My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 345 - Send You As Far As I Can

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Chapter 345: Send You As Far As I Can

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When Jiang Yi roused, he saw that He Lao's fatigued expression; and his arm had this wound which was deep enough to see the bone, making Jiang Yi immediately feel guilty. He had rested for a long time, and his stamina and mental energy had been replenished quite a bit. He immediately flew forward and yelled out, "He Lao, you take a rest. Let me take the main attacker role."


He Lao couldn't persevere any longer as he was too exhausted. If he was using normal attacks, it might be fine; but he was constantly releasing dao pattern attacks, which depleted a lot of his essence force, stamina, and mental energy. Otherwise, he wouldn't have gotten hurt.

However, He Lao didn't let his guard down as Jiang Yi couldn't release his Ma.s.sacre Intent; neither could he instant-s.h.i.+ft. Jiang Yi's overall strength had a huge difference, and if Jiang Yi couldn't hold on any longer, He Lao would have to continue attacking.


Jiang Yi's attack methods were an eye-opener for He Lao and also a complete relief. Jiang Yi launched the Earth Fire out from the Fire Spirit Pearl. He didn't dare to let the Earth Fire stay around his body. Otherwise, He Lao—who was following behind him—might not be able to withstand the heat. His palms would constantly push out, launching the Earth Fire that gushed out from the Fire Spirit Pearl. The Earth Fire was just like fire snakes that slithered towards the front.


The Earth Fire's heat was ruthless and cruel. As it enveloped two red-eyed creatures at the front, they were both instantly incinerated and turned into dust. The ferocity of the flames was enough to shock He Lao.

Every fire snake would be able to incinerate about three to four red-eyed creatures, and Jiang Yi wouldn't stop releasing the Earth Fire, constantly incinerating the red-eyed creatures from three sides. The fire snakes would whiz out like a dance of devils which was a soul-frightening scene.

"Hu Hu!"

He Lao was just three meters behind Jiang Yi. Despite the fact that Jiang Yi immediately sent out the Earth Fire, he still couldn't endure the heat, feeling as though his entire body was burning up. He had to forcefully endure it by circulating the essence force in his body and reducing the burning sensation on his body.

Fortunately, Jiang Yi was able to withstand the attacks from a large portion of the red-eyed creatures, and He Lao didn't have to release his dao pattern attacks anymore. It allowed him some time to rest up and relieve physical and mental fatigue.

They advanced as slow as a snail. Jiang Yi's Earth Fire might seem abnormal ferocious, but their mouths were revealing agony. Jiang Yi might have plenty of Earth Fire, but it was depleting too quickly, which would probably deplete in around half a day. By then, what could he use to withstand the attacks from so many red-eyed creatures? He Lao would have no choice but to be the main attacker again.

There are still 60 kilometers. With this speed, we will need at least two days. Sigh… will we even be able to make it to the teleportation array?

He Lao lifted his head and looked at the distant teleportation array, which was similarly congested by an entire canyon of red-eyed creatures. His heart had this surge of despair, but his eyes quickly became determined. Even if he had to die, he must send Jiang Yi to the teleportation array!

Jiang Yi knew about this deeply. However, apart from releasing the Earth Fire and pressing onward, there was no other way. Until they fought to their final breath, they would never give up.


The two of them began this dull and exhaustingly long journey. Half a day later, Jiang Yi had exhausted more than half of the Earth Fire in his Fire Spirit Pearl, and he was only able to release another ten attacks. He didn't dare to continue releasing the Earth Fire anymore. Once the Earth Fire ran out completely, he would lose a formidable defensive method. If he was to encounter any danger, he would definitely die.

"Young Master Yi, let me!"

When He Lao saw how Jiang Yi hesitated, he knew that the Earth Fire in Jiang Yi's Fire Spirit Pearl was running out. After resting for half a day, he had recovered some stamina and energy. He flew forward and brandished the heaven artifact that turned into hundreds of sword light. Jiang Yi had to retreat, and if he was to continue releasing the Earth Fire, He Lao might be burned to death.

Jiang Yi and He Lao had advanced for nearly 20 kilometers, and there were 40 kilometers left. If this was a normal situation, they would only need around one hour to reach the destination. Right now, their speed was slowed down by a hundred folds; and even if they traveled at their fastest speed, they would still need one and a half day to get near the teleportation array.


He Lao had gone all out, and he went for the broke. He constantly released the dao pattern attacks, forcefully increasing their speed a little as he pressed forward desperately. Jiang Yi was following behind, and this time, he didn't close his eyes. He was still concentrating on comprehending the dao pattern.

He was clear that He Lao would never be able to persevere until the teleportation array. If he didn't comprehend He Lao's dao pattern attack, he didn't know if he would survive. Moreover, He Lao was definitely going to perish from exhaustion.

Even though he felt imperative in his heart, he had to force himself to calm down and try to comprehend this wind attribute dao pattern. His attack was too straightforward, and it was hard to deal with the red-eyed creatures that came in all directions. He Lao's dao pattern attack had the ability to kill in groups, which could easily withstand against those creatures.

What kind of quintessence does this dao pattern attack have? How can one wisp of wind easily turn into hundreds of wisps of wind? How?

Jiang Yi constantly a.n.a.lyzed, pondered, and calculated in his mind while his mind was revolving rapidly. He had totally neglected about He Lao and would brandish the Fire Dragon Sword from time to time like a machine, blasting away the creatures behind them.

He Lao didn't bother about Jiang Yi, too. As long as Jiang Yi was able to guard their backs and keep up, then just let him comprehend all he wanted. Of course, in his heart, he had no confidence in Jiang Yi. He had comprehended many years in order to comprehend this dao pattern attack. If Jiang Yi was able to comprehend it in just a one day, he might as well die from cras.h.i.+ng into tofu.

Jiang Yi didn't have confidence in himself either. After more than eight or ten hours, he still couldn't get any hint of it. Back then, he took over two months and was still unable to comprehend the Wind Shadow Sword. He finally did it in the Ghost Woods during the Kingdom War, when he coincidentally saw a Heaven Mystics Kingdom's martial artist released a sorcery art. How was it possible for him to comprehend a dao pattern in such a short amount of time?

"Hu Hu!"

He Lao's breath was getting erratic and coa.r.s.e. His aged face was filled with fatigue, and his eyes were dull. However, his attacks were still ferocious; and his footsteps were still firm as he advanced step by step while trying to break out of this siege.

Jiang Yi continued to comprehend, even though he felt it was impossible. What else could he do at this moment? He was unable to withstand this aggressive a.s.sault and would be injured quickly and be killed afterward.

"Ku Ku!"

Red-eyed creatures came in from all directions like moths into the fire. They didn't have any soul—any fear—and just rushed over like machines. The glint in their sharp claws had this chilling light which caused the heart to palpitate. They were just like sharp blades, and if they managed to get near, Jiang Yi and He Lao would be instantly ripped into pieces.

He Lao struggled to cleave out a blood path as he advanced slowly with Jiang Yi. Two hours, six hours, twelve hours…

They were getting closer and closer to the teleportation array. Forty kilometers, 30 kilometers, 25 kilometers, 20 kilometers…

He Lao's erratic breaths intensified, and his steps were getting heavier. His old body was trembling slightly, and it was obvious he was about to reach his limit. If he continued, he would definitely die.

Why can the wind be split apart? How can the wind be split apart? What kind of quintessence did this wind attribute dao pattern contain?

Jiang Yi still looked lost, and his hand would mechanically launch out two fire dragons from time to time and immediately follow behind He Lao. His mind had this huge question, and if he wasn't able to solve it, he would never be able to comprehend this dao pattern.


He Lao—who was at the front—suddenly spurted out from blood while his body stopped advancing. Jiang Yi blindly followed behind and quickly b.u.mped into He Lao, which drew him out from his thoughts.

"Ah? He Lao, why have you suffered such grave injuries? Why didn't you inform me?"

Jiang Yi's eyes suddenly widened and were filled with fright. He Lao's hands, legs, shoulders, and back were filled deep gashes; and he had turned into a man of blood. Jiang Yi had been immersing his thoughts into comprehending the dao pattern and only realized it now.


He Lao turned around and grinned. His mouth was filled with blood, and he had this miserable smile. He pointed at the teleportation array which was only 18 kilometers away and said, "Young Master Yi, I'm afraid that Old He can only send you until here. You must work hard to survive and walk out of this forbidden ground. Old He will then be able to die with content!"


After finis.h.i.+ng his statement, He Lao's body flourished with aura presence once more as he brandished his heaven artifact one last time. It was obvious that he wanted to use his final breath to help and send Jiang Yi as far as he could.

My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 345 - Send You As Far As I Can

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