's beautiful to begin with and also has a different type of temperament. This time, she did her makeup delicately and dressed herself in a slim and elegant evening gown. Among the myriad of beauties during the banquet, she really stood out.
  Enjoying the amazed eyes of everyone at the venue, Mo Lanyu's recent gloomy mood also dissipated quite a lot at this moment. She became more at ease as she followed the rich second generation to communicate with everyone. Even though she came to the banquet as the rich second generation's female companion, she isn't very close to him. She only held the crook of his arm for a while when entering the venue.
  Although the rich second generation was rather dissatisfied with Mo Lanyu and her att.i.tude of keeping a distance, she was still a woman that he has a good impression on. Bringing her to the banquet gave him great face*, so he won't care about those minor things.


One Hundred Ways To Become A God Chapter 9 Part1

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