Heavenly Monarch Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Red Seven.

In the gangster's car, Chen Xiao was held by the fat gangster beside him with a gun, and his mind switched rapidly.

His fears are justified!

While getting on the car, the fat gangster warned himself, "Don't mess around, it's all right. We'll let you off at a safe place."

But in Cheshan, the two gangsters sitting in the front row have removed the mask from their heads! It seems that they don't care to expose their face in front of Chen Xiao as a hostage at all! ___________

With Chen Xiao's cleverness, he immediately realized that he was afraid of danger - or that the police had to could catch up and save himself. Otherwise, even if the bandits can get out of trouble, they will also kill him themselves to silence him!

Because I have seen their appearance!

He prayed desperately that the policemen would drive faster and that if they caught up with him, he would have a chance to live.

Unfortunately, the gangster driving the car is quite skilled, and seems to be very familiar with the geographical environment. All the way across the road, the sirens behind them are getting farther and farther...


Chen Xiao saw the fat bandit around him staring at themselves with a depressed face: "Boy, what are your eyes turning around for? Because of you, I forgot a bag of money! If you're not honest, watch out for me...

Chen Xiao looked at him in silence and gave him a helpless look.

"Yi? What do you mean by looking at me like that? Do you look down on me? I hate it when people look at me like that in my life! " The fat man was furious: "You made me lose a bag of money and still dare to despise me!"

Chen Xiao looked at the gun in the fat man's hand and sighed at last: "You've got to pull me into the car, big man." After a pause, Chen Xiao couldn't help laughing. "Besides, you have a gun in your hand. I'm bare-handed. How dare I despise you?

"You have! Even if you didn't say it, but you despised me in your heart! " The fat man was so angry that he cried out, "This boss hated your beautiful little white face the most in his life!"

"It's not my fault to look good." Chen Xiao was just worried that the other party would be too excited to shoot, which deserved a careful response.

But the fat man got more angry instead: "You mean being ugly is my fault?!"

Chen Xiao is speechless... It's okay to meet a bandit, but to also meet such a muddy person.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" The gangster's leader in front turned around and snacked the fat man's head fiercely. He scolded him and said, "Dare to talk so much nonsense!" A bag of money! A whole bag! There are millions, yet to say nothing! You fool! Stop blabbering! "

Fat man was beaten to scream in pain, and said with some grievances: "You said to be professional ah!" We come out to be a robber, yet to not tie a few hostages, how can we reflect our professional quality ah! "

"Professional?"? Quality? I call you professional! Call you professional!!! The gangster's leader was full of frenzy. He knocked seven or eight times on the head of the fat man with the b.u.t.t of his gun. The fat gangster was beaten up and screamed. Finally, he shouted, "h.e.l.lo! Brothers are here, you give me some face! How can you say you are my brother-in-law! "

Chen Xiao took advantage of the opportunity of scolding. He watched the car outside the window and watched a sharp turning. The fat man with his gun stumbled around him. Chen Xiao immediately bounced off his tight body. His elbow hit the fat man hard on the nose, and at the same time, he reached out and grabbed the wrist of his gun quickly, and raised it suddenly.


A bullet almost rubbed Chen Xiao's ear and shot past, smas.h.i.+ng the rear seat windows of the car!

The fat man was. .h.i.t in the nose and bled a lot. Chen Xiao was only eighteen years old, but he was always in good health. He also practiced karate and was preparing to take a black belt exam. And the bandits were puzzled by his pale, bookish face, mistaken for being weak and a little less vigilant, before they were hit by Chen Xiao.

Chen Xiao had no intention of calculating. He hit it successfully. Although he was scared half to death by the bullet that scratched his ear, he immediately screwed the fat man's wrist and put the muzzle of the gun against the fat gangster's head.

"F*ck me!" The bandits in front shouted abuse.

"My brother-in-law, he hit me on the nose!" Fat man aches and even tears come out.

Looking at the gangster in front of him pointing at himself with the muzzle of a gun, Chen Xiao was pointed at by several guns at the same time, his heart jumped wildly, but he's also hard-headed, with the muzzle of a fat man and a few minutes, gritted his teeth and said, "Let me get out of the car, I will not kill him."

"Hum!" The gangster leader in the front row gave a grim laugh, and then quickly told the driver, "Keep driving! Don't stop! "

Then he looked at Chen Xiao with a sneer and scorned, "Xiaomao, you think you want to be a hero with two hands?"

Chen Xiao shook his head and reluctantly remained calm: "I don't want to be a hero, I just want to get out of the car."

"Ha! Looking at our appearance, do you want to walk alive?! " The bandit leader's eyes flashed a trace of cruelty - Chen Xiao's heart was shocked, this fellow obviously had to ignore the death of his companions, he could not help but shed a cold sweat on his forehead!

"Just right, one person less!!" The gangster's leader grinned bitterly and said, "Waste that can't even control hostages... Kill them both!"

The fat man suddenly changed colour and scolded, "Well, you son of a b.i.t.c.h, thanks for my introduction of my sister to you, you wouldn't even had become my Uncle in the first place!"

The bandit leader grinned fiercely: "Uncle? Don't blame me my 'dear'. Less person, more for each people! ____________ After a pause, he ordered to his companion, "What are you stunned about?" Do it! "

Just as the man was about to shoot, he suddenly felt the sudden crunch of the car! The bodycar braked suddenly, and the intense inertia caused the people in the car to collapse suddenly.

"What's the matter?" The bandit leader scolded. The gangster who was driving in front of him, however, had a strange face and quickly cried out, "Boss... There's a woman across the road, and we couldn't get through it! ___________

Sure enough, the bandits saw a black Buick several metres ahead crossing a narrow path, completely blocking the road.

A young beauty in red dress, standing in the middle of the road, with a "kind" smile, calm eyes, her smile on looks as to the one of adults watching a kid's prank as "tolerant", a casual look, and even a bored yawn: "It's so slow, too unprofessional... Let go of the hostage in your car. I can spare you a life with grace."



"Ha ha! Where did the madwoman come from?!

"I think this woman's brain is clipped by the door!" Ha ha ha ha ha..."

But the gangster's leader said coldly, "Smile what! It's too late to turn around! You madwoman! Get in her car and go!"

The other two gangsters looked scornful and were about to get out with guns.——

Unfortunately, they can't laugh again! -

Chen Xiao has a strange feeling after seeing the red-dressed beauty standing in front of the car suddenly winked at himself.

Er... It's hard to describe this subtle feeling, because Chen Xiao is sitting in the back of the car, across the front bandit and the driver and added with the winds.h.i.+eld --- but he has an indescribable certainty: the red-dressed woman's eyes seem to be a direct reminder of what -- __________

The next moment, the woman in red suddenly stepped back half a step, opened her arms slightly, and took a deep breath... Then, she made a gesture before screaming...

Chen Xiao only felt that his mind was empty in an instant, as if he had a premonition that something terrible was going to happen.

It was an act that seemed to exist in the subconscious. No one taught him or reminded him. He seemed to be driven by an instinct to grab the seat belt in the back seat and buckle it hard.

Crack! When the buckle of the safety desk was pressed in, a self-protection action was made quickly...

Then Chen Xiao was shocked suddenly!


The woman in red screamed in her mouth, sending out a shock wave-like energy visible to the naked eye! ___________ It hit the car head hard!

Chen Xiao at this moment, as if to feel that the scene he saw before his eyes suddenly slowed down!!

The shock wave hit the front of the car, as if the windows of the car could not bear the force first, the gla.s.s was extruded and deformed, slamming and smas.h.i.+ng a few times! _________ Then the car's body shook...

A sudden and violent shock hit on the cars body, followed by a bang, from the original high bounce, soaring into the sky! Then, in the violent oscillation, it flew out directly! ____________ And then roll out almost all the way!

He heard the constant sound of table tennis going back and forth as the ball was getting hit during the rally. The car was rolling on all sides, making "close contact" with the ground, and fell out for more than 20 meters! When it finally stopped, the body had turned over, it's four wheels were facing the sky.

The car's sh.e.l.l has been badly deformed, and the front and rear gla.s.s are all broken!

Chen Xiao only felt a burst of blackness in front of him. The violent b.u.mp and collision just now was a nightmare that he had never encountered in his life! ___________

All over his body, all are in pain! Fortunately, the terrible pain did not make Chen Xiao faint. He took a look around, sitting in the front row, the two gangsters are already full of blood, it is obvious that they are out of breath, in short dead! One has a broken neck, the other has a big hole in the head, blood flowing and itbhas dyed the corpse and the seat in the car red! _______________

Poor fellow... After all, they are bandits. They don't wear seat belts when they ride in cars.

The driver was the worst. The front had been crushed under the strong shock wave just now. The driver in charge of driving had no body left and was left with a pile of mush.

Looking at it carefully... It was the fat bandit around him who seemed to still be alive.

Although his face is full of blood, but he's still moaning, apparently still hanging up.

Chen Xiao struggled hard for a while. He knew that he had suffered a lot of injuries. He could not exert himself under the severe pain. At this time, he heard a voice...

Clack, Clack, Clack, Clack...

It's the sound of women's high heels.

Then Chen Xiao saw a red figure slowly approaching the car, looking coldly at himself through the broken and deformed windows.

"You..." Chen Xiao's voice is weak.

In his mind, he can't help replaying the experience he just had... The woman, with a scream, sent the car flying. This, this, what is this?


The beautiful lady in red grabbed the deformed door, which seemed to be stuck, but she just picked up her eyebrows, and with a little effort in her hand, she heard a sharp and piercing metal tearing sound. The deformed door was pulled down by her, whole!

(Great strength!!) Chen Xiao was startled.

"Are you not dead? Can you climb out by yourself? The expression and voice are still so harmless. But after what happened just now, Chen Xiao has deeply felt the "horror" of this woman!

He struggled to unfasten his seat belt, and half of his body came out, unable to s.h.i.+ver under some serious injuries. Finally, the woman sighed, took a hand to pull Chen Xiao out, and then helped him sit down.

At this moment, the sound of police car sirens in the distance of the street is finally near.

"I'm leaving. Take care of yourself... Go back and remember to check the "freezer" in your home. There are surprises waiting for you.

After that, she took a look at Chen Xiao, who was breathing heavily, with a meaningful smile in her eyes.

"Wait, wait!" Chen Xiao leaned weakly against the abandoned car to breathe, but his eyes stared at the woman. "Who are you on earth?" How do you know...

The woman in red raises her smiling face and walks into her own black Buick. The car starts and turns around quickly with a very handsome action. In the roar of the engine, the car rushes out like an arrow off the string.

"My name is Red Seven, remember that name."

Far away, such a sentence floats.

Chen Xiao stayed on the spot, with some hidden ups and downs in his heart.

But right now, in the car below, there was a faint voice:

"h.e.l.lo... Help! There's still one alive in it..." Then he heard the frail plea of the fat bandit who had not died yet: "Come on... h.e.l.lo! You're not going to let me die, are you? Robbers... Robbers also have human rights..."

The fat man cried...

Heavenly Monarch Chapter 8

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