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In winter, the sky always brightened slowly. Even at seven o'clock, the hazy crescent moon still hung in the distant west, delayed on the horizon. But on this bone-chillingly cold morning, many people had woken up wanting to leave S City before the morning rush to avoid traffic.

Qi Mu's flight was at 10 am, so he got out of bed early to head to the airport. He had carried his suitcase downstairs and was checking out in the hotel lobby when he received a call from Zhu Wen Jun.

While talking, Qi Mu pulled his suitcase outside. He hadn't exited the main doors yet when the conversation over the phone sent him into a daze.

A while later, Zhu Wen Jun drove to the front of the hotel and picked Qi Mu up.

He helped Qi Mu place his not-too-large suitcase into the backseat. After they were settled in the car, the handsome middle-aged man laughed, "Xiao Qi, I remember your flight leaves today around ten? It might be too late to catch it."

With Zhu Wen Jun's advice, Qi Mu already knew he would not catch the flight. He nodded his head. "Uncle Zhu, there's another flight to B City tonight. Of course, if something happens, I can return a few days late. There shouldn't be any problems with Tan Lao."

Zhu Wen Jun smiled, "Then, I will trouble you. Master Farrell wants to meet you. I was surprised. I didn't think he would attend the Centennial Celebration. But not only did he attend, but he also wants to meet you."

Just that morning, Master Farrell Louis, through a relations.h.i.+p with the S City Music a.s.sociation's chairman, contacted Zhu Wen Jun. According to Farrell, he wished to meet with Qi Mu today, the sooner, the better.

Zhu Wen Jun believed this was an excellent opportunity, so he quickly gave Qi Mu a call. Even though he did not know why Farrell wanted to meet with Qi Mu, talking with one of the world's top cla.s.s musical masters would be beneficial for Qi Mu.

Although Farrell Louis and Min Chen were both world-cla.s.s conductors and composers, Farrell's specialty was the violin, and he had some experience with the piano. To talk with such an outstanding violinist, it would be helpful to Qi Mu's growth.

Of course, Qi Mu understood the decision to abandon the flight and meet with this master.

Even though he didn't know the other's intention, Qi Mu had a faint hunch that this meeting wasn't a bad thing.

When Qi Mu and Zhu Wen Jun arrived at the S City Symphony Orchestra's building, Farrell and Cheng Ting Wen had already been in conversation for a while.

The two sat in the VIP room. While it wasn't large, it was quiet and pleasant. There was an old fas.h.i.+oned sliding gla.s.s window on the south wall, and the green garden was visible.

Cheng Ting Wen saw them arrive and stood from the couch. She smiled and said a few sentences to Farrell in English then walked over to Qi Mu and said in Chinese, "Xiao Qi, Master Farrell is in a good mood today. He highly praised your performance yesterday."

Qi Mu startled a little and laughed, "Okay, Auntie Cheng. I understand."

Then Cheng Ting Wen and Zhu Wen Jun left the VIP lounge and closed the door behind them. Farrell and Qi Mu listened to the crisp sound of it closing then turned to each other.

Qi Mu didn't have the nervousness of a younger person. He walked straight over to the couch where Cheng Ting Wen had sat originally. He asked warmly, "Mr. Farrell, h.e.l.lo. May I sit over there?"

The white-haired foreigner smiled and nodded, responding in awkward Chinese, "Of course."

While waiting for Qi Mu to sit, Farrell very thoughtfully poured a cup of hot tea for him, giving Qi Mu a feeling of being "overwhelmed by unexpected favor."

After saying "thanks," Qi Mu was still deep in thought over how to ask what his intention for seeking him out was. Farrell's eyes carried a smile as he studied Qi Mu up and down. Then he said with approval, "Qi, I heard your performance last night. You are very talented, and a violinist with great potential."

Farrell's straightforward words shocked Qi Mu. No matter how thick-faced, or how excellently he performed in front of a world-cla.s.s violin master, he would not be arrogant.

Qi Mu's eyes curled, and a faint smile crossed his delicate face. "Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Farrell. I was surprised to see you today. I used to like your 《Charles Fantasia》. I've listened to it frequently in private.

There were no lies in Qi Mu's sentence. The only alb.u.m he ever recorded, there was only one composition by a contemporary master, and that composition was 《Charles Fantasia》. If he met Min Chen, he would not have been so respectful or prudent, but meeting this contemporary master violinist, Qi Mu couldn't help but feel nervous.

In the peaceful VIP lounge, the youth sat on a small section of the couch with his back straight, watching the silver-haired man on the opposite end seriously.

Farrell seemed aware of Qi Mu's solemnness because he smiled, "I also like 《Charles》. If there's a chance, I hope to hear your 《Charles》 in the future. However, Qi, I didn't come to find your today for this. Seven or eight years ago, I heard you perform with Evra."

Qi Mu naturally knew what Farrell was referring to. He nodded his head and listened to the master as he continued, "While you were ingenious, I thought you were a bit impetuous initially. So I did not get into contact with you. After listening to your performance last night, I think. . . you have gotten rid of that impetuousness."

While speaking, this old man with a constant smile slowly changed his expression into something that made Qi Mu also become serious——

He had a feeling that Farrell's next words would significantly impact his future.

Qi Mu solemnly said, "Thank you for your recognition, Mr. Farrell." His voice was low and pleasant, his att.i.tude neither humble not overbearing.

Farrell's sharp gaze looked at Qi Mu for a long time, then he slowly nodded with a laugh, "Just like that Auston said. You are good, Qi. However, I am not a person who likes to beat around the bush. Speak straightforwardly. Qi, eight years ago, you might have talent, but I could see your future would not be long-term."

Farrell's smile grew, and he continued, "Your violin had no soul. Oh, it sounded fantastic, but Qi, your violin was empty. It made me very sad at the time. Sad that such a gifted child would not go far."

"But, Qi, your performance last night showed your true strength. Maybe most thought your 《D Major》 was difficult and your skill was excellent. But I thought your next performance, 《Liang Zhu》 was even more touching. You had a soul. It made me see a diamond in urgent need of polis.h.i.+ng."

"Qi, I think you need a good teacher."

Farrell's kind voice lingered in the lounge, but Qi Mu's eyes suddenly widened. He stared at the other man with an incredulous expression. The world had dulled suddenly, becoming quiet. He swore he could hear his heartbeat clearly, each thump of it in his chest.

Farrell's meaning. . .

Fingers clenched, and with tightness in his throat, Qi Mu asked after a long time, "Mr. Farrell, you. . . want to take me as your student?"

However, Farrell quickly shook his head and explained, "No no no, Qi, you misunderstand. I am too busy with my work. I have no time to teach before I hand in my resignation to Dresden. If you were my student, it would only be a waste of your time."

Those words were like a basin of cold water poured over Qi Mu's head.

Before he could open his mouth, Farrell continued, "But, Qi, I want to introduce a teacher to you. He is an old friend of mine. Compared to me, he is an academic master violinist. I cannot teach you many things, but he can make you improve from start to finish. He can take you even further down your path as a violinist."

Qi Mu had initially been disappointed, but now he was puzzled.

In his memory, no one could earn such high praise from Farrel. At least, in terms of violinists, those had won Farrell's regard already stood at the very top.

Qi Mu politely asked, "Thank you very much, Mr. Farrell. I don't know how this master you speak of. . ."

"You should have heard his name before," Farrell smiled. He set down his teacup and said slowly, "His name is——"

"Reed Akkad."

Translator(s): Teo
Editor(s): Bet


Our team here at Betwixted is definitely sweet. When things got a little rough around here, Teo, the main translator of TSMB, offered to pick up the slack a little and ran through this chapter for me. It was a blessing and a relief.

King Of Classical Music Chapter 50

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