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Luo Xiaoxi felt that she was struck by lightning and thunder.

"Why did nothing happen between Su Yicheng and me when I was drugged and was even completely voluntary to him?

"Oh no, this is an absolutely sad story. My tears almost burst out! To what extent does he dislike me?"

"What does your expression mean?" Su Yicheng dangerously looked at Luo Xiaoxi. "I let you off but why do you still look unhappy?"

"..." Luo Xiaoxi felt like weeping but had no tears. "What does 'let me off' mean? He doesn't want me at all, does he?"

She suddenly sneezed while thinking. She recalled what happened yesterday—Su Yicheng threw her into the bathtub, making her bear the pain of burning and at the same time tremble in coldness.


But it also proved that she was correct—Su Yicheng actually would not take advantage of another person in a perilous state.

At this time, Su Yicheng approached her with a spurious smile. "What? Do you recall it?"

Luo Xiaoxi responded with a hypocritical smile and involuntarily backed away from him. "Yes, I re-recall it..."

"If you are disappointed," Su Yicheng said, reached out his slender arm to grab Luo Xiaoxi into his arms. "We can continue now."

Luo Xiaoxi was nervous that her heartbeat was accelerated for some seconds, but soon she suddenly calmed down. She put on a posture to tread on Su Yicheng's foot. "Get out!"

"I am calm and care about my dignity, OK?"

Su Yicheng held Luo Xiaoxi easily. He contemplated her for a while and said meaningfully, "I prefer the way you pleaded with me last night."


Facing such an obvious hint, even Luo Xiaoxi, who boasted that her face was thicker than the city wall, could not help blus.h.i.+ng. She gritted her teeth. "I was abnormal last night!"

"Oh?" Su Yicheng raised the corner of his lips. "What do you look like normally?"

Luo Xiaoxi waved her fist toward him. "Like this!" But soon she calmed her expression down and said, "Seriously, why were you in my house last night? Did you mean coming here when you said 'you had left'?"

"Since you gave your keys to me, I don't think you would mind me coming."

"..." Luo Xiaoxi was speechless.

"It's your turn to answer my question." Su Yicheng dubiously looked at Luo Xiaoxi. "Did you have a good time celebrating with Qin Wei last night?"

Luo Xiaoxi did not answer his question and countered confusingly. "How do you know that I celebrated with Qin Wei?"

Su Yicheng threw out his cellphone.

Luo Xiaoxi seemed to understand. She turned on the cellphone and unexpectedly found many pictures taken in the bar had been uploaded by her and Su Yicheng's common friends, and there were a lot of pictures in which she was talking to Qin Wei face to face.

In the bar at midnight, the lights were flickering. In the pictures, she sat very close to Qin Wei while the expression on their faces was indistinct, which could easily make people think that they were intimate.

Su Yicheng possibly had misunderstood too.

But Luo Xiaoxi wanted Su Yicheng to be jealous. Otherwise, she would not be so compliant to be taken pictures by them yesterday!

She returned the phone to Su Yicheng with a smile. "It was you who told me to celebrate with others. Others mean the other men except you, right?"

"So you went for Qin Wei?" Su Yicheng squinted, with flame in his eyes.

"No." Luo Xiaoxi fearlessly looked at Su Yicheng's eyes. "He came to me and I just went with him."

If Su Yicheng had anything in his hand now, he would have crushed it.

He grabbed Luo Xiaoxi's hand and pulled her over. Every word squeezed from his mouth presented danger. "You'd better seize every chance to be rampant when you still can."

"..." Luo Xiaoxi did not understand his words. She confusedly looked at Su Yicheng but was unwilling to ask what he meant.

She struggled. "Don't be so bossy, OK? You do not want to celebrate with me. Then why don't you allow me to celebrate with others? Even if I went for Qin Wei, what would happen? My father also asked me to marry him!"

The last sentence provoked Su Yicheng. His breast fiercely heaved and his face was so sullen and terrifying as if he could strangle Luo Xiaoxi in the next second.

But in the end, he only squeezed out a sentence from his mouth. "Luo Xiaoxi, you are stupider than I imagined." "Even Su Jianan can understand why I avoid you in the public. Why can't you understand?"

Luo Xiaoxi did not want to think too much. She snorted. "You think I am stupid but still want to get me. Aren't you stupider?"

This was the trick that she always used. If she could not win others in words, she would drag others into the same level, because it would be better to get soaked in the water with another person than to drown in the water alone.

As a result, they fiercely argued for a whole morning. They did not stop even during breakfast. Su Yicheng was cold and acid-toned, while Luo Xiaoxi was silver-tongued. Their eloquence was almost the same. In the end, Su Yicheng left Luo Xiaoxi's apartment in anger.

Luo Xiaoxi thought that if she packed up Su Yicheng's stuff and let him take it away, it would definitely make him angrier.

However, if Su Yicheng lost control, she would be swallowed by his anger. "Well, I still want to live.

"I only got the weekly champion for once!"

By contrast, this weekend, Su Jianan's life was much more peaceful and simpler than her.

Su Jianan was unwilling to move to the host room and live with Lu Boyan. As a result, Lu Boyan stayed in her room so that Uncle Xu and Aunt Liu regarded her room as the host room.

Over time, Su Jianan did not know whether it was her illusion or not that she found another kind of air in her room—Lu Boyan's air.

Even worse, when she noticed it, she had no aversion at all and even got used to it.

On Sat.u.r.day, after staying at home for the whole day, Lu Boyan received an invitation and went out. Before leaving, he said to Su Jianan, "I may come back very late. You may go to bed first."

Uncle Xu and others were busy working in the living room. Hearing that, they looked at each other and smiled.

Su Jianan slightly blushed. She nodded and tried to pretend to be indifferent. But after Lu Boyan left, she still couldn't help sneaking a glance at his back.

"He still needs to work at the weekend. How intense is his work?"

"This is a common thing." Uncle Xu put down a fruit platter in front of Su Jianan. "Before the Young Master married, he was busier than now. Sometimes when he finished this at weekends, he often had to live directly in the apartment in the city center and get up early to the company the next day."

Su Jianan was stunned. "Is Lu Boyan a superman? I know the human body well. The input and output should be balanced so that a man can be healthy. A man should decide how long for resting according to the intensity of his work."

"This is certainly bad for Lu Boyan's body over a long time."

"In the past, he did not believe subordinates except Yuechuan. He did a lot of things on his own." Uncle Xu smiled. "But now, he has given power to other subordinates."

Su Jianan took a red grape and had a bite. "Why does he change suddenly?"

"This..." Uncle Xu mysteriously smiled. "Perhaps you have to ask the Young Master."

"OK. I will ask him when he comes back."

Su Jianan swirled up her legs, hugged the pillows, laid on the sofa and continued to watch the movie. At about 10:00 p.m., Aunt Liu reminded her that it was time to rest. She looked outside. Her beautiful eyebrows slightly frowned. "Why does Lu Boyan still not come back?"

"Young Madam, please rest." Aunt Liu cleared the fruit platter on the table. "The Young Master said that he would come back late, which usually means that he could come back after midnight. So he wanted you to rest first."

"..." "OK"

Su Jianan went upstairs. She intended to wash sluggishly. When she lay down in bed at 11:30 p.m., Lu Boyan still did not come back.

She took the quilt and rolled over.

An uncomfortable feeling suddenly sprouted in her heart.

It was not a physically uncomfortable feeling but a psychological one. Usually, when she rolled over like this, she would be held by Lu Boyan into his arms. But today the other side of the bed was empty.

Su Jianan slept on Lu Boyan's pillow and took a deep breath.

The habit of relying on Lu Boyan had been formed... She didn't know whether it was good or bad.

But even if it was bad, she probably could not do anything.

She could hardly give up any habits related to Lu Boyan.

However, she cared more about when Lu Boyan would come back.

"If he does not come back, I cannot fall asleep!"

At this time, Lu Boyan just coped with the partners and was resting in the private room.

The several men including him and Shen Yuechuan had drunk a lot. Shen Yuechuan leaned against the sofa with a headache and complaint, "You have your wife at home warming the bed for you. But I have slept alone in a double bed for more than twenty years..."

Someone comforted Shen Yuechuan. "Turn the central air-conditioning on for 24 hours. Not only the bed, but even the toilet seat will also be warm too."

Others immediately praised this witty idea.

Lu Boyan did not want to bulls.h.i.+t with them. He got up to leave. But others did not easily agree. In the end, Shen Yuechuan helped him out. "You should understand Boss Lu. He has just brought his wife back and can't wait to hold her in his hand like a treasure. How can he let his sweet wife and children stay at home alone?"

After he had finished, he faintly responded. "Oh, Boss Lu doesn't have children for now."

"If they want they can have a baby now. Boyan is 30 and Jianan is 24. They are both at a good age and can have a baby at any time they want. But until now, there's still nothing. Boyan, are you incapable?"

The group could not help laughing.

At this moment, a cold-eyed gaze like a sword straightly shot to Shen Yuechuan. He shuddered and looked over, and found it was indeed Lu Boyan.

"However, why does Lu Boyan react so fiercely? Hasn't he gotten Su Jianan?"

Shen Yuechuan joked and let Lu Boyan leave. He seriously put down the cup and started thinking about the happiness of the rest of Lu Boyan's life.

He understood that speaking the love out needed courage. Su Jianan probably had not found the appropriate time.

"Maybe I can offer them one."

He kicked the man beside him and asked, "Is Boyan's birthday on October 15?"

"Yes," the man nodded and said, "but you know that he never celebrates his birthday. Why do you ask this?"

Shen Yuechuan touched his chin and said, "He never had a birthday before, but now is different. Don't forget he has a wife now. He won't listen to what we say, but he will definitely listen to what his wife says."

"Do you mean to let Jianan celebrate his birthday?"


Shen Yuechuan laughed and snapped his fingers. He decided to discuss it with Su Jianan secretly when he was free.

A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 199 Who's Stupider

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