My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 707 - Stake Everything On The Line

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Chapter 707: Stake Everything on the Line

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Once Jiang Yi returned, he called Qian w.a.n.guan and Feng Luan into the courtyard. The trio discussed late into the night before they finally made a decision that this deal must be done.

Three of them each had their own roles. Jiang Yi didn't have to bother about anything else apart from unifying the entire Sky Thunder City and putting up deterrence. The rest of the matters were left to Feng Luan and Qian w.a.n.guan. Feng Luan was in charge of overseeing the general situation while the other matters like the merchant team and the internal affairs were left to Qian w.a.n.guan.

Feng Luan was once the ruler of a continent and had a relatively strong macro perspective. With her overseeing and managing in the middle, there wouldn't be any disorder. Qian w.a.n.guan was a brilliant talent in business management. In just over a month, he had single-handedly managed Niu Deng and others convincingly and made them extremely loyal. It was clear after how quickly they were able to bring over so many men when Jiang Yi had the battle with Bu He. With Qian w.a.n.guan taking the reins, there wouldn't be any problem with the selling of the thunder stones.

Professional matters must be left for professionals. Jiang Yi wasn't an expert in such matters, and he didn't have the time to manage it either. He had to make sure of every minute and every second to cultivate and increase his strength. The stronger he was, the safer everyone would be.

Apart from the Golden Flood Dragon, Jiang Yi didn't plan to involve the others. In the future, the Golden Flood Dragon would be Qian w.a.n.guan's bodyguard and attendant. The Golden Flood Dragon was his soul slave, and there would definitely be no problems with his loyalty.

In fact, Jiang Yi and Feng Luan had prepared to let Qian w.a.n.guan and the Golden Flood Dragon lead the team when selling the thunder stones. They were not going to let Niu Deng, Yang Dong, and the others to get involved in this. At least, they must not know the insider information.

There was no knowing what was in a person's heart. Niu Deng and Yang Dong might seem to be truly loyal, but what if the two of them were tempted and defected? Once all this was exposed, they would have to flee for their lives and completely lose their shelter in Sin Island.

Qian w.a.n.guan gathered Niu Deng and the others and gotten busy as they quickly incorporated the newcomers and rearranged them in their legion. They were all split up into groups while the leaders were all those they were already Jiang Yi's original subordinates.

Qian w.a.n.guan was very good at management, making threats and promises. He issued plenty of rules for reward and punishment, which duped all the underlings. It made them feel as though they were going to have a great future if they were to follow Jiang Yi, but if they dared to have second thoughts, they were definitely going to die.

Qian w.a.n.guan's management method had a little brainwas.h.i.+ng effect, and it was progressive in every step. This was the Qian Clan's management method which never failed, and Qian w.a.n.guan had truly received this hand-down method from Qian Gui. He originally had remarkable talents in business management and was fond of doing such things as well. Recently, it was as though he had received chicken-blood therapy1 as he didn't even bother about his cultivation. Since his limit was the peak stage of the Vajra Realm, but his underlings were actually a group of Heaven Monarchs.

On the third day, Big Sister Bell called for Jiang Yi where he met with Commander Lu Feng in her courtyard. The two of them had a good talk for two hours and finally separated with a pleasant mood.

On the fourth day, Jiang Yi continued to have secret talks with Commander Lu Feng in Big Sister Bell's courtyard. This time, he even brought along Qian w.a.n.guan and had settled on all the detailed processes. They spent the entire day before Commander Lu Feng left with a perfectly satisfied expression.

On the fifth day, Jiang Yi went of the city by himself, but soon after he left the city, Niu Deng brought his invitation card to visit Chief Leng. Jiang Yi had invited Chief Leng to have a secret talk by the thunder mountains!

"Lone Wolf has exited the city by himself?"

After Niu Deng's men had left, Chief Leng expression turned extremely gloomy as he turned around to inquire his underling. After receiving the definite answer, he didn't go out of the city and paced around in the courtyard. A moment later, he inquired again, "Did Commander Lu Feng and Lone Wolf really had two days of discussions in Big Sister Bell's courtyard?"

"Absolutely true!"

One of the Heaven Monarch subordinates nodded heavily and asked with concern, "Chief Leng, from what I see. Lu Feng must be working with Chief Jiang and getting ready to sell thunder stones. So Chief Jiang must be thinking of asking Chief Leng on how to sell thunder stones? Or perhaps, he is thinking of roping in Chief Leng?"

"What do you know?!"

Chief Leng berated with anger. When Lu Di had been transferred suddenly, he knew that things weren't going to be so simple. He sneered and said, "Lu Feng? A puny Lu Feng would dare to sell thunder stones? Do you know who Lu Di's uncle is? An elder of the Lu Clan! Lu Feng doesn't have any backer; how would he dare to do such a rebellious thing?"

The Heaven Monarch's eyes flickered as he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked, "Could it be… that person who wants to sell? My G.o.ds! Then you must never exit the city, Chief Leng! Otherwise, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Lone Wolf would definitely make it disadvantageous for you. By then, you would either have to submit to him or be killed! Why not… Chief Leng, let's leave Sky Thunder City? Lone Wolf has her support, and we cannot continue making a living in this Sky Thunder City anymore."


Chief Leng mocked and said, "There is no place good to make a living in G.o.ds Bestow Tribe. Are we going to be mountain bandits after we leave? With our numbers, we wouldn't even know how we died! We cannot leave. I have been operating for so many years in this place. How could I just give up?"

"Then what should we do?" That Heaven Monarch had panicked and was at a complete loss.


Chief Leng quickly resolved himself and said, "Endure for three years. After that old and vile Lu Ping woman leaves, I will think of a way to work together with the new city lord."

"How are we doing to endure?"

The Heaven Monarch asked in a soft voice as he couldn't understand, "Lone Wolf isn't going to leave us be. If Chief Leng doesn't go out, he will definitely take his men and occupy all the thunder mountains and take all our territories. Are we just going to hide in the city and never go out?"


Chief Leng's eyes flashed with cold light as he spoke with a murderous aura, "We are not only going to go out there, but we are even going to have a glorious battle, and we will kill Lone Wolf. As long as we kill Lone Wolf, Lu Ping would have no one else to make use of. Big Sister Bell is about to leave, and this Sky Thunder City will be ours to rule. Lu Ping would either have to work with us or leave obediently after three years. If we do not leave the city or violate the Lu Clan rules, they will not dare to kill us."

Chief Leng revealed a trace of ruthless expression in his eyes as he gritted his teeth and said, "Immediately, go send people to look for Chief Li, Chief Ying, Big Brother Hu, Chief Hei, and Big Brother Dong! Tell them to come over for a discussion. Also, send someone to monitor Big Sister Bell. Immediately report as soon as there is an anomaly. Since Lone Wolf dares to venture out himself, I will let him suffer the consequences of his own actions."

Fifteen minutes later, Chief Li and the others quickly entered Chief Leng's courtyard. After one hour of discussion, Chief Leng led five men out of the city. However, the city was puzzled because… Chief Leng actually led five ordinary Heaven Monarchs while Chief Li and the others had returned to their respective homes… and remained there.

Similarly, Big Sister Bell's side didn't have any movements as she had been in her courtyard and never stepped out. One hour after Chief Leng had left the city, Big Sister Bell still didn't make any moves. Niu Deng and all the other Heaven Monarchs didn't move either. The atmosphere in the city was so bizarre that it was terrifying.

"Young Lady! Are you really not going?"

Big Sister Bell was in her courtyard while Xiao Hong was asking nervously, "Chief Jiang is obviously not a match for Chief Leng. If the two of them were to start a battle, what would happen if Chief Jiang had been killed?"

Big Sister Bell was going to leave in half a year, and Xiao Hong had already treated Jiang Yi as her master. If Jiang Yi was to perish, they would all be in a miserable state.

Big Sister Bell closed her eyes and lightly enjoyed the fragrance of the tea while staying silent. There wasn't any change to her expression as she reveled in the fragrance before she took a sip and gradually opened her eyes. "You are wrong. This time, Chief Leng didn't go alone… but with all the chiefs. Chief Leng has a type of high-grade Appearance Alteration Elixir. He might be able to fool the others… but not me. Those Chief Li, Chief Ying, and the others in the city must all be fakes. Keke, Chief Leng is preparing to stake everything on the line this time…"


Xiao Hong exclaimed and covered her mouth with her pet.i.te hand. She then asked with eyes of fear, "Then, is Young Lady not going to a.s.sist? Chief Jiang will definitely perish if the six chiefs are working together!"


Big Sister Bell didn't reply and simply revealed an enigmatic smile before closing her eyes to enjoy the fragrance of the tea.

My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Chapter 707 - Stake Everything On The Line

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