My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 463 - Bad News

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Chapter 463: Bad News

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Soul-Seizing Valley, ground full of skeletons, Netherworld Ghost Fire, Human-Faced Toad, underground world, countless zombies… Devil Star Vines!

The two worlds seemed to have a trace of connection? The Human-Faced Toad was actually able to summon the Devil Star Vine before its death? Could the Soul-Seizing Valley be related to the underground world? It seemed like the Human-Faced Toad's black substance could similarly cause his essence force to go haywire like the Devil Star Vine, seemingly having the ability of the same attribute.

Jiang Yi had various doubts flas.h.i.+ng in his mind, but he quickly reacted as he knew that this wasn't the right moment to do it. He might not fear the Devil Star Vine, but this vine was very hard to deal with. He was also inflicted with serious injuries. If he got bound by the vine, it would be troublesome.


He was standing on the cave entrance at the north side of the valley. He struck out a few palm strikes, sending across the dark green flames. The Devil Star Vine, which rushed out from the depths of the cave, was stunned in the distance as it was obviously fearful of the Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames.


Jiang Yi constantly sent out the flames, which resulted in the Devil Star Vines constantly retreating. Jiang Yi was rather frustrated: the Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames was fast, but the Devil Star Vine was even faster, and he couldn't deal any damage to it. Furthermore, he didn't dare to instant-s.h.i.+ft over as he was afraid the Devil Star Vine might risk its life to wrap around him. Hence, the only thing he could do was to constantly send out the flames and force the vine to back off. The problem was… could he keep on releasing the Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames? He was going to be exhausted since his injuries had yet to recover.


He gritted his teeth and circulated a wisp of essence force to his right hand's meridians. His right hand's meridians had already split open. Every time essence force pa.s.sed through, it would cause an extreme pain like his heart was being torn. Once the Fire Spirit Pearl lit up, his entire body was spasming with pain. Two high-grade recuperation elixirs appeared in his hand, which he quickly consumed. He then used the black essence force to enhance the medicinal properties and heal his ruptured meridians.

Just like this, he constantly released the Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames and repelled the Devil Star Vine while waiting for his meridians to recuperate. His right hand's meridians were damaged and couldn't refine the flames, but he didn't dare to stop attacking. The Devil Star Vine was too fast, and if he was to pause for a moment, he might be instantly bound by the Devil Star Vine. Thus, he had no choice but to remain in this condition.

Eight hours later, Jiang Yi's right hand's meridians were slightly recovered; at least it wasn't as painful when circulating essence force. He started to circulate a small portion of the essence force to complement the recuperation. During this period of time, he constantly released the Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames, which deterred the Devil Star Vine from coming over. His injuries were rapidly recovering, which gave relief to Jiang Yi.

Six hours later, Jiang Yi's meridians were nearly at a full recovery. The Fire Spirit Pearl on his right hand lit up while lumps of Netherworld Ghost Fire appeared and were instantly trans.m.u.ted into fire strands that entered his body. He channeled them to his dantian and refined it while waiting for the power of the stars to kick in. His eyes then lit up with brilliance.

"Come on, b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

Jiang Yi stopped releasing the flames and stood there waiting for the Devil Star Vine to approach. The Devil Star Vine paused for a moment and noticed that Jiang Yi wasn't releasing the flames anymore. It then scuttled over like a venomous snake with frightening speed. Jiang Yi revealed a smirk, and when the Devil Star Vine was around 30 meters from him, his right hand suddenly had a flash of white light. A bundle of white flames shot out, which had a sinister grimacing face. From a distance, it didn't even feel like a bundle of flames—it looked more like a soul-devouring malicious spirit.


Just as the Devil Star Vine was three meters away from Jiang Yi, it suddenly paused and frantically retreated. Then again, the distance between the two of them was too near; the Netherworld Ghost Fire burst out and engulfed the front portion of the Devil Star Vine. A cloud of green smoke rose up, along with an awful odor. A section of the Devil Star Vine had been incinerated, and the flames were still spreading and burning the main body of the vine.


The Devil Star Vine was truly frightened, and its main body withdrew at lightning speed—back where it came from. Jiang Yi used his divine senses to scout and saw that the Devil Star Vine had burrowed into the ground and vanished. It should have returned to the underground world.


Jiang Yi's b.u.t.t sat down on the floor of white bones, and he panted with large breaths. Killing the Human-Faced Toad and then repelling the Devil Star Vine was like a journey to the Netherworld Realm and back to the human realm. It was truly exhausting.

After resting for half a day and recuperating his meridians, Jiang Yi stood up. After noticing that the black fog had scattered with his divine senses, his heart was rea.s.sured. He then wandered around the valley and started to collect the Netherworld Ghost Fire.

There were plenty of Netherworld Ghost Fire, and after collecting a small portion of it, his Fire Spirit Pearl was already full. He wanted to leave immediately and suddenly slapped his head when he thought of an idea. He could refine all the Netherworld Ghost Fire and store them back into his Fire Spirit Pearl. This way, he would be able to keep more of the ghost fire. Furthermore, the refined ghost fire could be used to instantly eliminate his enemies, and the attack would be faster and more ferocious. Otherwise, he would have to release the ghost fire, refine it, and then release it to kill his enemies. If the enemy was cautious, he wouldn't have the opportunity to conduct a sneak attack.


After releasing the flames from the Fire Spirit Pearl, Jiang Yi trans.m.u.ted them into his body and refined them before letting the Fire Spirit Pearl absorb those ghost fires again. After repeating this process for one hour, he had refined all the ghost fire in his Fire Spirit Pearl, and the amount of ghost fire had been reduced to a tenth. His quickly went back to the bottom of the valley and collected more ghost fire and constantly refined them before storing them in the Fire Spirit Pearl.

He had over a few hundred-meter-radius of s.p.a.ce in his Fire Spirit Pearl. If he was to fill it up with the refined ghost fire, it would require him quite a bit of time. This refined ghost fire was abnormally tyrannical and savage. Jiang Yi believed that if the old ancestor from Ling Clan allowed Jiang Yi to get near him for a sneak attack, the old ancestor would be instantly killed. Thus, with enough ghost fire stored in the Fire Spirit Pearl, he believed that he would be able to incinerate all enemies that were coming for him.

"I should have enough now. It is time to return! I have been out for more than a month. I wonder what is happening back at home."

After half a day later, most of the Netherworld Ghost Fire in the valley had been collected by Jiang Yi, and his Fire Spirit Pearl was filled with the refined ghost fire as well. Jiang Yi decided that it was time for him to head back.

The black fog above had already dissipated because the Human-Faced Toad was dead. Jiang Yi instant-s.h.i.+fted his way up and took just a few blinks of the eye to reach the cliffs above the Soul-Seizing Valley. It was already dusk, and the night was coming. Jiang Yi had his heart set on returning, and so he didn't rest and headed towards the south in a frenzy.

He remembered that there was a small city near the Soul-Seizing Valley. After losing contact with the outside world for such a long time, he wanted to scout out some information. The Demon Empress had already left, and if the other kingdoms got to know of this news, they might be making a move against the Great Xia Kingdom.

After spending one hour, he finally found that small city in his memories. He used the Hundred Transformation Mask to change his looks and strutted into the city. He noticed something wrong as soon as he entered the city. The sky was already dark, but the city was bustling with excitement. The restaurants and inns were packed with people, and everyone had smiles of exultation and excitement.

"Have you heard? Our army has already invaded the Great Xia Kingdom, and we have already occupied two of the major cities…"

"Hmph, with the Demon Empress gone, who else can protect Jiang Yi? That traitor must die!"

Jiang Yi's sharp ears heard the conversation which caused his heart to sink. He lowered his head and collected information as he listened to the conversations. Soon enough, his eyes had was bursting with a murderous aura.

The news of the Demon Empress leaving the continent had been spread throughout the continent. The armies from the various kingdoms had already started to invade the Great Xia Kingdom. The armies from the Saint Spirit Kingdom and the Divine Martial Kingdom had already taken down a few cities.

G.o.d d.a.m.n it!

Jiang Yi cursed as his heart was raging like an inferno. The armies were already deep into the Great Xia Kingdom, and it would only take them another three days to arrive at Summer Rain City. If he was to hurry back now… he would still need at least ten days!

My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 463 - Bad News

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