A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 1084

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Chapter 1084 I Want Mu Sijue Dead as Well (1)

Su Jian’an did not know why she said that.

“Did I say it to comfort Lu Boyan, or… do I really believe in Mu Sijue?

“It should be the latter.

“After all, in Xiao Yunyun’s words, Mu Sijue is a rare freak.

“Of course, this doesn’t refer to his ‘special hobbies’ in some aspects but his comprehensive strength.

“Setting that aside, just Xu Youning’s influence on him means that she’s very important to him.

“As long as she is still in Kang Ruicheng’s hands, Mu Sijue will never let anything happen to her.

“He won’t have her stay in a dangerous place forever because he has to save her.”

Su Jian’an comforted herself that Mu Sijue would definitely come back safely and that he would find a way to bring Xu Youning back then.

“In this way, we will be together again.”

As Su Jianan comforted herself, her breathing became much more relaxed.

In the silence, after an unknown period of time, Lu Boyan’s cell phone rang. The familiar ringtone broke the silence of the study.

Su Jian’an seemed to have heard an order, and her slender body instantly straightened. She stared at Lu Boyan’s mobile phone with eager eyes. “Is it Sijue?”

Lu Boyan picked up the phone and answered it directly.

It was Ah Guang.

Ah Guang said in a calm voice, “Mr. Lu, Seventh Brother and I are already on the top of the mountain.”

Almost subconsciously, Lu Boyan asked, “How is Sijue?”

Lu Boyan’s voice was strained. He sounded normal at first, but if one listened carefully, one could hear the worry in his voice.

“Seventh Brother has a little injury on his arm, but it’s not a big deal. You don’t need to worry. He now has gone to the party held in the club.” After a pause, Ah Guang added, “Mr. Lu, the reason I made this phone call is to tell you that Seventh Brother is fine.”

“Got it.” Lu Boyan breathed a sigh of relief calmly. “Ah Guang, thank you.”

Ah Guang smiled and said, “You’re welcome, Mr. Lu. Besides, I should be thanking you.”

If it weren’t for Lu Boyan’s men who were timely transferred to the top of the mountain, he and Mu Sijue might need to take more effort to get away.

What Mu Sijue would suffer would not be just a slight scratch.

Lu Boyan did not say anything more and hung up the phone. He turned to look at Su Jian’an and said, “He’s fine now.”

Su Jian’an was still worried and asked, “Where is Sijue now?”

“He is already at the top of the mountain.” Lu Boyan stroked Su Jianan’s arm. “Jian’an, he is very safe now.”

“Good to know that.” Su Jian’an breathed a long sigh of relief. “As long as Sijue is fine…”

Lu Boyan helped Su Jian’an up and said, “Let’s go back to our room to rest.”

“Wait a minute.” Su Jian’an stopped Lu Boyan and stared at him. “How are you going to deal with the thing with your mom?”

Lu Boyan thought for a moment and said, “Jian’an, Mom won’t live with us.”

Su Jian’an did not give up and asked, “Never? Are you sure?”

Lu Boyan did not hesitate for half a second. He nodded directly and firmly. “I’m sure that she will never live with us.”

Su Jian’an didn’t say anything.

She was suddenly depressed.

In fact, she probably knew the reason.

Tang Yulan could not forget Lu Boyan’s father, so she would never leave the Orchid Gardens.

Because that was the place where they had lived together for many years.

In fact, many of the furniture in the foreign-style house had been worn out and had been left with deep marks by the pa.s.sage of time, but the old lady never agreed to replace them.

Because those were chosen by her and her husband one by one before they got married, which belonged to their own memories.

Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan and said sincerely, “Your dad and mom must have had a good relations.h.i.+p when they were young.”

Following what Su Jian’an said, Lu Boyan thought of his childhood.

When he was still little, his father and Tang Yulan no longer treated him as a child. As long as it was something that was related to him, they would ask for his advice in advance.

His father had once said, “Boyan, you’re an independent person and you have the right to choose. As long as you make the right decisions, we, as your parents, will always respect your decisions.”

His parents respected him and also respected each other very much.

In his impression, although his father was a sharp lawyer, he was very gentle and cultivated after leaving the law firm and the court.

When Tang Yulan was young, she was also very gentle and generous. She would always smile, which made people feel warm from a distance.

Due to their personalities, Tang Yulan and her husband’s daily lives were warm and peaceful, which were often filled with laughter.

That was the reason why Lu Boyan couldn’t figure out why some adults would quarrel with each other when he was young.

Because the two adults in his family never quarreled or fought with each other.

When he thought about it now, he found that Su Jian’an was right. His father and Tang Yulan did have a good relations.h.i.+p.

Lu Boyan slightly smiled and gave Su Jianan a positive answer. “They did.”

Su Jian’an knew Tang Yulan when she was ten years old. After more than ten years, she met Tang Yulan again.

After the reunion, she felt that Tang Yulan had changed, but she couldn’t tell what exactly it was.

It was not until Su Jian’an married Lu Boyan that she realized that the old lady had not changed but had a touch of indifference in her temperament.

She must have gained that kind of indifference after she lost her husband.

First, she lost the person she loved the most, and then her life was threatened. However, the old lady still managed to pa.s.s that period smoothly and lived an optimistic life until today.

After having such experiences and living alone for so many years, the old lady should be taking everything easy.

In this case, Su Jian’an felt that she could rest a.s.sured to have Tang Yulan live alone.

Su Jian’an let go of the uneasiness and persistence in her heart and took Lu Boyan’s hand. “Okay. Let’s go back to our room.”

Since Mu Sijue was fine, Lu Boyan had nothing to worry about. “Yeah,” he said, took Su Jian’an out of the study, and went back to the bedroom.

After nightfall, the atmosphere of the New Year became more intense. The whole city was ablaze with lights, and fireworks were blooming in the air. There was a kind of prosperous beauty, which made the city appear very peaceful.

Only the Kang family in the old city area was an exception.

There were two purposes for Kang Ruicheng to arrange today’s attack on Mu Sijue.

He would either eliminate Mu Sijue, his sworn enemy, or confirm Xu Youning’s ident.i.ty.

He gathered the greatest firepower and wanted to catch Mu Sijue off guard. He wanted to make sure that he could kill Mu Sijue if at all possible.

If Mu Sijue didn’t die, it would most likely be Xu Youning who leaked Kang Ruicheng’s plan. That was to say, she did come back to work undercover.

Before the action, Kang Ruicheng had made up his mind that no matter what, he would achieve something tonight.

What he didn’t expect was that he couldn’t get a clear result out of a well-thought-out plan.

After dinner, Kang Ruicheng accompanied Mumu to set off fireworks in the yard. Dongzi rushed in in a hurry, and his voice was anxious when he hurriedly said, “Brother Cheng!”

Kang Ruicheng put down the fireworks and gave Dongzi a look that hinted him to go with Kang Ruicheng.

Only then did Dongzi notice that Xu Youning and Mumu were there. He nodded and followed Kang Ruicheng into the old house.

At the moment when Kang Ruicheng turned his back, his face suddenly became gloomy and cold.

“Dongzi got here so hurriedly. He probably brought back some bad news.

“However, I’ve clearly sent enough men and firepower.

“Did Mu Sijue actually get away?”

After entering the study, Kang Ruicheng turned around and stared at Dongzi gloomily. “What happened?”

“Brother Cheng…” Dongzi’s voice was a little weak. “Originally, our men could at least hurt Mu Sijue. However, there was support from the top of the mountain. I found that we had no chance to hurt him, so I asked our men to withdraw. Otherwise, there would be more casualties.”


Kang Ruicheng slammed his fist on the table.

He gritted his teeth and said in a cold voice, “What’s going on? Was Mu Sijue prepared for it?”

The only thing he could think of was that Mu Sijue had already known about his plan.

Otherwise, how could Mu Sijue escape from his trap?

Ah Guang shook his head and denied, “Brother Cheng, we did catch Mu Sijue off guard. In the beginning, he was in a sorry state. But he reacted too fast. He jumped out of the car with his men, and our bombs couldn’t hurt him. He then attacked us under the cover of the night, and basically, he didn’t miss any of his shootings, but we couldn’t find out where he was…”

As he spoke, Ah Guang also noticed Mu Sijue’s stunning combat ability, so he didn’t dare to continue.

Kang Ruicheng ordered in a deep voice, “Go on!”

“Not long after that, the support on the top of the mountain arrived. They came by helicopter, and we couldn’t deal with them at all.” After a pause, Ah Guang said, “Brother Cheng, Mu Sijue has been in City G for so many years. Many people want him dead, but none of them have succeeded. In fact… it’s not difficult to understand why our action would fail.”

The implication was that Mu Sijue had succeeded with his strength for so many years. It was basically impossible for them to kill Mu Sijue in this way.

Their failure was completely within expectations.

His words were bound to offend Kang Ruicheng, but Ah Guang had to tell the truth.

Otherwise, Kang Ruicheng would definitely find out who was to blame for this failure, and the people under him would be punished.

The key point was that it was not entirely their fault, but Kang Ruicheng was too anxious.

“Enough!” Kang Ruicheng shouted at Ah Guang and asked coldly, “How was Mu Sijue when he left?”

“I’m sure that one of the bullets. .h.i.t him. But I don’t know how his injury is.” Ah Guang lowered his head. “Brother Cheng, I’m sorry.”

Kang Ruicheng waved his hand. “You can leave now!”

Ah Guang nodded. “Yes, sir!”

There was only Kang Ruicheng left in the living room. He stood for a long time, and then he slowly loosened his clenched fists. The lines on his face were finally no longer so tight.

Mu Sijue was indeed unprepared, which meant that Xu Youning didn’t leak the news.

In other words, Xu Youning would never leak the news.

To put it in another way, she was indeed loyal to Kang Ruicheng, and it was not that she had come back to work undercover. He could now rest a.s.sured.

A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 1084

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