Chronicles of Primordial Wars Chapter 280 Part1

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Marked on the map left by Huang Ye, the traveling team gathering place was a wasteland. Probably the weather reason that it rarely rained here, so the vegetation on the mountain was not as dense as that in the ferocious beast forest. So that the ferocious beast, as well as the giant beasts, were rare.

No one thought that such a wasteland could be the gathering place of the traveling team. And if no one showed the way, it would be difficult to find its accurate location.

At the top of one of the hills, there were several wooden houses and thatched houses. At the moment, in front of those houses, some people dressed differently were looking around in the gra.s.sland. Please support our original translation in w.a.n.gmamaread.

"What now?" Huang Ye walked out of a bamboo house and asked a middle-aged man standing outside.

"The people of the Longboat tribe have just arrived, and the rest, including the Tian Shan tribe and the Hui tribe." Said the man.

"How about the Flaming Horn tribe?" Asked Huang Ye.

“The Flaming Horn tribe?” The man even forgot which the Flaming Horn tribe was. It took him a few seconds to remember it, and then he suddenly smiled lightly, “They joined the traveling for the first time, so maybe they get lost.”

“The Flaming Horn tribe doesn't have the guide.” Another person came over and said.

Those were the people who had partic.i.p.ated in many travelings. Although they wouldn't join in it every time, every one of them would take a turn to guide the team every few years, so each one of them would be an experienced elder in the end and would guide the junior of the tribe to travel. If all of the members were young soldiers who partic.i.p.ated in this traveling team for the first time, no one knew if they can find the destination or how many people will die. It even was most likely to be completely annihilated.

“I heard that the Flaming Horn will send three people over this time. I wonder if they can survive,” said one man.

“It's an unknown that if they can find this place on time, not to mention if they can survive.”

While they were in discussion, someone near them shouted, “Here they come!”

In the air, two flying dots appeared.

“The Hui tribe? Or the Tian Shan tribe?” Only these two tribes would come by the bird.

No one could recognize who they were at once. But when these two flying dots flew closer, someone said, “They are the Tian Shan people.”

“How do you know that?” A young warrior who joined the traveling team for the first time was puzzled.

“Their birds are different. The birds' bellies of the Tian Shan tribe are white, while the Hui tribe's birds are not.” One man of the Feather tribe answered. Even though it was the first time for him to partic.i.p.ate in the traveling, he had learned about the birds of various tribes. Therefore, it's easy to identify who they were, according to their birds' physical characteristics.

“It really is the Tian Shan tribe.”

These two figures in the air flew closer and closer and rushed straight toward their direction.

The sound of vigorously flapping wings came.

Dust and gravel were blown away with a rush. Strong claws fell on the rocky ground, leaving deep claw marks easily.

They were two huge eagles, which were about five meters high and looked much bigger when they stretched their wings, standing on the ground with closed wings. The upper parts of their bodies were covered with dark brown feathers, with some different shades of patterns on the feathers looked a little miscellaneous, while the feathers on their abdomens were pure white, without any other color. Because on their heads were a few short and hard crests, as if they had horns at first glance, they were also known as Horn Eagles. Please support our original translation in w.a.n.gmamaread.

As a kind of giant birds among flying birds, only a few birds were able to match it, such as Giant Mountain Eagle.

The front part of Horn Eagle's sharp beak was hook-shaped, with strong claws and sharp nails which could crush the skulls of their preys easily. It was strong and looked fierce, especially when it stared at you with standing hair on its head, looking like a fierce monster. Some young warriors met Horn Eagle's eyes in the air, swallowing. It was really ferocious.

There were five people standing next to each Horn Eagle, with a large bow on everyone's back and three long feathers on their heads.

Looking at the ten people who walk toward them, Huang Ye smiled and greeted the team leader who was about the same age. Then Huan Ye asked what happened and if everything went smoothly during their journey.

As for the Feather people, including Gu Zhi and Hong Xi, they didn't like the Tian Shan people and wore unpleasant looks.

Chronicles of Primordial Wars Chapter 280 Part1

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