Path to Heaven Chapter 453

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"This is?"

The light of this escape route was golden in color and extremely hot. It was a very large ma.s.s that completely cut off half the waterfall and sent it flying with astonis.h.i.+ng momentum. With such a sudden turn of events, not to mention Feng Zhiyou and Zhang Guihui, even s.h.i.+ Feiqing, who was always in a cold posture, was shocked.

This extremely shocking Escape was actually a golden pavilion, seven stories high. The outside was dazzling, making one unable to look closely, and the inside was filled with precious gems and bright lights. From inside, a melodious sound of drums could be heard, as if a real pavilion was flying in the sky.

However, this pavilion was emitting an astonis.h.i.+ng coercion and its speed was extremely astonis.h.i.+ng. In a blink of an eye, the several people didn't even have the time to take a good look at this majestic golden pavilion flying magic tool and had already disappeared from everyone's sight.

Wei Suo's face instantly changed.

Just now, when he scanned it with his divine sense, he couldn't scan it. It was clear that this extremely powerful flying magic treasure had restrictions to prevent other cultivators' divine senses from scanning it. In addition, the escaping speed of this grand, pavilion-shaped magic treasure was actually nearly twice as fast as his own s.h.i.+p had been!

One had to know that Wei Suo's Fire Boat was one of the top flying magic treasures in the vicinity of the Sea Immortal City of the Cloud Spirit Continent. At the very least, Wei Suo had never seen a flying magic treasure that could fly faster than the Li Huo Boat. However, the speed of this flying magic treasure was twice as fast as the speed of the s.h.i.+p itself. This kind of speed was simply outrageous.

What caused his expression to change even more was that not long after this golden building disappeared from his line of sight, the fish shaped communication jade talisman on his waist immediately dimmed.

If the one who activated the fish shaped communication talisman was Nangong Yuqing, then either she had already stopped activating the transmission talisman or she had flown away in the shape of a golden pavilion magic treasure.

He looked at the direction in which the frightening golden light disappeared without the slightest trace. Wei Suo's complexion immediately changed as he concentrated a strand of primeval essence into the communication talisman in his hand.

However, after concentrating his true essence and stopping his hand, there were no longer any changes to his transmission talisman.

"How is it? There shouldn't be any problems with this red seed." At this time, the black clothed cultivator, who had been intimidated by this astonis.h.i.+ng golden light, became a little impatient when he saw that Feng Zhiyou and the rest did not give him the Spirit Mother's horn.

"Fellow Daoist." Feng Zhiyou nodded, and just as he was about to throw the Spirit Mother's horn to this black robed cultivator, Wei Suo suddenly took the Spirit Mother's horn and clasped his hands towards this black robed cultivator that didn't seem to be in a good mood to talk, and asked calmly, "Does this dao friend know which senior just left with this ball of light? Is this your Master, Daoist Master Blackwolf? "

"Did you guys come here to trade or to ask for information?" The black clothed cultivator sneered and looked meaningfully at the Spirit Earth Beetle in Wei Suo's and Wei Suo's hands. He then raised his hands and didn't say anything.

Clearly, this cultivator's current att.i.tude is that you should be sensible and take the Mother's horn and leave.

"That person might be related to me greatly. May I ask if you can help me inform him of my origins?" However, Wei Suo still looked at the black robed cultivator and said without saying anything.

"Are you trying to blackmail me?" Hearing Wei Suo's words, the black robed cultivator's face immediately stiffened. He looked at Wei Suo with a cold expression and said, "If I don't tell you where this person came from, would you give me the Mother Spirit's horn?"

Hearing the black robed cultivator say this, Feng Zhiyou's expression suddenly became cold. He opened his mouth wanting to say something, but Zhang Zhengming immediately pulled on his magic robe. At this moment, Zhang Yuanzhong could already tell that the light definitely had something to do with Wei Suo.

"I just want you to help me out, Fellow Daoist. Tell me about this person's background. Is it really just a small matter for you?" Wei Suo said expressionlessly, "Furthermore, if you can really help me, I will definitely thank you. As for Fellow Daoist, if you do not want to help me, then I will trouble you to inform your Master that I am requesting to meet your Master. You do not need to blame me for threatening you, Fellow Daoist."

"Speaking of which, you're quite sharp tongued, but I'm too lazy to bulls.h.i.+t with you." The black clothed cultivator disdainfully snorted and said: "To be honest, if you know what's good for you, then quickly give me the Mother Spirit's horn, otherwise, even if I kill you, if I tell you the truth, it will be you who are greedy for my essence and won't trade with us. And you even boastfully boasted about meeting my Master. What kind of ident.i.ty do you think you have? Do you think you are a great cultivator of the Aurous Core stage? "

"What if I am a great cultivator of the Aurous Core stage?" Wei Suo glanced at the black robed cultivator and spoke slowly.

"You …" The black clothed cultivator wanted to say something, but his expression suddenly changed because at this moment, an extremely powerful pressure was emitted from Wei Suo's body, causing his mind to be severely shaken, causing him to almost be unable to breathe.

"You … Previous... Senior, did you hide your cultivation? This humble one was rude earlier, please do not blame me, Senior. " The black robed cultivator was dazed for a few moments before his expression became ugly as he regained his senses. Even the way he addressed him changed immediately.

"Was the person who just left your master, Daoist Master Black Wolf?" Wei Suo didn't waste time with the black clothed cultivator and directly asked.

"This senior isn't my master. He just happened to pa.s.s by and came to visit my master." Moreover, at the moment he knew nothing about Wei Suo's origins, and he was also not afraid of the actions of a great Aurous Core stage cultivator. If he angered Wei Suo, even if he did not make a move against him, he would directly take care of him and the Spirit Channeling Mother's horn and leave, and he would have no way to be like the Black Wolf Priestess and would definitely suffer an extremely severe punishment. So after saying this, this black clothed cultivator immediately added: "However, I don't know the exact origin of this senior."

"Then can you help me inform your Master that I have some things that I want to request to see him about?" Seeing that this black robed cultivator was very cooperative, Wei Suo's tone also softened a bit. In that instant, he already understood that with the speed at which the light fled, there was no way for him to catch up. Now, he could only obtain information about the owner of the light from the Black Wolf Priestess. With Nangong Yuqing's cultivation, it was naturally impossible for her to be the master of that flying light.

"Senior, please wait a moment. Junior will now go inform my Master." The black clothed cultivator did not dare to say these words without the slightest bit of hesitation, and then immediately turned around and rushed into the waterfall behind him.

"Bro, what's going on?" The moment the black clothed cultivator rushed into the waterfall, Zhang Zongming couldn't help but ask Wei Suo.

"I had a good friend in the Spirit Mountain City before who was also as close to you as you were. I had been using this communication talisman to contact you. However, since a few years ago, the news had completely disappeared. But just now, this transmission talisman lit up again. " Wei Suo didn't try to hide anything. He handed the fish shaped communication talisman over to Zhang Zongming to take a look, "If nothing goes wrong, my good friend must be in that flying magic treasure."

"What good friend? Isn't she just a soulmate? In front of us, what else is there to pretend for me to be?" Hearing Wei Suo's words, Zhang Yanzhui immediately gave an ambiguous chuckle.

"How do you know?" Wei Suo was immediately dumbfounded.

"Why are men so worried? No matter how close we are, we will always feel that the other side has their own world. They might be doing quite well in the outside world, so they definitely won't keep this thing outside at all times." "Heh heh," Zhang Yuanzhong laughed again, "But I say that your best friend must also have a deep affection for you. Otherwise, why would she be fine and try to activate this communication talisman? Every time she activates it, it means that she wants to see you again. You said she would never know you were around here. "

"This …" For a moment, Wei Suo's heartbeat quickened, and he was unable to speak.

"This Escape Light is no trivial matter. Moreover, it can fly out so recklessly. It seems like it doesn't need to care about Black Wolf's face at all. This person's ident.i.ty shouldn't be inferior to Black Wolf." Feng Zhiyou said with a serious expression.

"May I know which fellow Daoist is here to pay a visit to me?" At this moment, a hearty laugh came from the waterfall.

And the entire waterfall was suddenly like a curtain as it rolled up to the sides. It revealed that around the waterfall, there was indeed a water-type magic formation.

Along with this hearty laughter, a middle-aged cultivator of around forty years of age, who was also dressed in black Dharma robes and appeared to be of medium height, appeared from within and clasped his hands towards Wei Suo and the others as a form of greeting.

The black spiritual energy around the black robed cultivator roiled non-stop and impressively formed into the shape of black wolves. They seemed to be surrounded by many small black barbarian wolves; it was obvious that they were the Black Wolf Daoist.

"Next season, Li Jun will also be a rogue cultivator cultivating outside the sky. I originally wanted to make a deal with Fellow Daoist, but I just happened to come across something and wanted to ask for Fellow Daoist's help. " Wei Suo also cupped his hands together and extended his hand to point at the Earth Mother's horn in front of her.

"Many thanks to dao friend for bringing such a great item." Naturally, he kept the Psychic Mother's horn and smiled. He said: "I heard from my disciple that you wanted to find out the information about that light just now. Please forgive me for asking, but do you have any intentions in finding out about this light just now?"

Path to Heaven Chapter 453

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