Path to Heaven Chapter 1283

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A terrifying aura that was as vast as the ocean vibrated within the region of over a hundred thousand miles.

Earlier, when Wei Suo had read the records, he had already thought that it was impossible to imagine a great enemy vanquished from 10,000 miles away with a single finger. But now, he had crossed the void and destroyed more than a dozen white bone s.h.i.+ps with a single finger, leaving a deep gully in the ground hundreds of thousands of miles away.

This method caused the time in the Wilderness of the Cloud Spirit Continent to freeze.

None of the alien Heavenly Demons dared to move, and even the golden-colored skeleton Heavenly Demon Emperor was instantly terrified, thinking that an even more powerful figure had appeared in this world.


Two cold currents of electricity shot out from Wei Suo's eyes.


Standing in the sky above the Wilderness of the Cloud Spirit Continent, the Golden Skeleton Otherworldly Demon Emperor screamed miserably. The s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows split open and golden blood spurted out continuously.

"Shua!" "This …" Wei Suo didn't stop his incantation at all. His two hands pushed open the door as if it were a door, and pushed towards the void in front of him. "Bam!" In the endless void above, there was a huge tremor. The position of one of the stars had been pushed so far that it seemed to s.h.i.+ft. Under Wei Suo's guidance, all of the powers that were pulled out rushed towards the Cloud Spirit Continent like a tide.

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Ten incomparably large light figures suddenly emerged from the void. Each of them was formed from all sorts of strange star traction forces and star beams.

In the sky above the wild wasteland of the Cloud Spirit Continent, with the exception of the gigantic white bone s.h.i.+p of the Golden Skeleton King, all the other s.h.i.+ps were instantly crushed to pieces by the ten incomparably large light figures.


Wei Suo's expression was extremely solemn. After this attack was launched, he did not continue to attack the golden-colored skeleton, and there was still golden blood spraying out of his forehead. Instead, an endless divine light surged from his body, and three enormous Sky Wheel Wheels appeared above his head.

"They'll be here soon." After the evolution of the three enormous Celestial Wheel, everything seemed to have slowed down. After everything quieted down, Wei Suo looked deeply at Jia and the others, and said this in a low voice.

"Ahhhh!" In the Wilderness of the Cloud Spirit Continent, the Golden Skeleton Otherworldly Demon Emperor let out an intense roar. In the sky, a beam of light shot out and landed in front of him. With a loud buzzing sound, the alien Heavenly Demon Emperor, whose golden blood was flowing between his eyebrows, made a slas.h.i.+ng motion with his hands, and the gigantic white bone wheel that he was on started to move once again. The huge white bone wheel emitted the essence from the heads of countless alien Heavenly Demons, and instantly disappeared into the light pillar.

"You didn't kill all the s.h.i.+ps. You intentionally left one like this behind to lure the alien Heavenly Demons away from the Cloud Spirit Continent." The Exquisite Heaven immediately understood Wei Suo's intention, but her entire body was ice-cold.

She knew that if Wei Suo had the ability to kill this Golden Skeleton Otherworldly Demonic Emperor, he would definitely exterminate all of these Otherworldly Demonic Beasts in the Cloud Spirit Continent.

It was only when there was no absolute power to kill them that these alien Heavenly Demons would be lured here.

Facing an alien Heavenly Demon Emperor who did not have the ability to completely exterminate him in a short period of time, how could he possibly stand a chance against three alien Heavenly Demon Emperors and several quasi Emperor level characters?

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Just as this thought flashed through Ling Tian's mind, a terrifying aura suddenly permeated the entirety of the origin of the Wasteland. This aura spread out from the void, as if it could pierce through the ancient and modern worlds, vast and boundless stars.

An alien Heavenly Demon Emperor with his black hair fluttering in the wind, exuding a monstrous pressure, instantly appearing in the darkness.

This black-haired alien Heavenly Demon face looked very young and handsome, only a little over twenty years old. Moreover, the black divine light surrounding his body condensed into a black lotus, making him look more like a human emperor than an alien Heavenly Demon.


Just as it materialized, over a thousand black arms appeared around Wei Suo. Each of his arms held a different crystal weapon, and each of them could tear through the void, radiating with colorful lights as they shot towards Wei Suo.

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Behind Wei Suo, countless sparkling and translucent divine lights also suddenly appeared, condensing into 36 arms. In each arm, immortal diagrams appeared one after another in the palm of each hand.

However, the power of the immortal diagrams didn't deal with the black arms first. Instead, they shot into the void at the first possible moment.


A ma.s.s of light and shadow were swept out from the void. It was a gigantic white bone s.h.i.+p!

This white bone s.h.i.+p seemed to be much older than the rest of the white bone s.h.i.+ps. It was as if it had been sailing through s.p.a.ce for countless tens of thousands of years, and every alien head on the surface of the s.h.i.+p seemed to be older than the rest of the white bone s.h.i.+ps.

At the bow of the huge white bone s.h.i.+p stood an extremely old and unsightly Heavenly Demon with a white beard.

The origin energy fluctuations coming from this extremely old alien Heavenly Demon were the same as the golden skeleton of the alien Heavenly Demon, causing the world to tremble. It was also a true Emperor level character.


After forcing the old Otherworldly Demonic Emperor out of the void along with the huge white bone s.h.i.+p, Wei Suo opened his mouth and spat out a terrifying stream of blood. It was as if all the blood in his body had been spurted out, forming a blood-red sword.

"Clang!" The countless sounds in the sky rippled with unimaginable killing intent and astonis.h.i.+ng willpower.

"How is this possible? Your consciousness clearly doesn't have me …" Over a thousand black arms and the crystal weapon in his hand were completely shattered by the blood-red sword. The two pale white streams of light that shot out from his eyes were completely unable to stop the blood-red sword in any way, but they had no effect whatsoever on the blood-red sword as white flowers blossomed from it. In the center of each white bone flower was a desolate mountain of bones.

Half of his body was directly sliced off by the blood-red sword, turning into ash that shot into the void.

"Your thoughts even surpa.s.s life and death. How can a locust like people like you understand the determination we have to defend this world and the people beside you? "Even if your spiritual sense is slightly more powerful than mine, how could you possibly resist my Determined Dao Sword?" As if answering the unbelieving question of this handsome alien Heavenly Demon with fluttering black hair, as if it were evolving into a G.o.d, countless black ice runes pierced the void. Around him, thousands of white bone lotuses bloomed in the void, but they only extended a tiny flower bud before their light dimmed and withered down.

While he was fighting two Emperor-level characters alone, Wei Suo was also clearly fighting a few Half Martial Emperor and quasi Emperor level monsters.

Within the strong Transcendent Heaven Domain, he was able to contend against two great emperors and these Half Martial Emperor-level characters. In a single exchange, he actually wasn't at a disadvantage at all.


However, at this moment, a golden desert appeared in front of Wei Suo.

A shocking aura of death permeated the air, causing the originally desolate paG.o.da to instantly lose all life within it.

The alien Heavenly Demon Emperor, who was still spewing golden blood on his forehead, raised a golden ancient spear in his hands and roared as he charged forward. "Chi!" The spear pierced through Wei Suo's body, sending him flying into the air.

Everyone fell into despair. Wei Suo still had some strength left to fight against the two Otherworldly Demonic Emperors, but just as he had said, he was indeed not a match for the three Otherworldly Demonic Emperors.

Half of the black-haired alien Heavenly Demon also grew out. The only difference was that the elemental energy fluctuations around its body had weakened by a great deal, but it clearly didn't have any life-threatening effects.

Wei Suo was the best example of this. For an Emperor level character, the most powerful aspect was not some true essence strength, but their control over the origin laws. Three alien Heavenly Demon Emperors having arrived at the same time, this was already a sure death situation.


The moment Wei Suo was sent flying by the spear, seven different colored bone trees suddenly grew on top of his head, and seven different colored bone branches fiercely lashed out at his body.


Han Weiwei and the others nearly all jumped up. It was as if the seven colors of the bone shoot at their hearts.

Wei Suo's body was slapped until it almost completely crumbled, as if he was about to turn into ashes.


But at this moment, a piece of wood appeared in Wei Suo's body, shaking with an immortal aura. At the same time, his body was also emitting the same immortal aura. The seven different colored bone trees were actually sent flying backwards by his body.

"If you want to invade our world, you have to ask how many of your own side will survive."

"You die first!"

At the same time, such a voice came from Wei Suo's mouth, like the voice of a G.o.d.


The Heavenly Demon Emperor who wielded a golden ancient spear and had just sent Wei Suo flying was suddenly overwhelmed with shock as he flew backwards.

However, a terrifying might instantly broke out of the earth and immobilized his body.

"Swis.h.!.+" "Swis.h.!.+" "Swis.h.!.+"

At this moment, in the s.p.a.ce around Wei Suo and this Golden Bone Exotic Demon, countless other G.o.ds were fighting with Han Weiwei and the others. The other two figures of the Demon Emperor were desperately blocking Wei Suo's attack against the Demon Emperor, but Wei Suo had simultaneously evolved into other powerful beings to block the might of these two emperors.

However, no one was able to stop the frightening power that broke out of the ground.

An indigo colored star core was released, instantly burning thoroughly. It merged with the countless transparent divine lights that Wei Suo had released earlier to form an indigo colored torrent, rus.h.i.+ng towards the body of the terrified Golden Bone Otherworldly Sky Demon Emperor.

This Heavenly Demon Emperor of the Golden Bone Region turned into dust, disappearing into the current, without a trace of life.

One of the emperors had been killed by Wei Suo!


At the same time, the entire Rage race's origin paG.o.da violently shook, and began to collapse from the void, falling down.

However, there wasn't the slightest change in Wei Suo's expression. His gaze swept across the other two Otherworldly Demon Emperors as well as the gigantic white bone s.h.i.+p on the other s.h.i.+p. His voice was as cold as a blade. "Don't forget, this world is my home."


Path to Heaven Chapter 1283

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