Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension Chapter 67

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 Chapter 67: The strongest magic school.

 The huge magic airs.h.i.+p rose slowly, getting higher and higher from the ground. Gradually, the whole hearsay palace became smaller and smaller in front of Wu Ling Feng's eyes. The magic airs.h.i.+p that flew high into the sky shuttled forward like an arrow leaving from a string.

 White clouds receded rapidly, and huge birds flitted under the airs.h.i.+p. Although they were traveling very fast, they could not feel any shade of air when standing on the deck. A transparent air cover wrapped up the whole airs.h.i.+p.

 Wu Ling Feng stretched his arms and looked at the scenery in the sky, feeling relaxed and happy. Although he had been on a plane, he felt really not on the same level as this airs.h.i.+p. Standing on top of the airs.h.i.+p, there were no walls around it. Your sight could be infinitely wide, just like sailing on the sea on a s.h.i.+p. He felt very free and not as restrained as in an airplane.

 " What's good to see, I'll go to sleep for a while ..." Bridget didn't understand the reason why Wu Ling Feng excited.

 Winnie said timidly, " I'll go to the cabin, too. That ... I'm a little afraid of heights ..."

 Well, acrophobia.

 " I'm going to pack up and get ready ..." Charlotte also entered the cabin.

 Wu Ling Feng was speechless. How could they not understand romance? How romantic it is for two people to talk about their feelings on the railing.

 " Aren't you going in?" Wu Ling Feng asked Helena.

 Helena blinked and said, " why should I go in? I don't have anything, and I think the sky is very beautiful, these clouds are so lovely ... "

 Finally he met a like-minded person, Helena, you are really my sweetheart.

 " In fact, I think your brown hair looks better when you grow it ..." Wu Ling Feng looked at Helena's short brown hair and said.

 Helena looked absently at her hair and said: " I used to have long hair, but I cut it off when fighting. I am determined to become a paladin. when practicing sword skills, long hair will get in the way, so I cut it off. why, isn't it nice now?"

 Wu Ling Feng waved his hand and said, " It's also pretty. Helena is a beautiful girl, no matter her long hair or short hair, in my heart ..."

 " Cut, say it to your Winnie ..." Helena spat gently.

 Wu Lingfeng helplessly showed a bitter face. It's like hot face is on somebody else's cold a.s.s but the a.s.s didn't take ah, failure ...

[Kind of dirty but understandable as it's Ecchi]

 " Slos.h.i.+ng ..."

 Helena looked at Wu Ling Feng's woebegone look and immediately burst out laughing. Isn't he cute?

 " Well, don't look bitter, I ask you, what is your wish?" Helena asked.

 Wu Lingfeng said solemnly: " Naturally, we are holding each other to the left and holding each other to the right, and eating together ..."

 " Hate, seriously ..." Helena can't help but stretch out her hand to push the Wu Lingfeng.

 Wu Ling Feng pulled Helena's bright and clean arm, held her in his chest and said, " Seriously, you are very beautiful today. In fact, I don't have any ideal at present. The only ideal is to make beautiful women like you ..."

 Helena pushed Wu Ling Feng aside and said, " No, we can't ..."

 " No, why?" Wu Ling Feng is somewhat puzzled.

 " In short not now, hate ..." Helena stamped her feet and turned her delicate body.

 Well, Wu Ling Feng found that she still needs to work hard. The little girl is still a little shy.

 " Then let's talk about something else. Does Helena have any goals?" Wu Ling Feng asked.

 " Become a paladin, and then kill a person ..." Helena said, and walked into the cabin.

 Well, there is no point in staying here alone. Wu Ling Feng also entered the cabin.


 In the afternoon, Wu Ling Feng and his company officially arrived at their destination. On a wide plain, seven huge magic towers plunged into the sky. The periphery of the seven magic towers was surrounded by huge walls. Outside the walls were a dazzling array of shops, dense pedestrians, and wide streets interspersed with them. Outside the walls were the city walls. Outside the walls were patches of arable land, and thin civilian houses. Outside, there was another city wall.

 This is looking down from the sky. It is not so much a city but more as a small country. It is very big and the center of the country is the strongest magic academy.

 Of course, these are also very common. The real magic is the seven magic towers. Wu Ling Feng can swear that this is the most magical building he has ever seen. The tower body of the magic tower is not connected, but there will be a fault at intervals. Fields floating in these faults are already very large from a high alt.i.tude. If he is close. It is estimated that the size of each field is about the same as that of a village.

 At the top of the magic tower, there is a powerful monster, which can be felt from a distance. The blue dragon with three heads, the golden cyclops with eyes that can release lightning, the huge python with white wings, the huge flamingo with nine heads, the huge ladybug with black and gold all over, the huge tortoise with a leading tail, and the headless six-winged angel ...

 What is even more magical is that the incoherent tower bodies among the seven magic towers rotate back and forth. Sometimes the tower bodies of the magic towers rotate with each other. The tower bodies here reach the middle of the magic towers over there, the tower bodies over there reach the middle of the magic towers over here. The floating sites in the fault of the tower bodies constantly change. One is the forest, the other is the plain, the other is the ocean, and the other is the hill ...

 " It's amazing. Is this the strongest magic academy?" Wu Ling Feng yearns his life here.

 Bridget said: " The seven magic towers are super artifacts. Legend has it that the bones of ancient G.o.ds are suppressed under them. The seven magic towers represent seven elements: light, dark, wind, thunder, water, fire and earth. Each magic tower consists of seven towers. The towers can move back and forth freely. These towers are the cla.s.srooms for sorcerers to attend The middle of the towers is the training ground, which can change the training ground vertically. Ice sheets, lakes, mountains, jungles and other scenes can be changed at will. As for the magical creatures on the top of the tower, they are all semi - mythical creatures. They are infinitely close to the existence of the G.o.ds and guard the seven magic towers. They can invoke the power of the magic towers and master the power that the G.o.ds can possess at critical moments.

 Of course, the knights attached to magicians and the like also attend here, but they can only attend at night, because precious time during the day is reserved for magicians, but you also don't look down upon the knights attached to swordsmen and the like. The criteria for magicians to join are intermediate magicians under the age of 20. For these knights and the like, to join, they must reach senior knights before the age of 20, just like Miss Helena.

 This is the real magic world, and a magician may be very powerful to the outside, but here it is only level 3 students, only student who are level 4 students or level 5 students, level 4 students are intermediate mages, and level 5 students are advanced mages. oh, by the way, I may be promoted to level 4 students this year. after all, I will soon break through the intermediate rank and promote to the advance or great mage. "Bridget. "

 It is worth mentioning that, after entering the strongest magic academy, they must advance within the stipulated time, or they will be expelled. the first-level students, that is, the intermediate magcmician, must reach the level of senior magician within five years. through the promotion and trial practice, they will join the second-level students. the second-level students will reach the level of mage within ten years. through the promotion and trial practice, they will join the third-level students. the third-level students will advance to the level of intermediate mage within twenty years, and the fourth-level students will advance to the level of great mage within thirty years, thus level 5.

 The promotion trial is also a great difficulty. For example, you have reached the level of a senior magician. If you want to advance to the secondary level, you have to pa.s.s the promotion trial. It is very interesting if you fail to pa.s.s. After another year, you can take part in the promotion trial. After another year, you can pa.s.s. You can go home. Therefore, what is important here is not your grade, but your fighting skills.

 What's more interesting is that the teachers who taught you are the top ten who are older than you, so there are no real teachers and the teachers are also students. In short, many interesting things are waiting for you. This is the real magic world and this is the magic country. "


It's quite hard understanding the ranks here so there may be mistakes like wizard instead of magician.

Devil King From The Otherworldly Dimension Chapter 67

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