My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 395 - Strangers Even If We Meet

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Chapter 395: Strangers Even If We Meet

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Jiang Yi had been residing on Starfall Island for around eight days now. He had departed for the Great Xia Kingdom after Shui Youlan told him the method to excavate the Divine Veins. In fact, the method was simple. The outer layer of the Divine Vein's crystal stone was tough as steel, but this world was very mystical. For example, the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. These five elements were actually able to complement and overcome each other. This crystal stone naturally had something which could overcome it.

Stone Talisman Water!

This was a type of rare material for smelting. It was very expensive, but it could be obtained on this continent. As long as they had this Stone Talisman Water, they would be able to excavate the Divine Veins effortlessly.

Jiang Yi had already achieved all of his objectives after visiting Starfall Island, and Jiang Xiaonu had completely recovered, too. He naturally wouldn't stay any longer as Su Ruoxue was anxiously waiting for him to return.

This time, he didn't travel by sea. He took the teleportation array and immediately teleported to the Northern Liang Kingdom's east main city, Liang City!

In order to conceal himself, he wore the Hundred Transformation Mask and turned himself into an old man. Once he reached Liang City, he immediately set off and ran at rapid speed.

This teleportation array was constructed by the Water Moon Observatory which was meant for a single way teleportation. Jiang Yi was a man who had been teleported out from Starfall Island, and it caused the guards of the teleportation array to feel strange. The scouts of the city quickly reported this information.

The matter about Jiang Yi visiting the Starfall Island was under close observation by the various influential factions, and they quickly guessed that that old man was probably Jiang Yi's disguise. The Northern Liang Kingdom's King immediately sent all scouts to take note of Jiang Yi's whereabouts. This person was a G.o.d of Pestilence and would bring havoc wherever he went. If he was to wreak havoc in the Northern Liang Kingdom, who was going to clean up the mess?

It was just that…

When the scouts of the Northern Liang Kingdom made their move, Jiang Yi had already controlled the Zouwu Beast to dig 30 kilometers into the ground. Even if these scouts knew that Jiang Yi had gone underground, would they be able to catch up to the Zouwu Beast with their speed?

After going underground, Jiang Yi released Jiang Xiaonu and He Lao from the Green Clear Vase. After all, it was a torment for them to be in the same s.p.a.ce as the Yazi Beast as he couldn't conceal that dreadful beast prowess.

As the three of them traveled underground—due to Jiang Yi's concern for Jiang Xiaonu, they would stop every two days to rest for a night. They would occasionally look for a remote forest or mountain to hunt some wild beast and have a hot meal.

The Northern Liang Kingdom was located in the northeast of the continent. If they wanted to go to the Great Xia Kingdom, they would have to cross over half the Northern Liang Kingdom and the entire Divine Martial Kingdom. The Zouwu Beast was rather fast, but even if they made haste for days and nights without rest, they would still need half a month. In addition to the occasional resting, they would need around one month for this journey.

Since they had each other's company, it wasn't too boring. With Jiang Xiaonu's rancors solved, she could cultivate with ease. The Zouwu Beast traveled in a stable manner, which allowed the three of them to cultivate as though they were sitting on flat ground. They cultivated as they traveled, making time pa.s.s very quickly.

Because they were traveling underground this time, no one could lock onto their whereabouts, making the trip very peaceful. After twenty days later, they had arrived at Mt. Thirty Thousand safe and sound.

Jiang Yi brought along Xiaonu and He Lao to visit Mt. Spirit Beast College. They met with Jiang Yunhai and Zhuge Qingyun again and had a two-hour conversation before they quickly went to Mt. Thirty Thousand.

Once they entered the mountains, Jiang Yi immediately summoned the Yazi Beast and got Xiaonu and He Lao into the Green Clear Vase. They then immediately made haste with full speed. Mt. Thirty Thousand was as safe as Jiang Yi's own backyard; there wasn't a need to conceal his whereabouts.

After riding the Yazi Beast to Fairy Peak, Jiang Yi brought along the little fox and two demon kings. He had promised the little fox that he would bring it to Summer Rain City to play after he returned; he naturally wouldn't go back on his words. With two demon kings tagging along and the Demon Empress' emperor prestige, the little fox was very safe in the Summer Rain City.

This time, the Demon Empress didn't appear. She just transmitted a message to Jiang Yi, asking him to hurry up and enter the Witch G.o.d forbidden ground to diligently comprehend the sorcery arts. She then advised Jiang Yi again to better not refine the celestial stones and to not make this grave mistake!

After storing the little fox in the Green Clear Vase, Jiang Yi didn't bother about the two demon kings behind him and continued to make haste. After leaving Su Ruoxue for almost two months, Jiang Yi missed her like an unchecked flood. He wished he could immediately fly back to Summer Rain City and hug that charming lady, explaining to her all the dangers and rewards of this trip.

"Hurry up, Yazi Beast, why is your speed so slow?"

The Yazi Beast was speechless from all the urging. It had been flying at full speed, and the two demon kings were already nowhere to be seen, but Jiang Yi continued to hurry it. Its speed wasn't especially fast, but it was at least a few folds faster than the two demon kings. Jiang Yi still thought it was slow.

After slightly more than a day's time, the Yazi Beast had flown out of Mt. Thirty Thousand and entered the Great Xia Kingdom's territories. Jiang Yi reckoned that they would take at most one more day to arrive at the Summer Rain City.


Just as they entered the territories of the Great Xia Kingdom, there was a black shadow that suddenly flew in with rapid speed. The Yazi Beast immediately halted in mid-air while looking towards the west with a solemn expression. Jiang Yi's brows lifted as he looked into the distance. The corner of his mouth revealed a trace of mockery before he regained his composure.

The black figure from the west continued to grow larger, and the individual's face quickly became clear. This man was das.h.i.+ng and had a well-built figure. His body had a terrifying aura presence, and if he could fly, it was needless to say that this man was at the Vajra Realm. This person was actually Jiang Yi's birth father, Jiang Bieli.

"Jiang Yi!"

Jiang Bieli stopped about three kilometers away from the Yazi Beast. He had this complicated expression when he looked at Jiang Yi for a moment before speaking, "Can we go down and have a conversation?"

Jiang Yi spoke indifferently, "Do it here. I still have to hurry back home. Please say what you need to, Western Garrison Liege Lord!"

"Home? Western Garrison Liege Lord?"

Jiang Bieli's mouth twitched as he let out a bitter smile. He was unable to speak of his loneliness and self-mockery. He looked at Jiang Yi from afar and said, "Are we really going be like this? What's more… I am still your father, right?"


Jiang Yi let out a ridiculous laugh and said, "Jiang Bieli, aren't you ashamed to speak like this? When I was born, where were you? When I was bullied at a young age, where were you? When I was nearly framed to death multiple times, where were you? Alright… let's not talk about those. When I obtained the no.1 rank in the Kingdom War—when Xia Wuhui s.n.a.t.c.hed the Soul-Subduing Herb which originally belonged to me, did you help me say anything? When I committed treason and the entire Divine Martial Kingdom was pursuing me, you seemed to have banished me from the Jiang Clan, right? When I was facing an army of one million soldiers outside the Summer Rain City by myself—against the Vajra Realm martial experts from the six influential factions, what were you doing? Don't you feel ashamed for even using the term 'father'?"

Jiang Yi's expression remained calm from start to finish. Even when he said all those things, his tone was indifferent as though he was mentioning something that was unrelated to him.

It was also this that made Jiang Bieli's expression even sadder. He knew that… Jiang Yi's heart had been utterly hurt, and the deep chasm between the two of them would never be filled.

When Jiang Yi saw that Jiang Bieli was in silence, he waved his hand and said, "Is there anything else? If there isn't, I need to go. I still have many things to attend to."


Jiang Bieli hesitated for a moment and sighed. "Nothing much. I just want to advise you to bring Su Ruoxue and escape to a faraway place. Find an unmanned island to seclude yourself and cultivate or live in peace for the rest of your lives. In short, do not even think about go against all the influential factions by yourself. The water of this continent… is much deeper than you can imagine 1 . Also, I am sorry towards you and your mother and am really not qualified to be your father."

Finis.h.i.+ng his statement, Jiang Bieli took a deep look at Jiang Yi before flying towards the Divine Martial Kingdom. His back was abnormally bleak and lonesome, like a lonely old man. At this moment, it felt as though he had aged by ten years.

"If you knew this would happen, why would you do it in the first place?"

Jiang Yi sighed lightly. His eyes flickered before he spoke in a loud voice, "Jiang Bieli. After visiting Starfall Island, I obtained a wooden sculpture that was left behind by Mother. She left a message… saying that she was overly aggressive back then and that she doesn't blame you. She even asked me to forgive you! What I want to say is… I can forgive you for everything you did to me, but I will never be able to forgive how you treated my mother. So… please don't appear in front of me anymore. From now on, we no longer have any ties; and we will be strangers even if we meet!"


After Jiang Yi finished his sentence, he no longer had any yearning or hesitation as he urged for the Yazi Beast to burst through the sky towards Summer Rain City.

"Strangers even if we meet?"

Jiang Bieli's body shuddered as he paused in mid-air. He turned around to see Jiang Yi leave. He painfully shut his eyes and had this bitter expression. It was at this moment when he realized that he was wrong, wrong beyond reasonable limits.

My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 395 - Strangers Even If We Meet

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