A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 205 - Luo Xiaoxi Had Followers Overnight

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Chapter 205 Luo Xiaoxi Had Followers Overnight

Su Jianan was so scared that she was stiff.

She was soberer than ever before but felt her body nailed to the bed. Looking at Lu Boyan innocently and helplessly, she looked like a frightened deer.

Lu Boyan sighed helplessly. “Idiot.”

She blinked and couldn’t seem to understand his words.

If he scared her one more time, she might suffer from shock, so Lu Boyan had to get up. “You go to sleep first. I’ll go take a shower.”

Soon, splashes of water rang from the bathroom.

Su Jianan collected herself and let out a sigh of relief. Silently lifting the quilt, she tucked herself in.

She changed her position. Remembering what happened just now, she smiled.

In any case, Lu Boyan would never hurt her.

“Quickly, what else do you like?” She remembered the question she asked him yesterday, and he replied. “You.”

He was not joking.

Su Jianan decided the things to send to him.

Only this gift could beat Han Ruoxi’s club whose price was a six-digit number!

Su Jianan breathed a sigh of relief after solving the most significant problem right now and fell into a sweet dream.

When Lu Boyan came out after a shower, as expected, Su Jianan had fallen asleep like a carefree child. Moreover, she held his pillow in her arms, looking calm and peaceful.

He walked over, lay face to face with her, and looked at her delicate and beautiful facial features through the faint light of the wall lamp.

Different from when she was little, her facial features were more distinct now, and her skin was like the premium white porcelain without the slightest flaw.

Over the past years, he watched her grow from a ten-year-old child to a mature girl and watched her put on a white coat to become a great medical examiner. He witnessed her blossoming into a flower and her increasing admirers.

Before he married Su Jianan, he watched her grow during those years but never thought about taking her or dare to think like that.

Now, he felt that he should seriously think about it.

The night was dark as ink, and this night, Su Jianan had a good night’s dreamless sleep.

The next day was Monday, which was hated most by commuters. Su Jianan took Lu Boyan’s car to the police office and finally got in touch with Luo Xiaoxi.

She pinned the phone between her ear and shoulder and asked Luo Xiaoxi while arranging her office desk. “Where have you been these days?”

“I’m busy!” Even so, Luo Xiaoxi did not sound upset at all, but very excited. “I’ve been having magazine interviews, photo shoot sessions, training, and so many other stuff. I didn’t stop for a second in the past 48 hours.”

“You don’t even have the time to answer my call?” Su Jianan sounded as if she were dissatisfied.

Luo Xiaoxi coughed and said seriously, “I missed your call, and I missed your brother’s call either.”

Su Jianan was speechless for a moment. “Do you mean I should feel fine after hearing that?”

Luo Xiaoxi paused and asked in reply, “Jianan, you must’ve been very busy with your Boss Lu these days, right?”

Su Jianan sounded curious . “How do you know?”

“Otherwise, you should have seen news about me on Weibo! ”

Su Jianan opened Weibo in doubt, and when she saw the trending list, she froze in front of the computer.

When the first season of “Top Model” aired, the ratings were not too disappointing and Luo Xiaoxi also done some interviews with a few mainstream media. However, those were only brilliant achievements on her resume, not enough to make her famous overnight.

Nevertheless, in the Internet age, social networking platforms had become the best place to get famous.

Maybe it was by the crew or enthusiastic netizens, someone edited a short video of Luo Xiaoxi’s performance from the show, posted it online, and commented: The best female guest on the show. At first, I thought she only had a pretty face, but then I found…

Several influencers on Weibo forwarded the video, and it suddenly went viral.

Some tried to find out that when she fell, how many milliseconds it took for her to regain her elegance. Some wondered why she could still walk like a supermodel carrying her shoes; Some people studied Luo Xiaoxi’s facial expression when she sat on the catwalk floor, trying to figure out why she looked so s.e.xy and at the same time not vulgar at all.

Then, people on the Internet inexplicably started making impressions of her. Some female netizens imitated Luo Xiaoxi’s expression at that time, and other male netizens even joined in. After getting authorization from those bloggers, a few influencers sorted out some photos for their followers. Those ladies all have white skin and good looks, but they did not seem to have Luo Xiaoxi’s innate s.e.xiness.

Finally, some netizens commented that because she was Luo Xiaoxi, she could be s.e.xy but not vulgar.

After one day and one night, the two words “Luo Xiaoxi” swept the Internet like a tornado, even those who did not watch the video also heard of Luo Xiaoxi, and the first episode of “Top Model” received more than 10,000,000, hits. Moreover, after watching the interviews, many commented that they had become fans of Luo Xiaoxi.

In short, Luo Xiaoxi suddenly became famous because of the accident on stage.

After Su Jianan digested this ma.s.sive amount of information, she opened her following list to find the first person she followed, which was Luo Xiaoxi. Then, she clicked to open Luo Xiaoxi’s Weibo home page and saw there were already more than 800,000 followers, nearly one million followers, along with a golden s.h.i.+ning character “V” behind her account name.

All of a sudden, numerous rumors about Luo Xiaoxi were flying on the Internet, and interview pieces appeared everywhere. At the time being, Luo Xiaoxi’s name was on the lips of everyone.

In this way, it made sense that Luo Xiaoxi did not answer her call—

She had so many friends, male or female, and according to her, even if she went broke someday, and unfortunately could not accept Su Jianan’s help, she could still rely on her other friends to lead a comfortable life.

Her friends were already shocked by her turning a model, and when she became a hot topic on the Internet, those friends must have blown up her phone. As for Su Jianan’s and Su Yicheng’s calls, needless to say, they must have drowned in those missed calls.

Su Jianan called Luo Xiaoxi back and sighed. “Does that mean I’ll have a celeb friend?”

Luo Xiaoxi seriously agreed. “And everyone knows that I, the future superstar, is your friend.”

“What do you mean?”

Su Jianan typed “Luo Xiaoxi” in the search bar, and other texts popped out. The first one was: Luo Xiaoxi, Su Jianan.

She suddenly had a wrong hunch and clicked to search, and sure enough, people revealed her relations.h.i.+p with Luo Xiaoxi. Numerous netizens confirmed that they were good friends, and even posted their photos in college online.

If Su Jianan had only been Su Jianan, things would be easy. Luo Xiaoxi wouldn’t find such news relevant at all, but now, Su Jianan had another sensitive ident.i.ty: She was now the proprietress of Lu Enterprise Media, the company that signed Luo Xiaoxi.

Therefore, some people began to question if Luo Xiaoxi used her connections to get famous, even suspected that she devised the entire campaign and deliberately set up a positive public image.

Such challenges were not suitable for Luo Xiaoxi who just debuted. If mishandled, she would have that bad reputation for a lifetime.

Su Jianan frowned. “Should I ask Lu Boyan to handle it?”

“No, if I cover it up in a hurry, then I’ll look guilty.” Luo Xiaoxi smiled like she didn’t care. “When so many people know we’re friends, it’s normal that they see our relations.h.i.+p in different ways. Also, if these rumors really cause any harmful effects, Candy will deal with it. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Su Jianan thought about it and decided she was really not in the position to worry about it.

She closed the page. “Good luck in the next episode.”

“Will you come next time?” Luo Xiaoxi suddenly laughed. “I promise that this time, I will finish the walk and never sit on the floor again.”

“Of course, I’ll go.” Su Jianan said, “I’ll go, even if Lu Boyan won’t accompany me! By the way, did you call my brother? Yesterday, he looked upset in the golf course.”

Speaking of Su Yicheng, Luo Xiaoxi had a bittersweet feeling in her heart. “Jianan, I think we are not right for each other, ’cause every time we get together, we’ll end up in a fight. Things never worked out between us, and we’d fall out with each other every time. We wouldn’t talk to each other for a while. Then, we’d return to normal for no reason and fight again…” Luo Xiaoxi was getting more and more depressed while saying this. “Jianan, will you quarrel with Lu Boyan?”

“We’ve quarreled several times before.” Su Jianan thought for a moment. “But we haven’t since we returned from City Z.”

Luo Xiaoxi sounded very curious. “How did you do it?”

Sometimes Su Jianan did deliberately avoid quarrels, but most of the time, it was Lu Boyan who tolerated her.

“Well…” Su Jianan said, “You can let my brother go ask Lu Boyan!”

She realized now that some of her previous words and behaviors might annoy Lu Boyan. As for the ways to put up with them, she could only let Su Yicheng consult Lu Boyan in person.

A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 205 - Luo Xiaoxi Had Followers Overnight

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