Path to Heaven Chapter 593

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Chapter 593 - The Heavens Help me?

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The green-robed old man's body trembled violently. Every thought within his mind was screaming, but he didn't dare to make any sound from his mouth.

This white qilin had used all of its remaining Essence to form a book, and it turned out to be the "Water Emperor's Devouring the Sun Spell!"

The Water Emperor's Heaven Devouring Spell was equivalent to the Supercla.s.s of the Water Emperor's inheritance. It was also the source of this mysterious young man's astonis.h.i.+ng cultivation speed.

This cultivation method could directly swallow and refine water-attribute demonic cores, water-element spirit stones, spirit wood, and even the aurous cores and magic treasures of cultivators with abundant water-attribute spiritual energy!

As long as he had sufficient resources and water elemental energy, his cultivation speed would be extremely terrifying. This was a genuine top grade Heaven rank technique.

This cultivation method was the highest cultivation method of the ancient Three Great Imperial Sects. It was the true power of the ancient Three Great Imperial Sects.

Even the Three Emperors Extermination Technique was incomparable to this cultivation method!

A genuine top grade heaven rank cultivation technique, and it was a top grade heaven rank cultivation technique at a cultivation speed. Any cultivator would go crazy over this kind of cultivation technique.

Before his death, the thing left behind by the Lin King's artifact spirit was actually such a cultivation method!

However, the green-robed old man could see that this ancient book that was purely condensed out of origin energy would soon disappear. Thus, even though every thought within the green-robed old man's mind was trembling, he didn't dare to make a sound, lest he disturb Wei Suo from writing down this ancient book.

"What's going on?!"

However, the killing of the last small, transparent person from the mysterious youth caused the green-robed old man to involuntarily let out a cry of alarm!

With the powers of Wei Suo and the others, there was no way they could stop this small, mysterious youth's last transparent person. This Qilin King's artifact spirit understood this mysterious young man more than anyone else. In its eyes, it had no way of stopping this mysterious young man from escaping. That was why it had been able to form this kind of ancient book before it had fallen.

It had formed a book in order for Wei Suo to avenge him in the future.

However, at this moment, the last small, transparent person with the mysterious young man was unable to escape and was killed!

"What the h.e.l.l is going on? Could it be that another cultivator has arrived? "

In this short period of time between Wei Suo and the mysterious young man, the 'Succubus Demoness Deer' was still hiding in that pile of dragon bone dust on the rainbow jade mountain. Her eyes secretly flickered, and it was unknown what she was scheming, but when she saw the last small transparent person of the mysterious young man escape, her heart was immediately filled with joy at his misfortune. This was because the mysterious young man and Wei Suo were her enemies. However, at this moment, the "Demonic Enchantress Deer" immediately became frightened when she suddenly sensed the fall of the last small, transparent person from the mysterious young man. She looked towards the ash-gray plain below.

"Boss!" I feel a very dangerous aura! " The Yang Lil Bird's feathers started to stand up and it couldn't help but let out a surprised cry.

"What's that?"

After that, the female cultivator, Yin Hua, Ji Ya, and the others saw a gray wave surging from the gray plain.

"Heavenly Dragon's infernal energy! This is the Heavenly Dragon's infernal energy!"

"I need to hide in the Ghost Cage, otherwise my Essence will be completely melted!" The green-robed old man let out a strange cry in shock. With a flash of green light, he disappeared into the Ghost Tank on Wei Suo's chest.

"Why is the Heavenly Dragon's murderous aura suddenly surging over!"

"With so much Heavenly Dragon's infernal energy filling the entire underground plains, there's no way to dodge it!"

Yin Lihua, Han Weiwei, and the others all cried out in surprise.

This all-encompa.s.sing gray cloud energy was actually all Heavenly Dragon infernal energy that could melt away all true essence. The Heavenly Dragon's murderous aura was originally gathered at the bottom of the underground plains. However, it was now all of a sudden surging towards the rainbow jade mountain where everyone was at.

In just a moment, it covered the entire sky and the entire underground s.p.a.ce was filled with the gray dragon's baleful qi. It was now less than five hundred meters away from them.

In his line of sight, behind the gray Heavenly Dragon's Fury Qi was the grey Heavenly Dragon's Fury Qi. He couldn't see the end of it. It was as if the entire plain behind him was completely filled with the Heavenly Dragon's Fury Qi.

"Wei Suo, what do we do now?" Seeing the overwhelming gray aura, Han Weiwei couldn't help but turn towards Wei Suo and cry out in alarm.

"Don't disturb him, let him write down this ancient book! With this kind of Heavenly Dragon's Fury that fills the entire s.p.a.ce, there is simply no way for him to do anything, and he can only take it one step at a time. " Nangong Yuqing, Ji Ya, and the female cultivator all shouted at the same time to stop Han Weiwei.

At this moment, Wei Suo was still motionless, completely focused on the "Water Emperor's Devouring of the Day" that was being formed by the spirit of the artifact. His eyes constantly flickered, completely ignoring the approaching wave of gray air.


In just an instant, the entire s.p.a.ce was filled with gray waves of air, rus.h.i.+ng onto everyone like a tidal wave. The "Water Emperor's Devouring Spell" before Wei Suo was swallowed up by the gray waves of air in a flash.


Although they were prepared, Yin Hua, Ji Ya, and the others who were standing beside Wei Suo couldn't help but let out a scream.

The true essence within his body melted like ice and snow, dispersing and disappearing.

True essence was the source of a cultivator's power. The true essence within his body instantly dissipated. The feeling of this power instantly disappearing was extremely terrifying.


Even the demonic essence within the Yang Fat Bird's body melted in an instant. It was unable to fly through the air and fell down. The faint yellow spirit light on its body also completely disappeared.

The overwhelming killing intent from the Heavenly Dragon continued to roll forward, spreading out in all directions. After a moment, a rumbling sound could be heard, as if they had reached the end of the continent, filling the entirety of Dragon Tomb.

"Wei Suo, did you remember that book?" Han Weiwei could not help but ask Wei s...o...b..side her.

At this moment, the entire Dragon Tomb was gray in color. It looked incomparably empty, as if it had entered an inexplicable world. As for Han Weiwei and the rest, the true essence within their bodies was completely gone. Their bodies were filled with a feeling of weakness.

"Perfect timing." Wei Suo looked at Han Weiwei and nodded excitedly.

Just as the gray aura had devoured the "Water Emperor's Devouring of the Sun", he had memorized the last part of the "Water Emperor's Devouring of the Sun".

"How can this d.a.m.n thing be like this?" Looks like it will take at least an hour for these d.a.m.n things to disappear. " The Yang Lil Bird on the ground said with a depressed expression as it looked up at the sky.

It was clear that this Heavenly Dragon Annihilation was rather heavy, and the top part felt like it was slowly settling down, but the speed at which it was settling down was extremely slow. It would take at least an hour before this gray air would once again settle down to its lowest point. But in this period of time, even if he consumed pills that could replenish his true essence, they would be useless.

"Ahahahaha!" The heavens are truly on my side! " At this moment, waves of maniacal laughter rang out from the side of the rainbow jade mountain.

The Blue Luan transformed from the "Demonic Enchantress" looked at Wei Suo and the others and laughed complacently.

"The heavens are still helping me. Can it be that this Blue Luan is crazy because the huge amount of demon essence within its body has completely disappeared?" Looking at the Blue Luan, the Yang Fat Bird could not help but say, "Me say big sister, this grey gas is the Heavenly Dragon's infernal energy. The Yang Fat Bird looked at the Blue Luan, and could not help but say," Me say big sister, this gray gas is the Heavenly Dragon's infernal energy.

"Am I sad? Don't tell me I didn't know that this was the Heavenly Dragon's murderous aura, and wanted you to remind me? " The demoness' eyes turned cold as she said, "Who's your big sister?!"

"Since the Blue Luan has grown up to be like you, it will at least take a few thousand years. It is older than me, so calling you big sister is not wrong at all." The Sunfat Bird could not help but speak.

"What if I wasn't a Blue Luan at all? I was just a transformed Blue Luan." The 'Demonic Enchantress' looked at Wei Suo proudly and sneered. "Little brat with the surname Wei, I recognized your voice all of a sudden. Do you recognize my voice?"

Wei Suo was momentarily stunned. His brows jumped as he asked, "You're that Succubus Demoness Deer?"

"Haha!" How is it, I didn't think. I didn't think that even the Spatial Rend was unable to kill you. "It's just that you won't have that kind of luck today." This "Demoness Deer" looked at Wei Suo and couldn't help but laugh out loud in satisfaction.

"To think that you would transform into a Blue Luan." An extremely ice-cold expression immediately appeared on Wei Suo's face. He looked at the gleeful and charming green spirit bird and said, "However, I don't understand. At this moment, your death is near. What else is there to be proud of?"

"I'm dying?" This "Demoness Deer" seemed to have heard a funny joke and looked down at Wei Suo condescendingly. "At this moment, everyone's true essence and demon essence has completely disappeared. In this situation, we can only rely on our physical strength. "Although the Ancient Blue Luan is not famous for its physical body strength, compared to ordinary Demonic Beasts and cultivators like you, its physical body strength is much stronger."

"Really?" "Then give it a try." Wei Suo glanced at the Green Spirit Bird, which seemed to have won, and let out a cold laugh.

"If you can't see the coffin, don't cry!"

With a cold snort, the "Succubus Demoness" didn't seem to want to waste any more words with Wei Suo. Both of her legs halted as she leapt into the air and pounced towards Wei Suo.

The moment she moved, ma.s.sive b.a.l.l.s of hot air and sun emerged from her body.

This was the aura produced by the sudden activation of the enormous amount of blood in his body.

The Blue Luan possessed the bloodline of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, so the blood vitality within its body was extremely great. This pouncing force was extremely terrifying. Even a ma.s.sive stone millstone would probably be shattered by her.

"What kind of eyes are these?"

The moment this Blue Luan moved, it felt that Wei Suo would definitely be miserably beaten up by it. However, what made her instantly feel strange was that she saw that Ji Ya and the others around Wei Suo, including the Yang Fat Bird, were all looking at her with a weird expression.


Just as she was about to pounce on Wei Suo, at this moment, she suddenly let out a terrifying scream. Wei Suo suddenly moved, and an even larger and more terrifying aura of blood emerged from his body. "Boom!"

Path to Heaven Chapter 593

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