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Chapter 585: Ling s.h.i.+ya
Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After which, a beam of white light s.h.i.+ned on beautiful lady's hand and was about to eliminate the restriction in the courtyard. Just when she was about to head into the fourth courtyard to kill them, Young Lady Yin shook her head and spoke, "Forget it, Aunt Huan. He did not have any evil intentions."

The beautiful lady stayed her hand. However, the killing intentions within her was still surging as she spoke, "Young Lady, he has to die since he dares to peek at you, regardless of whether he has any vile intentions or not. How could Young Lady's perfect body be blasphemed by anyone? If we are to exercise forbearance on everything, it would cause others to scorn upon our Yin Clan."

"I didn't mean it this way, Aunt Huan."

Young Lady Yin shook her head softly, "He must have done it accidentally. Furthermore, he didn't use his divine senses but a very unique state. It should be the Union of Heaven and Man state. However, it seemed like he had just pried into it and have yet to enter the first stage. If it wasn't because I'm particularly sensitive towards heaven and earth due to my unique Astral Body, I wouldn't be able to discover his act of voyeur."

"Union of Heaven and Man?"

Aunt Huan complexion changed. Her eyes flickered as she replied in doubts, "The Zhu Clan actually had such genius? Young Lady, how about recruiting him? If we are able to train him, we might be able to obtain a pretty good expert."

"Forget it."

Young Lady Yin walked towards her room barefoot and replied at her doorstep, "The Zhu Clan is from the War Emperor Clan. If we are to solicit him over, it would affect the relations.h.i.+p between the two clans."

"En. That's true…"

Aunt Huan sighed. Her eyes revealed traces of pity as she tossed her gaze at the fourth courtyard.

"There're still a lot of influential Young Masters living at the nearby inns. Unexpectedly, five of them are in the Heaven Monarch Realm. There are really a lot of experts in this world."

Jiang Yi relied on his Union of Heaven and Man state to examine the situation inside the inn. There wasn't much of a discovery as he controlled that strand of cool breeze and explored the outside while he sensed what was happening in the surroundings. Unfortunately, this city was just way too big. He was only able to sense a radius of ten miles, and there was not much information other than discovering a few influential descendants and a few other Heaven Monarchs.

Jiang Yi had no choice but to withdraw himself from the Union of Heaven and Man state. He opened up his eyes and muttered to himself for half a day. Ultimately, Jiang Yi instructed. "Qi Lao, later on, go and investigate who is very close with the Third Young Lady Yi and continue to search for her hideout. While doing so, make discreet inquiries on Tu Long, Wu Ni, and Fei Tian's information as well."

Qi Lao had not slept for a day but was still full of vigor. Although he had no idea what was Jiang Yi doing a moment ago, he didn't inquire about it. He stood up and walked out while Jiang Yi continued to shut himself inside the room.

The time continued to pa.s.s by bit by bit.

This time, Qi Lao had yet to return even after half a day had pa.s.sed. Jiang Yi sat inside his room worriedly as he grew restless. Occasionally, he would release his Divine Perception to scan around the small inn. Of course, he no longer dared to examine Young Lady Yin's courtyard anymore. The Divine Perception was not like the Union of Heaven and Man. It was just an upgrade of divine senses and could be sensed by experts easily.

Unexpectedly, Qi Lao went out for a full day and only returned during sunset. The worries Jiang Yi had in his heart could finally be thrown away as he pulled Qi Lao into the room hastily before inquiring, "Qi Lao, where have you been?"

Qi Lao smiled bitterly before transmitting his message. "Young Master, I went to investigate the Mystic Divine Palace outside the city and managed to obtain some small reap of information."

Jiang Yi eyes brightened up before replying heavily, "Speak!"

Qi Lao transmitted over: "Firstly, Third Young Lady Yi should be outside of the city. Someone had met her outside the Mystic Divine Palace. Although she was wearing a mask, that purple hair of her's was too eye-catching. Furthermore, there were influential clan's descendants saluting her. This had very much confirmed her ident.i.ty. Unfortunately, she had only glimpsed at the Mystic Divine Palace before disappearing. As to where she had hidden, I'm afraid only those prestigious clans' descendants would know.

"Secondly, rumors has it that Third Young Lady Yi is very close to the Xuan Emperor's granddaughter, Ling s.h.i.+ya. If she was to take refuge in the city, she would definitely be staying together with Young Lady Ya.

"Thirdly, Tu Long, Wu Ni, She Fei, Ling Qijian, and the others had gone to the Mystic Divine Palace at dawn. They even evacuated everyone ten miles from the Mystic Divine Palace. Clearly, they were preparing to enter the palace the moment it opened.

"Fourth, Fei Tian was not in Sandy Soil City. The Fei Clan's descendants only had Fei Qi around. It seems like Fei Tian had gone back to the imperial city."


After hearing Qi Lao's information, half of Jiang Yi worries were gone. Fei Tian was no longer around while Tu Long and Wu Ni had gone to rob the treasures wholeheartedly. Thus, the chances of them getting killed had been significantly lowered.

However, the Third Young Lady Yi appeared and disappeared too quickly. This was a pain in the a.s.s for Jiang Yi. He couldn't possibly head to the Mystic Divine Palace and roar 'Third Young Lady, mind coming out for a meeting?'

"Have to think of an idea to look for her!"

Tomorrow was the opening of the Mystic Divine Palace. If Third Young Lady Yi were to come out of hiding and charged into the Mystic Divine Palace the moment it opened up, wouldn't he had to follow in as well? Just Tu Long and Wu Ni alone were sufficiently troublesome, and that was excluding the number of experts going in as well.

He suddenly remembered something and asked, "Qi Lao, you said that Ling Qijian had gone to the northern side of the city? What about Young Lady Ling s.h.i.+ya? Is she still at the Ascending G.o.ddess Inn?"

"Yes!" Qi Lao replied positively.


Jiang Yi decided to take a risk as he briefed. "Later on, you, me and Prince Sui will head over to the Ascending G.o.ddess Inn. You will bring the invitation card along and seek a meeting with Young Lady Ling s.h.i.+ya."

Ling s.h.i.+ya was good friends with Third Young Lady Yi and was also the granddaughter of one of the Nine Thearchs, Xuan Thearch. Jiang Yi would be at wit's end if she had no idea where was Third Young Lady Yi.


Qi Lao blinked his eyes before replying in hesitation, "I'm afraid Young Lady Ya wouldn't want to meet us."

Jiang Yi waved his hands and replied, "You need not care about it. We will know if she wishes to meet us when the moment comes."

When nightfall arrived, Jiang Yi, Zhu Sui, and Qi Lao set off. The trio walked out from the small inn and took a flying carriage as they flew towards the Ascending G.o.ddess Inn quietly. The Ascending G.o.ddess Inn was located in the center of the city. Therefore, the distance there wasn't too far apart.

About an hour later, the trio arrived outside of the Ascending G.o.ddess Inn. Zhu Sui and Jiang Yi didn't alight from the carriage while Qi Lao brought Zhu Sui's token and Jiang Yi's code to request for a meeting with Young Lady Ling s.h.i.+ya.

The Ascending G.o.ddess Inn was very big. The backyard had occupied two-thirds of Ascending G.o.ddess Inn region. The backyard was split into multiple elegant small courtyards respectively, as it provided a place for the young masters and young ladies to reside in.

Qi Lao held a somewhat prominent status as a Zhu Clan's member. Therefore, he was able to easily enter the Ascending G.o.ddess Inn and search for the courtyard of Young Lady Ling. However, he was obstructed by the guards Young Master Fei Qi had left outside of the courtyard.

Although these two guards were from the Pegasus Empire, Qi Lao didn't neglect them as he clasped his fist and spoke, "I'm Qi Qing. I'm helping my clan's Young Master Zhu Sui to send a request of meeting to Young Lady Ling. Hope you could help me bring the message over."

"Wait a moment!"

Qi Lao was at the peak stage of Vajra Realm while the two guards were only in the Soul Travel Realm. However, the duo paid no attention to it because too many people had come seeking an audience with Young Lady Ling for the past few days. One of the guards took the invitation card into the courtyard. Very quickly, he returned and replied apathetically, "Young Lady Ling said no."

Traces of a bitter smile could be seen at the corner of Qi Lao's mouth. This outcome was within his antic.i.p.ation. Even if the most popular third prince from the Zhu Clan had come, Young Lady Ling might not necessarily meet him—let alone Zhu Sui. The status disparity between them was just way too big.

Qi Lao clasped his fist again and replied, "I have to trouble you to report back to Young Lady Ling again. My clan's Young Master and Third Young Lady Yi are in some friendly terms. And the reason we request for her audience was related to Third Young Lady Yi."


The guard's eyebrow p.r.i.c.ked up as he swept a glance at Qi Lao suspiciously. When he saw Qi Lao was not joking, he paused for a moment before heading back in to make the report.

A moment later, the guards returned and revealed a cold smile, "Young Lady Ling said to let your clan's Young Master in. However, if he dares to use Young Lady Yi's name just so he could meet her, get ready to suffer the consequences."

My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 585 - Ling Shiya

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