Chronicles of Primordial Wars Chapter 333

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Leave As Soon As Possible

The Lord of Snow Plains had left everything behind and rushed back to Snow Plains City with his men that same night.

He stood in an underground chamber and stared at the empty ground underneath his feet. The object that should have been placed here was nowhere to be found.

He stared at a part of the sunken ground, the size of a hand, beneath his feet with bloodshot eyes, looking just like the angered Inferno Bull from the Red Star City. Cracking noise was heard from his clenched fist as he radiated fury. It scared the people behind him so much that they didn't dare to make a sound.

After some time had pa.s.sed, the Lord of Snow Plains clenched his teeth and cried, “Those involved in this incident, I want them all dead! Regardless of how many, regardless of who they are!”

After the Lord of the Snow Plains left the underground chamber, he gave a command stating that they should kill the tribesmen if they met them! There would be a reward given if you killed one and if you killed two, you would be promoted! The more you killed, the more reward you would get.

At the same time, the Lord of the Snow Plains also investigated the culprit behind the stolen treasure. He had always looked down on the tribesmen, so although his men told him that there were traces of the tribesmen's activities, he didn't trust it fully. He still believed that there were other people involved, like the people from the other two big cities or those from the smaller cities.

Snow Plains City was not the only one that would be facing an upcoming disastrous event, as Fallen Leaves City was facing a similar situation.

Shao Xuan, Tuo and Lei followed Su Gu back to Fallen Leaves City and they noticed that the defense system of the city had been upgraded. The atmosphere was so solemn and tense, it worsened as they entered the city. Even the two haughty princesses stayed in their own room obediently with slaves guarding them day and night.

The three sons of Su Lun were summoned once he returned to the city. The main point of the meeting was to inform them that they were now facing a critical situation. He didn't care if the sons misbehaved and fought each other in the past, but now they all had to settle down in peace. He wouldn't mind chopping their limbs off himself if they chose to disobey his orders.

His sons didn't doubt his words at all, knowing that he wouldn't who they were if he was provoked. He had countless beauties around him and lovers in other tribes. It wouldn't be hard for him to have another child.

Su Gu and his brothers knew by heart that no matter how reckless they were, they had to keep their minds clear.

After Shao Xuan, Tuo and Lei entered the city and returned to the tribal area of Fallen Leaves City, they realized that the whole place was deserted. There weren't any people wandering around like usual and all of the doors and windows were closed; not even a single sound could be heard.

“Did they go back in advance? Didn't they say we would leave together when everyone is here?” Lei was dissatisfied to know that the others had left them here alone.

“No, even if that's the case, someone would've stayed to look after this place.” Tuo frowned while looking in front of him. He was starting to feel more and more worried.

Shao Xuan pointed at this deserted place and asked the person beside him, “Where are they?”

The person standing beside Shao Xuan was Su Gu's slave. Even though he disliked them, he remained polite to them to show due respect for Su Gu. After he heard Shao Xuan's question, he replied in a disdainful and furious tone as though those people had done something wrong and unforgivable, “They left two days ago.”

Shao Xuan did not care about the tone of the slave. He opened the door and walked into the house of the Flaming Horn. He found a note written on a leave beside the room's window, it was stuffed inside via the crevice of the window.

By looking at the writing, it was written by Huang Ye from the Mang tribe.

There were only two short sentences on the note, saying it was an urgent situation and they were forced to leave first. He urged Shao Xuan, Tuo, and Lei to leave this place as soon as possible too.

“They really did leave without us!” Lei yelled angrily.

Tuo was acting the opposite. He looked at peace, though he never expected other tribes to have the same att.i.tude as their own tribe.

While Shao Xuan was looking at that written leave, Chacha, who was outside, called out and picked up a feather.

This feather was stuck on the rooftop of the house where they were at. Chacha was able to identify it through the odor of the feather.

“This was the feather of the mountain eagle of Hui's tribe?”

Shao Xuan took the feather over and noticed that there was a note on the feather.
The note was made of four chinese characters saying ——” Leave as soon as you can.”

Both the Mang tribe and the Hui tribe had left the same advice. No matter what had happened and what kind of serious trouble that they had caused, the most important thing now was to leave this place.

Su Gu's slave had been asked to leave by Shao Xuan. Therefore, there were only three of them left in the room.

When they entered the city, Shao Xuan realized that the people in the city were very weary of them. He was unsure how many were hidden nearby to observe them secretly. They did not make a move to attack them probably due to their respect for Su Gu. However, it would be difficult to leave this place.

“Something big might be happening in this desert. We should not be involved. You both leave first.” Shao Xuan said to Lei and Tuo.

“What about you?” Tuo asked.

“I have to stay here for a few more days. You both go ahead. Let Chacha bring you away from here.” Shao Xuan replied.

“No way, it would be too dangerous for you to stay here alone!”

Lei and Tuo were not willing to leave, they both knew how valuable Shao Xuan was to the tribe. Besides that, Shao Xuan was the elder of the tribe. How could they leave him here and run away for their own lives?

Shao Xuan did not reply immediately. Instead, he pulled up his sleeves and started to mobilize the power of totem.

The marking of flame expanded from his shoulder to the elbow, then to the forearm and to his wrist.

Lei and Tuo showed a stunned expression. Their mouths opened and closed twice, “ Ah-Xuan! You…… You enhanced your skills?!!”

Tuo thought back and said, “You've levelled up before the beast battle arena right? No wonder your energy felt different from before.”

Tuo had been previously more focused on that beast instead of Shao Xuan. Therefore, he did not notice the energy of Shao Xuan even though he did look at him. Besides that, Shao Xuan wore a long sleeve s.h.i.+rt that covered his wrist. They had failed to see the totem tattoo on Shao Xuan's wrist.

“Even so, it would be too dangerous for you to stay here alone. The few advanced totemic warriors from other tribes had all runaway. How can you stay here alone?” Tuo and Lei were still worried.

“Su Gu needs my help, I need to stay in order for you guys to be able to leave. Especially when you both are still injured.” Shao Xuan said.

Lei and Tuo felt frustrated when they realized their own situation, “Why don't we leave first and wait for you on the way? Didn't we pa.s.s by the rocky area on our way here? We rested there for a while too. We will wait for you there.”

“Ten days.” Shao Xuan looked towards Lei and Tuo, ”If I don't show up in ten days, leave.”
Tuo and Lei wanted to say something more but was interrupted by Shao Xuan, “Besides, I plan to visit the White Stone City. Since they are also experiencing chaos, I will take advantage of this situation and deal with the traitor Dao Yu.”

Shao Xuan did not dare to return to his tribe safely without dealing with this threat.

Being familiar with the Wan s.h.i.+ tribe, n.o.body knew what kind of role Dao Yu played in this upcoming disaster.

“Dao Yu must be killed!”

Even though Lei and Tuo were not willing to leave, they still followed his orders.

Shao Xuan went to find Su Gu. Since Su Gu did not pay much attention to Lei and Tuo as both of them couldn't help him much, he agreed to let them go. He planned to enslave another group of people, therefore he only needed Shao Xuan to stay.

After Lei and Tuo had left with Chacha, Su Gu went looking for Shao Xuan. He wanted to enslave another group of slaves as he'd witnessed Shao Xuan's flame of enslavement. However, Shao Xuan had no plans to enslave others for now nor had he tried it before. Su Gu was slightly disappointed when he heard this since he wanted to see if Shao Xuan could successfully enslave other people.

This must be such a rare ability among tribesmen! Yet this person isn't using it, such a waste! Su Gu thought to himself.

Shao Xuan didn't tell Su Gu about his enslavement of the beetle. After helping Su Gu enslaved about twenty people, Shao Xuan finally bid him goodbye.

Su Gu was feeling a bit reluctant to let Shao Xuan go, “I know this incident had nothing to do with the people of the Flaming Horn. But, I still have to remind you to be careful. I heard that the Lord of Snow Plains has sent an order to kill the tribesmen. He commanded the people of Snow Plains to kill every tribesman they meet.”

“Aren't you guys afraid that the Lord of Snow Plains might attack? You guys took our tribesmen in.” Shao Xuan asked.

Su Gu thought about his father's att.i.tude, he didn't seem to be worried at all. In fact, his father had recently got himself another beauty to serve him. This man was enjoying his life to the fullest every day.

Chronicles of Primordial Wars Chapter 333

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