Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension Chapter 65

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 Chapter 65: Crystals of G.o.d.

 Soon, the girls finished taking a bath, and Wu Ling Feng's peeping was done for the sake of it. However, he was already very satisfied. He was lying on the edge of the bath with his mouth watering. In front of him were all those white little feet. Besides, there were also those pretty little b.u.t.tocks. It seemed that Helena had the best look, gagagaga ...

 " Eldest brother, eldest brother, don't frighten me, don't have dementia ..." Xiao Lan on Wu Lingfeng's chest sobbed.

 " I'm going, crying a fart ah, eldest brother time has yet to come. Geez, you even can't let me fantasize for a while. Let's go, eat dinner, and then sleep ..." Wu ling feng pick up the small blue body, put on clothes, and walked out of the bathroom.

 " Magician, your highness is ready for dinner, please come with me ..." a female bodyguard respectfully said to Wu Ling Feng.

 " Well, I have to trouble sister to lead the way ..." Wu Ling Feng said with a smile.

 The maid blushed with shame and moved forward timidly.

 " Wow, boss, you are so good, openly seducing a female, in a palace at that..." Xiao Lan said loudly.

 " Shut up, you brat ..." Wu Ling Feng directly grabbed Xiao Lan's mouth, which was too cheap to fight with him.

 After walking through a garden, Wu Ling Feng came to a wide courtyard. Charlotte, Helena and Winnie were already sitting, Bridget was also there, and there was an additional mature belle, somewhat like Bridget, but her eyes were blue, not Bridget's silver. Compared with Bridget, she was more feminine and had a plump body that made people think endlessly.

 " Come on, a boy is so slow and takes longer to wash than a girl. Are you sure that's cleanliness?" Bridget asked Wu Ling Feng.

 " No ... no, I haven't had a bath for a long time. At the very least, I want to clean it up ..." Wu Ling Feng hurriedly motioned with his hand and said, he can't say he was peeping, can he?

 " This is the blood of the G.o.d? The mainland has not seen the blood of G.o.ds for a long time. It has been a thousand years. Most of them are demiG.o.ds. Becoming G.o.ds is not so easy … " The silver-haired blue-eyed belle looked at Wu Ling Feng and said with a smile.

 " This is my mother, a great mage, who is infinitely close to a Dharma G.o.d ..." Bridget said, pointing to the mature belle.

 " h.e.l.lo, your majesty, beautiful queen, the former count of holy light salutes you ..." Wu Lingfeng right hand slightly on his chest, half bowed his body and said to the beauty.

 The belle smiled and nodded, stretched out her hand and motioned for him to be excused. She said, " Please sit down and call me Catherine. The former Earl of St. Guang, I heard your story from Princess Charlotte. It is always b.l.o.o.d.y for political changes in history to leave."

 Wu Ling Feng nodded and sat between Winnie and Helena. He ate the meal without hesitation. He didn't pay much attention to it. He ate as much as he wanted. There were also many kinds of fresh fruits. They were very sweet.

 Catherine looked at Wu Ling Feng's handsome appearance and nodded with satisfaction. The blood of G.o.d, every appearance, will cause a lot of turmoil in the whole continent. At the age of 15, he is an intermediate magician. He also has a lineage of alchemy. He is really a good child. If he is married with Bridget, it will be very good. However, it seems that he already has three little beauties around him, as well as a mage and a beautiful escort of golden knights. He is a blessed child.

 " Son, you have to grow up as soon as possible. A thousand-year-old abyss is not far away. It will erupt at any time. The mainland will need people like you to protect it then ..." Catherine said to Wu Ling Feng.

 Wu Ling Feng choked on the barbecue and asked doubtfully, " What kind of magic disaster has taken place in a thousand years?"

 " Then, you will naturally know, it is too early for you now, in short, speed up the growth ..." Catherine said, eating the fruit.

 Bridget is also a little confused. She doesn't know what the millennium magic bullet is, but her mother doesn't want to say much and she doesn't mention it well.

 " By the way Bridget, your guardian knight hasn't been found yet, I think King Feng mage is about the same ..." Catherine said suddenly.

 " But he is already my guardian knight ..." Charlotte said, she is very nervous, he is her guardian knight and her pillar after her family tragedy.

 Catherine smiled and said: " It's not said that it is impossible for two people to have the same guardian knight."

 Bridget pie mouth said: " I don't want to, when his strength beyond me maybe I can consider ..."

 You don't want to? I also don't want it! Wu Ling Feng hurriedly motioned with his hand and said: " That's right. Charlotte alone is enough for me to work hard. Another one will drag me down ..."

 " All right ..." Wu Ling Feng stopped talking. Women in this world have always been arrogant. That's how Shania is. Why do you look down on people? Isn't it a bit weak?


 After the meal, Wu Lingfeng returned to the temporary dormitory, put Xiao Lan on the table and said: " Well, now the boss will fulfill his promise to increase your length and let you eat sweet beans ..."

 Xiao Lan said doubtfully, " Sweet bean? In length, okay, boss, even if I look small, but you don't have to comfort me, 500 years, 500 years is good, then I can fight with you. "

 Wu Ling Feng closed all the windows and whispered to Xiao Lan, " Don't talk loudly. I have a magic object that can quickly improve your length. You will know in a moment ..."

 Xiao Lan said in surprise, " Is it? Eldest brother, really? "

 Wu Ling Feng nodded and summoned the cla.s.s store. He reluctantly spent 70,000 gold coins to buy 400 small blue crystals and 100 small gold crystals.

 After buying the small crystal pieces, they actually s.h.i.+ne on the table, glittering and translucent like precious stones, and are smooth and transparent. If they were placed in a previous life, they would certainly make a lot of money. The blue crystal pieces are similar to sapphire, the gold crystal pieces are similar to gold pieces, and more importantly, the crystal pieces are held in their hands without any weight, but they do not float.

 When Xiao Lan saw a large number of small crystal blocks, his eyes immediately widened and he threw himself on the small crystal blocks. He was pleasantly surprised and said, " Wow, boss, where did you steal the crystal of G.o.d? I can eat it. It can really speed up the growth to length!"

 " Crystals of G.o.d?" Wu glide asked some doubts.

 Xiao Lan nodded uncontrollably and said: " The magic crystal of the G.o.ds, the magic crystal condensed by the G.o.ds, is very useful. It can improve the quality of weapons and equipment, the growth length of non-human creatures, and alchemy ... In short, it is very useful, and it is 'almost' rare now.

 This small blue crystal is the magic crystal of frost and ice. This golden crystal is even more magical. It is said that it can enhance the intelligence and magic understanding of non-human beings. It is even rarer. Wow, boss, you are too rich. "

 Wu Lingfeng asked, " What is the function of that big crystal block?"

 Xiao Lan hurriedly said: " Large crystal pieces are even rarer, and of course they are even more powerful. There is no problem in making artifacts. Moreover, if you swallow a large number of crystals, it is not impossible to become the legendary G.o.d of Huang Jinlong. The G.o.d of Huang Jinlong is the ancestor of all dragons. It is much more powerful than ordinary G.o.ds. No one can beat it except the G.o.d of Creation."

 Wu Ling Feng nodded and said: " Eat quickly and be a good pet in the future. This boss will often reward you with food. Don't tell others that I have this kind of food."

 Xiao Lan nodded excitedly and said: " Well, that's great. Eldest brother, you are too rich. Don't worry. I will never tell others that you are have crystals of G.o.d. Otherwise, they will dissect you. It is normal to inherit the blood of G.o.d and alchemy, but the crystal of G.o.d will definitely make people jealous."

 Wu Ling Feng nodded. Fortunately, it was not revealed in front of Bridget and others. Otherwise, as Xiao Lan said, who can stand the temptation of the crystals of G.o.d?

 Xiaoan contentedly devoured small crystal pieces. Each small crystal piece was about the same size as the fingernail of the thumb, one centimeter long and one centimeter wide and one centimeter high. In a short time, she devoured all the small crystal pieces. At this time, its body suddenly emitted dazzling light of gold and blue ...

Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension Chapter 65

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