I’m OP, but I Began an Inn Vol 5 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Male Adventurer (Lolicon Style) *FLAT IS NOT JUSTICE, CALL THE PO-PO*


-(Unknown POV)-


Everyone, do you know about the inn called  the 『Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe』?


It is said that it is the best inn in the Oo-klan kingdom. It is said that the inn is famous due to its food that supposedly came from the heavens.

Although there are some who say that the landlady is beautiful, like that of angel, it has already become heavily speculated that the inn’s owner is actually an ‘auntie’ with a ‘good physique’. (TL: Because of her being A-cla.s.s adventurer, and all.)

Due to her slimness as well as the usual misconceptions, those people must have saw her as an angel.

Rather, most of the story is similar to what was mentioned before, where someone always arrives at the wrong conclusion.

That’s right~ If there is a woman in the midst of dirty, ugly ruffians, surely even she would look like a beauty, right? It is similar to that concept.

I too, did not have even the slightest interest towards the rumours surrounding the landlady.


I had the chance to go visit the capital this time, because of a request.

Anyways, because of my need to stay for a day at the capital, it seems that the guild would prepare an inn for me.

And so, [Is there any inn, in particular, that you want to stay in?]. When I was asked that, I replied with 『Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe』. I was told that it would be difficult due to not reserving in advance. That made sense, as the inn was all the craze these days, with rumours surrounding it and what not.

That inn is the sole inn that lets its customers experience food that is usually served at the Oo-klan Royal Palace, something that no other country has done.


The reason why I want to stay at the 『Dragon Emperor’s Mistletoe』, is mainly due to its food.

Typically, no restaurant would serve 『Rice』 in their meals, as only our kingdom and its royal palace is the sole kingdom that grows this ingredient. Yet, this inn is able to serve this luxurious type of food.

Being able to eat this type of luxurious meal would be most pleasurable.


Right as the guild notified me about them being able to comply with my request, my heart started to race.

While suppressing this throbbing feeling in my heart, I walked on the road towards the capital.




[ Oka~y. Thank you very much~ The requested item, right? Since our guildmaster is not here today, it’ll changed to tomorrow, will you be alright with that?]


Said the receptionist of the guild with a light tone. It was 『Ririka』-dono.


She was so famous to the extent that there was no one who did not know about her.

She was a former A-cla.s.s adventurer that reached that rank at an early age. She possessed strength that surpa.s.sed level 50. Not to mention, she held a lot of influence over other adventurers at that time due to her beauty.


Every man dreams of dating Ririka-dono at least once .. I, too, am one of those men.


She was on track to be a S-cla.s.s adventurer, but at that time, Ririka-dono suddenly stopped being an adventurer. She disappeared for several months after that. At that time, we searched around for her; we even considered making a search network to dispatch adventurers to find her. However, we were not even able to find a single trace of her. Well, this was not a surprise because of her moniker, 『Ririka of Mimicry』.

It was several months later, after we had all given up on the search due to our fruitless endeavors, did she re-emerge as one of the staff members of the guild.


It was a shock that could have not been quantified.

Although I wanted to personally ascertain the truth, someone like me, who came from a rural branch of the guild, had no reason to come to the main branch just to find out what really happened.

Well, it was okay for anyone to enter the guild..


However, this is really was such an opportune moment for me. With this opportunity, I will become closer with Ririka-dono and brag about it to all my adventurer friends.


With a slightly ulterior motive, I started to talk with Ririka-dono.


[ Are you perhaps, Ririka-dono? The former A-cla.s.s adventurer..?]

[ Ah, that is correct. Wow, there are actually some people who still remember me from back then, eh? That’s crazy, considering I stopped a long time ago. I am a receptionist now, you know..]

[ No, no. You are a famous person, after all. How about we go out for a dinn-]

[ Mama~ Are you done with your s.h.i.+ft, yet?~]

[ …?]


Right when I was about to ask her out for dinner, I was interrupted by someone else. When I turned around to see who it was, I saw a little girl about 3-4 years old, tottering towards us.

She wore a cute, frilly one-piece, and was walking towards us with a adorable smile on her face. Her cheeks seemed so soft and squishy.


(Cu-cute … No, wait just a moment here, I am not a lolicon. I definitely am not one!!)


As the girl was coming closer and closer, I was having a mental self-conflict within my mind. Considering what I have just heard what she just said, it seems that I can not ignore what was just spoken.


[ Aika-chan, please wait a little bit more, okay? After I finish business with this Oji-san, my work is done, okay?~ When Mama is done, let’s go to Carla-neechan’s place together]

[ Alright, I will wait. ]


The little girl nodded at Ririka-dono’s words with a sluggish smile on her face.

(TL: if you want to know how it look search with this keyword : > ほにゃっとした笑顔)


[ …Eh? ]

[ Yes? Oh, um.. What were you asking again? ]

[ ..Uh, even though this is somewhat of a random question, who is this kid, if I may ask? ]

(Tl: He asks in a very formal manner)

[ ..? Oh, you mean Aika? She is my daughter..? ]




[ L- ]


[ Li? ]


[ It’s a all lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!  ]


[ Eh!? Wait, the thing about the inn is still.. Eh, he’s gone. What was that about, eh, Aika-chan? ]

[ Umm, don’t know. Can we go to Carla-neechan’s place, now?]

[ That’s right, well then, everyone! We will leaving first, okay? ]

[[[[[[ Thank you for your hard work ]]]]]]


Apart from the cry of that one male adventurer, the shout by the guild staff resounded all around the guild building and left a nice feeling.


-(Scene Change)-

Well then. It seems that I got too surprised and ran away.


( No way !? It’s a lie, right !? She got married!? I haven’t anything about that before!? Also, she even has a daughter!? )


Now I have to tell my adventurer friends something else than what I originally wanted to tell them after I came back from this trip..


( Now that I mention it, it seems that that little girl somewhat resembles Ririka-dono.. Where and who was the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who dared to lay his hand on Ririka-dono!!!!? )


While depressed and a little angry, I head down the road towards the inn.


Author’s Notes


From the author’s perspective, this is a RPG-esque inn found , like that in video games, where you wake up to the owner of the inn saying [ Last night was fun, right? ]. Then there is the daughter that has the choice of getting married or not in the future constantly in her mind. After remembering about your father, you then can learn the final secret attack. The last part being that you cannot talk outside the script like that of NPCs. In the end, you will not get any spotlight in the story at all.


And so, i thought that if I want to continue about the inn, I cannot write about the inn from just a singular POV only.


If it was to continue just like that, then the novel would simply consist of: making meals in the morning, cleaning, then making the meal again, chatting, then eating said meal, getting help from the couple, have a night banquet, and then sleep.

That is all this novel would contain…


After thinking about that, I then thought to write from the point of view from the people who come to the inn ( In other words, the RPG main character’s point of view )


Perhaps everyone who have played these types of RPG games would know what I am talking about. But, for those of you who do not, the main character’s party often stays at the inn.

The first time, when still raising the level of the character, we still often stayed at the inn. But other than that, the time when visiting the inn is scarce, right? ( Or it is just me )

i think it is the same in this world.

But then, in this world, the main character can just buy a house, and then the necessity to visit the inn will be gone.

Also, every of the main character have different experiences, different equipment and the composition of their party should be different for each person . ( Please picture the main character that I thought of and your main character, walking on the same world. Even though the status is the same, where and to what extent will you raise the level? What kind of job will you make your comrades become? What the equipment will they have? Everyone will have their own unique thing, right?)

In other words, I think that you cannot meet a same person for second time.


With this in mind, I have written this particular chapter.

For everybody who was waiting for what Carla would have done, I apologize.


About the previous questions about increasing the employees of the inn, I will write the Carla’s POV in a different kind of setting. For the comment on the impression, it would be great if you give me critique on what I did wrong on this chapter. ( Since i accepted the impression, I wouldn’t mind even if you point out the bad parts of the novel ) (EN: I don’t know what this means, as I have no context about this lol, so just bear with me here)


Though I have written too much at this point, the last thing to be mentioned is that the main focus of the story is still about the inn. So, everyone, please continue to treat me well after this.

I’m OP, but I Began an Inn Vol 5 Chapter 1

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