The Villainous Lady Aims to Overthrow the Heroine ~Fight!~ Chapter 1.1

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Chapter 1 (Part 1)   First Episode: The relations.h.i.+p between the heroine and the rival   "Frangwerg Gakuen" is an esteemed school where many of the n.o.bility's sons and daughters attended. The school was full of history and tradition, with wide area, and the chalk-white school building is always s.h.i.+ning. This school is one of the leading schools that is famous for putting emphasis on sports and; many of the famous name in this country are the alumni of this school.   Therefore, the house with power will enrolls their child in this school, while those from the lower families intend to register with the aim of establis.h.i.+ng their future pipeline and making a.s.sociation. Those with higher family’s position will learn how to conduct themselves as a superior and trying to find their own subordinate. For those who possess superior ability in other hand will try to make full use of their abilities and aiming for further leap in life. However, for those from lower families or those with insufficient skills, this school give them opportunity to strive mainly through their effort alone.   Frangwerg Gakuen accepts such people and is putting emphasis on becoming the support for their future. Such an academy was the stage of a certain otome game.
  In this game’s world – The so-called heroine is a 16 years old girl. Her story will begin when she entered this school. She will meet many people, polished herself, and later on falling in love. However, there were also various difficulties awaiting her in the process; such as her pedigree, appearance, intelligence, motor skill, sociability, favorability and so on. Moreover, the existence of the so-called rival is also standing to obstruct the heroine.   The heroine in other hand will persevere over the trial and aims for a happy ending. She will shoot down the opponent with love and winning over the rival. That was the scenario decided in the Otome game.     --- But, someone who was not convinced by this has appeared. That person who accidentally knew of the prescribed fate was shocked by its future. But she never gave up. That girl’s pride and her hate to lose determination blended nicely with her head which seems to have a few of its screws loosened.   This villainous lady who is the rival to the heroine is known as Belfreya Alunst. In contrary to her destruction future, the soul of this particular girl was burning. Facing the terrible enemy, she was shaking with excitement. Thus, the answer that her indomitable spirit derived is that she need to "overthrown the heroine"   Belfreya who has found a rival for life at the age of nine has spent seven years training to polish herself. It is the birth of a rival that will raise the heroine power. Therefore, as a rival of an absolute existence called heroine; and to become a suitable person for such t.i.tle; she need to become a winner herself. While deeply involving her fiancé of one- year, Syulein Edward in her grand scheme, she has blasted in a straight line towards that goal.   Finally, Belfreya Alunst entered the school which will be the stage of the decisive battle. To encounter the heroin which has been occupying her mind for many years; she is unable to suppress her beating heart. Her breath gets hot and her cheeks blushes with excitement. In the back of her eyes, there is a mixed of anxiety and pa.s.sion which emitting strange atmosphere around her.   Towards such girl who was in that condition for the last week to change, her fiancé pinched her cheek while keeping his eyes half open. There is only one reason why Belfreya was in that condition.    




“The Heroine is not here--.....”

The Villainous Lady Aims to Overthrow the Heroine ~Fight!~ Chapter 1.1

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The Villainous Lady Aims to Overthrow the Heroine ~Fight!~ Chapter 1.1 summary

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