A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 388 - You Don't Seem like Such a Pushover (1)

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Chapter 388 You Don’t Seem like Such a Pushover (1)

To Xiao Yunyun, being a doctor had always been a sacred job.

When she was 10, she suffered from a serious disease and lived in a hospital for half a year as if it was her home.

At that time, her dad launched a startup, which was just thriving, and her parents were very busy. It was the doctors and the nurses there who stayed with her the entire time.

One time, the sudden outbreak of her disease during her treatment period nearly killed her. Her mom told her that there were over 10 doctors and nurses who performed approximately 10 hours of surgery in the operating room to save her life. Fortunately, she survived that.

After she had left the hospital, she had always been dreaming to be a doctor. She thought that she could be like one of those doctors who saved her, fighting against death and saving lives and their families from the sorrow of eternal separation.

But today, she had to witness a patient pa.s.s away in the operating room with her hands tied.

She wasn’t as strong as she had thought she was, not even close.

Also, with all the drama brought by the patient’s family, it was a huge frustration for Xiao Yunyun.

After work, Xiao Yunyun was held up by that family when she was feeling a tad better.

These people a.s.serted that every partic.i.p.ating doctor should take the blame for the failure of the surgical operation. The other doctors were already familiar with all these situations and dodged the bullet, as the hospital would deal with it anyway.

However, an amateur like Xiao Yunyun, having no knowledge of what was going on, headed out through the front door. She basically threw herself into this drama.

After a short while, she was pulled over by the patient’s daughter, a woman of nearly 40 years old.

“My dad was totally fine until he had that surgery. And you tried to make things go away by simply telling us that the surgery had failed. This is murder!”

“Before having that surgery, we informed you explicitly that the success rate was only 25%. We operated on him with your approval and understanding of the risks, and we fulfilled all of our responsibilities. Also, didn’t you sign the Operation Consent Form?” Xiao Yunyun tried her utmost to explain.

“What do you mean by that?” The woman pushed Xiao Yunyun. “You people set us up to sign that bulls.h.i.+t paper because you guys had known ahead of time that the surgery might fail, so that you could stay out of it after you failed, right?”

“Ma’am, we really did all we could.” Xiao Yunyun tried to remain calm.

“c.r.a.p!” The woman pushed Xiao Yunyun again fiercely and pointed at her nose. “You did this surgery without a.s.surance and tricked us into signing that paper. You all are a disgrace as doctors! Oh, wait, no. You all are a disgrace as people. You are murderers. I curse you all. You will not end up well!”

There was a saying in the department of cardiac surgery: The distance from the surface of one’s skin to underneath is three cm, but the time of effort could take 30 years.

The number of difficulties and pressures that a doctor in cardiac surgery was required to bear and overcome was beyond imagination.

A surgery with great risks in the first place failed, so they were disqualified as human beings?

“Mind your words!” Xiao Yunyun burst out. “During the operation, we did everything we could to save him, but the patient could not make it. We are just as devastated as you are! We didn’t expect this as well!”

“Well, well. Look who has a temper.” The woman poked Xiao Yunyun’s chest and provoked her, looking fiendish. “Trust me, I could just film you right now and send it to the press. Let the world have a look at how cruel you doctors actually are.”

Xiao Yunyun had a pair of strict parents and a teacher who could not stand any mistakes. Even they had never scolded her like that.

And Xiao Yunyun hated it the most when people pointed at her and scolded.

She threw her belongings aside smoothly, along with her purse and white coat, which were hung aside properly.

The patient’s family stared at her with confusion. “What are you doing?”

“When I take this white coat off, I am not a doctor from this hospital.” Xiao Yunyun stared back at them, cold and penetrating. “If you ever touch me again, you won’t be able to leave the hospital as easy as how you got in.”

There were like two seconds that the people were actually intimidated by Xiao Yunyun. However, when they thought about it thoroughly, she was just a girl of 20 after all. No matter how great she was, she wouldn’t be able to knock them all down.

“You think I would be scared of it?” The woman mocked disdainfully. “You think taking off that white coat means that you are no longer working here? Ha, can you even give up this job? It’s difficult to get a job at this time. Can you survive without this job?”

“I could certainly live without this meager $1,000 interns.h.i.+p.” Xiao Yunyun scanned the woman. “But you, with today being a weekday, don’t you need to work? Oh, my bad. You wouldn’t be wearing a fake Dior if you had a job.”

The woman glanced at the bag she was wearing out of shame, with her face blus.h.i.+ng. “What the h.e.l.l are you talking about? I got it from a boutique in France!”

Xiao Yunyun grabbed her own bag effortlessly. “Look closer. This is a real one from a boutique.”

The contrast showed clearly which bag was the real one and which bag was the fake one. The woman was completely embarra.s.sed.

“Don’t change the subject! We will not let this matter pa.s.s. It was amateurs like you who killed my dad in the operation!” The woman went crazy. “I will call the police and have you arrested! I will ask the police to lock you up!”

These threats, seemingly intimidating but actually dumb, were not taken seriously by Xiao Yunyun. She smirked. “Sure. Do you need to borrow my cellphone? Oh, please don’t tell me your phone is also an imitation.”

The woman was furious. She was about to pounce on Xiao Yunyun like a beast with fangs and claws while her husband got in her way, saying, “We are just here asking for an explanation. If we hurt her, we would lose our ground.”

“You! Why are you trying to stop me? Why are you on her side?” The woman went hysterical. “You think she’s pretty, don’t you?”

“I…” Her husband was speechless.

Shaking her head, Xiao Yunyun said, “I sympathize with you.”

These few words triggered the woman’s deep anger. She was screaming and sprang at Xiao Yunyun. But this time, Xiao Yunyun saw it coming. She dodged the woman’s attacks, but that woman wouldn’t let go until she taught Xiao Yunyun a lesson.

Xiao Yunyun finally understood why people always said that women could be a pain in the a.s.s. Just at the same time when she was about to dodge another attack, a solemn male voice cut in. “Stop!”

She looked over. It was Shen Yuechuan.

Shen Yuechuan walked toward them quickly, then dragged back Xiao Yunyun a little. His eyes looked straight at that family, merciless. “You can now choose to disappear right away, or I can call the police to take you all back to the police station.”

“Let see. Some help for this little rookie doctor?” That woman pointed at Shen Yuechuan. “That rookie looks rich. You must be her boy toy huh? What a loyal boy toy.”

“Shut up!” A man yelled with rage, and along with his yell was a solid slap on that woman’s face.

The one who slapped was, of course, not Shen Yuechuan. Although he despised the concept of gentlemen, this was just so unlike him.

It was the woman’s husband who had slapped her, and the woman was absolutely overwhelmed.

A big apologetic smile hung on the man’s face. “Special a.s.sistant Shen, I would like to apologize for my wife’s behavior. My father-in-law pa.s.sed away in surgery accidentally. That why my wife was all caught up and said things without thinking thoroughly. Could you please forgive her?”

It took Shen Yuechuan a very long time to recall that this guy was the little manager from a company that initially wanted to cooperate with him, and that manager was the one who presented their idea on behalf of his company.

“Oh, it’s you, Manager Xu.” He grinned. “Very well, let’s see how to work this out, shall we?” He then pulled Xiao Yunyun out. “By the way, Miss Xiao is Boss Lu’s cousin.”

Lu Boyan’s cousin!

Manager Xu’s face turned pale, with his hands slightly s.h.i.+vering. He saw the gauze on Xiao Yunyun’s forehead, and all of a sudden, he felt hopeless as if there was no tomorrow. “Miss Xiao, I am so sorry. Really, really sorry. I apologize on behalf of my family for injuring you. They didn’t know who you were.”

“I was just doing my job as a doctor here in the hospital.” Xiao Yunyun didn’t want to take advantage of the relative relations.h.i.+p she had with Lu Boyan and use it against someone else. All she wanted was just to end the whole drama. “We had nothing to do with the failure of your father-in-law’s surgery. It has been tense between the patients and the medical staff recently. If you had informed the press, I certainly wouldn’t want to see these things on the news.”

“No, no,” Manager Xu responded immediately, “We will clarify everything with the press. I ensure you that there will not be any news that is unfavorable to you or the hospital.”

Xiao Yunyun wouldn’t be too harsh as long as there wasn’t any press involved. “Okay, now go. You are disturbing other patients.”

“But, Miss Xiao, your forehead… What compensation would you like to receive? Please name it. We would do whatever it takes to fulfill your request!” Manager Xu was still worried that Xiao Yunyun would complain to Lu Boyan. He had to do everything to solve it, or else he might lose his job.

“I don’t need any compensation.” Xiao Yunyun just didn’t want to be involved with this family anymore. She turned her head to Shen Yuechuan. “Tell them to go,” she said.

Shen Yuechuan was just about to say something while the woman who had gotten slapped and confused suddenly came to her senses. She bent her knee and kicked Manager Xu in the stomach. “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what did you just do? You slapped me for that little b.i.t.c.h?”

“Manager Xu,” Shen Yuechuan sounded cold, with slivers of danger, “if you still want to live in this city, take her with you and get your a.s.ses out of here.”

Manager Xu covered the woman’s mouth, taking her out in a panic.

Silence was finally restored to the front door of the hospital.

Xiao Yunyun picked up her stuff that she had left aside, looking at Shen Yuechuan curiously. “My older female cousin told you to come?”

“Yeah.” Shen Yuechuan noticed the gauze on Xiao Yunyun’s forehead, raised his chin, and asked, “What happened with that?”

“That woman pushed me when I came out of the operating room and told them the result of the surgery, then I fell on a chair.” Xiao Yunyun tapped on her wound and gasped. It still hurt.

“It isn’t over.” Shen Yuechuan asked, “What do you want to do to them?”

Xiao Yunyun understood that all she needed to do was calling for revenge, then Shen Yuechuan would do anything it took to make it happen.

However, after thinking about it, she said, “Leave it.”

“Leave it like this?” Shen Yuechuan pretended to be surprised. “You don’t seem like such a pushover.”

A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 388 - You Don't Seem like Such a Pushover (1)

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