Path to Heaven Chapter 478

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"Old man, tell me, I still have about two and a half days. What else can I prepare?"

Inside the quiet room, Wei Suo looked at the green robed old man floating above the Spirit Raising Pot with a slightly depressed expression.

The green-robed old man was the most crucial item on Wei Suo's hand. Therefore, he did not even inform Zhang Yuanzhong and the others of the existence of the green-robed old man.

Although Wei Suo really wanted to hear what Ji Ya and Nangong Yuqing wanted to say alone, since Jia Ya had said so, he would definitely be chased away by her if he were to remain there brazenly. Thus, he could only obediently return to the quiet room and prepare to go to the Green City's Ruins.

After making this agreement with Li Ruohai and the others, on the way back, Wei Suo took out the two pieces of the map. However, the two pieces of the map were only a part of the map, it was impossible to put them together, and unless one was in the Green City Ruins, Wei Suo had no way of knowing where the two pieces of the map were located in the Green City Ruins.

"I don't know." Hearing Wei Suo's question, the green-robed old man directly snorted.

"Stop messing around, I was just messing around. Even if you can't wait for me to help you with your Consolidating Equipment, I promise you that after we return from Green City Ruins, I'll take you to a place like Willow Lane and show you the way. Wei Suo said gloomily.

"That's more like it." The green-robed old man glanced at Wei Suo with a look of acceptance and compromise.

"Then you can think with me now and prepare some useful things." Wei Suo couldn't help but roll his eyes, feeling that the green-robed old man was a little perverted. However, thinking back to when he was still a virgin, he felt that peeping on a female cultivator's bath was also very satisfying. Wei Suo felt that he could understand the green-robed old man a little, so he didn't argue with him. After all, according to the green-robed old man, after condensing his true form, the green-robed old man could be the same as a true male cultivator. After all, according to the green-robed old man, after condensing his true form, the green-robed old man could be the same as a true male cultivator.

"In such a short period of time, what else could I have prepared? At most, I could only train your Black Water Lotus for a bit, and I could only do my best to cultivate your Celestial Dragon Star Tempering Art." The green-robed old man seemed to have thought of this long ago as he spoke directly.

"Celestial Dragon Star Tempering Body Technique?" Wei Suo was startled.

The Black Water Lotus itself was part of his plan. In the last battle at Little Ye Mountain, other than the magic treasure fragment that Daoist Master Shark refined with water viper, Wei Suo also obtained something that could nourish the Black Water Lotus. Using these materials to refine the Black Water Lotus, it would definitely increase the power of the Black Water Lotus by a level. After all, the Spirit Water Bamboo alone was not inferior to the Black Water Lotus.

However, the Celestial Dragon Star Tempering Body Technique was not included in Wei Suo's calculations.

"It's not like you haven't seen Sage Tian Luo's technique. When you were gambling, if it wasn't for the fact that his body was so tough, even if that Destructive Gold Pill didn't kill him, it would have seriously injured him. It wouldn't have been so easy for him." The green-robed old man rolled his eyes at Wei Suo, "Judging from his true essence strength, the technique he cultivates is also a low-grade heaven-step cultivation technique. It only contains the mysteries of body refining." Your sky-dragon star body tempering technique is a sky-level top grade technique that is specifically used to refine the body. Could the fleshly body from his cultivation method compare with the fleshly body of the Ancient Celestial Dragon? Compared to the body of the Ancient Celestial Dragon, it's simply a pile of dregs. "

"Good point." When Wei Suo heard this, he was also extremely tempted. After all, in the past, Adept Tian Luo's physical body was at least comparable to a low-grade Dao rank magic treasure. However, isn't two and a half days too short a time? " However, after some thought, Wei Suo couldn't help but ask the green-robed old man.

"Basically, this kind of magic works the fastest when you start, and the effect is most obvious when you cultivate it with a body that hasn't been tempered. The green robed old man looked at Wei Suo, "Don't you have the Body Sealing Technique to seal your injuries? Even if I can only make the vitality of your body stronger in the next two and a half days, at the very least, you would be severely injured.

"In other words, I can indeed cultivate it with all my might." After nodding his head, Wei Suo immediately seized the opportunity and patted the storage pouch, taking out the Black Water Lotus and the few pieces of the bamboo basket artifact remnants that could increase the might of the Black Water Lotus. At the same time, he took out half a bottle of the blue medicinal liquid and smeared it all over his eyes.

This half bottle of blue colored medicinal liquid was actually refined from the Divine Eyed Hawk's beast core, and it had the effect of increasing one's eyesight. Right now, Wei Suo's eyesight in the dark night was almost twice that of an ordinary cultivator. This remaining half bottle of solution could probably increase Wei Suo's eyesight by quite a lot. However, it would take a few days for this half bottle of solution to be completely absorbed by Wei Suo's eyes and be completely effective.

Then, Wei Suo extended his hand and a burst of true essence wrapped around the fragment of a basket-shaped magic treasure. He began to refine the water essence from this piece of magic treasure, nouris.h.i.+ng the Black Water Lotus.

"Old man, the viper water bamboo's spiritual qi is not covered!"

In almost an instant, Wei Suo immediately let out a surprised sound.

Previously, Wei Suo had also refined several things that were rich in water spirit energy, but none of them were as amazing as the water spirit energy of the water viper. Under the infiltration of true essence, the water spirit energy in the water spirit bamboo was simply like a fountain as it sprayed out.

"What's wrong with that? Last time, you didn't kill that kid with the Qilin King's watermark. If you killed him and obtained the Qilin King's watermark, your water spirit energy would be countless times stronger than this water viper." The green-robed old man pursed his lips.

"That artifact spirit of his is so amazing. It's already good enough that he didn't kill me last time." Wei Suo said deliberately.

"Is a high rank artifact spirit that amazing?" The next time we meet, we'll kill him just the same. " As expected, the moment he heard Wei Suo talk about the Water Qilin King's artifact spirit, the green-robed old man couldn't help but cry out.

Hearing the green-robed old man's shout, Wei Suo didn't say anything. He just kept using his true essence to transform the water essence in the water bamboo to nourish the Black Water Lotus.

The green-robed old man muttered something under his breath. A moment later, as if he was bored, his figure disappeared into the Ghost Tank.

The water elemental energy of the water viper was indeed astonis.h.i.+ng. After refining less than a fifth of the water viper, Wei Suo could already see that all the wounds on his Black Water Lotus had already healed up.

"Wei Suo, will I disturb your meditation if I come in now?"

Right at this moment, Nangong Yuqing's voice sounded from outside Wei Suo's room.

"It's okay, I'm just refining a magical equipment. You won't disturb me if you come in." As Wei Suo said this, he suddenly felt a little nervous in his heart. He did not know what kind of secret conversation Jia Ya and Nangong Yuqing had.

"What treasure is this?" "It can absorb water power?" After Wei Suo spoke, Nangong Yuqing walked in. However, she seemed to have a normal expression and after sizing up Wei Suo's Black Water Lotus, she asked.

"This is the Blackwater Lotus, a defensive magic treasure. This thing can absorb water spirit energy to grow, it can be considered alive, and it can also be considered a treasure that can grow. " Wei Suo anxiously looked at Nangong Yuqing and explained, "Right now, it has a Dao lower tier level defense. After I refine all the materials I have, I can probably raise it to Dao middle tier without a problem."

"Oh?" Nangong Yuqing nodded and didn't say anything else. She stood beside Wei Suo and seriously watched as he refined the Black Water Lotus.

At this moment, Wei Suo finally could not hold it in any longer, coughed dryly and asked, "What did Jia and you say? "What other important reason is there?"

"Can you stop this kind of refinement?" Nangong Yuqing did not answer Wei Suo's question first. Instead, she looked at him and asked this question.

"You can stop at any time. This won't affect the power of the Black Water Lotus." Wei Suo looked at Nangong Yuqing strangely, not knowing what she meant by those words.

"Do you and Jia have a dual cultivation method?"

"Huh?" Nangong Yuqing's next sentence caused Wei Suo to be stunned for a moment. He was unable to turn his head.

"There's another important reason she told me. It's that this arcane skill is at the middle level of Heaven level, and its power will continue to increase as she cultivates it." A red cloud appeared on Nangong Yuqing's face, but her expression was extremely serious. "She said that she will be in closed door cultivation for a long time and that she will not have enough time to cultivate this technique with you. Adding me, it would be perfect."

"... It can't be? " At this moment, Wei Suo was thoroughly dumbstruck. Ji Ya and Nangong Yuqing were both cultivators. If one person did not have enough time, the other person could make up for it when he was out of time. Isn't that too much? So this was the reason why Ji Ya wanted to talk to Nangong Yuqing alone? Jia Ya's thin skin was indeed something that she could not say in front of Wei Suo.

No matter how straightforward and honest Nangong Yuqing was, it was obvious that she was feeling embarra.s.sed from her current expression. But why did she tell Wei Suo directly? This made Wei Suo subconsciously feel that there was something inside.

"I have already heard about your past and your past. However, I have never told you about my ancestry. " Wei Suo was still in a daze. Nangong Yuqing looked at the glowing black Black Water Lotus and said this.

Path to Heaven Chapter 478

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