My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 573 - Gold-Winged Roc

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Chapter 573: Gold-Winged Roc
Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After sleeping for a full day—when Jiang Yi woke up, he realized that Jiang Xiaonu was seated by the bedside… looking at him like a silly girl. Her hands were supporting her chin, and her face was less than 30 centimeters from his face, which shocked Jiang Yi.

"Ah? Young Master, you are awake!"

Seeing Jiang Yi suddenly opening his eyes and looking at her, Jiang Xiaonu got surprised and jumped up with a blus.h.i.+ng face. Jiang Yi nodded and scanned outside with his divine senses. He noticed that Feng Luan had already woken up and was eating rations with Qing Yu and Yun Fei in the small hall. Zhan Wushuang and Qian w.a.n.guan's rooms were closed, and they even activated the restriction. They were probably in seclusion.

Jiang Yi extended his divine senses outside and made sure that there was nothing dangerous. He then went out to eat some rations and had a casual conversation. However, he and Feng Luan didn't tell everyone the truth that they were only traveling with haste, saying that they were about to cross the Pegasus Continent in a few days.

After eating and drinking to his full, Jiang Yi released his Divine Perception and scouted the surrounding situation. Thirty minutes later, he opened his eyes with a confused expression. He looked at Feng Luan and spoke strangely, "This is strange. The nearby vicinity is terrifyingly peaceful. There are no scouts and also no army that is being mobilized."

Feng Luan's beautiful eyes flickered as she transmitted a message. "Young Master, could Fei Tian have given up on taking revenge?"


Jiang Yi shook his head. As Jiang Xiaonu and Yun Fei were still here, he was afraid they might be concerned; and so he didn't explain too much.

In his heart, he was sure that Fei Tian wouldn't give up on his revenge. He had encountered plenty of hedonistic descendants. Let alone for the fact that Jiang Yi had killed plenty of people—even if he didn't, Fei Tian still wouldn't let things rest so easily from the way that he was looking l.u.s.tfully at Feng Luan.

Since this was the case, something huge must have happened on the Pegasus Continent, which caused Fei Tian to disregard them.

After obtaining this verdict, Jiang Yi was invigorated as he stood up and yelled out, "Feng'er, are you done resting? After we continue traversing for a few days, we will be out of the continent."

"I'm done, Young Master!" Feng Luan smiled lightly and nodded while she replied.

"Xiaonu and the others will stay here first. Once we leave the Pegasus Continent, I will let you all out to play."

After giving his instructions, the Thearch Palace flashed with white light while Jiang Yi and Feng Luan vanished from the small hall.

When the giant python which resided at the bottom of the lake saw Jiang Yi and Feng Luan exiting, its verdant eyes revealed a fearful look and didn't even dare to attack.


Jiang Yi withdrew the Thearch Palace and couldn't even be bothered to kill this demon king. There might be too big a commotion, and they would leave behind traces which would allow them to be tracked. Feng Luan didn't have any intention to attack as well. She simply grabbed Jiang Yi's body and broke out of the water.

"Let's head south where there is a forest. There are lesser people there and is much safer." Jiang Yi immediately gave the directions and didn't hug onto Feng Luan this time. He simply allowed Feng Luan to carry him and make haste.

In between every 100,000 miles, Jiang Yi would release his divine senses to scan and search for the safest route while making sure there weren't any scouts or experts pursuing after them.

They two of them felt strange yet silently delighted. After around six days, the duo were about to arrive at the eastern seaside of the Pegasus Continent. They noticed that there still weren't any soldiers in pursuit, and if there was any, they would already be here during that ten-day period. Yet, it seemed like Fei Tian didn't send anyone to pursue them.

"Alright! In another 100,000 miles would be the seaside. We will take at most another half a day to reach the Flying Shadow Sea. After we cross the Flying Shadow Sea, we will reach the Umbra Continent, and afterward, it would be the Hamadryad Continent. Finally, we will arrive at the East Imperial Continent!"

On the peak of the mountain, Jiang Yi released his Divine Perception just to make sure everything was safe. Since they were about to arrive at the seaside, Jiang Yi had relieved a lot of his tension. He wasn't in a hurry to make haste and just leisurely sat on a rock and stretched his body.


The winds on the peak of the mountain were very intense, which caused Feng Luan's dress to flutter loudly. Feng Luan had also relaxed, crouched down and looking towards the east. She looked at the vast sky and was lost in her thoughts.

Jiang Yi was seated next to Feng Luan, and his peripheral vision could see Feng Luan's lost and sad expression. He suddenly said, "Feng'er, once we reach the seaside, I will return your soul spirit mark. You don't have to follow me anymore, and you can return to your Phoenix Cry Continent."


Feng Luan's body shuddered while her eyes revealed a trace of ecstasy. She then looked at Jiang Yi with this bewildered expression and asked, "Young Master, why are you doing this? Didn't you say… you will return our freedom ten years later?"


Jiang Yi let out a faint laugh and turned his head to reply, "I changed my mind. Do you not want your freedom? You still want to continue being my little slave?"


Feng Luan was suddenly speechless. She naturally didn't want to be a soul slave, and who wouldn't want their freedom? Who enjoyed having their fate controlled? Who enjoyed being at the beck and call of others?

She had followed Jiang Yi for a few months, and she had already been used to her status as a soul slave. She had also been used to Jiang Yi and listening to his orders.

Jiang Yi had helped her eliminate the Merman Demon Thearch and also the Lion Chi Demon Thearch. Now, the Phoenix Cry Continent didn't have to worry about being devastated by the Merman Race for the next 10,000 years. He was their continent's benefactor, which she and Qing Yu were sincerely grateful.

Now, Jiang Yi suddenly spoke of returning her freedom? Furthermore, it didn't seem like he was testing her, but he sincerely wanted to return it. This made Feng Luan pleasantly surprised and at a loss… while feeling anxious!

Wait? Why am I anxious?

Feng Luan's delicate body shuddered, and she was actually feeling anxious? Jiang Yi was about to let her leave, and she should be over the moon instead. Why was she anxious? Could she not want to leave Jiang Yi and was already used to being his soul slave?


Feng Luan stared blankly at Jiang Yi. She wanted to see what special charm did he have that made her reluctant to leave him?

"What are you looking at me for?"

Jiang Yi unconsciously rubbed his bald head and blinked his eyes. "Is something wrong with my face? Could I have grown more handsome recently?"

"Pfff, tsk…"

Feng Luan smiled sweetly while she looked at Jiang Yi with lovely eyes. Feng Luan didn't reply and simply brought Jiang Yi down the mountain and towards the seaside.

En, when we are at the seaside, I will return Feng Luan and Qing Yu's freedom back to them.

Jiang Yi had made his decision. He didn't have a great feud with the two of them, and along the way, Qing Yu had served him brilliantly while Feng Luan helped him more than enough. During the battle with Young Master Fei Tian, she had disregarded all dangers, winning Jiang Yi's approval. In his heart, he no longer treated Feng Luan as a soul slave but as a friend.

Since they were friends, he naturally couldn't let them be soul slaves, or his conscience wouldn't forgive him. Furthermore, the Umbra Continent and the Pegasus Continent were about the same size, and it might even be more dangerous. Jiang Yi didn't want to continue implicating them.

"Young Master, withdraw your aura presence!"

After traveling for four hours and when they were getting closer to the seaside, Feng Luan suddenly stopped and quickly withdrew her aura presence. She rushed into a forest and laid motionless, not even daring to scout with her divine senses.

"What's the situation?"

Jiang Yi's eyes flashed with cold light, and he didn't dare to be careless either as he hid inside the forest as well. Feng Luan nervously swallowed a mouthful of saliva and pointed towards the sky in the east. "There is a powerful demonic beast flying over here. It's a demon thearch!"

"Demon emperor?"

Jiang Yi shut his mouth and stopped his nine star spheres from circulating. He too didn't dare to extend out his divine senses while he looked through the dense leaves into the eastern sky.


A few breaths later, there was indeed a giant demonic beast which flew over from the east. It was a Gold-Winged Roc. The wings were at least 100 meters in length, and when it flew across, it was like a giant dark cloud which covered the sky.

This Gold-Winged Roc was at the peak of its strength and emitted a suffocating presence. A gentle flap of the wings caused a violent gale underneath it, blowing the forest that Jiang Yi and Feng Luan were hiding in and causing the trees to sway unsteadily. Jiang Yi and Feng Luan had nearly been blown away.

Ss, ss…

Jiang Yi took two breaths of cold air. His eyes contracted while his soul spirit s.h.i.+vered.

He wasn't frightened by the demon thearch as he had once worked together with Feng Luan to kill two demon thearchs. He was shocked because there was someone seated on the Gold-Winged Roc. That wasn't the important thing; what was important was that the individual was actually a child. A seven- or eight-year-old little boy…

This Gold-Winged Roc, which had a comparable presence to the Lion Chi Demon Thearch, was actually a spirit beast? Moreover, its owner was actually a child? This strange scene had caused Jiang Yi to be doubtful of his own eyes.

My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 573 - Gold-Winged Roc

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