Three Weddings and a Kiss Part 32

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Raelynn sighed as her eyes searched his. "Do you mean that?"

"We have certainly done this whole thing wrong-about, Raelynn. We have put the sail abaft the mast or, if you will, the cart before the horse, but I would have you consider this, madam. The most serious vow was given first, and now we must take into account all the rest." He cupped her chin and stared into her liquid eyes. When he continued, his voice was soft and husky. "It seems I've known you for a thousand years and have only awaited your coming, yet with trembling breath I shall tarry even longer 'til you know the full extent of my honor, as well as my failings, and choose to come to me of your own free will."

"We are strangers...." she whispered breathlessly.

"We are married," Jeff countered gently. "And you are everything I desire. I knew that the moment I saw you."

"Please take me in, Jeff," Raelynn pleaded faintly.

"Your wish is my command, my lady." He took her arm and gallantly complied, then accompanied her upstairs in silence as she made a slow, measured ascent. Escorting her to the entrance of the bedroom adjoining his, he reached out to push the door open and waited for her to leave him. She did not.

Blus.h.i.+ng lightly, Raelynn faced her handsome husband. "Would you think me forward, Jeffrey, if I asked to be kissed?"

He stepped close, and she reached parted lips up toward his in antic.i.p.ation, eager to receive his gently questing kiss. Her senses quivered crazily as Jeff's arms tightened about her and pulled her fully against his long frame. His eyes flamed as he searched her face, seeming to stare into her very soul, demanding answers she was too embarra.s.sed to give.

Jeff was rather amazed that she did not pull away, for the sensual pleasure of holding her against him had affected him in ways he was sure his young wife could not ignore. But instead of pulling back, Raelynn yielded completely to him, leaning into him and raising on tiptoe to accommodate his height.

Desiring her more than he had any woman, Jeff was bold enough to forge ahead, though a part of him waited apprehensively for that moment when she might show some resistance. Lowering his head, he seized her lips with a greedy fervor that made Raelynn catch her breath in delight, and she clung to him with a fevered pa.s.sion she had not even known she was capable of.

No denials came, and Jeff bent to sweep Raelynn in his arms. He bore her to the bed, pausing only to thrust the door shut with his heel.

About the Authors.

Catherine Anderson.

CATHERINE ANDERSON lives with her "wonderful" husband, Sid, and her beloved Rottweilers, Goliath and Sampson, in a secluded mountaintop chalet that is surrounded by towering fir trees and overlooks the beautiful Umpqua Valley of central Oregon. The entire west side of their house is gla.s.s, and of an evening, their loft bedroom is softly illuminated by the gorgeous sunsets and the city lights of Sutherlin, a quaint little town that was founded well over a century ago. It is, according to her, the perfect setting for a historical romance writer, for everywhere she looks there is something to inspire her.

An award-winning author of eleven published books, Catherine is presently working on her second full-length historical romance for Avon Books. Her first, Annie's Song, will be released in January 1996.

Loretta Chase.

LORETTA CHASE was graduated somewhat belatedly from Clark University with a B.A. in English. In the interim, she was a jeweler's clerk, boutique sales clerk, and meter maid. Thereafter she worked at her alma mater. It was while moonlighting as a video scriptwriter that she met her husband, Walter, a video producer, who eventually seduced her into becoming an author. The recipient of several Romantic Times awards, she is also a Romance Writers of America RITA Award winner for The Sandalwood Princess, and a Golden Choice nominee for The Lion's Daughter. The latter was the first in a series of interconnected historical romances, followed by Captives of the Night and most recently Lord of Scoundrels, which tells Lord and Lady Dain's story. The next book of the series is in progress.

Lisa Kleypas.

After graduating from Wellesley College with a political science degree, LISA KLEYPAS decided to make writing her full-time career. She is a former Miss Ma.s.sachusetts and competed in the 1985 Miss America Pageant. Lisa's bestselling novels with Avon are Only in Your Arms, Only With Your Love, Then Came You, Dreaming of You, Midnight Angel, and Prince of Dreams. Recently married to an environmental scientist, Lisa and her husband live in Houston, Texas.

Kathleen E. Woodiwiss.

KATHLEEN E. WOODIWISS is America's preminent author of historical fiction. She has written eight novels, all of which have become multimillion-copy bestsellers. Her novels have been translated into fifteen languages. Ms. Woodiwiss lives in Louisiana, where she is currently at work on a new novel.


A magnificent collection of NEW love stories-a glorious celebration of the tender enchantment of a kiss...and the powerful magic of two hearts uniting for all time.

Featuring- KATHLEEN E. WOODIWISS, the grande dame of romantic fiction, author of eight consecutive New York Times bestsellers. There are over 32 million copies of her books in print, beginning with The Flame and the Flower through to her latest, Forever in Your Embrace.

CATHERINE ANDERSON is a past winner of the Romance Writers of America JANET DAILEY Award, as well as CAREER ACHIEVEMENT, REVIEWER'S CHOICE, and six consecutive KISS awards from Romantic Times.

LORETTA CHASE is a winner of the Romance Writers of America RITA Award.

"A true treasure"

Romantic Times LISA KLEYPAS is one of the most popular and fastest-rising stars in the romantic firmament.

"More than just a fine writer...

She's a genuine phenomenon."

Heart to Heart

By Lisa Kleypas

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Three Weddings and a Kiss

Copyright This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fict.i.tiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Copyright 1995 Avon Books

Fancy Free copyright 1995 by Adeline Catherine Anderson

The Mad Earl's Bride copyright 1995 by Loretta Chekani

Promises copyright 1995 by Lisa Kleypas

The Kiss copyright 1995 by Kathleen E. Woodwiss

Three Weddings and a Kiss Part 32

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