Path to Heaven Chapter 639

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At this moment, the cultivators that had previously retreated from the outside world all stopped in the middle of the city walls outside the city to cultivate and recover their True Essence.

The rest of the cultivators, at this moment, only had about a fifth of their forces attacking. Moreover, they were very clear about who was attacking the demonic beasts in the sky and who was attacking the demonic beasts on the ground. All of them possessed techniques and magic treasures with a relatively long attack range. They were responsible for killing the demon beasts in the air above while the other cultivators with a relatively close attack range were responsible for guarding the city wall and killing the demon beasts that attacked the city walls on the ground.

After continuously activating his magic techniques and treasures, which had used up most of his primeval essence, he immediately switched to another group of cultivators and took turns.

Although demonic beasts like the Skythunder Owl had some intelligence, they weren't smart enough to first charge into the city and attack the stone throwing machines and other items that dealt a lot of damage to the demonic beasts on the ground. Therefore, most of the Heavenly Thunder Owls that were descending from the sky were also gathered near the two walls.

In this way, although the surrounding area was filled with beast roars, as if the entire world was occupied by demonic beasts, there weren't many casualties among the cultivators in the Northern Spirit City. It wasn't a difficult task to defend against them.

"Thank you for saving me, seniors. Otherwise, I would have definitely perished on the spot."

"There's no need to be courteous. If you want to defend this city, you will still have to rely on Fellow Daoist Han and Fellow Daoist Chen's command."

"What... Three openings in the sky?! "

At this moment, Wei Suo, Shui Ling'er, and Han Weiwei had already brought Chen Anyuan to Han Tianmo's side and began to converse with him. However, when he heard Han Tianmo's brief explanation of the current situation in the Northern Spiritual City, Chen Anyuan's complexion immediately turned pale.

"I need to send orders everywhere to strictly restrict the usage of items above the spirit rank. Otherwise, it'll be very difficult to last for more than an hour." Having experienced the beast wave once, Chen Anyuan naturally knew what the three cracks in the sky meant. Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself down and flew away from the wall.

"For the time being, you should stay by our side." As Chen Anyuan dashed out, Wei Suo immediately said to Han Tianmo.

At this moment, Wei Suo could see that all the cultivators in the Northern Spiritual City were split into two parts. One part was controlled by Li Hanlin, while the other part was controlled by Chen An Yuan. Every ten or so cultivators formed another group, with the Myriad Spirit Sect cultivators arranged in the middle. However, Han Tianmo was still the commander. With the activation of many magic tools and the orders of many cultivators, if anything happened to Han Tianmo, the battle strength of this Northern Spiritual City would be greatly reduced.

"Alright." Han Tianmo was also clear on Wei Suo's intentions. After hearing Wei Suo's words, he didn't refuse and his figure flashed onto Wei Suo's Flying Pure Flower Lotus.

Immediately, Wei Suo and the rest rushed towards where Ji Ya, Nangong Yuqing, Qi Longshan, and Qing Ping were.

At this moment, about one eighth of the city walls outside of Northern Spiritual City had yet to be covered by ice. At this moment, Qi Dragon Mountain and Qing Ping were on top of the city walls, unceasingly casting spells to stop the demonic beasts. As for Jia Ya and Nangong Yuqing, they ignored the Demonic Beasts and continued to cast the Ice Drake Art, covering the entire city walls in a thick layer of ice.

"Chi!" "Chi!" "Swis.h.!.+" Explosions continuously rang out. Wei Suo, Shui Ling'er, and Han Weiwei rushed to Ji Ya's and Nangong Yuqing's side and simultaneously activated the Ice Drake Incantation and the ice type magic treasure in their hands. The speed at which they were laying down the ice layers instantly increased by more than twofold.

"Four great Aurous Core stage cultivators!" It was actually four great Aurous Core stage cultivators! "They actually have so many high-grade magic treasures on their hands …" Standing atop the Flying Pure Flower Lotus, Han Tianmo, who had followed Wei Suo and the others over, saw the appearance of Qing Ping activating her magic treasure and art and immediately saw that Qing Ping was also a great Jindan Stage cultivator. His eyes immediately flashed with a shocked expression.

"Look!" What is that? "

"Another large group of demon beasts have come!"

With the help of Wei Suo and Jia Ya, there was only a distance of over a hundred Zhang to cover the outer perimeter of the city wall with layers of ice. However, at this moment, cries of surprise suddenly sounded out in the Northern Spirit City.

From afar, it seemed to be some kind of demonic beast even smaller than the Golden Sh.e.l.led Insects. However, from the looks of the black torrent, it was definitely not inferior to the Golden Sh.e.l.led Insects. It was at least twenty or thirty thousand of them.

"Ji Ya, Yuqing, fellow cultivator Qi, fellow cultivator Qing, please stay here for now. As soon as the ice is completed, you guys will come over immediately." Upon seeing this scene, Wei Suo immediately ordered the Pure Hua Flying Lotus to bring Han Weiwei, Shui Ling'er, and Han Tianmo to head due south of the city wall. At the same time, Wei Suo transmitted his voice to Ji Ya and the others.

He wasn't worried that he, Shui Ling'er and the rest wouldn't be able to stop the demonic beasts, but in such a dangerous situation, he felt that it would be safer to gather all of them together.

"Poison arrow badger!"

Before he even reached the southern wall, Wei Suo's eyebrows had already jumped as he spoke to Han Tianmo behind him.

"Poison Arrow Badger?"

At this moment, Han Tianmo was still unable to see clearly what kind of demonic beast this black torrent of demonic beasts was, but after seeing the abilities of Wei Suo and company, he naturally didn't doubt the authenticity of Wei Suo's words. His expression instantly changed, "Fellow Li!" It's the Poison Arrow Badger! " Without the slightest hesitation, Han TianMo immediately let out a sharp and long whistle in the direction of Li Hanlin.

"Poison Arrow Badger!" It's the Poison Arrow Badger! "

"It's actually this kind of Demonic Beast!"

At the same time, at least four to five hundred cultivators, under Li Hanlin's lead, charged towards the southern side of the city wall.

Subsequently, under the command of Li Hanlin and a dozen or so Myriad Spirit Sect cultivators, at least two hundred magic s.h.i.+elds of various colors were first used to obstruct the cultivators on the city wall, forming a s.h.i.+ning s.h.i.+eld wall.

Even so, the cultivators on the city wall all had extremely nervous and fearful expressions on their faces.

The reason for this reaction was that although the Poison Arrow Badger was only the size of a normal weasel, its long fur would occasionally emit poisonous black light, resembling a sharp arrow. The range of these black lights could reach a range of two hundred feet. Furthermore, this Poison Arrow Badger was an authentic low level five beast. The power of this black light was equivalent to that of a cultivator at the second level of the Circulatory Cycle.

With so many Poison Arrow Badgers rus.h.i.+ng over, the amount of black light that was emitted in an instant would definitely be very shocking.

"What is that sound!"

Wei Suo, Shui Ling'er, and Han Weiwei had just arrived at the city wall. Each of them activated the Ice Drake Mantra and once again froze a wall that had already been completely exposed by the Gold Sh.e.l.led Beetles. However, at this moment, Wei Suo's eyes suddenly flashed intensely.

"Crack!" Crack! "Crack!"

Strange cracking sounds suddenly came out from underground.

Several miles away from the city walls, the ground suddenly split open and arched upwards. The heads were all black and glossy, and the heads were similar to rhinoceroses. They had thick, single horns, and a similar face to rhinoceroses. However, its body was a flat surface similar to the latter half of a c.o.c.kroach's body. However, its body was extremely large and the entire demonic beast was around four Zhang in length. Thick carapaces covered its huge body.

"Earth Rhinoceros Beast!"

Upon seeing the demonic beasts, many cultivators on the walls of the Northern Spirit City cried out in alarm.

"Boom!" "BOOM!" "BOOM!"

At the start, it seemed very heavy and their movements were slow, but after they started running, they began to run faster and faster. Moreover, they stepped on the thick layer of ice as if they were walking on flat ground, and just as the exclamations of the cultivators on top of the city walls rang out, at least a dozen of these demon beasts forcefully pa.s.sed through the interception of the cultivators above and ran to the bottom of the city wall. This kind of enormous black Demonic Beast, after charging down the city walls, did not seem like it was going to climb up. Instead, it smashed its head against the city wall.

This kind of demonic beast was an earth-type demonic beast that could escape through the ground. At this moment, it was obvious that after arriving at the outskirts of the Northern Spiritual City, it discovered that the entire underground world was made up of layers of rock that were not inferior to gold, so it was impossible for them to directly enter the city. Therefore, they could only leave. If he were to hit the city wall now, it would be akin to multiple spirit level cultivators using all their powers to attack the city wall.

Although the city walls that were temporarily constructed outside of the Northern Spirit City were made from the essence of gold, iron, earth, stone, and demon beast carapace, the toughness of the city walls was naturally inferior to that of the Magic Treasure's body. At this moment, when these dozen or so Earth Rhinoceros collided, many of the city walls immediately began to shake violently, and two of them even began to collapse in large chunks.

At least dozens of cultivators were unable to react in time and fell to the ground. They were immediately minced to pieces by the Golden Sh.e.l.led Worms and the Earth Rhino below. Under these circ.u.mstances, the fragile body of a cultivator made the life of a cultivator even more fragile than that of these demonic beasts. At the same time, many of the surrounding Golden Sh.e.l.led Insects also took the opportunity to climb up through the gaps and jump into the crowd of cultivators on top of the city walls. This caused a huge commotion.

"Junior Brother Chen, organize people to kill these Earth Rhinoceros beasts first!" Han Tianmo immediately let out a sharp whistle upon seeing this situation.

Almost at the same time Han Tianmo's shrill whistle sounded, Chen Fangyuan let out a fierce roar. A dozen or so cultivators, who had originally been standing still, shot out from the center of the walls and pounced toward the rhinoceroses.

"What the h.e.l.l are those things!"

But at this very moment, the shocked cries of shock rose again one after another.

On the west side of the Northern Spiritual City, a group of green clouds aggressively rolled over. The scene was extremely shocking.

"Jade Flame Dove!"

Wei Suo looked over, took a deep breath, and spat out the three words.

Han Tianmo, who was standing behind him, immediately had a pale face.

"It's a Jadeflame Dove!" All the cultivators form a team and be on alert! " His sharp roar instantly resounded throughout the entire city.

Jade Flame Dove!

This large green cloud was actually an astonis.h.i.+ng number of low-grade sixth level Jadeflame Doves that were of the same grade as the Earth Rhinoceros Beast!

Han Tianmo was clearly aware that it was definitely extremely difficult for a beast tide of this size to resist. However, from the start, the Heavenly Thunder Owl and the Gold Sh.e.l.led Beetles had only attacked for less than half an incense's time. In less than half an incense's time, he was already at the point where all the cultivators in the city would have to go and defend themselves!

Path to Heaven Chapter 639

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